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Night of revelation

It started out a very normal night. I was enjoying a regular night out with my bowling league buddies, all of which were straight and knew I was gay. While they all were cool with it, I always felt awkward being the only one. That feeling only intensified when Randy became a part of the group a few weeks ago. Randy's whole look and demeanor something I could only describe as "fresh off the farm". He was a tall drink of water with a solid, corn-fed frame. He had a bit of a potbelly but to me that added to my attraction towards him. His face was cute in a nerdy sort of way intensified by the goggle-sized eyeglasses he wore. His jeans were always tight so his crotch maintained a healthy-sized bulge that I could never stop gawking at. In the few weeks since he had joined us for drinks, I knew for a fact that he caught me staring down there several times but he never made a comment. I chalked it up to him being comfortable with his sexuality enough to not flip-out because a guy was checking him out. Plus, he knew about me since the day he joined us so I never fathomed that he might be gay as well. That changed when I glanced down and saw the top of a gay newspaper in his bag. When that happened, my mind instantly concocted scenarios of raw, primal sexual encounters. Before, I merely admired his sexy features but I never allowed myself to think of having sex with him. I felt myself growing so I quickly excused myself to the restroom. I took several deep breaths to calm myself down and I turned towards the exit. I gasped when I saw Randy entering. I froze for what felt like several minutes. He approached me as if in slow motion.

"Hey, Devin. You okay?" he asked heading for a urinal.

"I'm fine man. Just couldn't hold those beers any longer, you know?" I answered still frozen in place.

"I hear ya. I Gotta do the duty myself," he said unzipping his pants. He then proceeded to pull out his cock and urinate in way that I could see his incredibly thick meat. "So you did pretty well tonight. Heard you got a 247?"

I think I replied but it's hard to remember the rest on the conversation. My eyes were trained like laser sights to his cock as it expelled four or so beers worth of piss. The next thing I remember was him flushing, zipping up and heading to the sink. I finally took a step and felt myself blink. As I grabbed the handle to exit, he stopped me by putting his wet hand on the door.

"Did you hear what I said Devin?" he said now towering over me.

"Huh, I'm sorry Randy," I stammered as he placed his other hand on the door effectively pinning me against it.

"I said what time is it? Getting kinda late you know," he asked with this devilish smile.

"It's 12:30," I answered glancing at my watch. "I guess you'll be going soon, huh?"

"Yeah, I'm heading out soon but I wanna ask you something?"

"Shoot!" My face felt red by the partially inadvertent innuendo. His smile grew a bit. "I mean.... sure go ahead Randy."

"You know any good bars around here?" he asked taking his hands off the door allowing me to move freely.

"Uh....well Cory, Bill and I go to Backwaters but only for karioke night. Then there's..."

"No. No. I'm talking about gay bars man. I'm looking to score tonight," he interrupted.

"What? You're Gay?" I said trying to act surprised.

"Don't even act like you didn't already know Devin. You looked down, saw my newspaper then you bolted in here," he said laughing. "You'd make a horrible spy."

"Well I didn't want to presume anything," I said trying to rationalize.

"Well the guys were wondering if you were hurling in here or something so I told them I'd check on you."

"I didn't realize I was in here that long. It's just.....oh never mind," I said waving my hand.

"It's just what? Go ahead," he said putting his strong hand on my shoulder.

"I didn't know until tonight that you were gay and I've been well...."

"Checking me out?" he finished. "It's cool man. I haven't had anyone size me up in a long time. Usually I'm the one that's chasing. I'm not what you'd call a cover boy and the queens around here are....."

"Trifling? Yeah believe me I know. They all want boy band clones," I said with genuine sympathy.

"So you think I'm attractive huh?" he said now placing his hands around my waist and pressed close to me. My body went to jelly and completely relaxed into his embrace.

"Randy, I think you're damned hot and I..." I then started realizing where we were. "I think we've been in here a bit too long." As much as I didn't want too, I wriggled out of his arms and went to the door again. This time Randy didn't stop me and we exited the restroom. My mind and body was now smoldering with desire for this sexy man. I wondered if I should invite him to my place or play it cool and see what he wanted to do.

An hour later the guys called it a night and went home. Randy stayed and talked with me a bit. He told me about his gay experiences and I shared mine. Things were going great and then he asked about the bars again. Several things popped into my brain. Should I tell him about a few bars and have him go find some other guy to enjoy, or should I make my move and invite him over. I decided to tell him about some of the better places to go.

"Thanks Devin, I'll have to check them out," Randy said.

"No problem. I'm sure you'll have a great time," I said feeling like I shot the game-winner and missed.

"Are you turning in for the night?" he asked with a slight smirk.

"Uh...well I'm heading home but I wasn't planning on going to sleep right away." I felt like I just got another shot. "Hey, you wanna come by for a bit?" I said hoping he didn't think that was as lame as I thought it was.

"OK. I can hang out for a bit," he said showing that smile again.

Randy's mouth met mine and his forceful hands held me down on my bed. His tongue savagely searched to join mine as his thick, hard cock rubbed against me. He moved down to suck my nipples and I felt his hands wrap around me tight. My body quaked in reaction to his tongue gliding down my chest, then my stomach and finally he began to suck my dick. His mouth was steamy and wet as it moved slowly down my shaft. He took all of me and used his tongue skillfully. Minutes went by and he slung himself around so I could sample his pulsating pecker. We sucked each other giving grunts of pleasure and moans of sweet satisfaction. He began to move his hips and ram his meat down my throat. I accepted every inch of it pursing my lips tight.

"Oh Damn, that's good and tight Devin. Take my cock!" he said in response. He pulled out after a bit and decided that it was time to explore my asshole a bit. He threw my legs up and observed the shape of my hole.

"Devin! That looks real nice. I'm gonna really enjoy fucking you," he said grinning at me. He then began to lick my hole. The pleasure was almost too much. I wriggled and moaned loudly. His strong hands were holding my legs up despite my constant squirming around. He made quick licks upon my hot and hungry hole while I began to stroke my stiff cock.

"Get your hands off that cock!" he suddenly ordered. I swiftly complied and he looked at me with a stern expression "You're not gonna cum until I tell you to. You got that!" he chastised.

"Yes Sir!" I quickly answered.

"Good. I want you to savor every moment of this just like I am." He smacked and groped my full ass cheeks.

He continued working my ass out longer than anyone ever had. My cock was aching to be free of its load but I held it. He ordered me for a condom and I fumbled for one quickly still writhing from his oral action. When I found one he told me to open it and hand it to him. Still eating me out, he put it on. My ass was dripping wet already as he positioned himself and slowly entered me. I let out long moan as that fat cock of his pierced my manhole reaching deeper into my inner recesses.

"Umm. Devin! You're so fucking tight. That's feels so damn good," he said now all the way in me. "I'm gonna take it slow Okay?" he asked. I somehow managed respond between jolts of pleasure.

True to his word he slowly started moving his cock inside me. His strokes long and probing. He kept that pace up for what seemed like forever, then he began to increase the speed of his thrust. My every groan seemed to make him pump harder. He then pulled out and literally flipped me over onto my stomach, pulled me up on my knees and reentered me.

"Ahh! Randy fuck me!" I screamed as he bucked furiously into my flesh.

"This is some good ass Devin. It's been a long time," he gasped.

"Yeah? It feels so good. Pound me! Don't stop!" I shouted. My fantasies were nowhere near as intense as the carnal display Randy was putting on. His sweat began to drip down onto me exciting me further. I could feel my cock letting out a bit of juice. Randy seemed to know that I couldn't hold it in much longer.

"Work your cock, Man. Get that cock ready to explode," he grunted while fucking me with wild abandon. I began to jerk my hard, neglected cock off furiously. I could tell he was getting close as well by his animalistic growls. He suddenly pulled out, ripped the condom off and started beating his meat so fast I couldn't believe it. I flipped back over on my back and got ready to receive his load.

"Here it comes, Devin," he grunted.

"Yeah Randy, let me have it. Shoot it all over me!" I yelled pumping my own cock to its climax. Randy's thick, juicy cock shot out a heavy stream of milky white juice all over my chest, neck and face. I then grunted loudly as I felt my own cock erupt in a hot gusher of cream that shot so high it spattered on Randy's stomach. Randy collapsed next to me on the bed and played with the cum on my face, taking it onto his finger and tasting it. He then licked my entire chest and neck clean of his product. My smile was wide and I looked at his body now soaked in sweat and cum. The smell of him was erotic enough to get my cock growing again.

"Wow! You're getting hard already?" Randy asked.

"Yeah. It has a mind of it's own I'm afraid," I slyly replied playing with his light patch of chest hair.

"Well, it looks like my work isn't done then," he said placing his hand around my now fully erect cock.

"We've got all night. Go for it," I said.

The sponsors

Back when I was just an 18-year-old high school senior. I was an Olympic caliber swimmer. After an All-American senior swim season, I decided to compete in state, regional, and national competitions. To do this I had to seek sponsors for expenses such as training and lodging at each competition.

Luckily my dad knew this guy Ralph who owned a construction, excavation, and paving company. I went to Ralph and pleaded my case. Ralph was a very imposing character at his 6 feet and 4 inches. He was mammoth in size as well. He had to weigh at least 285 and I mean 285 in muscle. His chest huge so broad and defined above a little beer gut, His legs were sculpted, finely rippled from the years of manual labor.

Ralph was very receptive and made a strong promise to help out as much as possible. He said it wasn't totally in his control however, as he had hired a man to run the business end of his operations. So Ralph took me to meet Joesph. Joesph was a little bowling ball of a man. He was probably around 5'8'' weighing about 250. He was one big gut, balding and graying probably 10 years ahead of Ralph's 42 years.

Joesph was an uptight penny pincher of a man. "How much will this set us back?" he asked. Upon replying around $15,000 he gasped. He gave Ralph a death stare and turned my way. "Absolutely not," he said. Ralph pulled him away and they went at it. After a brief yet animated discussion Joesph reluctantly cut me a check. "You better be worth it kid," he remarked.

I went straight into training. To have more time to focus on my development as a swimmer I dumped my girlfriend at the time Joyce. I spent every waking minute trying to better myself as a swimmer. I spent hours in the pool, in the weight room, running, and doing yoga. The training was paying dividends. My doughy 170 turned into a solid 185 pounds of fine tuned muscle. I lost all my baby fat off my newly shaved aerodynamic body and in the process trimmed almost 5/10 of a second off my times.

A week to competition, a meet in Atlanta, I'm primed a perfect diet and intense training regiment have me at my peak. I was bursting with energy because of my trainer's no getting off strategy, the same way boxers won't have sex before matches. I invite my sponsors to the meet figuring there's no way they'll show for a meet so far away, but figure it was polite just the same. To save cash I would be traveling out to Atlanta by myself.

I get to Atlanta a day before the meet. Did a light work out and got a massage and called it an early night. At the meet I was unstoppable winning every heat I had entered. After the medal ceremony my two sponsors approached me. They congratulated me on my victory and invited me back to their hotel room for a celebration. I figured I would be lonely being on my own in Atlanta for another day and rationalized that I deserved to cut it loose for one night.

I arrived at their place to a room service meal and 2 bottles of champagne on the table. Ralph proposed a toast to my medal and me. We ate and drank like champs. Full and quite tipsy we removed ourselves from the table and plopped down on a couch. After yet another drink Ralph reminded Joesph that they had a surprise for me.

His memory refreshed Joesph produced a pair of Speedos the same brand and size as mine but emblazoned with their company logo. Surprised and moved by the gesture I thanked them profusely. "Go ahead try it on," Ralph said. So I left and put it on in the bathroom. "Oh that's great," Ralph stated and asked me to turn around. Joesph moved in behind me saying he wanted to check out the print on the logo.

Sitting there modeling a pair of Speedos for two older men had an unanticipated effect on me perhaps it was the no sex vow but for some reason I started getting hard.

There was no hiding it in my tight suit. It was obvious I was aroused. "What's that kid, showing off for two guys getting you hot, fag?" Ralph asked in a demeaning tone. "You want dick sissy?" In shock I couldn't speak.

"Well here you go pussy," Ralph exclaimed while yanking down his pants to expose a thick hard 7 incher. I bent at my waist taking his cock into my hand and licking its purple precum soaked mushroom tip.

From behind I felt my shorts being tugged down. Joesph yanked them down and spread my legs. He moved in close and started tonguing my hairless asshole. As he did I moaned. "This little slut loves it," Ralph said. "Lick my balls faggot," he barked.

As I licked his big hairy sweaty balls Joseph replaced his tongue with a finger and roughly finger banged my tight saliva coated entrance. Groaning in a mix of pain and pleasure I licked and sucked on Ralph's balls.

Suddenly a second finger was shoved in my ass. Ralph meanwhile turned around for an ass licking and I did not disappoint at the moment nothing in the world was hotter than the idea that my face was buried in the ass of a guy my Dad's age.

Joseph removed his fingers for a moment I felt empty. Then I felt the cool liquid lube being applied and three fingers were slammed into me. Then four, he was tearing my ass apart and I loved every second of it. Then I felt him tuck his thumb, he was going to fist me.

He got in a little ways but couldn't form a fist. I wasn't loose enough for that. Ralph turned back from his rim job and smacked my face with his cock smearing precum and spit across my cheeks and forehead. "I'm gonna fuck your ass slut," he sneered.

I was placed on all fours as Ralph and Joseph switched up. Ralph oiled up his hard on and without mercy slammed into my asshole taking my cherry. Joseph fed me his fingers telling me to taste my asshole. Then presented a little 5-inch pecker for me to suck on.

I sucked away, deepthroating his 5 inches. Then I did it again and got his cock and balls in my mouth at the same time. As I did I heard and felt a stinging smack on my ass cheek as Ralph administered the first of many spanks.

Then Ralph told Joseph he had to get my asshole it was so tight. I was in some pain but loved my fuck just the same. I got nervous though when Ralph told Joseph to get under me and get inside me too. I thought there was no way I would be able to take both of them. Joseph got under me and attempted to no avail to get in me.

"Hold on a sec," Ralph said as he pulled out of me. Ralph grabbed the lube slammed the top in my hole and squeezed until lube was spilling out of me. Allowing Ralph to enter first from the bottom we retried the dp and after a few moments of positioning and effort we succeeded, they both got their cocks in me.

I was stretched to the limit and in heaven. Two cocks pumping me hard, they weren't going to last much longer. Ralph was ready first he pulled out and came to my face before I even got it in my mouth he was cumming coating my face in sperm and dripping on Joseph's.

As I got it in my mouth I swallowed greedily all the semen I could. That was all Joseph could take as he unloaded his heavy nuts in my rectum. Filling my anus with his cum.

He slid out from under me as I remained on all fours, moving behind me he fingered my cum filled ass then fed it to me. I felt so slutty eating the cum from my asshole of his fingers. After my meal I was told to clean their dicks, which I did.

Joseph then jerked my hard shaved cock and played with my smooth balls until I burst. He caught my load in his hand and fed that to me too.

Finally they dressed again and said they had to go to sleep. They gave me $500 and said they would see me next meet. With that I left for my motel room excited and confused about what had just transpired.

Cruiseliner cock

It is the Easter weekend and the rain has set in and I can't go to the beach so I sit here hoping to get off soon on the erotic stories from Mature Gay Stories and look at some of the hot young naked hunks and nice hard cocks.

It's boring but my thoughts wander back to Easter twenty years ago - I was in my late thirties when at the last minute I decided to take a ten day cruise of the Pacific out of Sydney. I was lucky (in more ways than one it turned out) to get a twin share berth due to a late cancellation.

Upon embarkation I found my cabin - although it was an inside one with no window it was quite roomy and comfortable with two single bunks and bathroom. As I opened my bag to get a change of gear I wondered to myself what the guy was like with whom I would be sharing hoping it was not some really old guy when there was a knock on the door. I opened it and there he was - he looked to be in his fifties with grey hair and wearing dress jeans and polo shirt and sneakers and he seemed to look very straight laced indeed.

He introduced himself as Stan and it turned out his best mate Greg had pulled out at the last minute due to a death in his family. I asked him which bunk he preferred and he said he didn't care and I said "Do you enjoy a cold drink? - I'm just gonna get changed into something more casual and head for the nearest bar" and he grinned and said, "That sounds like a good idea to me a cold beer would go down really well" I had just kicked off my shoes and taken my shirt and trousers off and was standing there in just my jocks and I could feel his eyes on me and when I looked sideways he was looking at my arse - at the time I was still in good shape and had been told by a number of guys how fuckable my arse looked - when he saw I had seen him looking at me he grinned and said "Yeah - I gotta get into something more comfortable too" and as I slipped on some shorts and t-shirt he shucked his clothes and was standing there in just his jocks going through his bag and now it was my turn to perve - although he had twenty years on me he certainly had a nice firm body for his age with a minimum of body hair and hardly unnoticeable was the nice healthy bulge in his crotch.

I was sitting on my bunk putting clothes into two of the drawers and Stan had made no attempt to get dressed as he proceeded to put his gear in the other drawers and as he moved around his big cock and nuts moved around in his jocks and he caught me looking at his crotch and he said "I won't be a minute and I'll be ready" and he quickly slipped on some shorts and a t-shirt and we were heading upstairs.

He insisted on buying the first drinks and it turned out we both drank the same brew and as we sat there and chatted it seemed we had a lot of similar interests and the more we drank and chatted the more attractive he seemed to become and I was thinking or should I say hoping if he was like me and into guys.

We had been drinking for over three hours and our conversation was beginning to become more liberal and I said "So are you gonna get yourself laid before the cruise is over - there seems to be plenty of available chicks around" and he looked at me for a moment then said "Look - I don't wanna upset you but I really am not into women these days if you know what I mean - I hope this is not gonna spoil our relationship" - I wanted to blurt out there and then that I was delighted and maybe we could suck and fuck one another and I said "That's okay - no worries to each his own I say" and he looked at me and said "Look - I gotta come clean with you - my mate Greg and I have been together for over two years and this cruise was going to be ours together and then his sister up and dies" he was upset and I was sorry I had bought the topic of sex up and I said, "Well - I'm gonna come clean with you - I'm not into women anymore either - I mean if one threw herself at me I'd fuck her but I'm into guys - particularly older guys" he smiled at me and said "Are you saying that to make me feel better or are you trying to flatter me?" and I grinned and said, "Well put it this way - I like what I see or should I say what I saw of you back in the cabin" - we were sitting opposite one another at this round table and next minute I felt Stan's toes gently rubbing into my crotch under the table and I was getting thicker in the stick by the second and he grinned and began rubbing his big toe up and down my now throbbing hard on and he said, "Seems you're interested eh?"

I grinned and said, "Yeah -it's a bit one sided though" and I stretched my leg under the table until my big toe connected with his cock which was well and truly boned up and sticking out of the leg of his shorts and I said "Ooh - I just knew you'd have a nice big one" and he said "Yeah - trouble is how the fuck are we gonna get from here to the cabin both boned up like this without anyone noticing" and I said "I guess we're gonna just have to leave one another's dicks alone and order another beer" and he beckoned to Manuel the horny little Filipino waiter whose cute bubble butt arse I had been perving on all afternoon and ordered two more beers and after our beers had been served Stan leant over the table as my eyes followed Manuel's bubble butt all the way back to the bar and he winked and said "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" and I said "Probably - if it's getting young Manuel bare arsed and buck naked back in our cabin then you're spot on" and he grinned and said "Yeah - I've got a penchant for hot young Asian guys - what gorgeous arses and bodies and cocks they have" and I said "Yeah - we better change the subject for awhile and get rid of our boners so we can go down to our cabin to get ready for dinner.'

Needless to say we had another couple of beers before doing so. When we got into our cabin I said "You wanna shower first?" and he said "Well if you like we can shower together and save time" and I grinned and said "Okay - but I don't know if I can trust myself alone and naked with you" and undressing each other he said "What's fucking trust gotta do with it - I just can't wait to suck your cock" and we were both now naked facing and fondling one another's hard cocks and nuts - Stan's cock unlike mine was uncut and a good inch longer and slightly thicker and curved upwards and he dropped to his knees and swallowed my cut six inches of throbbing cock meat to the hilt and began to suck me off and I was so close to blowing my nut so I pulled my cock from his mouth and got on the floor with him and we fell into a 69er and greedily sucked one another off until we couldn't last any longer and we finished one another off by hand and splattered one another all over in our hot cum - getting in the rather small shower together we cleaned ourselves off and as we dressed for dinner he said "I think you and I are gonna enjoy this cruise and I will be bitterly disappointed if I don't get laid" and I squeezed his big nuts and said "You got no worries if I've got anything to do with it - I can't wait" and he said "Me neither".

Just as we were about to head up for dinner there was a knock on the door - it was Fabian our Filipino cabin steward - he introduced himself and had bought some fresh towels - he looked like Manuel's twin and had the same horny hot body and bubble butt arse and as he smiled profusely and left Stan and I smiled at each other and he said "Things are just getting better and better and this is just the first day" and I said "Yeah - the mind fucking boggles".

We dined and met a staid married couple and two spinsters who shared our table and we couldn't wait til dinner was over and hit the bar.

We were in another bar from the pool one we were at earlier - it was indoors and there was Manuel behind the bar this time proudly mixing cocktails and smiling as if he had been promoted from being a waiter as he bossed around two younger but just as horny Filipino waiters.

We sat at the bar this time and got a beer each and when Manuel was not busy he came over and made small talk and said "You guys are very lucky you have best cabin steward on the ship - Fabian is my best friend and we are from the same Province" Stan looked at me and winked. From later conversation we found out both Manuel and Fabian had been working ten days straight without a break and in two days at our first port of call they had two days leave and we told Manuel that maybe we could all go somewhere together and he seemed very eager and excited.

We had had a big day and a lot to drink and decided to call it a night around midnight. Back in our cabin all we wanted was sleep as Stan said all the beer and the hot 69er had taken its toll and we were both asleep in no time.

Having no porthole we left the bathroom light on and around 6.30am I woke with a major hard on and bursting for a piss so I went to the bathroom and when I came back I turned the reading light on - we had both slept naked and I looked over and Stan was still asleep flat on his back with his beautiful big morning glory nearly touching his navel and I couldn't resist it and went over and kneeling beside his bunk I bent over and began licking his hard cock and big nuts all over - unlike me Stan did not shave his balls and I do not like tonguing hairy nut sacs - he moaned and opened his eyes and moaned "Ooh yeah - what a way to wake up" by now I had his whole cock in my mouth slurping it all over and he said "Hey buddy we got all day - I gotta take a piss" and he stumbled to the bathroom and I got behind him and stuck my hard cock vertically in the crack of nice firm arse as I humped him and put my arms around him and took his big balls in one hand and his cock in the other and shook it for him as he turned to face me as we put our arms around each other and cupped each other's buttocks in our hands and grinded our naked bodies and hard cocks together until he dropped to his knees and expertly sucked the length of my throbber in and out of his mouth then he began tongue bathing my smoothly shaven nuts all over and he said "I just love you nuts they're so smooth" and I said "Yeah - how about I shave yours for you - it feels so good to go smooth in more ways than one" and he said "Anything you say buddy - anything" so I laid a towel on his bunk and got him to lay on his back and put his legs in the air and pull them into his chest and I now had his nice arse hole staring at me and his big balls fully accessible to shave - his cock was still hard and I gripped his big cock knob between the thumb and foreskin of my left hand as I quickly shaved all the bushy pubes from around the base of the shaft of his cock with a safety razor then began to shave his big balls and suddenly there was a light knock on the door and before I could get up off my knees we heard a key and the door opened - it was Fabian with fresh towels - we must have looked a sight - Stan laying back naked with his legs pulled back and his arse big hard cock and half shaven balls fully exposed amd me kneeling beside the bed naked and sporting a king size hard on with a safety razor in one hand.

Fabian just stood there and looked and after what seemed like an eternity he pushed the door shut and covered his mouth with his spare hand and was tittering and said, "Me so very sorry - I thought you would be still asleep" by now Stan and I had both seen the funny side of it and were laughing - what else could we do - meanwhile Fabian was taking a good look at our hard cocks and naked bodies.

I got up and said to Stan "I guess I'll finish that later" and Fabian said "I very sorry - maybe I help you - maybe I finish shave for you Stan" looking at the bulge in Fabian's crotch he was turned on and getting horny and Stan grinned and said "Yes Fabian maybe you can help - but on the condition you get naked too" Fabian looked a bit uncomfortable and made no attempt to make any excuse to leave and I latched on and said "Yeah Fabian - underneath that uniform you seem to have one hot little body" and I reached over and began rubbing my left hand all over his crotch and reached my right arm and hand around and rubbed his cute buns and said "And what's this nice hardness I can feel - ooh yeah you've got such a nice cock and cute arse" by now Fabian was so hot and horny we had him at our mercy and Stan was now standing behind him and between us we had him stripped and buck naked in seconds as he kicked his shoes and sox off and I couldn't wait and dropped to my knees and devoured his six and a half inches of steel hard cut Asian cock and sucked it in and out of my mouth as Stan knelt behind him and sucked his nuts and licked his arse crack as he moaned in pleasure and after a couple of minutes Stan swapped places with me and then we pulled Fabian down to the floor and got in a threeway 69er and sucked dick until we had all had a turn on each other and Fabian really knew how to suck dick and after a few minutes Fabian said he had to get back to work before he was missed and Stan asked him if he wanted to shoot a load before-hand and Fabian told us there wasn't enough time but he could come back later so we both had one last suck on his beautiful cock before he dressed and left promising to be back.

Stan got back on the bed and I finished shaving his nuts until they were silky smooth and he went to the bathroom and rinsed himself off and when he came back he said "Fuck - it does feel good - so cool and it makes my dick and nuts look bigger" and I said "Fuck off - I wish mine was a big as yours - c'mon I wanna suck it" and he said "Much and all as I want you to and much and all as I wanna suck yours I think we should save ourselves for when Fabian comes back - I reckon it will be well worth the wait" and I said "Yeah - I know what you mean after all we're not getting any younger" and he said "Fuck off smart cunt."

We dressed and went up for breakfast and on the way passed the pool bar where Manuel was setting it up for the day and when he saw us he began grinning from ear to ear and said "How are you guys this morning - ready for a big day? - Fabian told me he really likes you and being your cabin steward" and Stan said "Yeah - he's a really good young guy and eager to please" - it was obvious Fabian had already told Manuel about earlier on as Manuel couldn't keep the smile off his face.

After breakfast we went back to the cabin and changed into our swimmers and it turned out we both had the same navy blue brief dick pointer Speedos - we covered up with footy shorts and singlet and went up to the pool area to sunbathe for a while. Around 11.30am Manuel came over and told us that Fabian was looking for us and as we got up to head for our cabin Manuel said "Have a nice day -enjoy yourselves". Fabian was waiting in our cabin and told us he only had thirty minutes so the three of us were naked and on the floor in a threeway 69er in seconds - Stan was sucking my cock and And I was sucking Fabian's as he sucked Stan and Fabian spat out Stan's cock and said "I want you to fuck me please I wanna be fucked by nice big Aussie cock" - there wasn't a great deal of time so Stan suggested I fuck Fabian first - talk about a fabulous fuck.


Fabian our hot little Filipino cabin steward was one fantastic fuck - he controlled the whole fuck with the acquired expert control of his incredible arse muscles. After he had literally fucked my brains out his arse drained my balls dry and left them aching and straight after he had did likewise with Stan and no doubt he could have then followed that up by fucking the arse off both of us but he had to get back to work. After he left Stan and I just lay on our beds totally spent of all energy - we missed lunch and had to grab a snack later in the afternoon when we surfaced and hit the pool bar for drinks - again we were greeted by Manuel smiling like a Cheshire cat.

Over our beers Stan said "Just look at Manuel -you'd have to ram your dick balls and all in his mouth to wipe the smile off his face" and I said "Yeah - but look on the bright side of things he may be even a better fuck than Fabian" and Stan smiled and said "Yeah - we gotta line something up to get the both of them together on their day off even if we have to book into a hotel - fuck sightseeing I'd sooner fuck them" and I said "You know at the rate we're going we're gonna be flat out getting to fuck each other" and I said "Nah - there's no way I'm gonna miss out on putting my dick in your hot arse before this trip is over" and he said "Yeah - I can't wait to fuck your hot arse either - maybe a quick one before dinner tonight" and I said "Maybe - I hope we can" and he said "Why don't we have another beer then head back to the cabin for a sleep - we can book into the last dinner sitting and fuck ourselves up an appetite beforehand.

I think fucking Fabian earlier helped as we both went to sleep in no time and were awakened around 5.00pm by a knock on the door - before we could get up we heard the key and Fabian came in and when he turned the light on he had Manuel with him - they were both out of uniform and wearing shorts and singlets and both looked hornier than ever - they locked the door and stood there smiling and Stan said "Can we help you two guys" and Fabian said "Manuel want you to fuck him" and Manuel grinned widely and nodded his head excitedly I looked at Stan and he at me no doubt he was thinking the same as me as to if we were able perform.

I said "Okay guys - you know the deal - clothes off - strip - c'mon show us what you've got" and without any delay they both were buck naked and standing before us looking like identical twins the same hard cocks same sized tight smooth nut sacs and same gorgeous bubble butt arses - that was enough for me - I was naked already and I pounced on Manuel and swallowed his gorgeous cock in one mouthful as Stan did likewise with Fabian then the four of us got on the floor in a circle 69er and sucked cock until Stan and I had both sucked the two of them then Manuel said "I have to be back at work in forty minutes please fuck me - please put big Aussie cock in me and fuck me like you fuck Fabian" again.

Stan told me to go first and this time Manuel laid across the bunk on his back and raised his legs in the air as I stood before him and raising his gorgeous arse off the bed he rested his legs over my shoulders as I spat on his arse crack and began slicking it up with my throbbing cock knob and he pushed and I slid balls deep into his extremely tight arse and getting myself in a more comfortable position I bent right over until I was resting on the palms of my hands either side of his head as he lowered his legs astride my waist and locked his heels behind my back and we fucked like there was no tomorrow - he was fucking as good if not better than Fabian - the way they both used there arse muscles reminded me of my younger days when I fucked a lot of Thai twat - those Thai chicks were experts and I have even seen them smoke cigarettes with their twat (one even blew smoke rings) so imagine the workout your cock got.

I was now fucking harder and faster and my big balls were slapping into Manuel's arse and nuts with my every fuck thrust and I couldn't hold back and shot my hot load deep up his tight arse as I collapsed over him on the bed and he moaned "Oh yeah - that number one fuck - number one fuck - now Stan you give me number one fuck too - put your big Aussie cock in me" so I rolled off him and Stan got into the same fucking position which Manuel seemed to prefer and fucked him like there was no tomorrow - Fabian got on top of me and he had a raging hard on and I said "Here let me take care of that for you I'll suck you off" and he moaned as I proceeded to give him head and he looked at me and said "Please I would like to fuck you if that is alright" although my cock was now slack I really felt like a fuck as it had been a while and after all he had a gorgeous steel hard cock so I said "Okay - how do you wanna do it" and he said "Like them - just like them" and in no time he had me on my back with my legs locked around his waist as I balanced on my shoulders and he held me under the arse and stood there and fucked me like there was no tomorrow - I was in such bliss and had my eyes closed and when I opened them I saw that Manuel now had Stan in the same position fucking like a wild bronco as both Stan and I just moaned in pleasure of the hot hard Asian cocks ploughing our arses.

Well it was now day six of the cruise and we were so involved in fucking and getting fucked by Manuel and Fabian that Stan and I still hadn't dicked each other but maybe by the time I pen Cruiseliner Cock 3 meanwhile I'm so horny and boned up and being Good Friday with the local cruise venues closed I have no choice - I just gotta go and take myself in hand and beat off.

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