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Jake didn't know what had come over him. Now 43 years old, he'd thought he'd always been ready for anything.

Growing up in a small town, he'd been raised by two God-fearing parents, had 7 siblings, and married his girlfriend from junior high school. He and his wife married right out of high school, both choosing to forego college in order to begin their lives together immediately. During their marriage, they'd tried unsuccessfully to have children, and it worked against their unity. When they turned 40, Jake and his wife couldn't take it anymore and divorced. They sold the house, split their belongings, and went their separate ways.

Jake moved in with his brother, too depressed to decide what was next in his life. But the more he sat around, the more his dream of living in the big city became a thing he now had the courage to do. So, one day, Jake packed up all his stuff, bought a condo in New York, and moved there. Fortunately, Jake's job granted him a transfer and with the nice little nest egg left over from the sale of his home, he was financially comfortable.

He'd met a few friends at work; one in particular awakened a carnal interest in Jake. Alex was a god: 6'2"; his beautiful, chiseled face was the only thing to offset the tight, muscular body that tensed the fabric of the clothes he wore. Jake had never done anything with a man, except for he and his cousin comparing their peter sizes at the age of 7. But the sight of this man made Jake realize there'd been something lying dormant within him.

One night, after a long workday, Alex invited Jake back to his apartment for dinner. When they got to the apartment, Alex told Jake to make himself at home, showed him his large music collection, and went to work preparing his dinner. While his food was on the stove, he'd brought a bottle of wine to Jake. Jake's mouth dropped open when he realized that Alex had changed from his dress slacks and oxford shirt into just a pair of running shorts that barely covered him.

"I usually cook au naturel," Alex said, "but your being here makes me have to exercise a little modesty."

Jake didn't know what to do. He felt his breath catch as he took the bottle of wine and a glass, and for the first time in his life looked at another man's crotch, salivating at the sleeping 8-inch specter that loomed behind the flimsy fabric of Alex's shorts. Alex knowingly flashed Jake his sugar cube teeth, and turned to go back to his dinner. Jake's eyes slowly watched him walk away, trailing up his smooth muscular legs, gasping again at the firm bubble butt that again tested the thin fabric. Jake felt his own 7 inches awakening. He felt very uncomfortable, and wrestled with himself about leaving, quickly realizing that he was now a single man, and could let anything happen tonight.

Alex had prepared a wonderful dinner and dessert, and since it was Friday night, two bottles of wine. Jake had been nervouse the entire time--Alex had eaten dinner in only those shorts. They sat and talked about work first, then about their pasts...Jake about his divorce and Alex, only 28, about his school years and subsequent work years. As the wine began to take more and more effects on them both. Alex moved closer to Jake, resting his hand on Jake's thigh.

"Jake, we've been friends for a few months now, right?" Alex said.

"Yeah. Even though I'm older than you, you've never made that an issue, which I appreciate."

"Well, you may be 43 but you certainly don't act it or seem like it. You're into just about everything I'm into. And with a body like yours, if you hadn't told me, I wouldn't have known your age."

"Well, when my ex-wife and I couldn't have kids, I started working out to relieve the stress," Jake said.

"Well it worked. And to be totally honest with you, Jake, I'm gay. You know everything else about me except that. I've wanted you since you walked into the office. That's why I was so quick to approach you, but then we became friends, and I saw how much more you had to offer."

Jake could see Alex's dick getting harder. They say that a man's dick, if long when soft, doesn't get much longer when he gets hard. That wasn't the case with Alex. His dickhead snaked more and more away until it was sticking a full two more inches from his shorts.

Alex turned to Jake and said, "I hope this won't change our friendship for the worse, but I want you Jake. Tonight."

Alex took Jake's face in his hands and kissed him. Jake, responding in kind, stuck his tongue into Alex's mouth, and they tasted one another. Jake was experiencing his first time with a man; Alex was experiencing the first time with someone he had come to care about so deeply. Jake was so into the kissing, that he didn't even realize Alex had already begun to undress him.

Alex stood up, pulling Jake with him. Alex dropped to his knees and brought his face to Jake's 10-inches. He inhaled the musky scent. He made Jake put one foot on the couch so he could have total access to his balls. He pushed Jake's dick aside with his forehead, and sucked his balls. He sucked them slowly, and craftily, sensitizing them to what was next. When he'd had Jake screaming for more, he licked the base of Jake's dickhead, slow to take the head in his mouth. He coached Jake on, telling him to imagine it was a hot, tight hole that he had to work his way into. Alex sucked an inch more at a time. He'd suck more and more and then start over. When he'd almost deep throated Jake's huge dick, he pushed Jake down on the floor, threw his legs back over his head. Jake didn't know what was next. He couldn't believe he was hot for this man, but he wanted him more and more as Alex began sucking his balls again. Jake had never felt this way before. Alex drew a trail from Jake's balls back to his tight virgin hole. Alex rimmed the edges, careful to make Jake want it after going excruciatingly slow. Alex heard a pop as the tip of his tongue went into Jake's hole. Alex went deeper and deeper, pulled deeper into Jake's hot wet hole by the scent of Jake's manpussy. Jake's 43 year old, inexperienced body squirmed on Alex's tongue, writhing in ecstasy. Alex turned Jake on his stomach and began rimming him again. Jake waved his ass at Alex like a porn star. Alex moved back and forth from Jakes' fuckhole to his balls and dick. Alex got under Jake and took his dick in his mouth. Jake face-fucked Alex while in his doggy-style position. Alex knew he had to fuck this stud, so while Jake face-fucked him, Alex massaged Jake's anus with a finger. After Jake was taking 3 fingers and asking for more, Alex spit out Jake's dick and asked could he fuck him.

"Yes," Jake screamed, "just do it now!" Alex ran and got the tube of KY and his extra large condom and came up behind Jake. He slathered the KY on Jake's hole, massaged it in. Jake gasped as he looked back and saw the huge fuckpole that Alex slid the condom onto, then covered it with KY again. Alex put his head at Jake's hole, then just dove in. Jake screamed for him to take it out. Alex pulled out slowly then dove in again. Jake screamed and ran away. Alex ran after him, catching him and throwing him against a wall. They began to kiss, their dicks rubbing up against one another, getting them hotter and hotter. Jake turned around, knowing that he liked Alex's roughness, and offered his ass again. This time Alex slowly pumped his dick into Jake, creating a rhythm as Jake moved backwards slowly to meet Alex's thrusts. Alex reached around and pumped Jakes hard rod, the other hand around Jake's muscular chest. They stood upright and fucked. Jake felt himself closer to climaxing as Alex's dick massaged his prostate. In and out, in and out. Jake could feel himself cumming, locking around Alex's dick, making it tighter and tighter, until Alex couldn't hold out anymore. They both exploded, their legs giving out, and collapsing into a mound of muscle. Jake's large pool of cum seemed to include the lake of sperm Alex had emptied into his asshole. They kissed, both spent, then went to take a shower together, where Jake sucked Alex's dick (and this was your first time?) and fucked him just as good, then went to bed together, where they rode each other 'til the next morning.

They've been together for 5 years, and have a daughter and son together, from a surrogate mother and by adoption, respectively.

My turkish student

The school year had begun and I started going to the café near the university on a regular basis. In the summer I never went because it was far from where I lived. Today was the first day I'd be teaching a literature class for undergraduate students. I wasn't looking forward to it, because the class would be very large and many students would inevitably be unenthusiastic about what I had to say.

The class was at one in the afternoon, and it was noon so I decided to go to the café to get a coffee and a little lunch. I entered the café without paying much attention to my surroundings. There was the usual line to wait in till you got your food. I was in a little hurry, so I immediately got in line and looked at the pastries they were offering. Finally my turn came to order. I looked at the man at the counter for the first time since I had walked into the café. I froze. Before me was the handsomest man I'd ever seen! I forgot what I wanted to say, and just stood staring at him. He was in his twenties, and had dark hair and the sexiest dark-brown eyes ever. He was wearing a white shirt that did nothing (fortunately!) to conceal his well-built body.

"Excuse me, sir. Do you want to order?" He said quietly with a smile and a slight accent. I woke up from my stupor. He looked at me as if he knew what my problem was. He had a gorgeous smile. I was in heaven!

"Um yeah can I have a caffê latte and a brioche please?"

"Sure, will that be all, sir?"

"Yes, thank you."

I paid, and returned to my state of hypnotism. Since there was nobody else in line, the man proceeding to making my coffee. I watched him working. He was the sexiest man I had ever seen. And I wanted him badly.

When the coffee was made he turned around and handed it to me. I took the cap, and in doing so, felt his hand. Just that brisk moment of touching his hand sent shivers down my spine. He had great hands: manly and large. His arms were also muscular and hairy.

I sat down at a table which had a good view of the counter and ate my brioche. I took my time drinking my coffee so I could stare at the man. At one instant, he saw my staring at him and I quickly looked down. When I raised my eyes a moment later, he smiled at me and I thought I would die. A half and hour later I realised my class was soon starting so I took off to the university. I knew tomorrow I'd be back at the café.

The class went by slowly. There were some three hundred students in the class, and I felt as if too many were in the class not because of the interesting content, but rather because it was a compulsory course for many.

The following morning I left my briefcase in my office and went walking around the park by the campus. I had checked to see if the guy was working at the café, but he wasn't so I needed to calm down. I brought a book with me and sat down on a bench. I was reading for about half an hour when I heard someone call out to me, "Ah, excuse me professor"

I recognized the voice. It was the same husky voice with the sultry accent I had heard yesterday. I slowly looked up, and saw the gorgeous coffee-shop man standing in front of me. He was wearing a semi-tight sweater and tight jeans that showed off his amazing build. I cleared my throat and swallowed hard.

"Yes??" I asked, bewildered by his seeing me here.

"You were in the coffee shop yesterday, is that so?"

"Yes" was all I could say.

"Well, it turns out that you're my professor for English comparative literature."

I thought I was going to faint.

"Really? What a coincidence!" I said, my tone of voice getting happier by the second. "Is this your first year at university?" I asked, trying to make conversation.

"No. I actually have a bachelor degree in biology but I love literature so I decided to get my Masters in Arts. I have to take some undergraduate courses, however."

So he was 21. I took the opportunity to stare at this demigod.

"Really?" I asked. I love science students who love the arts as well. "I'm sorry, please sit down. What's your name?"

"Ozan," he said. His last name was too hard for me to catch. I looked at him inquisitively.

"Turkish?" I asked. I was a lover of languages as well and by his looks and his name I figured he was. Ozan looked at me surprisingly and smiled.

"How did you know?" he asked. He was impressed when I told him I thought it sounded Turkish, though I didn't speak the language. It turns out Ozan was born in Istanbul but moved when he was 16. Ozan noticed my book and he told me he had read it so we began discussing it and all sorts of literature. He was very intelligent and the time seemed to fly by. I was in pure heaven. About an hour after his approaching me I heard the bells chime, indicating it was noon. I had a class to teach, and I was so angry to leave him. But it was okay because Ozan said he too had a class, albeit a different one.

"Well it was a pleasure talking to you, professor. I'll see you tomorrow at class, then?" he said.

I didn't want to just leave our conversation at that, but it had to be. "The pleasure is mine, Ozan. See you tomorrow."

And we parted. Well, it turned out that I was teaching him for another class, this one being smaller and at the graduate level. So I saw Ozan often, and I made sure to go to the café whenever I could.

About two weeks later, I was in my office when Ozan appeared. I quickly put my pen down (I was correcting papers) and gave him my full attention. He had a question to ask me regarding a paper he was writing for another literature class. Ozan wanted to schedule an appointment with me, but I was free so I told him I could help him now. So we spoke and I gave him advice.

At one point, I went to take a book from my shelves to show him a passage. I moved my chair next to his, and pointed to where I wanted him to read. As he did, I could smell his cologne that was driving me mad. I was about an inch from his neck. His face was lightly covered with dark stubble that made him look so sexy. I watched him, and when he finished reading he looked up at me and told me that the passage indeed would be helpful.

He stared back at me, and before I could stop myself I grabbed his nape and pulled his face to mine. I kissed him hard, and then I understood I was doing something gravely wrong. I pulled my face away, but Ozan quickly pulled me back and kissed me fiercely. We kissed passionately for about five minutes. I then stopped Ozan and told him we shouldn't be doing this in my office. I told him to meet me at my house at 5, when I would be free for the rest of the day. He said sure, took my address and smiled at me. I could barely breathe. I kissed him once again, and he left.

The rest of the day went by as slowly as can be. I quickly got home, and found Ozan waiting by my townhouse steps.

"Right on time," I said with a smile.

"Couldn't wait," Ozan said.

We entered my home, and I closed the door behind us. Ozan pushed me to the door and began kissing me even more strongly than before. He loosened my tie, then unbuttoned my shirt, and began caressing and kissing my hairy chest, abdomen, and nipples. His hands were powerful and I thought I was in heaven.

I ripped Ozan's shirt off, revealing his extremely hairy chest. His body was very muscular and covered with dark, thick chest hair. I began attacking his body, but I needed to go into the bedroom. We were both kissing each other's necks and chests. I stopped Ozan and told him that we should go into my bed. He readily agreed. By the time we got into the room, all our clothes were off.

Ozan had a seven-inch, thick dick that lay below a thick patch of dark pubes. His legs were long and also very hairy. I pushed him on my bed and we continued our kissing frenzy. After a few minutes I lowered myself to his Turkish dick and began sucking him. I deep-throated his thick penis, letting my nose inhale the scent of his pubes. I occasionally would suck his hairy, juicy balls. This whole time Ozan was moaning some sexy Turkish words in his deep masculine voice. He began moaning loudly and then came in my throat. He sent several streams of thick cum down my throat while grabbing my head and pushing my face into his pelvis. I swallowed it all eagerly. After that Ozan turned over and pushed my back on the bed. He sucked me so well I couldn't hold out after a mere two minutes. I needed more of him, though.

"Fuck me, Ozan! Please, fuck me hard!"

He needed no further encouragement. Ozan took out a condom and lubed his fat dick. He then began fingering me until I could fit his dick. He slowly rammed it into me. I screamed and grabbed his hot ass and pulled it closer to me. Ozan began fucking me more and more strongly. He bent down toward me and I took his chest in my arms, kissed his nipples and ran my hands through his chest hairy while we kissed lovingly. We were sweating profusely, and the smell of his wet body and cologne drove me off the edge. I pushed his ass even closer, and Ozan let out a scream and came inside me.

After the orgasm he immediately took care of my pulsating dick. He then collapsed on top of me and I held him lovingly. We stayed like that for some time, till I asked, "Want some dinner?"

Whos your daddy

Who said you can't have great sex if your an older daddy? Sure I collect social security, but I also collect young guys looking for that daddy they never had or never enjoyed. I guess the first time I knew I was a sexy daddy was 20 years ago. It was summer time and I was at Jones Beach, Field #1. Not many people came to this field, all it had was a small concession stand and a closed area for showering.

I was leaving the beach. It was 4:30 pm. I was going to shower first. I heard a woman's voice. She was scolding two young teenage boys. In her broken english she asked me to watch over the boys. The last order she gave them was, "You do as this man says. You listen to him."

I escorted the boys into the shower area. I took off my swim suit and told the boys to take theirs off. They had very slim bodies and much to my surprise the blond boy had a cock as big as mine. I sported an eight inch hard. The other boy had a shorter cock but beautiful buns.

Looking at these boys was making my cock rise. They were laughing and speaking a foreign language. As they were watching my cock rise I was watching their cocks get bigger and bigger. Don't ask me where I got the courage but I took my wash cloth and proceded to wash them, first their back and when I turned them around, wow, both of their cocks were at my mouth.

I started to suck one then the other. They were both cut. Both of them were juicing like crazy and I was sucking them. I was on my knees sucking the blond boy with my ass up in the air. The other boy started to play with my asshole. He was rubbing his precum all over my asshole. The blond boy held on to my head while fucking his cock in and out of my mouth. The other one pushed his cock into my asshole and my blond boy seeing all this released his baby cum. He shot so much I couldn't swallow it all.

My baby fucker was in and out in 5-6 strokes. I put my baby fucker on his knees and started to eat his asshole. He moaned all the time I was feeling his cum in my asshole and using it to lube him up. I got behind my little boy and shoved my eight inches in. He didn't even flinch. He was wide open and I fucked him like crazy.

While I was fucking one, I jerked off the blond boy. He came all over my face but that didn't stop me from tasting his cum. I was fucking the smaller boy and really pounding his ass when I came. The three of us showered under one shower head, rubbing our bodies together and getting our cocks bigger and bigger. A young guy about thirty came in and looked over the boys. He saw their cocks were hard and asked me if he could suck them.

He got on his knees and started to suck both boys. The blond was fucking our thirty year old's mouth. He was going in and out and really getting ready to cum in our new friend's mouth. My cock started to get hard. I put my cock next to the blond boy's cock and let our thirty year old suck both of us. The thirty year old swallowed both of our cocks.

I could feel the blond boy's cock rub against my cock while we fucking his mouth. It didn't take long when I shot my load down his throat. My shooting caused blondie to let go.

We were both shooting our cum into his mouth, he kept sucking, getting us hard again. The women called her boys and they got dressed and left. I thought, well my day is over when my thirty year old invited me to his house. When we got there he laid down on the bed and asked me to fuck him. He had a firm butt. I fucked him over and over again. After I pulled out I started to slap his ass. Tt was then that he called me, "Daddy, Daddy please spank your bad boy."


Remember my encounter with a thirty year old? His name was Steve. Steve became daddy's boy that summer night when I fucked him over and over. I was really pounding his ass and slapping the cheeks of his ass. Steve was yelling, "Daddy, beat your bad boy." I was slapping his ass with a vengeance and that ass was bouncing all over the bed.

I knew I was close to cumming and pulled my unlarged cock out of his ass and shoved it into his mouth. Aah aah my whole body shook. I felt my balls tighten up and I blew. My cum was flying out of me and Steve was swallowing as fast as he could. Steve only let a drop or two seep from the corners of his lips.

After our fuck, Steve nestle in my arms and was kissing my neck telling me, "I want you to be my Daddy."

I told Steve, "I will be a daddy to you, but can you be a son who listens to daddy and does whatever daddy wants?"

Steve begged me to be his daddy. In fact he was crying his pleas. That night he slept in my arms and I could feel his kisses and his hands roaming all around my body.

I woke up in the morning with Steve's mouth on my cock. He was licking from my balls up to my hooded cock. Steve loved playing with daddy's skin. He would put his tongue into my hood and lick all around my head, licking up my pre cum.

I playfully slapped the cheeks of his ass, never realizing how red his ass got from my slapping.

I climbed on top of Steve with my knees surrounding his head and pushed my cock into his mouth. At first he gagged but as I pushed harder I could feel his throat open up and he swallowed right up to my balls. In fact I could feel his tongue licking my balls.

"Oh oh aah aah, Stevie baby swallow Daddy's juice," I moaned. Steve did, only this time not a drop was wasted or unswallowed. I took my new son in my arms and kissed him, my tongue exploring his mouth for my cum, but like a good boy he ate it all.

Later on in the day I was playing with my new found son. Daddy would play with his cock. Steve's cock was about 6 inches long, slender with a small head and cut. I was pulling my boy's cock up and down and spreading his precum all over the head. Every once in a while I would lick all the precum that I was spreading on his cock head.

Steve was moaning and bouncing up and down. I put his cock into my mouth and gently sucked him. Steve was moaning, "Daddy, I love you. Please make me cum/"

I decided to give him a treat. I removed my denturers and quickly shoved his cock into my mouth. I started to suck and bite down on his cock. My gums were getting a workout and my boy was juicing like crazy. Steve yelled to warn me that he was going to cum. I sucked harder and bit down and my boy blasted his baby juice into daddy's mouth. Steve was moaning, "Daddy, I love you. I love you," and this time I held my boy in my arms and told him, "Daddy loves you."


The alarm rang out. I looked over and Steve was standing up trying to quiet the alarm. I reached out grabbing his hard cock.

"Where is my boy going?" I inquired.

"Daddy, I have to go to the train station. My nephew is coming for the weekend."

My morning hard on suddenly went down.

"Don't worry, Daddy. My nephew knows I'm gay."

I wasn't sure if I wanted to stay, but Steve insisted saying, "Everything will be all right."

Steve returned an hour later. I had shorts and tee shirt on. Steve introduced his nephew. Joel was also dressed in shorts. He was tall, very thin and long legged.

Steve asked Joel, "What do you want to do this weekend?"

Joel replied, "Can we use the pool?"

I was in shock. I didn't know Steve had a pool. We all went upstairs to change. Steve and I went into the master bedroom. Opposite was a small bedroom where Joel went.

Steve grabbed me, kissing me and thanking me that I didn't leave. Steve knelt down and started to lower my shorts. My cock grew hard. Steve licked and swallowed my cock. As he was sucking me I looked over and there was Joel seeing his uncle giving me a blow job. I wasn't sure but it looked as if Joel was getting a boner watching us.

I motioned Steve to stop. We all went out to the pool. Joel was an excellent swimmer and was trying to submerge Steve. Joel was having a hard time trying to dunk Steve when he asked for my help. I sneaked up on Steve and tried to dunk him. I grabbed Steve's trunks and pulled down. He was trying to pick up his trunks when Joel turned Steve upside down. Joel was hugging Steve with Steve's legs up in the air and his head under the water. Joel was laughing when he released Steve.

Joel said, "Uncle Steve, my cock is bigger than yours."

Steve snapped back, "Your not bigger than my daddy." There was silence then we all laughed.

We had dinner in the den watching tv. I was in the middle of Steve and Joel, our legs and bodies were touching and I could feel my cock getting hard. Steve placed his hand on my crotch and Joel seeing this placed his hand there also.

Steve asked Joel, "Do you want to see how big his cock is?"

Joel didn't have to answer when Steve pulled my cock out. Joel was in awe. Steve told Joel, "Play with Daddy's cock. Move his skin up and down."

Steve rubbed my precum all over his hand and told Joel, "Lick up Daddy's Juice. Taste it. It's sweet."

Steve pulled Joel to the floor and placed Joel between my legs. Steve pushed Joel's head down on my cock and told him, "Suck my Daddy."

Joel sucked my cock and I'am sure it wasn't the first time for Joel. Steve pulled Joel's shorts off and was playing with his cock. It was then that I took over.

I told Steve to get naked and lie down. I told Joel to suck his uncle's cock. As Steve and Joel were sucking I got behind Joel and started to eat his asshole. Joel's ass was moving up and down with every stab of my tongue. I was getting his hole ready to fuck. I had 2 fingers in his hole and was trying for three.

Joel moaned, "Stop, please stop." I placed my dick at his hole and gently pushed at first just the head went in but with Joel's rocking back and forward my whole cock hit bottom.

Steve got up on his knees to watch me fuck his nephew. I turned Joel over on his back and pushed his legs up in the air. I told Steve to put my cock back in Joel's asshole. I started pumping. Joel's asshole was tight and it didn't take too long when aaaaaaahhhhhhhoooooohhh I came. It was leaking out of Joel's asshole.

I told Steve to lick the juice that came out off Joel's asshole. I had Joel and Steve stand up and I got on my knees and started to suck their cocks. I was sucking Joel first. His cock was leaking precum and when Joel started to pump my mouth Joel shouted, "Oh, Daddy, here I come, ahahahah."

Joel shot a healthy protein cum drink which is what I did. I didn't miss a drop. Next it was my Stevie's turn. His cock was also leaking precum. I first licked the head of his cock, tasting his precum and then forced his cock down my throat and squeezed.

Steve yelled, "Daddy. please make your boy come, Daddy make me cum, ohohohohaaaaaaahhhhh." Steve filled my mouth with his sweet tasty cum. The three of us laid down on the floor with Steve in my arms cooing, "Daddy, Daddy I love you." Joel fed on my cock till we fell asleep.


Three in a bed sounds like a crowd, when Joel joined Steve and I in bed. It was just what this daddy always dreamed about. I woke up with Joel's mouth on my cock and Steve kissing my lips, eyes and ears. Steve had his morning hardon and I was slowly jerking his cock. It was a great way to wake up.

After breakfast, Steve went to work and Joel went bike riding. I started cooking for tonight's supper. After many hours I was still in the kitchen when Steve came home and got behind me and fondled my ass and holding me back from completing dinner. I warned Steve to behave or I would punish him, but saying that made Steve more aggressive. When I had enough, I tossed Steve over my shoulder and proceeded to the bedroom. I laid Steve on the bed and told him to strip. Steve was nude and sporting a hard cock that was dripping precum.

Steve asked, "Is daddy going to spank his bad boy?"

"Yes, Steve, daddy's going to make your ass red."

Steve moaned, begging me to spank him. I removed my belt and made Steve kneel down, hold the bed with his hands and push his ass up in the air. I brought my belt down on his ass. It must have taken 10 strokes to get his ass red. His cock was soft but still dripping precum. Steve was moaning asking for more.

As I was beating Steve's ass, Joel came into the room. Joel said, "My dad spanks me with a paddle or sometimes with a wooden spoon."

I told Joel, "Go get me the wooden spoon." When Joel returned he had removed all of his clothes and had the wooden spoon in one hand and a ping pong paddle in the other.

Joel knelt beside Steve and said, "Papa Joe, spank me too." Not wanting to hurt Joel, I put the paddle to his ass softly. Joel screamed, "Hit me harder." Steve also begged to be spanked harder.

I started to paddle Steve first 5-6 times, then Joel 5-6 times. Their asses were red and they were begging for more and harder. I used the paddle on Steve's ass and the wooden spoon on Joel's ass. They were both moving their ass up and down and holding each other's hand.

Steve leaned over and kissed Joel on his lips. Joel opened his mouth to accept Steve's tongue.

Wack, wack, plop, plop, the paddle and the spoon hit their asses.

Joel and Steve screamed, "Harder, harder." It was then that I decided to fuck Steve. I put cream on Steve's asshole and fingered his hole while I paddled his ass.

Steve turned around and said, "Daddy fuck my ass. Pound my asshole daddy."

I put my dick up against his hole and pushed. Of course it went in with ease. I pulled my cock in and out of Steve's asshole, fucking him and paddling his ass.

Joel turned and watched me fuck his uncle. Joel put one of his fingers in his asshole and was moving it in and out. I put cream on the wooden spoon and slipped it into Joel's asshole.

Joel squealed, "It feels good."

As I fucked Steve and moved the spoon in and out of Joel's asshole, Joel screamed, "Papa Joe, put your big cock in my asshole. Please, Papa Joe, fuck me please."

I pulled my cock out of Steve and placed it against Joel's asshole. It was tight but it stretched open for me. Joel's asshole was warm as I was fucking him. I paddled Joel's ass and Joel moved, pushing on my cock as I was moving in and out. I could feel my balls tighten up and knew I was close to cumming.

I told Steve, "Stand up." I started to suck Steve's cock while I fucked Joel. Steve moaned, "Daddy I'am going to cum. Oh, oh, aah, aah." Steve filled my mouth with his cum.

I fucked Joel faster and faster. When I blasted I moaned, "Ooooooohohohaahaah." My juice was shooting out in spurts as Joel's asshole tightened up.

Just as I unloaded that last spurt Joel screamed, "Papa Joe, I'am cumming." Joel came all over the floor and bed

Exhausted as we lay down on the floor. Steve lapped up Joel's cum on the floor and bed. I leaned over to suck Joel's cock for any juice that he had left. Joel wouldn't be left out. He played with my soft cock, moving my skin down, exposing the head and licked up my remaining cum that had accumulated under the skin. Of course dinner was ruined but there's always pizza just a phone call away.


"Joel, is that you ? "

"Yes, Papa Joe, are you taking a shower ?"

"Yes. Joel come join me."

Joel was naked in a flash. Joel put his small ass up against my growing cock. Joel was moving his ass up and down on my cock. My cock rubbed Joel's balls making his dick hard and dripping pre cum.

I pulled Joel up against me and started to pinch his nipples. Joel yelled with pain. I turned his head kissing him and pushing my tongue deep into his mouth. Joel's moaning of pain turned to pleasure.

I let my finger enter his asshole and proceeded to stretch his hole for me. With the water cascading on us, I pushed Joel to his knees and put my cock in his mouth. "Come on, baby, suck papa".

Joel took all 7 1/2 inches into his throat, he was swallowing and the pressure of his throat was getting me close. I grabbed two towels and we went to the bedroom. Joel's legs were up in the air and his arms were begging me to come to him.

"Papa fuck me"

"Not yet baby ". I knelt down and swallowed Joel's cock,his pre cum was flowing. I started licking his balls and that space in front of his asshole. While I slobbered his cock I stabbed my tongue into his asshole and licked all around the edges.

Joel screamed, "Papa, fuck me,oh Papa make me cum."

I took the lubricant and coated my cock and with 2 fingers lubbed Joel's asshole. I held my cock against his asshole and told Joel to push his ass onto daddy's cock. With just the head in, Joel moved his ass and swallowed all 7 1/2 inches. Joel was moving side to side and bouncing up and down. Joel's asshole was milking my cock.

I pulled out to the head and slammed back in. "Ohohaahaahaahaaaaaa," my cum filled Joel's ass. I scooped my cum that was overflowing and fed Joel. He licked my fingers clean and wanted more. I climbed over Joel in the 69 form and let Joel lick up all the remaining cum. He skinned back my cock and sucked harder, using my cock like a straw. As Joel was sucking me, I put his dripping cock into my mouth. His pre cum was flowing like he was pissing. It filled my mouth. I swallowed his cock and juice.

With Joel's legs still up in the air and my cock buried in his throat, I sucked Joel's cock and finger fucked his asshole. Joel moaned and stiffened up.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmm," Joel sqirted his cum. I kept some cum in my mouth and swallowed the rest. Joel kept on cumming. Everytime I swallowed he filled my mouth again. Exhausted I slapped his ass and told him to go bike riding.

My eyes were closed and I was somewhere in dreamland. I felt a wetness on my cock and balls. My cock felt like it was in a furnace,the heat of it was making my cock harder and dripping. The heat stopped and then a coolness. When I opened my eyes there was my Stevie between my legs licking my cock and lapping my balls.

I held Steve's head and started to fuck his mouth. Steve stopped me and climbed on top, he put my cock to his asshole and pushed down,it went in easy up to my balls. Steve was moving his whole body getting all of my cock buried in his asshole.

Out of the corner of my eye I spotted Joel and a young boy in the doorway. Joel's shorts were bulging and so was his friend's. I motioned to Joel to come over. I pulled his shorts down. His dick was standing up to his belly button. I took Joel's cock and said, " Let Uncle Steve suck on it."

Steve was sucking Joel's cock and bouncing up and down on my cock. Steve moaned and pushed Joel's cock into his throat. Steve shot his cum all over my chest.

As we were catching our breath ,Joel introduced his friend, Tony. Tony was much younger than Joel, he had a dark complexion. black almond eyes and black hair. From the bulge in his shorts, Tony looked bigger than Joel.

Tony was next to me when I pulled his shorts down. His dick got caught up in his underwear. I saw a 5 1/2 inch dick and very little hair. Tony was not circumcised. His skin covered the head.

Joel pushed Tony's head down and told him, "Lick up all that cum."

Tony was licking Steve's cum from my chest when Joel pushed Steve's cock into Tony's mouth. I was playing with Tony's dick and licking the precum that was filling the skin around his cock.

Bong, bong, bong, the clock rang 6 times. Tony pulled his cock out of my mouth and said, "I have to go home. I'am late." Tony told us his father owned the pizza store and would we order pizza at 10pm so that he could come back.

I have to admit, I couldn't wait till Tony came back. My cock was growing bigger thinking of him. Joel and steve were watching tv. The bell rang. I answered the door nude with my cock hard and dripping precum.

Tony came in, handed me the pizza box and then felt up my cock. Steve and Joel led Tony to the bedroom and removed his clothes. There he was with his dick sticking up.

I walked to the bed with my cock leading the way. Joel put Tony on his knees and put my cock into Tony's mouth. Tony had a small mouth. He only had the head in his mouth .Tony tried to suck more. I put tony on the bed and climbed over him putting my cock in his mouth and sucking his cock.

While Tony and I were sucking cock, Joel was licking my asshole and Steve was finger fucking my asshole. I stopped sucking Tony and knelt down. I told Steve put Tony's cock in my asshole.

Tony's cock went in, he didn't move. Steve moved Tony's ass back and forth, pushing Tony's cock up my ass. All too soon Tony shot his cum, filling my ass. I wanted more. I told Joel, "Come fuck papa."

Joel's cock wasn't as big as Tony's, but Joel knew how to move his cock in and out, short strokes and then slam. Again too soon Joel shot his cum.

I was lying on my back when Tony started to suck my cock. Joel joined in, licking my balls and alternating sucking my cock with Tony. I lifted my legs and told Steve, "It's your turn to fuck daddy."

Steve's cock filled me up completely and even with all that cum, I felt steve's pounding cock."Ohohaahaahaaaa Steve, fuck daddy harder. Daddy's going to cum, oh," I filled Tony's mouth with my cum. I felt Steve shoot his cum up my ass. Tony was sucking my cock, Joel was lapping up the cum that escaped from Tony's mouth. Steve was behind me sucking out all the cum that was in my asshole.

What a night, what a way to end summer. Joel returned home. Tony went back delivering pizza. Steve and I rested alone.

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