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About my father

"Damn," said my Dad. He was pulling on a new casual shirt and the top button came away in his fingers - which were especially annoying since weíd just begun a weekend of bushwalking in the mountains and - to keep things simple - weíd only brought along a bare minimum of shorts, boxers and shirts.

So Dad was now left with two options -- wearing a shirt with the neck gaping open almost to his naval or pinning it together. Dad being Dad, he took the first option.

We took the elevator down to the hotel lobby, both in our khaki shorts, short-sleeved shirts, knee-length hiking socks and thick-soled shoes, happy with ourselves and happy to be heading for the wide open spaces to stretch our legs and maybe even our minds. Our mood matched the sunny day outside.

The clerk at the front desk wasnít so sure.

"Ah, Sir?" he inquired of Dad, "Would we be planning to head out for some off-track walking today?"

"Sure are," beamed Dad right back.

"Well, itís just that weather in the mountains can change awful fast and I wondered whether you might like to consider long-legged trousers and maybe long-sleeved shirts? See, up here it can be warm and sunny one minute and cold and wet the next."

The look on the clerkís face showed clearly it was dawning on him that the guests in front of him were not about to be so wet as to go back to their room and change into more sensible clothes.

"Just a thought," he mumbled. And that was it really. Off we walked into the bright, clear morning and in no time had headed out on one of the well defined walking tracks that radiated out into the forests and hanging swamps for which this area of the mountains was so famous.

Maybe half an hour later, Dad steered us up onto a ridge that overlooked a deep, darkly green valley. He caught sight of a stand of weirdly shaped rocks that looked about a mile or so off the track weíd been following.

"Hey Tiger - howís about we strike out for those rocks and see what their all about?" he asked me.

And Iím like: "Sure Dad - letís do it."

In minutes we were pushing our way through some pretty dense scrub that not only whipped round our legs and arms but made visibility poor and distances difficult to gauge. It was sweaty work but all seemed worthwhile when we reached the oddly shaped rocks and boulders that Dad had spied from the path.

"This is cool, Dad," I told him enthusiastically. "Letís get some pictures of us on these rocks, eh?"

So we jumped around on the rocks, posing in silly ways, clowning round, laughing a lot and having a pretty good time.

"You know something Tiger - we shoulda brought a water bottle with us," Dad said at one point. "Maybe we should look for a stream around here; maybe a bit further down in the valley."

We headed down deeper into the thickly overgrown valley until at last we heard the sound of tinkling water up ahead.

"Told you," he said happily as we pushed on to find the creek. It was a great little creek, too. Lots of ferns and little swells and eddies with overhanging rocks that sheltered the course of the stream. We drank from the sold, clear water and neither of us had any doubt that we were having a great DadíníSon day. I donít think either of us could have been happier - until Dad looked up through the tree canopy and saw the beautiful blue sky above us had turned to a more steely, snarly gray.

"What happened to our day?" he laughed. "Maybe we better set on our way back, eh?"

So we started to push our way back up the valley - but it quickly became clear we were heading in a different direction to the way weíd come.

"I donít remember seeing those rock ledges when we came down," he said to me.

"Me neither," I said. "Iím not sure if I can remember where we broke through to the creek."

For the next hour we made fruitless forays into the scrub trying to find the path weíd beaten to make it to the creek but every attempt failed. We were both getting frustrated and a bit anxious. And the lousy weather was getting lousier every minute.

Then the rain started. First there were big, fat drops that plonked heavily onto rock surfaces and onto the silver expanse of the creek. Then they got smaller and faster and denser until it was raining really heavily.

"Letís make for that overhanging rock and shelter underneath," said Dad, pointing to a small, natural cave that had been formed by the creek in decades past.

While we sat and stared gloomily at the pouring rain from underneath our rock shelter, it was dawning on us that our situation was fast becoming a lot more serious. Not only was it wet, it was cold. And it was beginning to get dark.

Iím like: "Shouldnít we just head up the valley anyway and not worry about going the same way we came?" Dadís face looked grim.

"Tiger, I donít think we would make it to the top before dark if we go now," he told me in a soft dark voice he uses when things are looking like crap. "It pisses me off to even suggest this -- but I think we are going to have to rough it under this ledge until the morning and hope to high heaven that it has stopped raining by then."

It wasnít the happiest moment in my life. Here we were in our thin summer clothes with no food, no light, no heat - but lots and lots of water.

"You really think so?" I asked, hoping like a drowning man that somehow it was all going to become right again.

"Yeah, sorry, I really think so," he told me.

Oh, great. Still there was nothing either he or I could do about it so we sat mournfully on the soft, black earth inside our little Ďcaveí and stared out at the rain.

We tried talking but the words wouldnít come so the silence started to become a wall between us. In due course, however, it began to get so cold that someone had to say something or weíd both end up freezing our asses off. As it got darker - and colder - Dad told me to move close to his side so that we could exchange body heat. It worked to a certain extent because maybe an hour later we had both fallen into a stressful sleep - me with Dadís arm holding me firmly to his side and my face cradled in the crook of his armpit.

A bit later I was suddenly awake - for no apparent reason. I strained my eyes to see anything in the dark but couldnít make out a single image beyond the curve of my fatherís chest. What I was able to see, however, was the clear image of Dadís right nipple, out in the cold night air because of the missing button on his shirt. It was a deep, pinkish brown and it was stiffly erect and thrusting a good half inch away from his breast.

It looked amazing and I found myself quite excited by the sight of it. I looked up at Dadís face and he seemed soundly asleep so I decided to explore a little bit. As quietly and gently as I could, I moved me left arm up and with my forefinger reached out and touched the nipple. It gave a little jerk. So I then took my forefinger and thumb and softly squeezed it. Another little jerk. I was enjoying this.

For maybe half a dozen times I played my little game of squeeze and jerk - until I heard that soft, dark voice again, quite close to my ear.

"Suck it," the voice said. "Suck it."

Inside my head Iím going like: What? Who? Did you say something Dad? But I didnít. A tough little voice in my head told me to shut it and just do what Iíve been told. So I did.

I licked my lips a little, moved my head forward and slipped that pink-brown object between them. The nipple tasted salty and Dadís skin smelled sweet and warm. The experience shocked me. I like this, I told myself with some surprise. No, I love this.

I started using the tip of my tongue to tickle that amazing little nipple and I rolled it between my lips so I could feel its amazing texture - hard and soft, sour and sweet. It was such an experience I felt something move inside my guts. And then I felt something moving deep between my legs. What the fuck was going on?

Then I head Dad give a long, breathy moan and felt his arm my further behind me and his hand rest on the back of my head, pressing my face and lips even closer to his breast. It was shocking and dazzling and the most exciting thing I had ever experienced. So I sucked even harder and tongued and twisted as excitedly as I could and my Dadís moans got even louder and more frequent.

Then there was an unexpected, chaotic move as Dad pushed himself up on one elbow, grabbed me round the chest, pushed himself down on me and planted a magnificent, fat, wet kiss right on my lips.

I tell you there were skyrockets going off in my head. And in my cock. There was also something going on in his cock because I could feel it, hard and throbbing, pushed against my abdomen.

"Oh man," I thought to myself, "if that goddamn big thing gets any lower its gonna slide right up my crack."

And for the first time I actually considered the possibility of being fucked stupid by my own father and the thought shocked me. I had seen my Dad naked lots of times and, of course, Iíd seen his big, thick penis and his bushy, pale brown public hair - but it had never struck me before as being anything but mildly and embarrassingly interesting.

Now, all of a sudden, I was seeing images in my mind of that thick, blood-engorged great cock with its bulging purple head, ramming its way unmercifully up my ass-hole. And the image both frightened and excited me.

What this whole experience was doing to Dad I could only guess. But I had a good idea. He was panting heavily, rubbing his whole body against mine with sweat beginning to seep from his skin and a strange, sour smell beginning to engulf him and his clothing.

He wouldnít let my mouth go; he sucked on it and licked it furiously and then pulled his tongue from my mouth and started licking my face as well. At the same time his cock was seeking desperately to escape from his short pants as his buttocks rose up and then crashed down again on my stomach, almost as if he was using his prick to smash a new hole into my abdomen.

It was scary and I wondered if I should call out and try to wake him from his massive, randy dream. But did I really want to stop this madness? No, I decided, I did not. So I shut up; I just grunted when he slammed down against me one more time.

But then it did stop. Suddenly, Dad stopped trying to drive his big wang into my flesh. He lay there on top of me for a minute then slowly lifted his body upwards to separate us from each other.

It took only moments for me to work out why. Dad was ripping at his short buttons and his fly buttons and dragging his clothing off before reaching down and, fumbling frantically, started undoing my short and pants. It took a couple of minutes but eventually he had us both naked.

"You know what, Tiger?" he said in that dark chocolate growl. "Youíre driving me nuts. And Iím so mad Iím gonna fuck your ass for you. Iím gonna fuck it till my prick goes right up your ass and comes out your mouth. And then Iím gonna shoot a million gallons of hot spunk to paint the inside of your guts. And I wanna hear that you want me to fuckiní fuck you like that. And ya wanna see me fuck your sweet little pink ass. And you wanna feel my spunk shootiní into your throat from outa your ass."

A funny kind of groan came out of my mouth before I could gasp: "Yeah, Daddy. Fuck me Daddy. Fuck your son Daddy."

Shit, I thought, thatíll probably put him right off. But it didnít. In fact it seemed to inflame him more. He was on his knees in front of me with his dimly perceived big cock sticking out in front and his arms hanging by his sides. Then he simply leaned forward, bent his waist forward and my knees back until they touched my chest and then plunged his face down on my groin, sliding my cock right into his mouth.

He sucked it and tongued it and swirled it round his mouth. He grabbed the tips of my foreskin and gently chewed it before using his lips to slide the skin back and suck heavily on the head. Then he reaches up with his fingers and stuffs my balls into his mouth too. It was like crazy and it was magnificent too.

In a little while he slides down beneath my balls and starts licking my asshole, spitting juice up into the little crack and pushing the top of his tongue inside. It goes deeper and deeper and heís licking and sucking harder and harder, jabbing away into my ass with his hot tongue until he puts his head up and whispers in that dark chocolate voice: "I can feel a little lump of you sweet young shit with my tongue, boy. Why donít you be a good son and push it out for me."

I donít know if youíve ever tried to take a crap while youíre on your back with your knees bent back to your chest, but, believe me, it ainít easy. But I pushed hard and grunted a lot and finally I could feel a little lump of shit push its way between the lips of my asshole and - incredibly - straight between the waiting lips of my fatherís face. He slid it onto his tongue, tossed back his head, and swallowed it in one go and then growled at me: "You canít eat good food without some good champagne, boy. Gimme a good long drink of your piss, eh?"

Iím like: Where the fuck is this all going? Itís hard enough trying to piss while youíve got a hard-on but trying to do it while your hard-on is in your Daddyís mouth is even harder. But I managed--some how.

Oh, he loved that mouthful of hot piss, I must say. And then he wanted desert. It was back to the wild cock sucking weíd started with and he raged at my prick until it got rock solid hard, finally spurting a great load of spunk juice down his throat. He licked and sucked until heíd cleaned up every drop of semen and then dropped back beside me, as if someone had taken the wind-up key out of his back.

So, like, is that it? I was feeling pretty wrung out and tinny inside with the exhaustion of it all, but I couldnít help thinking that my initial big fantasy of being deeply rooted up the ass had simply not happened.

I shouldnít have worried. Dad was just catching his breath. In a few minutes he rolled on his side so his face was at right angles to mine. And he goes: "Well, now weíve got the preliminaries out of the way, howís about we get down to the serious business?"

He didnít bother waiting for an answer, just worked his way round in front of me, lifted and spread my legs in the air, looked down and spat on his cock and wriggled on his knees into position to root me right up the back passage.

"You ready?" he wants to know.

"Yeah Dad."

"Okay. Letís fuck"

And we did. At first it was like he was shoving a pineapple up my crack and I thought he was going to split my ass in two. "Címon boy, you can take it," he kind of grunts at me. Once the big knob on his cock was past the lips of my ass he was able to slide that rock-hard roger right up into my guts. It was beginning to feel like heaven.

"Ya like it, ya like it?" he wants to know and Iím like: "Yeah, I like it Daddy. Fuck me man . . . ram it in me." And he does. Eventually it gets to the point where heís about to cum so he stops and looks me in the eyes and goes: "How you want it - in your guts, in your mouth, on your face . . . what?"

"I want all of Ďem," Iím panting - but since I know thatís kinda out of the question Iím going: "Put it on my face Dad . . . and, Dad, you can lick it off me then."

He looks a bit surprised and kind of looks up for a second and then says: "Yeah, right--on your face, on my tongue - and then into your mouth. Right?"

"Yeah, Dad. Do it man."

So he pulls that big, fat cock out of my ass with one fast, yanking motion, shuffles forward on his knees until his cock is looming over my face and then starts to wank it. The smells are incredible: hot, ripe, spunky male smells are pouring off his pendulous, hairy balls . . . musky, deep shit smells escaping from his ass . . . rancid, heavy sweat smells from his pubic hairs and sharp, metallic cum smells pouring out of the head of his cock as he pounds away at his gross big lump of meat.

Iím lying there with my eyes bulging and my mouth wide open waiting for the spunk to start shooting all over my face and suddenly it starts happening: first a little spurt of white cum rips out of his cock-head and lands on my chin, then a little pause and a huge great load of steaming jizz spurts out at lightening speed and lands in my hair and on my forehead. Then another big avalanche of the white stuff pours out of his slit while he waggles his cock from side to side, making sure the stuff covers my face as it hits its target. Thereís cum in my mouth, in my hair, in my eyes, nose, cheeks - even dribbling into my ears. Iím a cum pie waiting to me eaten - and my Dad is the man to do it.

When heís finished pulling his prick heís leaning down on me and licking my face with his tongue, slurping up the big globs of spunk that cover me. As quick as he sucks up a mouthful he spits it straight into my open mouth and Iím swallowing it as fast as he pours it in.

"Hey, save some for me," he commands and then presses his mouth down on mine and starts to lick around inside, rescuing as much of his own cum as he can find and then sucking it down his own throat.

"Thatís a fine load of sweet, hot cum - even if I say so myself," says Dad and Iím going: "Yeah, the best, man. The best."

Then he sort of collapses on top of me for a while before rolling over on his back and staring at the roof of our rock cave.

"Think we deserve a bit of rest now, Tiger . . . what do you think?"

"Sure man," I tell my Dad before cuddling next to him and drifting into sleep with my head on his chest.


I heard the voices before I was even awake.

First some indistinct sounds and then words: "There they are, there they are. Up there in Dead Manís Cave!"

I was awake in about two seconds, panicking almost immediately in case they saw I was naked and covered in dirt and dried cum.

But hereís the thing: I wasnít. I was fully dressed - well, as dressed as you can be in shorts and a shirt, shoes and socks. But dressed. And so was Dad. What was going on?

In minutes, three guys had scrambled up the bank of the creek and were squatting down in our Ďcaveí wanting to know if we were okay (yes), asking had we eaten (no), did we want coffee? (yes) and organising us into a group for an escorted walk back up the mountain.

We were lucky, they said. Our hotel had alerted police we hadnít returned and people were known to have died after a night of exposure in these mountains - in fact, long ago, one man died right in the over-hang cave weíd spent the night it.

Dad and I were suitably chastened, but I still couldnít comprehend how we had ended up being so clean and neat when we should have been totally filthy. Had it all been a dream? How could I even broach the subject with Dad, who was looking stern and responsible as we headed out for the climb back to civilisation?

He was walking ahead of me as we all single-filed through the scrub. And then, about fifty yards up the slope, he turned round and looked me in the eye. And winked.


Greg peered over the menu to check out the young waiter working the lunch tables. He'd wanted to avoid the noise of the business lunch crowd on a Friday, so he was at this trendy little place filled mostly with students. The menu didn't interest him, but the fair-haired young man breezing between the tables did.

He looked about twenty, with a small build and rather effeminate mannerisms. The highly styled hair and close-fitting clothes suggested a flirtatious, even vain character. Greg watched closely as the waiter gestured with his hands while explaining the day's special to the next table. Seeing him from the side, Greg noticed the smooth, almost perfectly round curve of the boy's ass. His cock stiffened a little.

Joey--it was on his nametag--came over and pulled out his order pad. He smiled coyly at Greg, recognizing that he was out of place in the cafe. He was pleased to see a handsome man in his early thirties in the cafe on his own, and the suit kind of turned him on. He could tell from the jaw line and the cut of his suit that Greg worked out regularly, and that he was a man used to getting his way. Joey smiled flirtatiously at him and started to explain the lunch special. He had a high, almost girlish voice with a slight lisp. Man, thought Greg, This one's a real twink. A real little faggot.

"I've changed my mind," said Greg as he got up and put on his coat. He took out a business and tucked it into Joey's shirt pocket. As he slipped it in he felt the thin cardboard graze the nipple under the cloth. "Here's my order."

Just past four that afternoon a call came through on his private line at the office. He shut the door and picked up the receiver.

"Hi there," said a fem young voice. "Remember me?" Greg sat back in his chair, his free hand resting on his crouch.

"Yes, I do. Are you free?"

"Mmm, you bet.... Want to meet somewhere?"

"I'll pick you up at the restaurant in half an hour. We'll go to my place," he said firmly, then hung up.

In the elevator up to Greg's condo Joey looked up into the man's dark eyes. He loved these little escapades, especially with older men. His blue eyes twinkled under long, blonde lashes. Saying nothing, Greg seized the young man and kissed him, his other hand reaching down to fondle the hard young bubble ass. A soft moan escaped Joey's throat as he felt his body pressed between the groping hand on his cheeks, and the hard cock straining through Greg's suit pants. He relaxed and allowed the man's hands to mold his body, kneading his boyish ass and the backs of his thighs.

Greg's condo was sparsely furnished and with little decoration except a large wet bar in living room corner. He went over and poured himself a whiskey but offered none to Joey, who stood, a little nervous, in the middle of the room. He felt a little out of sorts in the condo; the place he shared with a roommate was done up in a more decorous, flamboyant style built for partying; not the plain, disciplined look of Greg's living room.

Greg took of his suit jacket and tie and sat down on the couch with his drink. He gestured for Joey to approach. The boy walked silently over, his slim hips swaying slightly as he played nervously with his hair. He was accustomed to using his seductiveness to control men, but now as he stood in front of Greg he didn't know what to expect.

"Turn around," said Greg. "I want to see your little ass." The firm tone in his voice made Joey's knees weaken. Slowly he turned around, bending forward slightly to accentuate his taut little cheeks. He reached back with one hand stroked them lightly.

"Do you like my little bum, baby?" he asked in a fey voice.

"Yes, you've got a sweet little butt there," said Greg. He reached forward and stroked the thin cloth stretched over the boy's ass, grasping each cheek in turn and slowly running a finger up the crack between them. "I want to stroke you little pussy," he said through noticeably heavier breathing.

"Ooh, baby, I'd love that...." moaned Joey. He bent over further, his hands resting on his knees as both hands grasped and pinched his ass. Suddenly Greg seized him by the hips and pulled him back. Joey lost his balance and toppled into Greg's lap, and before he knew it he'd been spun face down onto the couch, with his crotch resting in Greg's and his ass facing up. He felt the man's hard, fat cock pressing against his own much smaller one. Instinctively he arched his back, raising his butt slightly higher.

Greg reached roughly under him and undid Joey's pants and belt, then tugged them down to his knees. His cock stirred in his pants as he gazed down at the smooth, slender thighs parting slightly, and further up, the treasure, a tight, round little bubble ass. Even more perfectly, the two soft little globes where encased in a pair of white cotton girl's panties, one size too small, so that the cheeks peeked tantalizingly out the sides and the middle pressed into the crack between them. He licked his lips and began to caress the thighs and ass.

"Ooooh, baby," moaned Joey as the firm grasping sent a jolt up his spine. He loved to feel the man's big hands manipulating his body, and he responded with moan and a seductive wiggle of his hips. Greg kneaded him well, his thumbs gradually parting the taut cheeks and causing the lacy panties to bunch up in the crack. The soft cotton brushed quickly over the tender flesh of Joey's anus, and he let out a gasp. Then with his left hand Greg reached up to undo the button's on Joey's shirt, and in a second whisked it of him. Joey's wiggling had also worked his pants down to his ankles, allowing him to spread his legs a little wider. He kicked them off and lay across Greg's lap wearing nothing but his panties and white socks.

The sight of the little faggot's long, smooth legs got Greg completely overheated. He ordered Joey to kneel down in front of him and pulled down his pants.

"Take it out, bitch," he ordered. Joey reached into Greg's boxers with his soft hands and pulled out the seven-inch rod. It burned in his palms and the sight of the fat mushroom head made his little pucker twitch with pleasure. He caressed it lightly and also ran a hand over the heavy balls beneath. "Now suck it baby," groaned Greg. "Suck it like a candy." He grasped Joey's head and pushed his mouth down onto the raging hard shaft. Joey parted his lips eagerly and sighed as the pungent organ drove into his mouth. He ran his tongue greedily over the meat to wet it as Greg forced his head up and down the shaft. The heat battered the back of Joey's throat but he sucked harder and harder.

"Stroke my balls too, boy," ordered Greg, and Joey obeyed, caressing the big hairy sack as he bobbed up and down the hard cock. Greg reached down and began to pinch and twist Joey's nipples. Instantly they stiffened, and Greg began to gently flick them with his fingertips. Joey squealed with pleasure as his nipples got worked over.

The feel of Joey's wet mouth wrapped tightly around his dick and of his hands on his balls was driving Greg wild. He felt totally in control of Joey and wanted nothing more than to use him for all the pleasure he needed. Then he looked down at the smooth little ass clad in the white panties, swaying from side to side as Joey's body rocked with the effort. Greg felt the cum boiling up in his balls. His breath grew ragged and he started to pump his hips into Joey's mouth. He tried to hold it off, but he knew too that there would be much more, that there was more to be done with the little pussy boy devouring his rod. He leaned back in the sofa and shoved Joey's face straight down into his crotch, and released a deep, loud groan.

"Aawww, fuck, I'm gonna cum boy, aaaargh!" A volley of boiling cum shot out of his cock into Joey's throat, then another, then another. Joey sucked hard to catch every drop and swallow, but the sudden explosion had caught him by surprise and he choked slightly on the acrid white cream. A stream of it dribbled out of his mouth and ran down his chin. Still the hot cum continued gushing into his mouth from the spasming dick. Gradually Greg's grip on his head relaxed and he lay back in the couch, breathing hard and groaning with satisfaction. Joey continued to suck gently on the semi-hard meat, extracting every last drop and licking the cum from his chin.

Joey knelt on the floor with his head resting in Greg's lap while the older man caressed his blonde hair. Greg hadn't cum like that in a long time, but he knew from Joey's continued kissing and licking of his flaccid cock that the boy was eager for more. And now that he'd cum he could take his time toying with him. He grabbed Joey's hair and pulled his head back so that he was forced to look up at Greg.

"All right, faggot, I want to feel you up some more. I want to get my hands on that little boypussy of yours."

"Oh yes, baby," sighed Joey. "Just be careful with me...." Greg grinned.

"Get up on the couch on your hands and knees and show me your butt again." Joey clambered obediently onto the couch on all fours, his head tucked between his arms and his panty-clad ass pointing up towards Greg. Greg caressed the fair-skinned inner thighs, feeling the submissive boy's body tremble in response. Then he took hold of the white panties and slowly pulled them down over his ass and thighs, revealing the flawless white skin of his cheeks.

"Now that's a sweet little bum you've got there," said Greg. Then he grabbed one between a thumb and forefinger and gave the twink's ass a hard pinch.

"Ooww!" squealed Joey at the attack. Already a red mark was growing where Greg had pinched him. "Ooh baby, please--Ooooowww!" A second, even harder pinch cutting him short and he bucked his hips involuntarily. Greg placed a few more well-laid pinches across the boy's buttcheeks, until the taut flesh was dotted with red marks.

"Oh please, stop..." whimpered Joey.

Greg laughed. "Come on, bitch, you'll get used to a little rough treatment." And to prove his point he raised his hand and delivered a sharp swat on the boy's tender left cheek. SMACK!

"OW!" shouted Joey, and he began to wriggle off the couch. Greg was prepared for this and grabbed the little fag by the hips, and dragged him back onto his lap so that he was in the former position, lying prone across Greg's lap with his ass up. Joey tried to wiggle free but Greg's muscular arms were too much for him and he was pinned. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Greg reach under the sofa cushion. Then he heard a rattling sound.

Suddenly grabbed both of Joey's wrists with his free hand and pinned them behind his back. Joey felt something cold and metallic, then a sharp click. He gasped as he realized he'd been handcuffed!

"Oh God!" he shouted, but the cry was not of fear, for Joey secretly loved to be tied up. He'd tried it once and loved it, but never been handcuffed, never gone this far. His little cock stiffened against Greg's hairy thighs. Then the spanking continued.


Greg watched with pleasure as Joey wiggled his butt in vain to avoid the strokes. The handcuffs prevented him from moving easily and it was no problem for Greg to intensify the discipline. The cheeks reddened brightly and grew warmer to the touch. Greg paused to caress them, and Joey relaxed slightly.

"I want to play with your little boypussy for a while," he said. "I'm going to take it slow this time around and really enjoy this little ass of yours." But already he could feel the blood slowly starting to thicken his cock. He continued massaging the cheeks with both hands, but now with each stroke he began to part them with his thumbs and open the tight little crack between them. As he parted the twink's butt he exposed the small, puckered anus at the center. It looked tight.

"Oh yes, spread my bum cheeks," moaned Joey. "Play with my little pussy hole." Greg was already there, softly grazing a fingertip across the soft rosebud muscle. The sensation caused a ripple to go up Joey's spine and he trembled with excitement; again he arched his back and pushed his ass up higher towards the probing finger. Greg licked his finger well and started gently pushing it in.

"Mmmm that's a tight little hole you've got there, baby. Do you want daddy to stretch it a bit?"

"Oh yes," gasped Joey. "Work it in. Open me up!" The finger pushed firmly against the little pucker, until finally the muscle opened up and Greg's finger entered into the hot rectal opening. Spitting on the hole, he pushed on, until it was all the way up to his index knuckle. He savored the incredibly tight grasp of the boy's anus and the heat of his body. With a slow, circular motion he began to worm his finger around and widen the hole. Joey strained against his handcuffs, yearning to play with himself or to grasp Greg's cock, but he was captive to the man's wishes.

The sight of the hot little pucker swallowing his finger had Greg rock hard again in no time. Wriggling in Greg's lap, Joey felt the hard shaft pressing firmly against his own little boyclit, and the rubbing of the two penises together made them both yearn for attention. Still wriggling his finger inside the tight rectum, Greg delivered another series of spankings to Joey's butt. But this time Joey did not struggle against them, as the sharp swats were conditioned by the intense pleasure of the finger probing his asshole. Soon the spanking gave him nothing but pleasure. And the feel of Joey's anus contracting tightly with each stroke drove Greg wild. He withdrew his finger and lay back on the couch.

"All right, baby. Kneel over me with your ass towards me, and start sucking my cock." There was no question that the seven inches that Joey's mouth had brought to softness fifteen minutes ago were now harder than ever. Joey knelt over Greg as ordered and began greedily sucking on the stiff meat. It was difficult as his hands were still handcuffed behind his back, but the taste of cock excited him so much he struggled on. Meanwhile Greg grabbed the two smooth globes and parted them. Raising his head, he stuck his face into the hot pussy crack and started to run his tongue over the moist anus.

Joey squealed through a mouth crammed full of cock. The intense pleasure of Greg's tongue flicking rapidly over his hole sent him off balance, and if Greg hadn't been holding him so firmly he would've fallen off the couch. He bobbed his head up and down the pungent shaft with greater speed, loving the feel of the warm tongue teasing his little pucker.

Gradually Greg slowed down his tongue motion and began to tease open the twink's pussyhole with the tip of his tongue. It was already relaxed enough from the finger fucking that it slipped in a little without too much resistance. He alternated between prying open the anus with rapid licking of the area around it. His five o'clock shadow scratched against the hairless skin of Joey's ass, exciting the little fag even more. Greg stopped for a minute to enjoy the expert cock-sucking he was getting.

"Mmmmm yeah, baby. You've got me so hard I need to get off again. Lie down so I can fuck your little cunt." At the sound of the work fuck Joey's anus twitched with pleasure. He lay down on his stomach with his bound hands resting on his back. Meanwhile Greg took a pillow and placed it under Joey's ass to raise it up. He produced a small jar of lube and worked some over his cock, then took a small dab and slowly worked it into Joey's asshole.

"OK, you little slut. Get ready to take my fat cock in your pussy." Before he could answer Joey felt the red-hot tip of the shaft pushing firmly against his little cunt. Once in place, Greg grabbed Joey by the hips and pressed relentlessly forward.

"Uuunh, fuck!" he grunted as the boy's anus began reluctantly swallowing the shaft. Despite the resistance he continued to press down into the smooth little ass.

"Ooooh! Noooooo!" wailed Joey as his pussy lips popped open to accept the cockhead. At first a sharp pain radiated up from his ass to his head, and his wrists strained so hard at the handcuffs that they left red marks. But gradually the feeling was replaced with pure pleasure as the warm shaft continued to press deeper into him, invading his most private place and filling his effeminate young body with the masculine stiffness.

Now the hard shaft was all the way in and Greg's balls were resting snugly in Joey's asscrack. He paused for a moment, tightening his grip on the boy's hips to savor the intense pressure and heat, then slowly withdrew just to the cockhead. Then he sank it back in, and picked up the pumping motion. He began to piston his hips up and down, his groin smacking Joey's ass with each downward thrust.

Joey was wailing and squealing with pleasure at the deep, ass-stretching fuck and the feel of his little boyclit rubbing against the pillow. He loved the feel of Greg's muscular body weighing down on him, and the way his pounding rhythm forced his slim hips deep into the couch.

Greg stood up and got Joey to kneel on the floor with his chest resting on the couch. Squatting behind him he re-entered the tight ass and began a vigorous doggy-fuck. The angle of attack allowed him to penetrate even deeper, and Joey's moaning and squealing confirmed that the little bitch was getting the pounding of a lifetime. Greg was fucking him so hard that he lost all ability to balance himself, and he flopped around like a rag doll on the couch with every thrust. The only thing holding him still was the firm grasp Greg had on his hips.

"Unh, fuck!" he grunted. "Nice fucking pussy...tight little cunt...unh!" He was pistoning faster and faster into the little fuckhole, his balls slapping loudly against the soft asscheeks.

"Yeah, bitch, I'm gonna cum....gonna shoot it...unh....aaaaarh!" Greg let out a long, loud bellow and slammed his groin one last time against Joey's taut buns. His cock spasmed and unleashed a huge load of cum, spurting the hot jizz deep up the twink's little pussy. Joey wailed with pleasure as his own little dick responded and began to spurt. With each shot his anus twitched and contracted around Greg's invading meat, milking the hard shaft to the max. He could feel each volley penetrating deeper into him, filling his little boycunt with the hot cream.

At last Greg was done, and he collapsed forward onto Joey. When he recovered he undid the handcuffs and picked the exhausted young man into his arms and carried him into the bedroom. They lay down together, with

Joey wrapped up in Greg's muscular arms and the man's flaccid cock nestled between his tender buttcheeks. For a while, they slept.

In his sleep, Joey dreamt vaguely of being tied down to a table while someone examined him. He had his legs up in stirrups and there was a warm feeling in his pelvis. In front of him, a young doctor was preparing to examine him under the supervision of a policeman. The doctor reached down between Joey's legs and touched his anus, his most private spot. The warm feeling grow as the doctor continued to touch him there. It felt like a gloved finger was caressing him. As he lay helpless he looked over at the cop, who was staring straight at him. The cop approached him, and as he grew nearer he could see a huge erection bulging through his pants. The sight of it excited him, and the warm feeling in his butt grew more intense....

Joey awoke to find himself on his back. Greg was awake, kneeling at the foot of the bed and holding Joey's thighs apart. His face was deep into Joey's asscrack and he was pleasuring the taut anus with long, slow licks. With each lick Greg's tongue ran all the way from the top to the bottom of the crack, and occasionally as he passed the little pucker he twirled the tongue over it to tease it. Joey, half-asleep let out a soft moan and his hands roamed dreamily across his smooth chest, caressing his stiff little nipples.

Seeing that Joey was awake Greg knelt on the bed and lifted Joey's legs high into the air. He raised them up so that the boy was resting with his shoulders on the pillow and his back was resting against Greg's muscular chest. The rimming intensified, especially the tonguing of the asshole.

Joey reached forward and his hand found the hard meat jutting forward from Greg's loins. He seized it and began to shaft it in time with the rhythm of the tongue on his pucker. Greg's breathing grew ragged, and Joey gripped the shaft harder, his fingers lubed by pre-cum. At last Greg thrust forward and shot his cum into Joey's soft palm. He then lay back and watched as the boy, now excited, licked half the cream off his hand, then used the rest to jack himself off. As the twink rapidly stroked himself, Greg reached over and tweaked his tender nipples.

"Oooh!" Joey gasped, and a long, white spurt of cum shot out of his little dick and all over his stomach and chest. Four smaller spurts followed, until his whole torso was covered. Greg gently wiped him off with a warm washcloth, and he drifted back to sleep in his arms.

The next day was a blur to Joey. All day he drifted in and out of fucking, cocksucking, ass-eating, and all kinds of assplay. Greg produced a camcorder, which he used to record Joey doing certain sex acts that he ordered him to perform. He made Joey bend over and show off his ass to the camera, and had him fingerfuck himself for a while. Then he made the boy tense and relax his anus so it would wink.

Greg produced a seven-inch dildo with a long handle and videotaped Joey as he greased it up and slowly lowered himself onto it. He had the twink walk around the condo while he filmed him from behind. The normal up-and-down bobbing of the handle was accentuated by Joey's swishy walk. After a few minutes of that they were both so worked up that Greg withdrew the dildo and lay Joey face-up on the kitchen table. Seizing his ankles he worked his stiff dick into the well-stretched boypussy and fucked him long and hard. He was pumping Joey so hard that he had to grip the sides of the table to keep from getting pounded right off it. Greg came with another loud cry, then filmed Joey's ass as the white cream leaked back out of it and down his smooth thighs.

Joey also went to buy more panties to please Greg. He modelled a number of very slutty, girlish pairs for his man in white, pink, and baby blue, making sure they always rode ever so slightly up his asscrack to expose the bumcheeks underneath. Greg loved the white pair so much that he seized Joey while he was still wearing them and tore them open at the back. Then he shoved his hard cock through the panty hole into Joey's boypussy and doggy-fucked him roughly. He loved the sight of his hard shaft pistoning in and out of the smooth anus. He gripped Joey's penis through the soft cotton and masturbated him as fucked his ass. They came together, Joey flooding the thin panties with his semen.

"You've ruined the panties I bought for you," said Greg. "I loved it when you wore the white cotton ones."

"I know, Sir. I'm sorry," said Joey, and he blushed with a mixture of excitement and shame.

Greg punished Joey for soiling his panties with boycum. He took him over his lap and gave him a vigorous spanking until his ass was flaming red and sore, and Joey almost on the verge of tears. Then he carried the young man into his bedroom and lay him face down on the bed. He produced a jar of cream that he began to massage into the twink's aching cheeks. It was cool and eased the pain.

"I'm sorry it hurt," said Greg. "But you've been a slutty little girl and I have to keep you in line. If I can't tame you with my cock, then I have to use my hand."

"I know, baby," said Joey as the man's firm hands worked the soothing cream into his asscheeks. After a while he felt better, and his bum cheeks were softer than ever. Greg mounted him and worked his cock in between the extra-smooth cheeks of the boyass. Joey loved the feeling of the thick head brushing over his tender anus as Greg friction-fucked him. Soon Greg grunted and fired a huge load of cum onto Joey's back. Greg wiped it up with his fingers and fed it to Joey. He sucked it lovingly off the man's fingers, and then curled up into his arms.

Joey did not sleep for a while, but lay basking in the warmth of Greg's masculine hold. He daydreamed about other ways to please his man. Greg, his cock nestled once more between the smooth buttcheeks of his little fagboy, knew what he was thinking.


Joey was disoriented when he woke up in Greg's bed. The familiar sights of his own bedroom were missing, then he remembered the past day and a half: meeting Greg at the cafe, being taken to his condo, and the evening and following day of indescribable sexual pleasure. The pleasure of serving his man.
Joey made breakfast for them again. At the table Greg said, "You're the hottest little bitch I've ever been with. I love fucking you." His coarse and demanding style of speech made the young man blush. At least the blushing warmed him. Ever since the first night Greg had made walk around the apartment wearing only girl's panties, if anything at all. He shivered a little at the table in the cool morning air. "A shower will warm you up," said Greg as he looked over the Sunday paper. Joey skipped off to get it going.

In the steaming, grey-tiled shower Joey soaped himself lightly but nervously; he knew what was coming. Greg entered and undressed, slowly exposing his muscular, somewhat hairy body to the effeminate, delicately built 20-year old in the shower. Joey's knees went weak at the sight as Greg stepped in, his thick, flaccid cock hanging deliciously over his heavy balls. Joey knelt down at once and gathered the warm tube of flesh into his mouth, sucking and moaning while he caressed the large testicles.

"Mmmmm yeah, there's a good girl," groaned Greg. "Be a good girl and get my cock nice and hard." The twink sucked obediently on the stiffening meat until it was all the way in and very hard. Greg braced his hands against the shower wall and started to thrust slowly in and out of Joey's smooth lips. The boy tried not to gag.

"Fuck, that's good. Mmmm, fuckin' hot little slut..." moaned Greg as he savored the morning blowjob. He loved the sight of smooth young man with the shoulder length blonde hair servicing his dick, his little bubble butt perched enticingly on his heels. He wanted to play with the little boypussy.

"Have you cleaned yourself?" asked Greg.

"Yes, daddy," said Joey. Greg looked him over coolly, then ordered him to stand and turn around. Joey shuffled around with his hands clasped in front of him. Then he felt Greg's firm tracing down his back, kneading his skin, probing under his armpits, then finally reaching his little butt. Joey sighed and bent forward ever so slightly.

"I think you've done a lousy job," said Greg. His hand crept in between the twink's soft buttcheeks and pried them apart. "Let me see." Joey parted his thighs a little and bent forward a bit more. With both hands Greg parted the smooth ass and knelt down behind it. He rubbed a thumb up and down the crack, pressing firmly against the small brown anus.

"You're still dirty," he said, standing up with disappointment in his voice. "If you want to be my bitch, you've got to keep yourself clean. Otherwise, no cock." With the last word he delivered a huge, stinging swat on Joey's ass. A small cry escaped his lips as the warm pain spread across his butt.

Greg soaped his hands up noisily. The sound made Joey's little penis stiffen as he imagined where the soap would end up. Sure enough, a well-lathered hand was soon rummaging in between his cheeks, scrubbing it clean and also tickling his shithole. Joey moaned and bent forward, grasping his knees. Now Greg began slowly prodding a soapy finger against the tight little muscle; Joey flexed and made it loosen up. The finger slid in quickly, until he felt Greg's knuckles pressed hard against his ass. Once inside, Greg wriggled the finger around and began to fuck Joey with it, pumping the soap right into the warm chute.

"Oooooh, oh baby," sighed the little faggot as the finger plunged into his ass. "That feel so good...." Greg took the shower head and ran the warm water over his crack, rinsing out the soap and relaxing Joey's anus even more. Greg dried him off with a towel and laid him face down on the bed again. By chance, Joey's face was lying right on top of a big cum stain; it was so large it had to have been Greg's. He inhaled deeply, loving the strong manly scent of sweat and cum mingled together. It made him lightheaded.

"Now you'll see why I want you to be clean," said Greg. He spread Joey's thighs wide and began to massage them, moving gradually up to his ass. Gripping a white, hairless globe in each palm, he forced them apart and lowered his mouth to the fragrant little fag pussy. He kissed the tiny brown opening. Joey shivered with pleasure and sighed. Greg kissed it again very slowly then, as if it were a girl's mouth, began to French-kiss it, sticking his tongue straight up the anal chute.

Joey gasped and let out a small cry. The soaping and warm water had relaxed him so much that he'd opened right up for Greg at once. The warm tongue was already inches deep inside him, stretching his boycunt and sending waves of indescribable pleasure through his body. At the same tie Greg was roughly caressing his asscheeks, then running his hands up Joey's side to pinch his cool little nipples.

"Mmmmm, ooooh God!" cried Joey. He'd never felt so girlish, so submissive before, not with any man. He'd never felt a tongue so deep up his ass. "Yes, eat me," he sighed. "Eat my little pussy out. Make me cum, baby." Greg continued the slow, wet tongue fuck, occasionally withdrawing it to flick the tongue rapidly over the hole, which snapped shut instantly as he left it. He watched the round knot of muscle twitched as his tongue danced over it, and he savored the initial flinch of resistance as he pushed back into to eat his little pussyboy out some more. He loved his little fagboy.

Greg was hard as a rock and satisfied with pussy-eating. He climbed up over Joey as if about to do some pushups, then without guiding it with his hands, slowly worked his thick cock past the anal muscle. He entered smoothly and painlessly, though the twink's hole was still deliciously tight and wet on his fat rod. Joey gasped as Greg entered him all the way in one slow shove.

"Unh, yeah!" grunted Greg. Though he was in all the way, he continued to push, shoving Joey deeper into the mattress. "Nice fucking cunt...fucking

pussy...unh!" He started pumping vigorously into the twink's ass, smacking loudly against his asscheeks. His arm muscles tensed magnificently as they braced his body against the savage thrusting of his pelvis. Joey looked over at the mirrored closet doors beside the bed: there he was, pinned immovably to the bed by his man's weight and constant pounding. Greg had grasped Joey's wrists and was holding them tight so he could not move, and the weight of his lower body was keeping the rest of him nearly immobile. The feeling of the stiff, thick cock reaming his asshole drove him wild, and he kicked his lower legs and feet in ecstasy.

"Yeah, fuckin' cunt...fuckin' bitch!" shouted Greg. Sweat was dripping off his brow and chest onto Joey and the bed. His pounding was causing Joey's stiff little penis to rub exquisitely over the cotton sheets.

Suddenly Greg released his wrists and sat up, straddling Joey's ass and his cock still buried deep inside him. He seized Joey's slim hips and began a combination of thrusting and pulling Joey's ass back to meet his thrusts. Sitting up like this made Joey's ass feel even tighter, and Greg groaned with pleasure as he felt the hot little hole gripping his cock.

"Oooooh, yes!" squealed the twink. "Fuck me baby, please fuck me hard! Aaaaah!" He let out the last cry as Greg reached down to deliver a good, sharp swat on Joey's ass. This was followed quickly by another one on the opposite cheek, then another. Greg timed the spanking to hit just as his cock was all the way in. The slight pain made the boy's asshole tighten around his shaft. He swatted those smooth, firm globes over and over again.

Joey loved the spanking as it combined with the rough fucking action up his boypussy. His penis rubbed harder and harder into the sheets, until finally, with a high-pitched wail, he came all over them, releasing a delicate spray of fragrant boycream onto the cloth.

The orgasm made his asshole clench up even more. Greg grunted as his cock was seized in the hot grip of the anus that flexed over his stiff organ. He felt his balls start to tingle.

"Uuuuunhh, fuck! Fuck!. Yeah, bitch! Fuckin' take it! Aaaaarh!" He slammed forward one last time and unleashed volley after volley of hot cum up the boy's ass. Grinding his pelvis deeper against Joey's ass, he continued to pour out an incredible dose of jizz, until at last he collapsed onto him, crushing the twink beneath his weight and sweaty heat. He lay there for a while with his head next to Joey's. With his delicate hands Joey caressed Greg's hair while the hard cock softened inside him.

They were driving around downtown that afternoon in Greg's black Honda coupe. Joey was dressed in a sort of club outfit that he'd picked up at his apartment on the way downtown--tight-fitting pants and a tight red t-shirt under a trendy bubble jacket, and underneath a small pair of pale blue panties.

"You can stay with me for a while," said Greg. Greg liked heavy metal, and was playing Tool on the car CD player, his favorite band. Joey didn't like the harsh, violent music, but he knew not to say anything. Definitely no

Madonna in this car. "I'd also like you to take the week off work, since I've got it off too. And don't give me any shit about people not wanting to take your shifts. I don't care." No one had ever spoken to Joey that way, but then again, no one had ever used and fucked him like Greg. He looked admiringly at his man: he dressed very conservatively in a woolen v-neck sweater with a button-down shirt and pleated chinos. He had a black suede car coat on top of that...a parting gift from his last boy toy.

Joey daydreamed about the past couple of days as they drove around. He felt a little changed, as if he'd become something new, a different person determined by Greg's needs and passions. His anus had become a pussy, his mouth a tool for sucking cock, his hands, his nipples...all for Greg, for his cock and mouth. Greg must have read his thoughts, for just then he reached over with his right hand and ran it gently over the twink's slender chest, pausing to tweak each nipple. They stiffened instantly and Joey leaned back in the seat....

Greg gave Joey a piece of paper and a hundred dollars in the parking lot. "I hate shopping," he said. "So get these things for me. Be back in an hour." Then he turned and crossed the street towards a pub. Joey stood silently in the lot, admiring Greg's confident gait as he crossed the street under the falling snow. He smiled warmly but nervously. On the list were some groceries and a few odd items: Vaseline, rope, cotton balls, and some women's lingerie.

"I'll be back, baby," he said quietly.

"Very good," said Greg as he pushed away his emptied dinner plate. The approval warmed Joey: he'd made his man a nice meal and done the table up with candles and flowers. Then Greg looked over at him and winked. "What's for dessert?"

Joey walked slowly over to him. He really did have a swishy walk, but it was accentuated even more by the outfit he had on: pink girl's panties and a slinky pink teddy. He sat down on Greg's lap and gave him a kiss. Greg's hands roamed freely over the fem twink's body, caressing his back, nipples, thighs, and arms. Joey moaned and shut his eyes, loving the attention and the masculine grip. of the calloused hands.

Gradually Greg worked his hand between Joey's legs, forcing them to part slightly, then reached under until his fingers were stroking the smooth asscrack through the panties. Joey sighed and closed his eyes and as the fingers slowly caressed his anus with the soft silk.

"Aaaaah yes," he moaned. "Please touch my pussy, baby." Greg worked his fingers under the cloth and stroked the little pucker directly, loving the smoothness of the skin around it and the intense pleasure it evoked in the twink.

"Yeah, you like to have your little boytwat tickled, don't you?" said Greg. Joey moaned in response as the finger pressed more firmly against his hole, dilating it until it yielded to the probing. Soon Greg had a fingertip lodged up Joey's ass. He wriggled it lightly, making the boy jump[. Then he carried him into the living room, where the rope lay on the coffee table.

He set Joey down in a large armchair then ordered him to take off his panties. Joey obeyed, and as he pulled them down he watched Greg's cock stir beneath his pants. Greg knelt down before the semi naked girl-boy and lifted his legs up over the armrests, then tied his ankles to them so that his soft white legs were up and splayed apart. Joey lost his balance a bit and slid forward. This caused his cheeks to part and expose his asshole to Greg. Then Greg tied Joey's wrists together behind the chair. They position wasn't easy for Joey, but excited him nonetheless.

"Man, that's a pretty sight," said Greg as he stared at the little butthole before him. "Do you like to have your pussy played with?" he asked.

"Oooh yes, baby," said Joey as he squirmed slowly in his bonds. "Please use my boycunt." Greg reached down and touched the pucker with his finger tip, then tickled it rapidly, flicking the little muscle as lightly as possible.

Joey squealed and bucked his hips in the chair, causing him to slide forward more. The assplay he was getting made him yearn to touch himself too, but the rope held him back. He felt his asshole quiver with pleasure at the stimulation, and begged for more. The sight of the effeminate boy with the exposed ass had made Greg instantly hard, and his stiff dick pressed outward against his pants. With the other hand he began to tweak Joey's nipples.

"Aaaaah!" he cried in a high voice. "Oooh God!" His little dick was stiff too, wanting to be rubbed like a clit.

Greg knelt down lower and grabbed Joey by the hips. He pulled his ass right to the edge of the seat, then placed his lips against the tender anus and began to kiss and lick it. He made sure his tongue was extra-wet as he ran it firmly up and down the asscrack, prodding the rosebud with the tip. The delicious taste of a well-scrubbed fairy boy's ass made his cock start to leak precum, so much that it began to show through his crotch.

He worked his tongue lovingly against the twink's tender anus, sensing every twitch and contraction as he toyed with it. Joey was gasping and squealing with pleasure at the rimming, and the sight of Greg between his legs, munching away at his boypussy drove him wild. Greg pushed a fingertip into the boy's ass, but continued to lick around it, so that the expanded muscle was even more sensitive. He twirled his tongue expertly around the small hole as his finger wormed slowly into the hot chute. Joey gasped, Greg licked, Joey gasped again, and Greg continued deeper and deeper with eating his girl's hot pussy. The rope around Joey's ankles and wrists were starting to hurt, but he ignored the discomfort. His man was eating him out, and that was all he needed.

Greg withdrew his finger and watched in fascination as the small muscle snapped shut. He put his fingertip in again then withdrew it, and the anus closed a little more slowly. Then he placed the tip of his tongue against the aperture and wormed it slowly in, loving the feel of the soft asscheeks brushing against his face. He pushed his tongue in as deep as it could go, and wiggled it up and down and from side to side. Joey thrashed frantically in the chair, so Greg took a firm hold of his hips to make sure his tongue didn't slip out.

Joey gasped and panted as he felt the tongue reach its limit up his ass. It felt so good, but he wanted to be filled more deeply. Greg was thinking the same thing: he wanted to fuck the little bitch. He took his tongue and watched in fascination, as the anus remained slightly open. Taking some Vaseline from the jar he spread it liberally over the hold.

He untied Joey and made him remove the teddy.

"Now daddy's going to fuck you silly, you little cunt," he said. Joey's knees went weak at the thought of being penetrated by Greg. He undid his man's belt and pants then pulled them down with his boxers. Instantly the stiff seven-inch rod popper forward. As he licked and sucked on it lovingly, Greg took off his shirt. Then he grabbed Joey by his long blond hair and started shoving the twink's face back and forth onto his cock. He could hear him gagging and moaning as the thick head battered the back of his throat, but he didn't care. The sucking was just too good.

Joey could taste a steady stream of precum leaking from Greg's dick. He sucked it back hungrily, wanting more. He cupped Greg's sweaty balls in his hands, caressing and fondling them so that the hard meat jumped excitedly in his mouth and made him gag.

"Yeah, bitch, suck it," groaned Greg. He continued roughly banging Joey's head into his crotch as the boy's drool soaked his scrotum.

"Ow!" he shouted suddenly. "What the fuck was that?" Joey had gagged so hard at that moment that he'd involuntarily grazed his teeth over Greg's meat. Greg pulled his head back by the hair and glared at him.

"I'm sorry, baby," babbled Joey. "Oh, I'm so so sorry. I^*" Greg didn't want to hear an apology. He grabbed Joey by the shoulders and hauled him over to the armchair. Then he sat down and violently pulled the boy over his knees with his ass up. At once he delivered a stinging series of swats to the delicate, quivering asscheeks which grew redder by the second.

"No teeth, bitch!" he shouted as he spanked away. "You want the privilege of sucking my cock, you do it right, understood?"

"Oo! Yes^* Oh! I^* Ow! Ow! Understand! Ooh! Oooh! OWW!" he wailed as the firm hand rained slap after slap onto his cheeks. Finally Greg stopped and took stock. The twink's butt was flaming red and tender. That got him even hotter.

"All right, baby, get ready to take it," he growled, and lifted Joey up by the armpits. He turned him around and held him off the ground by the ass, forcing Joey to wrap his legs around Greg's waist and his thin arms around the man's neck to keep his balance. Then Greg hoisted him up so that his cock was positioned right under the twink's asscrack. He started to lower him onto it.

Despite the burning pain in his asscheeks, Joey could still feel the heat of the raging hard cock approaching his boypussy. His pucker dropped to meet the leaking tip. When it was in place, Greg relaxed his grip slightly and allowed the gasping boy's weight to press down against him, sinking his cock up the rectum.

"Hunh, fuck!" he grunted as the moist flesh grasped his cock. Joey continued to sink further and further down onto the cock, until at last his butt was resting against Greg's groin, and the cock was as deep as it would go. Then he pulled himself forward and up until the head was nearly out of his ass, and paused. Suddenly he relaxed and allowed himself to fall rapidly back down the hard cock, shoving it deep up inside him.

Greg responded by flexing and raising his muscular thighs in time with the faggot's motion. He thrust upward as Joey dropped, pounding his cock as deep as he could into the rectum. He loved the way Joey flexed and wiggled his ass with each movement, ensuring maximum pleasure to his master.

"Aw, fuck! Yeah! Unh! Fuckin'! Unh! Cunt!" he bellowed as Joey bounced up and down the raging shaft. His arm muscles tensed to the max as he gripped the young man's thighs and rammed him down onto his meat. And he could feel the small erect penis rubbing madly against the hair of his hard stomach with each bounce.

Still lodged deep Joey's ass, Greg walked over to the couch and lowered him onto it. Then he withdrew his cock and turned the twink onto his side. He pushed the top leg up to the boy's chest to expose his asshole, and also to control his movements. Squatting over him he smoothly worked his hard dick back up the boycunt.

"Ooooh, baby!" cried Joey. "Fuck my little cunt hard, fuck it, fuck it! Aaaaaah!" Greg was slamming hard and fast, violently, his sweaty balls slapping noisily against the hairless white thighs of his boygirl. Sweat was pouring from his brow and down his chest as he banged relentlessly into the tight little hole.

"Yeah, bitch! Fuck! Unh! Unh!" he shouted, his grip on Joey's thigh and hips leaving deep red marks in the tender flesh. The twink was helpless in the face of the man's superior strength and constant pounding. The man was jackhammering savagely into his tender boycunt, and Joey bucked and wiggled frantically with each successive slam. Suddenly Greg's arms and thighs tensed even more, and he rammed viciously one more time into the tight ass. Joey wailed as he felt the huge shaft start to throb and spasm deep inside him.

"Aaaarh! Fuuuck! Aaaaw!" shouted Greg as he pumped one huge wad after another of boiling cum up the twink's ass. "Fuckin' cumming, yeah, aaaarh!" Joey cried out as his own little dick began to spurt cum, hitting himself in the face. He squealed and bucked, milking Greg's cock of the last few shots of cum. The last dose drained from Greg's shaft, and he collapsed onto Joey, pinning him to the couch. He left his cock up the twink's ass as the still-hard shaft and the battered pucker continued to twitch randomly with their dying ecstasy.

Joey eventually moved in with Greg, who paid for everything though he really spent very little on his pussyboy. He bought him some clothes, which of course included panties, and a few odd items, but little else. Mostly everything belonged to Greg. Including him. Joey could not have been happier. Kneeling facedown on the bed one morning as his sugar daddy rimmed and doggy-fucked him, Joey thought about everything he had become, and all he had given up. He was Greg's and nothing else, his pleasure-hole, his toy; he was there to make him cum. He was everything Greg wanted: never fully a girl, never more than a pussy.

My wild weekend

I had my first sexual experience when I was 17. I had a friend named Andre who was also gay. We"d give each other blow jobs after the coach left the locker room in Junior High. We were both in football together. That was when I was completely sure about my sexuality. I quit footbal shortly after Andre left for Mississippi. I didn"t have a problem in school because I did"nt have to swoon over girls and not many of the other guys were handsome enough to catch my attention.

Year later, when I was eighteen, my mom left for the weekend to spend time with her parents on their anniversary. I was at home alone, well almost. My dad was home. He was 40, about 5"8, and sent my blood boiling. He had blonde hair and blue eyes, just like me. He"d walk around in his underwear, and I was unable to control my erection. I"d sneek frequent glances at his bulge.

On this occasion my father had come home reasonably late. I was in the livingroom reading a book when he walked in. He was a sub-contractor, so basically he did all of the same work as a contractor for less pay. He was sweaty and dirty. When he walked by I could smell him, the mix of cologne with sweat made my heart race. I was thoroughly turned on.

"Hey babe, whatcha" readin"?" he said unconcerned.

"Stephen King." I said studying his ass.

He was looking through a laundry basket of clothes that I had brought in earlier. He found a pair of my underwear and held them up.

"Do ya mind if I borrow em"?" He asked turning around toward me.

"Of course not. Are you taking a bath?" I said.

"No, just a shower." he said walking out of the room.

I waited patiently for him to get into the shower. I went into his room and too the bathroom door which was open. I peeked in to find my dad showering. The shower curtainwas see-through and steamed over. I could see every contour of his body. To my suprise he wasn"t showering, he was going at it with his right hand. I stood with a rock-hard dick watching my father jack off. I fondled my junk until he came. After he climaxed he turned the water off and I jetted for the livingroom.

He left for bed right after his shower. I waited long enough for him to doze off and I crept into his room. He was under a thin cover and I could see that his dick was swollen. I went to his side of the bed and put my hand on it. I could feel the veins throbbing through the blanket and the underwear. As soon as my hand made contact his dick flexed. When this happened I nearly creamed my shorts. I removed my hand, went to the other side of the bed and removed all of my clothing. My seven inch erection was exposed. I crawled under the covers and scooted over to him.

I put my leg over his waist and I could feel his dick flex twice. I had my hot dick against his hairy flesh. I moved my leg down and put my hand on his dick. I held it there for at least a minute, feeling the blood pump over and over again. I pulled the elastic band over my hand and felt his huge circumsized dick under my hand. He stirred.

"What the hell are you doing?" he said.

"Nothing." I said continuing to rub his dick.

I moved my hand lower and felt his big, hairy balls. The feeling of them rolling around under soft, hairy skin caused me to do a humping motion against his hairy hip.

"Why don"t you go on down and start doing something, instead of nothin"" he said putting his hand on my head and pushing me down toward his bulging crotch.

I went down on him. My head hovered over his cock.I rubbed my face against it through the underwear. I pulled his underwear down and buried my face in his pubic hair. He kicked his underwear off. I then put my mouth around the head of his eight inch cock. I slid my mouth downward, tasting his sweet pre-cum as I gagged the whole length of his engorged cock down my throat.

"Oh baby. Suck my dick, just like that." He said with his hand on the back of my head.

I continued sucking the very same dick that I originated from for about two minutes. I felt his dick start to jerk in my tongue. I was prepared for his climax.

"Oh shit, I"m cumming. I"m cumming baby." he grunted.

He thrusted my head downward and came into my hungry mouth. My mouth was full of his semen. I swallowed gratefully. After lapping the rest of his spunk off of his dick and pubes I resurfaced from under the covers. I pressed my aching cock against him and put my arm and leg over his hairy body. He put his arm around me in an embrace.

"How do your brothers and sisters taste, son?" he asked.

"Great Daddy. Will you, um, put it in my ass, please?" I said.

He got out of bed and came back with some KY. I got on all fours in bed and he lubed up my tight hole. His huge fingers sent peircing bolts through my body. I had no idea if I was going to be able to take his cock up my ass.

He got on his knees behind me and I buried my face in a pillow. The head alone nearly killed me, I was after all an anal virgin. He then thrusted the full length of it into my aching crevace. I felt a pop and then pain that was so painful I saw blue sparks in my eyes. I screamed into the pillow and tears soon followed.

He rubbed his hands over my back and tried to console me as he fucked my brains out.

"It"s okay, baby, I know it hurts. But, it feels so Goddamned good!" he said between thrusts.

For what seemed like hours of pain and pleasure I was thrusted mercilessly. Finally his thrusts sped up. I felt burst of hot jizz fill up my colon. He pulled out of me and laid down.

"Baby, wanna unload on me?" He asked.

"No, in your mouth." I replied.

"Um okay, then hurry up." He said cautiously.

I put my dick in his face and he took it in his mouth. He sucked voraciously. The feeling of his hot, wet, soft mouth moving around my dick caused me to burst. I jizzed in his mouth and he swallowed every last drop.

I pulled out of his mouth and we laid down next to each other in an embrace.

"So how do your grandkids taste?" I asked humorously.

"Not bad at all son." He replied.

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