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My favorite uncle

Uncle Pat was always my favourite Uncle. He was Dad's youngest brother out of four. Dad was number two, and the eldest three were like my grandmother, slight, fair and sort of sandy. Uncle Pat was quite different, tall, very dark and heavily built, he took after my Grandfather, he was broad too, and an imposing man. The elder three were very bright, academic and with professional jobs, one a dentist, one a lawyer and dad was some sort of government scientist. Uncle Pat was a cop, and scared the shit out of all the local kids, except me. I was his favourite, and he was mine. I was, of course, careful not to get on the wrong side of him, but he seemed easy to please as long as i was polite and appreciative. I early learned that our times together were "time out" and didn't go home telling tales. Mind you, I didn't want to, our times together were always fun, and I never wanted them to stop.

He would take me to the fair or for a ride on his motorbike (me hanging on for dear life!). He would never say No, it's too dangerous, but let me find my own boundaries. I rapidly learned that if he disapproved, then I backed down. Funnily he was always right. There were other treats too, not just sweets or extra pocket money, but outings, and he could even do tricks, and I never forgot the day he produced a live rabbit from his pocket! The older three brothers but not Uncle pat. He said he valued his freedom, to play golf, go to bars, have good holidays and live in peace, with no-one to tell him what to do. My Mother said it was because he was too selfish, but I idolised him. Tall strong hairy, with a dark bristley moustache, he was my ideal of a Man's man.

When I was little, I used to snuggle up on his lap, and rest my head against his hairy chest, and rub against made me feel good, I don't know why. Sometimes when I did this, I could feel something hard in his trousers, and when I asked, he said it was his other truncheon, but he wouldn't let me see it. I had seen his main truncheon any number of times, but of course I wanted to see the other one, but NO.

Sometimes I was allowed to check his pockets for spare change which I could keep; one occasion when I felt, there was no bottom to his pocket, and I could feel his cock and balls. He never said anything and I kept my hand there a little longer, moving around, supposedly looking for change.

My work at school was okay, not good, but not bad, middle of the road I guess, and when I came home from school one day, Uncle Pat was with my parents, and they were suggesting that I should spend less time with Uncle Pat, and more time at my studies. I immediately appealed to Uncle Pat, but he supported my parents. "If your grades are poor because of me, then I would never forgive myself; if you want to spend time with me, you'll have to earn it by better grades." Needless to say, I applied myself, and my grades improved enormously. This caused some aggravation at home...I would do it for Uncle Pat, but not for them. At least the grades improved!

I wasn't to know at the time, but this was to stand me in good stead: some time later, my Father was posted abroad and the question was, what to do with me. maybe my mother could stay at home, and dad go alone, or I could go and stay with one of my other uncles, whose wife could be some sort of mother to me while they were away. They all lived a long distance away, so it would mean changing schools, starting again in a strange city, knowing no-one and with no friends, so I begged to stay, and enlisted Uncle Pat so I could stay with him. He was hesitant, but agreed to speak to Mum and dad, and to my surprise, they eventually agreed, the best point being that my grades had improved so much under his influence.

My efforts, and perhaps Uncle Pat's somehow worked, and eventually they left on a Friday. I guess I should have been upset at them going, but I was too excited at going to live with Uncle Pat, and although he didn't know, I had plans for our time together, which i hoped would mean seeing more of Uncle Pat than just his hairy chest.

After seeing them off, we went back to my new home, and sat in the kitchen together while Uncle Pat made tea. "We'd better have some house rules, as things are different now." he said, and my heart sank as I thought that my fun uncle had changed. "What rules" I asked. "Well, first of all, I am not a servant for you, to pick up after you like your Mum does. You have to take some responsibility for your own life. Secondly, you must remember that I'm a cop. You may choose to do stupid things with your mates, and if you fuck up, that's your lookout. It's your life. But think whether I would be affected if you were found out. Think whether you would want me to know even. Think if it would reflect badly on me as a cop."

I tried to reassure him, but he continued. "You have to do even better at school. Sure, you've improved, but the reason you got to live here with me is that you are doing well. Now you have to do better! But remember this, thereís a saying that what goes on tour stays on tour, and our time together is like a tour, just you and me, and we are going to have good times together. I won't tell your Mum and dad unless you want me to, and the same goes for you. It's just the two of us together, and by the way, no locked doors. OK?" Okay I said and he gave me a big bear hug, and I could feel the bristles of his moustache tickling my scalp.

Time for a bath, up you go, and i went up to the bathroom, and first locked the door, then remembered and unlocked it. I had a good long soak, and really enjoyed not being chased out by my Mum. After a while Uncle Pat came up and asked if I was done. He checked my hands and nails, and approved, and then asked if I cleaned my foreskin regularly. I said no, and he said he would show me, and very gently pulled my foreskin down until my cockhead was fully showing.

After all my plans to get a lot closer to Uncle Pat, this was unexpected, and I was rock hard. Don't worry boy he said, we are on tour, and I won't tell your dad, and he showed me how to keep my bell end clean, and as he did so, the rough skin on his thumb scratched on the sensitive area just under my cock head, I gasped and shot my load, all over his hand and arm. "I don't think we had better tell your dad about this" he said. I was so relieved that I didn't notice him licking all the cum off his arm, but later, running over the evening in my mind I remembered, and it filled my imagination as I jerked myself off before falling asleep.


Our days together developed into a routine. Every evening I worked hard at my homework, and my grades improved yet again, and Uncle Pat showed his appreciation with extra pocket money. It surprised me that as I worked harder, and got better, the work seemed to get easier, and my grades were regularly in the top three in the class. Meanwhile Uncle Pat made sure that I worked hard at sport too, and he used to come and watch games if he was free to do so, something my Dad had never done. Every Sunday I had to write a letter to my parents, and I found it easier if I made notes during the week, so I had something to tell them. Uncle Pat wrote to them as well, and reassured them that all was well, and school was going well. He also stressed that I was no trouble to him, and he enjoyed some young life in the house. I did notice that there were very few replies to our letters.

The days turned into weeks, and the weeks into months, and although I continued writing every week, my parents faded into the background.

The one thing that was troubling me was how to get Uncle Pat to be more physical with me. One bath time I asked him to check that I was cleaning my foreskin properly, but he just commented that it was my cock, and in my own interests to keep it clean, so he would rely on me to do a good job. Damn! I was hoping that he would handle my cock again, but no such luck.

One day he suggested that we went into town and got some weightlifting gear so I could train extra at home, and build up some muscle. This was better, and I checked if he would exercise with me. Okay, and after that we exercised twice a week with weights. I enjoyed this, as Uncle Pat did the exercises without a shirt and I could enjoy seeing his hairy chest and back, and the big nipples standing out from his chest. Sometimes he would spot for me as I handled the big weights. This was best as I could see up his shorts and see his low-hanging balls and big cock, all covered in thick hair. This got me horny, and helped with my private jerk off sessions, but got me no further in my plan to get my hands on him.

After some thought, I asked him one day why his tits were so much bigger than mine, which were non-existent, completely flat to my chest. They are not tits, he said, women have tits, as no doubt you've seen, men have nips, and in answer to your question, you have to play with them, pull them out from your chest, twist them, roll them in your fingers. Best try them in the bath when they are warm and soft from the bath water. But he didn't show me.

Rather to my surprise the next Tuesday, he produced two little black cups, rather like the end of a walking stick, and told me to have a hot bath. I did as I was told, and after the bath, when all my hard work on my nips still seemed to have no effect, he came in with the two cups, put them in the sink and ran very hot water on them. Then he rubbed Vaseline into the skin around my nipples, and squeezing the cups fastened one onto each nipple.

"Right, leave them there for a little while, and we'll see how it works. Don't put any pajamas on (I didn't have any, as he knew) just a loose dressing gown, and after half an hour we'll see how it has worked," he instructed.

I could feel the suction on my nipples, but couldn't see what effect it was having. I watched TV while I was waiting, and then after half an hour, we went to the weights room, where I sat on the bench, and Uncle Pat pulled off each cup with a popping sound. Wow I had nips. They stood out red and swollen and were just what I wanted.

"They'll go back soon," he said, "unless we do some work on them," and with that he sat behind me so I could feel his hairy chest rubbing against my back, which made me horny, but there was no way I could hide it from him as my cock got harder and harder. I didn't really want to hide it either, but I knew I had to be careful with Uncle Pat, and knew better than to step out of line. He brought his hands around me so I felt warmly enclosed, and started to play with my nipples, pulling them with his thumb and forefinger, and rolling them around, twisting and pulling, so they got even bigger. They also got very tender, and made me feel hornier than ever.

"Sometimes this can make you feel quite horny," he said, and then continued, "but I can see that already. Do you want to take care of that now?" There was no suggestion from him that he should do anything which disappointed me, but at least he was there, and not discouraging me. I set to, and soon jerked off, and it didn't take long for me to shoot my cum. It should have been better with him there, but although I had a smallish orgasm, it was nothing great. "Not much for a young man! How often do you jerk off?" Most days, I replied, sometimes twice a day. That's too much. You want to go for quality, and you'll get quantity too. No jerking off till Friday, then I'll show you how to do the job properly. By the way, this may help you get a hairy chest, at least it won't do you any harm, and it'll save the sheets" and he rubbed my cum into my chest, then licked the rest off his fingers, giving me some to taste too. Sweet and salty, I liked the taste, and resolved that after Friday, when I was next going to jerk off, if I understood the score right, I would be able to taste it again.

I thought Friday would never come. I had been working on my nips, and although at least they were there, and not flat, they were nothing like they had been with the cups on. And Uncle Pat had kept the cups, and I didn't dare search for them.

Friday came, and I had, with difficulty, not jerked off once. I reminded him of our date, and he commented that I was a randy little bugger, but he certainly hadn't forgotten and was looking forward to teaching me how to jerk off properly. Now go and have a bath, and remember, no touching your cock until I say so.

While I had my bath, Uncle Pat changed and put on a loose dressing gown...great! I could see his big nips, hairy chest and when the gown moved, I could see his great heavy balls, covered in fur, and above them, almost weighing them down, his great cock. I wanted to reach out and touch them, any of them, and the thought made me rock hard, but I wasn't going to spoil things, so I let Uncle Pat take the lead. "Are you sure you haven't been playing with yourself?" he asked, and i assured him that I hadn't, it was the sight of him dressed like that! After the bath he greased my nips and then put the cups on.

"While we are waiting for the cups to do the trick, we'll have a little theory lesson (Oh Shit). Now, why do you jerk off?" I said that it was because I like cumming. I like the feeling. "Yes, that's called orgasm, the cum is really only the evidence. You can enjoy a meal, but you don't eat just so you can have a dump, do you?" The way to a better orgasm, which I'll show you, is as much part of the pleasure as shooting your load. Think about when we went on the big Dipper. We ended up about ten feet from where we started, but the excitement was the trip. It's like that.

Now first, you should learn that there are other places on your body which make you horny and feel good. It's not just your cock. You've already discovered your nips work, so what about your ears, and he leaned over and started nibbling the lobe of my ear, and I could feel his moustache tickling and prickling me. That's one place, now what about under your balls, between your balls and your arse hole. Try it" I did, and that felt good too. "Another place is the rim of your arse, and up the arse is the prostate gland which actually produces the cum. Your balls just make the sperm. Don't you do reproduction at school?"

"Yes, but they don't teach us about that sort of thing."

"Your prostate is also like a trigger, and at the right moment, a little manipulation by shoving your finger up your arse will make the whole orgasm much stronger. "Look I'll show you the first part," and he licked his finger and just ran it around the rim of my arse, and I was squirming with sexual feelings. "Right, let's see how your nips are doing," and he pulled the cups off. Again they were red swollen and juicy, and Uncle Pat started to play with them, alternating between twisting and pulling and then rolling them around. Another finger played with my arsehole, and the he pulled my balls away from my body. "This will delay you cumming," he said. "So every time you feel you are going to cum, pause, pull down on your balls and wait a moment or two, then you can carry on."

By now I had noticed that Uncle Pat was as hard as me, his foreskin had retracted and a big hard hot angry looking cock head was showing, dripping precum. He milked it for a moment and then said we can use this as lube, and slathered it onto my cock. I nearly shot my load then, but Uncle Pat knew, and pulled down on my balls before I could unload. He sat behind me on the bench, and nestled his big cock between my arse cheeks, pressing against my balls which got slick with all the precum.

"Now, just make a loose fist on your cock, and go very slowly, pausing at the bottom of the stroke, and then slowly and gently move up to the top and pause again." I did as I was told, and Uncle Pat held onto my balls, as I was desperate to shoot. But he wouldn't let me. This continued, and I begged him to let me cum, but no, the exquisite agony continued, but gradually he increased the pace, but each time I had to go from top to bottom, long purposeful strokes, not my usual short jerky movements when I jerked off by myself.

"Now you can go faster," he said, and he nibbled my ear, one hand on my balls, keeping them away from my body, and the other finger gently circling my arsehole, while I wriggled to try and get it into my hole.

"Please let me cum," I begged, but not yet.

Eventually he said, "Let me know when you want to cum he whispered."

"Oh yes now, now!" I yelled. He let go off my balls and a second later shoved his finger right up my arse, and scraped against my prostate. I cried out loud, and started shooting cum, spasming with every orgasm, bucking uncontrollably, God knows how many times, and there was cum flying everywhere, all over my chest, face ,in my hair and when I looked at Uncle Pat in his face, moustache and hair too.

I stopped jerking off, but Uncle Pat took over and I started spewing yet more cum. I was exhausted and Uncle Pat ran the rough skin of his thumb over my cock lips, making me shudder again as he wiped off the last drops which were oozing out.

When I got my breath back, I noticed that the cum was much thicker and gooier than usual, as well as gallons more!

"Is that better than your usual jerk off?" he asked But I was too far gone in post orgasmic ecstasy to answer. I just leaned back into his hairy chest, raise my face to his and kissed him.


We stayed there some time. Uncle pat's arm around me, cradling me against his chest, and I could feel his cock hard between my arse cheeks. His hands tenderly massaged my balls which felt drained and he nibbled my ear lobes and gently kissed me on the neck. I felt so weak from the power of the orgasm that I doubted I could stand, but I tried and nearly fell over. Uncle Pat's strong arms steadied me, and I turned round to face him and cuddled up to him, kissing him letting his hot wet tongue invade my willing mouth. His cock, released from between my arse cheeks stood hot proud and swollen between our bellies, still oozing pre-cum.

I realised that all my cum from my chest and belly was now smeared onto his hairy chest and belly, so I apologised and said I would get a damp cloth to clean him up. No need he said, just use your tongue! So I licked him clean, kissing him every time I got a full mouthful of cum so we could share the taste.

Now it's my turn said Uncle pat. Let's see if you have remembered your lesson. I started carefully, kissing him and licking and then nibbling his ear-lobes, and then opening my mouth so he could invade my mouth with his tongue, while my fingers ran through the thick hair on his chest, brushing against the nipples from time to time, and then focusing on them teasing them and licking and chewing them. They stood erect and swollen, engorged with blood, and made mine feel inadequate.

He guided my head down until and I licked and lovred his belly with all the curly hair, and I was about to take his cock in my hands when he moved the mm away and directed me to hold his great heavy balls. They are so heavy Uncle Pat I said. Yes, I've been saving my cum too. As I caressed his balls, Uncle Pat played with my nipples again, and they really did look as though they were getting bigger.

"Have you ever tasted pre-cum?" he asked me and I said no. "Try it, just run your tongue over the head and see if you like it."

I did so, and I liked it, and noted that it was saltier than my cum. Ease the foreskin up and down a bit he said, and so I did, milking the great swollen cock of the pre-cum, clear and stringy, and I lapped it up. That's right Son, lick up Daddy's precum. Now turn round and stand over me, one leg either side of the bench with your back to me, and bend down slightly. I did as I was told, and then he instructed me to hold his cock lightly, and ease the foreskin up and down very slowly. As I did so, he moved my legs and took my balls into his mouth and started rolling them around, and I could feel his hot breath on my arsehole, where it gently tickled. "Carry on slowly, and if you make a mistake I'll bite your balls off!" he admonished.

This was a new Uncle Pat to me, very dominant and I loved the feeling of being controlled by him. He released my balls and then made me sit on his face and he licked around my arsehole. What a feeling! Then he eased his tongue into my hole, the bristles of his moustache tickling and pricking me finding nerves I never even knew I had. It felt so good that I stopped jerking him off, but a sharp tap reminded me of what i was supposed to be doing, and I happily went back to my task.

Now put your lips around my cock head he told me, "No teeth! And speed up slightly."

His tongue went deeper into my arse and I knew then that I wanted Uncle Pat to fuck me. I licked his cock head, and then he warned me that he was going to cum, and not to spill a drop of precious cum. Moments later he started bucking and convulsing under me, and roughly shoved a finger up my arse, so that I too started spasming as I came again. His cum flooded my mouth, and there was too much for me to swallow, and some dribbled out onto his fur, so he dipped a finger into it and shoved it up my arse again, using his cum as lube. As fast as I tried to swallow, he still kept coming and then told me to get a good mouthful and kiss him. This I did.

We shared his rich thick cum between us, his cock still pulsing in my arse crack, and our climax was a warm and loving communion of love


The next day brought an unpleasant surprise! A letter arrived from my parents telling me, no, ordering me to go see them for four weeks. Considering that they had hardly even written to me over the last months I thought the peremptory order was unfair, all the more so as I had just got to handle Uncle Pat and I had plans for his cock and my arse. Now it was all going wrong.

I was in despair when I told Uncle Pat, who to my great pleasure had taken to calling me Son. "I donít want to go I said," and he replied that he didn't want me to go either, "But they are your parents and so you must go. I'll be waiting for you when you get back, and it's only four weeks."

"Four weeks is forever," I sobbed. "I will only go if you fuck me first."

"Son, I've been wanting to fuck you for years, but I had to wait until you realised that you wanted me to fuck you too. Daddy'll fuck you tonight and make a man of you."

True to his word, he did.

First we stripped and then watched a gay video together get us in the mood he said, though I needed no encouragement, but he did make some helpful comments about what would give us both greater pleasure, and as we watched his hands stroked and played with me.

Then we had a shower together, and I soaped and massaged Uncle Pat's hairy body, stroking his cock, which grew to its full size, and I began to wonder how I was going to take that great monster into my tight virginal arse. He read my thoughts and stopped biting my nipples and moved a soapy finger to my arse, playing around the rim and teasing my hole, and then a soapy finger eased in and started stretching my hole. Another finger joined the first and moved apart, widening the lips and were joined by a third, roughly finger fucking me as I squirmed, and he forced his fingers deeper working my hole so it relaxed ready to take him.

On the bed Uncle Pat lay on his back and I climbed onto him, facing his cock, which I took in my mouth. It seemed to swell even bigger and I could feel it throbbing in my mouth. "That's right Son, get it good and wet, it'll slide in easier." He held my arse cheeks apart and dove in with his tongue, licking and lapping at my ring, his whiskers bringing every nerve ending to exquisite life, and I trembled over him. I tried to wriggle so that even more of his tongue could get deeper, but he came out reached for some lube and squeezed it up my hungry arse. It felt cold. He handed me the tube and told me to get his cock well greased, and I smeared the lube onto his great throbbing cock, mixing it with the pre-cum, and made sure the full length was well covered.

With that, he rolled me onto my back, raised my legs above his shoulders and I felt his cock straining at my arse lips. "This is what I've longed for Son I love you so much and I know I'll be proud of you. I have to tell you, it'll hurt at first but soon youíll love all of Daddy's Cock and all of Daddy's loving." " I felt the pressure increase, but it wouldn't go in. Hold your cheeks apart," said Daddy, which I did, and suddenly, with agonising pain, the head was in.

I cried out in pain, "It's too big, I can't take it!" Tears streamed down my face, and I grabbed the hair on his back and tried to pull him out, but Daddy kissed me, loved the pain away and licked the tears away.

"There's no hurry, we've got all night for Daddy to get his cock in to love his boy. Push down as if you are taking a dump." I did as I was told and a bit more cock forced its way in, and more tears wet my face. "It feels wonderful Son. Like softest velvet and hot and loving. I'm proud of the way you are taking it."

It took five more attempts before he got the whole of his massive cock in my arse. My guts felt like they were being ripped apart, and I knew that my arsehole would never be the same again.

""Well done, Son, he said. "You've taken all of Daddy's cock and soon you'll know what real loving is all about. This is real man loving and this will make you a real man, a man who loves cock."

The pain eased a little and I stopped crying. I could feel Uncle Pat just stirring inside me, and I smiled bravely and stroked the fur on his back. He needed no further signal and started thrusting within me, gently at first and then with more force, then just as he had instructed me when jerking off, he moved into long slow strokes, almost pulling out and then ramming his cock right to the root.

His hairy belly was rubbing against the tender skin under my cock head which was straining for release. Hold your balls down, Son, otherwise you'll come. Uncle pat's strokes became more urgent, quicker and rougher until he was pistoning in and out, his breath coming in short bursts and the great cockhead rasping against my prostate. He bit my nipples his hands scraped my body and shoulders and still he rammed and savaged my arse, the he cried let it go, "I'm cumming Son!"

I came at the same timer, my cock blasting cum onto his hairy chest and belly in great pulsing spurts while I could feel his cock head swell within me and the blasts of scalding cum jetted into my guts. His thrusts were violent as he bludgeoned my arse with his cock, my arse muscles clamping down on his cock and rhythmically milking him as best I could, and we convulsed on the bed like the rutting animals we were.

Eventually our orgasms eased. Uncle pat cuddled me and caressed me. "I love you so much Son. You took it like a real man, I'm so proud of my boy."

I was crying again, but for love and for joy. "Oh Daddy, this is what I've always wanted, to be your special boy and for you to fuck your boy always."

He kissed my tears away and said, "Son, I have too"


I had been so overcome by the emotion of our love-making that I hadn't realised that Uncle Pat was still deep within my bowels; rock hard and I fancied I could feel his great angry cockhead throbbing in my gut. He was heavy on me, his arms cradling me, kissing me deeply, and my lips were tender from the rough rasping of his moustache. Indeed every nerve in my body seemed to be sensitised.

"Are you ready for the second round, Son?" he asked, "You'll enjoy this a whole lot more as you've stretched a bit and it won't hurt as much this time."

"Oh Daddy, fuck your boy again," I begged.

"For you Son, anything," and he started to move deep within me, stirring my innards and grinding his cock against my arse-lips stretching them further.

"This'll be the fuck of a lifetime, Son," he said and started thrusting in and out, each stroke slow and getting longer and then he came out altogether.

"Oh what's happened?" I cried out, but he rammed home, his massive cock thrusting right to the root. Again and again I got the full length of his manhood, bludgeoning my prostate with every stroke and raising me to new levels of excitement. There was no let up to his steady movement, in and out, but slowly speeding up. The cum he had unloaded acted as lube at first, but as it got absorbed my love tube got stickier and the friction greater.

"You'll be cumming again soon, Son," he said, "and so will I. Let me know how you're doing." He was right, the constant rasping of his swollen throbbing cock-head against my brutalised prostate was driving me towards another orgasm, and before I could let him know, I was wracked with another violent orgasm, my anal muscles tightening onto his cock, and seconds later, he joined me in climax, thrusting violently within me, hot spurts of thick cum jetting into my guts, my arse muscles spasming as I shot my load spurt after spurt, and he matched my jerks as he too loosed volleys of cum.

At last we recovered; Uncle Pat fell on to me, covering my face and neck with kisses. "Time to clean up," he said, but I wanted to stay there for ever, his cock safely in the depths of my love tube.

"I've still got a treat for you," he said, and withdrew from me. I had felt wonderfully full with his cock, but now I felt empty and abandoned.

"First lick Daddy clean," he instructed and I happily did so, licking all the cum off his fur, sharing it with him in our kisses, moving down to his cock, still dribbling cum and I licked all the cum off his steamy cock, mixed with the love juices from my arse, kissing again to share the taste. When he was clean, he cleaned me, starting on my arse licking and sucking all the cum and juices from my arse and now he shared them with me in our kisses. He rubbed his moustache over my arse lips, red swollen and tender from the violent fucking they had had, and it both hurt as I was so sore, but felt wonderful too.

He moved to my cock, licking it clean and rubbing the bristles of his moustache over the sensitive helmet, my cock lips were swollen and tender from the many ejaculations. Suddenly he took the whole of my cock in his mouth, his tongue almost playing a symphony, and started humming, so the vibrations in his throat stimulated me even further.

I warned him, "I'm going to cum again Daddy," and I shot the third blast of cum just as Daddy roughly shoved a finger up my arse and dug his nail into my prostate. He sucked and swallowed as I bucked with the force of orgasm and the effects of his finger, and collapsed onto the bed, exhausted with the passion. He released me and rubbed his moustache over my cock lips again, as I squirmed in ecstasy, and got his moustache covered in my cum, which I eagerly licked off. I slept in his bed for the first time that night, his arms wrapped around me, holding me safe.

The next morning I woke to feel Uncle Pat's hard cock pressing against my arse, his hairy body tight against my back, and his breath warm on my neck.

"Good Morning Son. Are you ready for more of Daddy's loving?" With that his cock, thick hard and hungry for arse eased against my swollen cock lips and entered its welcoming home. "Oh Son, I love you so much," and pausing at the lips he forced his cock in to my arse, right to the hilt.

"Oh Daddy I love you and I love your big hungry cock. Fuck me, fuck me, and fuck me all day."

Uncle pat fucked me at every opportunity, and I was amazed at his stamina. After our early morning fuck, we had a shower, and no sooner had I got his cock soaped up than he bent me over against the tiles and powered his cock into me. We kept the shades down, and wore no clothes so wherever we were in the house, there was nothing to stop our lovemaking. If I bent over, his cock was there, thrusting as though there were no tomorrow. His hands tortured my nipples until they were raw and bleeding, and when we ate, I sat on his pulsing cock, and he moved slowly in my love tube.

I lost count of the times he fucked me, but by the time we had to go to the airport, my arse was bleeding from being roughly fucked so many times, and cum and love juices trickled down my legs. I had to clean up and shower again for the journey, but Uncle Pat just came in the shower and fucked me hard again. To be fair, his hairy body was matted with cum from my orgasms, and he refused to shower it off as he said he wanted to keep it as a memory of our lovemaking.

As we went to the airport, I begged him not to forget his boy, and he assured me that he would think of me every day, and to be ready for a real lovemaking on my return. "Only four weeks," he said, "and I'll be fucking you again."

He kissed me goodbye in the car, in private, my face and lips bruised from the passion of his love, and then I entered the airport for the long flight home.


The flight was long and boring. "Four fucking weeks away from Uncle Pat and his cock, and four fucking weeks without being fucked. Four non-fucking weeks! Shit!" I thought.

We landed at the airport, no-one was waiting for me, eventually I asked and there was a message to get a taxi and go home. When I got there, there was no-one in, the house was dark and empty. Eventually my Mum turned up with a half hearted apology. We went in and she showed me my room. I even had to make the bed myself. What a welcome--I knew it was going to be a long four weeks.

However, there was a letter from Uncle Pat. I read it eagerly, and it was full of coded messages...the house feels empty; I am missing you already. Keep up the exercises, jerk off slowly. I will have a warm welcome home for you; I will fuck you senseless.

We visited various improving sights, but the only improving sight I wanted was Uncle Pat's cock, and his warm voice calling me Son as he fucked me.

The four weeks dragged by. I jerked off slowly as I had been taught, and rubbed the cum onto my chest to see if I could get hairy like Uncle Pat, but it didn't seem to work. What did seem to work was playing with my nipples, and whenever I got the chance I pulled and twisted them, stretching them away from my chest, and they did seem to grow bigger, but my hands were a poor substitute for Uncle Pat's rough fingers and teeth. At last the four weeks were over, and I took a taxi to the airport by myself (Mum too busy again), checked in and waited until take off. On the plane I fell asleep, which made the time pass quickly, then the engine pitch changed and we were landing.

Uncle Pat was waiting for me, and the first thing I noticed was that he had grown a short beard to go with his moustache. "I like your beard," I said and he smiled wickedly, and said that I would like it even more when we got home. I knew what he meant; his new beard would be teasing and exciting my arse lips.

His greeting was restrained at the airport, but his strong arm around my shoulder squeezing me powerfully told me all I needed to know. As we passed a restroom, he told me I had best go before the journey, and then whispered to me to take my underpants off while I was there, he would look after the luggage.

"What about you?" I asked.

"Haven't any on!" he replied and licked his lips suggestively. Once in the car, he gripped my head and kissed me; four weeks of longing showing in the force of his kiss, bruising my lips as his tongue raped my mouth. I knew when we got home the loving would be special.

I had expected the journey to seem slow, but his fingers were soon in my pants, groping my welcoming arse, while I bent my head into his lap and lovingly swallowed and sucked his cock. I wondered if it had grown! "That's right Son, Love Daddy's cock, and soon Daddy's cock will love you."

Darkness had fallen as the journey continued and we passed a sign for a rest stop ten miles ahead. "We need to stop there Son," he said.

I said that he should have had a piss at the airport like me.

"No Son, it's not a piss I need, my cock needs your arse and I can't wait till we get home. Quick, get your clothes off, and get my cock nice and wet as I've no lube with me."

As soon as we pulled into the rest stop, Uncle Pat dragged me out of the car, shoved me over the front and in one thrust buried his hot throbbing meat deep into my arse in one stroke right to the hilt. I cried out in pain, but he took no notice and rough-fucked me brutally until I was dizzy. No loving words, no gentle foreplay, just raw urgent lust and need as he powered his way into me again and again, thrusting violently to get the relief that only my arse could give him.

"That's right Son, take Daddy's cock. Daddy needs his boy's tight arse so much. Fucking sweet arse, Son, take my cock, take my cum."

His thrusting grew even more violent and he convulsed and bucked as he unloaded weeks of cum into my arse, shoving me up the front of the car as he did so, creaming my love tube as he savagely fucked me deeper and deeper with every stroke, scratching my back, biting my shoulders, and gripping me so tightly that I knew I would have some bruises. My raped and ravaged arse got some relief from the gallons of cum he'd forced into my gut, but the rim was burning hot and my guts felt as if they had been ripped apart.

At last the thrusting eased off. "That was the best fuck ever, Son. I'm sorry if I hurt you but I needed you so bad. I couldn't wait till we got home."

Despite the pain, I was thrilled that he loved me so much, and when he withdrew from my ripped arse, I could see his steaming cock, streaked with blood and cum and he directed my head to clean him up with my tongue. It seemed strange to see my own blood on his cock, but I licked him clean and then I sat on my clothes as we drove the rest of the journey home.

"Daddy'll show you some real loving when we get home. That was just a starter as I couldn't wait so long."

We arrived at the house and drove straight into the garage, and went indoors. Uncle Pat drew the shades in my room and put the light on, and then we went into our bedroom. He kissed me fiercely again, invading my mouth with his urgent tongue, and as he did so he was taking his clothes off. He laid me on the bed and dipped his fingers into a jar of milky liquid by the bed, and slathered it on my arse lips and it soothed me.

"What is it?" I asked.

"Cum," he replied. "Every time I jerked off while you were away, I saved it in the freezer for my boy so you could have all of Daddy's cum." He dipped his fingers in again, and eased them into my ripped arse, which swallowed them hungrily, soothing and lubricating my love tube for the next assault. He slathered his cock with more of the cum, and gave me his fingers to suck and lick the special cum off.

He raised my legs over his shoulders, "Welcome Home Son!"and in one stroke rammed his insatiable cock right to the root.

"Welcome Home Daddy! You don't know how much I have needed your cock in me, and although it hurt at the rest stop, I wanted to be your boy for you to fuck when you wanted me. Your love for me made it so good."

"Oh Son, now you know how much Daddy has wanted you." Even if I hadn't known, he showed me as he fucked me again like a wild animal, gripping my shoulders to stop me sliding up the bed, biting me again and again, twisting my nipples until they cried for relief, kissing me fiercely, biting everywhere, and all the time he thrust deeply and wild into my bowels, his cock swelling within me as he made me his own, riding me hard with the force of his coupling, and when we both came together, the thrusts and force of his orgasm shoved me up the bed, while I jetted cum all over, coating his body and all the hair so it was matted. I could feel his cock in my arse, slippery with all the cum, but still hard and urgent for raw sex with me.

"Oh Son, I hope I haven't hurt my boy."

"Daddy, yes it hurt, but I wanted you so bad I needed you and the hurt was wonderful. I loved it at the rest stop when you were so rough, it was so thrilling."

"So you like it rough, Son?" he questioned.

"Yes, but with you Daddy because I know you love me."

We rested for a little while, and then he started moving within me again. "You like a rough fuck do you Son? I'll give you a rough fuck," and he started to force his cock deeper into my gut, the strokes wild with passion, his hands gripping me pulling me and biting then his lips around my nipples, savaging them with his teeth until they too were bleeding, and all the time I gripped him urging him further, hammering on his back, then he started pulling out completely, pausing at the rim, and then hammering home. I cried out as I came again, but he didn't even pause in mid stroke, but raped my bleeding arse, until he came again with me, and we convulsed together on the bed, our fluids leaking and spraying about.

He withdrew, panting with the exertion, dipped his fingers into the jar of cum and shoved them up my arse. "You're ready for this now Son," he said. "This time it's Daddy's fist."

"No Daddy," I cried but he took no notice and worked his fingers in. At first just three fingers, reaming my arse, stretching the lips still further, then four and then his thumb joined them, and I knew my arse would never be the same again. Curiously I remembered how I had always loved Daddy's big hands, now they were invading my wrecked arse as he flexed the muscles in his hand and then slipped within me.

I had expected agonizing pain, but instead it felt wonderful. My lips closed over his wrist and I could feel his fingers exploring within me until they located my prostate, triggering sensations I had never experienced. He bent down to take my cock in his mouth and as he sucked his fingers tweaked and played with my nut deep in my bowels, and I came again, an intense orgasm. I couldn't produce much cum, but the orgasm continued, exquisite sensations torturing my body until I fell limp against the sheets, and as he withdrew his great hand I could swear I heard a plop as my arse lips closed.

"That was your first fisting Son. I guess you liked it." But I was too far exhausted to answer, so he reached for the jar of cum and helped me sit up so we could share his love juices between us.


We fell asleep where we were, our cum-soaked bodies smearing the sheets, our cocks oozing cum and my arse leaking cum and blood onto the bedding.

Uncle Pat woke me at some stage during the night. "I need more of that sweet arse Son." He told me to get onto my knees, briefly told me it was called doggy style, and wham, his powerful cock was plundering my arse again, which greedily sucked him in. He moved more slowly, but still giving me the full length of it with every stroke, every vein and ridge making themselves painfully felt, and his hands were free to assault my nipples again, digging his nails in, twisting and pulling them until they wept and then a hand jerking off my cock, fiercely working it, gripping it hard and occasionally holding my balls rolling them and crushing them in his big hands.

This time he made me cum first, so my muscles tightened down on his cock, and with a few violent and uncontrolled thrusts, he came too, biting my shoulders, scraping his nails and raking my back as he pumped yet another load of cum into my battered innards before my knees gave way, and I collapsed and then we both fell asleep there, Uncle Pat still throbbing deep in me.

The next day I woke with Uncle Pat moving gently within me. As soon as he saw I was awake, he asked me if I was ready for my "Good Morning Fuck". He didn't wait for an answer but started thrusting in earnest, the now familiar long slow strokes out, then powering home forcefully, stimulating every nerve end in my savaged arse. He gripped my cock, and started jerking me off, and I told him that I would prefer to be sucked off this time.

"No way, Son. Daddy can't fuck you and suck you at the same time," he replied, but he eased his grip, and moved to my balls and started squeezing them, rolling them in his hand, and pulling them away from me so that I couldn't cum. His stokes increased in tempo, and then as he was about to cum, he crushed my balls in his strong fist. I cried out and instinctively tightened the muscles in my arse. By crushing and relaxing his grip he made my arse muscles pump and suck his juices out in time with the thrusts.

The pressure eased, and he slipped out. My arse was so sore and tender I didn't know if it was better with his cock in me or not, but he turned me over onto my back, and started sucking my cock, squeezing my balls again as he did so with one hand while the other went to my ring and first three fingers then four, his thumb and finally he forced his whole fist in again. My arse was so tender even the coarse bristley hairs on his wrist were rough on my swollen lips. He pulled out, past the thickest part of his hand, and then punched it in again, while I cried out in pain, only stopping when he found my love nut and started to massage it, scraping his nails against it as I came, shot after shot which he vacuumed up in his hungry mouth, his tongue rasping over my cock lips and I shuddered with the force of the orgasm.

"You enjoyed that Son," he said.

"I'm so pleased I came home Daddy. I've always wanted to be your boy for you to love and do whatever you wanted with me and to me." I replied.

We rested for a short time, Uncle Pat's fist still deep in my bowels, and then he kissed me and started to move his knuckles within me, rubbing them against my prostate, and I started to orgasm again. Clearly he enjoyed controlling me like this and I just lay weakly on the bed as he manipulated my gland making me cum and cum, wracked with orgasms, until there was no more cum, just watery fluid, and then even that stopped. As he did so, my anal muscles clamped on to his wrist, and I cried out, "Daddy stop, please stop. Oh Daddy, don't stop. Oh please, Daddy, Daddy."

He pulled out roughly and I saw his fist, stained with blood and his cum from earlier fuckings, and I licked him clean, then he licked my arse, sucking the fluids out, and his moustache and beard made me hard again, but there was nothing I could do, I was too exhausted.

He kissed me tenderly, "Welcome home Son. I hope you like being back with me." I was too tired, so just smiled at him, and rubbed my hand against his face. "Time to clean up," he said, and I found I couldn't walk, my arse was so sore. He helped me to the shower and we showered together with cool water, washing all the crusted cum and blood from our bodies, he even aimed the shower head up my arse to flush me out, and the water was cool and soothing.

He looked at me in the clear light. "My god, I've nearly killed you Boy. You look like you've been in an orgy!" He showed me myself in the mirror. The only bits that seemed okay were my legs and hands. My mouth was swollen and bruised and my lips all puffy. My nipples were swollen, red and weeping, I was covered with bite marks, scratches, bruises, hickeys and lacerations. My cock lips were bright pink and looked as though they had been turned inside out, while my balls, even drained as they were, were engorged and angry.

He looked at my arse, and then showed it to me in the mirror. I must admit that I had never really inspected my arse before, but my recollection was that it was a tight pinky-brown puckered hole. No more! A red gaping hole, puffy arse lips, the flesh around my arse looked very sore and was weeping, and even as we looked a dribble of blood and cum leaked out.

"My poor boy, I've almost fucked you to death," and to say sorry he bent to kiss my sensitive arse hole, the prickles on his beard and moustache exciting me further. "I'll get you some vitamin cream," he said, and came back with a big jar, and a plastic spoon, using the handle to get the ointment deep into me, then covering the ring with generous gobs of cream.

"You'd better rest for now," he said, and then we looked at the sheets, crusted with cum, crumpled and creased and stained and streaked with blood and cum. He changed the sheets, I fell asleep, and he woke me from time to time with food and drink, and I heard him talking on the phone, but I was so tired, so fucked, I paid no notice, and scarcely stirred even when he came to bed. Instead of fucking me again, he just cuddled me, and in the morning, I felt a lot better.

On examination, I was still badly marked and looked pale and washed out. "You still have two weeks before college starts," he said. "We are going to go away for a break. You need some sunshine."

"Oh, where are we going, Daddy?" I asked.

"I'm taking you to Paradise, Son," he decreed and would say no more.


And so we set off to Paradise! Uncle Pat had done all the packing while I was asleep, and I had to wear a polo neck to hide the bruises. When we landed, we got a cab and Uncle Pat told the driver to take us to Paradise. It's busy there this week, the driver said; I've taken several fares there already. You should have a good week.

In due course, we drew up at a discreet gateway, simply marked "Welcome to Paradise" and in smaller letters, men only, and there was a rainbow flag. We checked in with a camp young guy, and showed our ID. . The check in clerk commented on the same name. Uncle Pat said "Father and keeps it in the family" and the guy giggled girlishly. He handed us the keys, oddly on elastic bands, and told us that drinks were being served in the bar before dinner, and suggested that we change first. We set off to our chalet, one of many round a large pool, surrounded with loungers and as we walked, two men came towards us, naked except for their shoes and holding hands. They said Hi, and Uncle Pat said Hi back. I was too surprised to say anything then, but when we got to our chalet I asked Uncle Pat about it. Uncle Pat just said, "This place is Paradise. They say clothing is optional, but everyone goes naked. We're all gay men here, so anything goes. By the way, you remember what I said about your stay with me being on tour? Well, our tour is on tour, so you are free to do whatever takes your fancy!"

We got undressed and freshened up, and Uncle Pat put some more vitamin cream on my arse which felt fine, and ready for cock. I was quite excited. We walked to the bar, passing one or two other naked men, and entered the bar. There were maybe forty or fifty men there, just like any other bar, standing around, some sitting at tables, talking, watching the world go by, some kissing and cuddling, and all stark staring bollock naked. It was totally surreal. A pretty young waiter took our order, fluttering his eyes at Uncle Pat who took no notice, and we sat at a table by the wall, and a lot of men eyed us up, deciding I guess that we were a couple, and we both had a good number of appreciative looks, Uncle pat because he was a great hairy well hung bear with a massive cock, and me because I was a pretty young thing.

We sat enjoying both our drinks and the scene, and then Uncle Pat exclaimed, "Hell! There's Bill from work. I've shared shifts and more with him, and you've met him when he's collected me for a drink." With that he got up, and went over to the bar, attracting a lot of looks, and brought Bill back to the table, carrying a large glass of beer. He was taller than Uncle Pat, more heavily built with quite a beer gut on him, covered in hair with a moustache and also a tattoo of a bear's claw on his upper arm. To my fascination he was pierced. Two stainless steel rings in his nipples, and a heavy faceted stainless steel Prince Albert at the end of his great big cut cock, which matched him in size and weight. He stood there, his legs apart, great pendulous hairy balls swinging low between his legs and his hips thrust slightly forward, so his huge cock was thrust out towards me, the stainless steel Albert catching the light. I'd seen pictures of them before, but never seen one in real life.

"Itís okay Son," Bill said, you can touch it. It wonít bite but it sure spits a lot when he's excited. I looked to Uncle Pat for approval and he nodded, said that we were on tour, and licked his tongue out suggestively. The message was clear; I should take it into my mouth if I wanted. I touched the Albert gingerly. It was warm to the touch and slightly slippery, and as I moved it, stretching the piss slit a drop of clear pre-cum oozed onto the ring. Another glance at uncle Pat, and I licked it off, then took the bell head into my mouth, trying to get my tongue deep into the already stretched piss slit, quite forgetting that we were in a crowded bar. I could feel Bill's cock growing rapidly in my mouth, but Bill stopped me, "Not yet son or I'll cum too soon. It's a long night of fun ahead of us." He tousled my hair and then looked at me more closely. "What the fuck have you been doing to him Pat? He looks like he's been savaged by wild animals?"

Just one Bill," Pat said. "He's been away for four weeks and I was welcoming him home."

"Some welcome. Hell, I've been taking bets with the men as to when you fuck him to death, but I never expected you to bite him to death!"

Uncle Pat replied, "I doubt I could fuck him to death. He just loves cock. Think how he went for yours! He has the sweetest arse I've ever fucked. Just like a velvet glove, and his arse muscles are so strong they'll practically cut your cock off. I tell you, Bill, I collected him at the airport, and we hadn't gotten home when he tells me to stop at the rest stop. I looked at him and he'd stripped his clothes off, and was buck naked. I'd only just stopped when he dragged me out, and got me over the front of the car, begging me to fuck him stupid. We got to the house and he was insatiable, demanding cock more and more. I scarcely slept a wink. Honestly Bill. I felt violated!"

Both Bill and I laughed at this tale, and then Bill said that he had to go for a piss badly, and commented that it was a terrible waste. As soon as he had gone I asked Uncle Pat what he meant.

"Watersports," he replied. I didn't understand him, and asked about scuba diving. "No, piss play--when a man pisses on you, in your mouth up your arse or wherever."

I said I didn't like the sound of it, but Uncle Pat corrected me. "You haven't tried it. Some people say that gays are disgusting because we like sex with other men, and you certainly don't object to licking up cum, so why should a different body fluid be wrong?" He explained the different colour codes - white for cum, yellow for piss, brown for shit and red for blood. He observed that he had tried them all but didn't like brown or red."Getting all that shit out of my hair took forever, and I felt I smelt like a toilet for days! I bet when Bill comes back, there'll be a drop or two of piss dribbling from his cock, so why not try it and see what you think. Bill will certainly be pleased."

He came back and Uncle Pat was right. There was still some piss dribbling from his cock slit so I licked it off. It didn't taste bad, very slightly bitter. Uncle Pat asked Bill to join us, and then apologised, saying that he should have asked me.

"No, I'm very happy for Bill to join us," but I didn't add that I'd like Bill to do a lot more with that pierced cock and Albert. Bill grabbed a chair and sat down, so Uncle Pat was on one side and Bill the other. The signal to the rest of the bar was clear. I was the property of two great hairy bears, and consequently off limits. If they could see the bruises they would know I was a favourite fuck toy too, although they wouldn't know how much I loved cock, wanted cock, and now wanted Bill's cock.

Dinner was buffet style, and the three of us went up together, Uncle Pat in front, me in the middle and Bill behind me, his half hard cock nudging at my arse crack, so I slowed down, just to let him know I was keen to have his cock.

During dinner there were some announcements about the entertainment during the week; ones which interested me were leather night and the master and slave competition. After dinner we went back to the bar and there was dancing. Bill very gentlemanly asked me for the first dance, and we snuggled close. He was a lot taller than me, so my head rested comfortably on his chest where I was able to take one nipple into my mouth, and play with the nipple ring with my tongue, while one hand rubbed the thick hair on his back, and the other played with the other nipple and ring.

Bill's hands fondled my arse cheeks, and two fingers gently probed my hole. We returned to the table and Uncle Pat took me for a dance. I held my lips up for him to kiss, and then realised that Bill had joined us on the floor.

"I want some of that sweet arse," said Bill. "You say it's like a velvet glove, well this is the iron cock to go in it. Put your arms around Pat's neck," he instructed. I did so and continued to kiss Uncle Pat hungrily.

"You know what to do Pat," said Bill, and Uncle Pat put both hands under my buttocks and lifted me off the floor. Bill moved close behind me, and positioned his great cock at my arse lips, then Uncle Pat let me slide down on his cock, keeping his lips firmly on mine to stifle any sound I might make.

I had thought that Bill's cock was about the same size as Uncle Pat's but maybe it was the Albert that did it, but it felt much bigger, and the Albert scraping on my love nut pushed me over the brink, and I started to orgasm, my feet flailing in the air as I shot my first load of the evening all onto uncle Pat's hairy belly and chest.

Meanwhile my arse muscles spasmed on Bill's cock, and before he could do anything he too came deep within me, and the two of us convulsed and spasmed on the dance floor, roughly in unison, while Uncle Pat tried to keep us all upright.

"Shit, I can't keep this up!" said Uncle Pat. "Let's get off the floor. I need some fun too."

Bill came out of me, still hard, and Uncle Pat and I separated, smeared with cum, and we realised that we had attracted an audience.

"Hell that was hot!" someone said, and Bill said that he didn't know the half of it. He had never come so quickly without even trying. "Let's get back to the chalet for some real fun!"

As we went to the chalet, we came across a couple on a lounger, one on his knees doggy style whimpering, the other fucking him hard. "Will someone plug his fucking mouth?" said the man doing the fucking, and Bill pushed me forwards so that the man on his knees took my cock in his mouth, while Uncle Pat reached below him and started jerking him off savagely.

He let go of my mouth to shout that he was cumming and Bill shoved a big meaty finger up the fucker's arse, so he too shot his load at the same time, and they both collapsed on the lounger writhing in orgasm.

"Thanks guys," said one of them.

"You're welcome," said Bill. "Pleased to oblige," and we went to our chalet and shut the door on the outside world.


The door closed behind us and Bill looked around, "It's just the same as my chalet," he commented, and then added that the bed was easily big enough for the three of us.

"Hang on Bill," said Uncle Pat, "You haven't even been invited to stay, and now you're organizing the place and us!"

"Yes I know, and it's very true," said Bill, "but our boy here can't wait for another taste of my stainless steel ring, and I can't wait for another taste of that hot pink velvet ring that he's got there."

I grinned at him and bent down to take my shoes off, and almost before I could reach the shoes, Uncle Pat had his face in my arse crack and his tongue was probing my arse. I loved the feel of it, and his tongue wandered around, in and out of my arsehole, and probing deep into my love tube, hot wet and slippery it was almost as if it was alive, while his beard and moustache teased and tickled and prickled the sensitive skin around my hole, so I was squirming for pleasure and pressd back so he could get deeper. I loved the feeling, and remembered that only two days ago my arse had been so sore and painful after the massive fuck session we had enjoyed after I got home from my parents, but now it was okay but still very sensitive. I loved being rimmed, not just for the sensations it produced in me, but it made me as hot as hell for cock, hard hot cock to fuck me hard. With these two horny men, I guessed I would not be disappointed.

Meanwhile, Bill was holding his great cut cock in my face. It was the first time I had had a real opportunity to see the cut cock (both Uncle Pat and I were uncut), and also to examine the shiny Prince Albert ring. The facets were glinting in the soft light, and I carefully moved it in his piss slit, and was rewarded with a drop of pre-cum sparkling on the end of his cock. I licked it off, less salty than Uncle Pat's and a little sweeter, then I took the head into my mouth, and got my tongue into the ring and moved it around until eventually the heavy ball was trying to enter the slit itself. I could feel Bill wriggling and knew that all was going well. His cock was hardening even more , and as I sucked and licked and loved, Bill told me to get it really wet and slippery as he was going to fuck me and fuck me hard. I allowed my hands to wander up his hairy belly and chest, then found his nipples, also pierced, and played with the rings, pulling and twisting them, then rotating them so he could feel the movement inside the nipples. His cock grew harder and thicker in my mouth, and he told me to stop before he came too soon. He wanted a longer fuck than the last time when he came too soon. His hands were holding my head in place but then he let his hands wander up to my nipples. They had definitely grown, and he was able to pull and twist them sharply, making me feel even hornier.

Right Pat, he said, have you got his arse well lubed up? Uncle Pat assured him that my arse was hot wet and ready for cock, so Bill told him to lie on the bed on his back, his head at the foot of the bed, then I had to climb over him, doggy style, and take his cock in my mouth, while Uncle Pat held my hips, and took my balls into his mouth. He rolled them around, sucking and massaging them with his tongue, and pulling them down, so even if I wanted to cum, he would stop me.

Bill moved behind me and I could feel his cock and the heavy Albert just nudging at the edge of my arse lips. He rammed it home without any warning or any finesse, and started riding me like a madman, his heavy cock pistoning in and out of me fiercely; the heavy ball in the Prince Albert pummeling my prostate, and I could feel the orgasm coming on. I shouted that I was coming, and Uncle Pat pulled down on my balls and the feeling eased. Bill paused and suggested that he wait a moment, coming out of my arse.

Uncle Pat said the view from where he was spectacular, and he wished he had a camcorder, as it was so sexy. He even said that just watching it was enough to make him cum. He went back to gripping my balls, and Bill slammed his cock right back into me, and started fucking me much as Uncle Pat did, with long strokes, powering in and out, and each time the heavy steel ball brutalised my prostate, and soon I was begging to be allowed to cum.

"Feels good, Huh?" said Bill, but Pat pulled on my balls, and Bill just fucked me even harder, grinding his cock around to widen my arse lips and get even more of his straining cock deeper into my love tube. I could feel my arse being stretched more than ever, and loved the full feeling and the thought of being wanted by these two hairy bears. Bill altered technique and started using short jerky thrusts, deep inside me, so the ass ball was working my nut all the time. Bill paused, and said, "Son I want you to know that this is one of the best fucks I've had. Your arse is so sweet and tight, I feel privileged to be here inside you."

Then he continued fucking me, and Pat hung on to my balls. I was in exquisite agony and ecstasy, and desperate for the release that orgasm would bring, but the more I strained the harder Pat pulled on my balls, and I couldn't shoot my load, "I've got to cum!" I cried.

But Bill replied, "No fucking way son, until I'm ready to cream your sweet arse, so you just enjoy the ride." He even paused again to give me some relief, but as soon as he started again, I was reaching crisis point. Things were worse because my cock was scraping up and down over Uncle Pat's beard, and the sensitive underside of my cock, usually protected by my foreskin, was being abraded, and adding to my torture. Added to that I was leaking precum all over Uncle Pat's neck and chest, and occasionally, Uncle Pat would rub his rough calloused thumb over my cock lips and have a taste of my precum, but he wouldn't let me have the release I needed.

I couldn't focus on anything except my need for immediate climax, then at last Bill cried out, "Let it go, I'm cumming," and I could feel the hot juices pulsing into my guts. Uncle Pat let go of my balls and I reared up, shooting and spraying cum all over Pat's hairy chest and belly, my arse muscles spasming in time with my ejaculations and gripping Bill's cock, milking him rhythmically as we rutted in unison.

Uncle Pat was still under my arse, watching the cabaret being performed over him, and as Bill pulsed in and out, some of the juices leaked out and Pat caught them, lapping them up. Eventually the storm of orgasm subsided and Bill eased out of my arse, leaving me feeling empty. "That was the greatest fuck son," and then I felt Pat's lips and tongue at my arse sucking out the rich harvest that Bill had sown.

"Now it's my turn," said Uncle Pat. "It's two days since I fucked you son, and I've got time to make up."

"Just wait a moment, Pat," said Bill. "I think we have other plans and I'll make sure you enjoy it all".

And so Bill took over our lovemaking.


Now it's your turn Pat, said Bill, and I've got an idea which will make it different for you. You stay lying there, and I'll get our boy to take your cock while he sits over you, so I scooted round until I was facing Uncle Pat's face and then Bill guided Pat's cock into my arse, and I eased down until the whole of his cock was firmly in my arse. It felt great, just as I loved it, firmly in me right to the hilt., my balls in front of me, being tickled by Uncle Pat's pubes, and Pat took my cock and gently rubbed over the sensitive piss slit with his thumb, making me squirm, and in turn gripping onto his cock with my arse muscles.

Pat jiggled his hips a little, so I could feel him moving in me, great! But Bill told me to hang on tightly, as I was going to have a rough ride. He had done this before with Pat. I gripped with my arse muscles, and Bill moved to Pat's arse, and shoved a finger up Pat's love tube. Pat bucked under me, and every time Bill moved his finger in Pat's tube, I felt the reaction. Bill increased the pace, finger fucking Pat and pulling down on Pat's balls so he couldn't unload his stored cum after two days of no sex. Pat was writhing under me, and his cock was pressing against my prostate, already sore from Bill's PA. Time and again, Bill massaged Pat's prostate from the inside, and soon Pat was crying for release, let me cum, Bill, I've got to cum. No way, baby, said Bill, but when I say. I'm in charge down here, so Son; you play with his nips and make sure he doesn't forget what we're doing here. I reached Pat's nips and started playing with them, pulling and tugging them, twisting them and bringing those lovely nubs of hard flesh to rosy perfection. Pat was jerking under me, and soon I could feel the cum rising in me as I too sought release. Pat gripped my balls and pulled them away from me, which helped, but Bill's onslaught on Pat's prostate meant that in turn, mine was being massaged by Pat's cock, and soon both Pat and I were struggling to shoot our hot cum.

I could see Pat's face, sweat beading on his forehead, and his breath grew ragged. I've got to cum Bill, let me cum. Bill laughed. "No way baby; you cum when Bill says you cum. You just enjoy yourself, and hang on in there. Besides, there's no rush. Our boy is enjoying the ride, ain't you Son. You tell Bill when you're ready. Meantime, you hang on Son. It's going to be a rough ride when he does cum."

Pat was struggling under me, and for once I enjoyed being in charge with Bill. I realised that Bill's cum was getting stickier inside me, increasing the friction on Pat's cock, and then with a growl, Pat's great cock swelled even further in me, and hot torrents of cum jetted into my gut, Pat bucking uncontrollably under me as he reached a great climax. I too started shooting and again Pat's chest and belly were covered with strings of cum. My arse muscles gripped onto Pat's cock and started milking him, and then Pat leaned forwards, took my cock in his mouth and started sucking the juices from me, lapping at my cock lips , already swollen from our love making, and I gripped his cock harder, as he intended, then Bill put a finger up my arse, alongside Pat's cock, and started to massage us both inside my tube. I lost the plot at that and came off Pat's cock, and the two of us lay on the bed, exhausted with cum all over us, and Bill with a great big shit eating grin on his face. "Good Huh?" he smiled.

Just you wait Bill, said Pat. I want my Boy's first fuck to be with me, and after that he and I are going to fuck you together, but we'll have to wait till tomorrow for that.

We went to bed after that, me in the middle with my two bears on each side of me. Pat moved me so that I was facing Bill, and then eased his still hard cock into me arse, and held me tight. You need to know that i am ready to fuck you if I wake up, he said, and Bill put his legs over us and pulled me close so that I was sandwiched between them, in a rich furry embrace. The light went out and we drifted off to sleep.

The amazing andrew

Andy is a wanker.

More than that, Andy is an amazing wanker:- a fun-fucking-tastically amazing wanker !

Want to know more ?

Young Andy works for me, I am in fact his line manager or in old fashioned terms I'm his boss. He's a great lad - always smiling, more often than not down right cheeky although never directly rude, for ever full of energy and a great asset to the business. He's the sort of guy who was born on the wave of success and has surfed the crest of that wave for just over nineteen years.

Normally Andy drives himself to and from work, he passed his test earlier in the year, but last week his little old car was off the road and I offered him a series of lifts while it was fixed. It was during one of our journeys home after work that my story begins.

Even though these events took place only a few days ago I have to be honest and tell you that I can't exactly remember how the initial conversation began. Andy had been telling me how, when he had been at school, two boys were caught wanking by one of the teachers. (I have a very firm suspicion that Andy was one of those boys.) He went on to tell me a whole list of things he could do with his organ of manhood.

"When it's limp," he explained, "I can bend it back, tuck the end into my pubes and form a hoop. You ever tried that ?"

I have to confess I hadn't and secretly wondered if mine was big enough to manage such an act of dexterity.

"What about the wind surfer then ? You ever tried that one ?"

"What's a wind surfer ?"

Andy laughed a little at my ignorance and proceeded to explain. "When you have a nice hardon the dick becomes the board and you hold your ball bag with your two hands to become the sail." He held out his hands with fingers pinched together as if doing exactly what he had just described.

"No, I've never tried that either."

"So what can you do ?"

I thought for a moment. "I can," I began, "tuck my balls and my dick back between my legs so that only my pubes are showing and make myself look like a woman."

"I can do that as well," Andy confirmed. "And when I am not hard on I can lift my ball bag up and over my dick to cover it right up."

"You must be a well hung little boy."

"Not so much of the little ! I can twist my balls through a full circle - twice !"

"Owch !"

"How many times can you do it ?"

I had never tried and if I had should I be discussing these matters with a junior employee ? I tried to change the direction of our conversation.

"You were one of the boys who got caught wanking at your school weren't you ?"

"That's for me to know and you to find out," he winked an eye at me.

I wondered how I was supposed to find out. I was also still wondering if I should be having this conversation al all. I am Andy's boss and while I have never been anything but pleased with him at work there was a developing danger of my authority being undermined by what we were chatting about. I also felt just slightly uncomfortable that Andy was considerably younger than me and would have been better suited to have discussed his male sexual prowess with lads of his own age. But Andy didn't appear to care and continued to reveal more.

"I usually wank twice a day," he told me. "Once when I wake up in the morning and once before I sleep at night. I've done that every day since I was twelve."

He pulled out his mobile phone to use the keys as a calculator. After a brief moment he told me how that meant he had wanked more than five thousand times.

"If I cum one hundred mills each time," Andy was still calculating, "that means I have filled the equivalent of a thousand cans of Coke."

"You don't cum a hundred milli-litres," I scoffed. "No where near that much."

"How do you know ? I bet you I do," he retaliated. "How much do you cum then ?"

I thought for a moment to find an answer which would not incriminate me nor reveal my most private areas. "Gallons !"

"Well you are older than me so you'll have done it more times. How many Coke cans do you reckon you have filled ?"

"Andy, I don't think you should be asking me things like that."

"Why not ? You do wank don't you ?"

How the hell could I answer that ? To say no would be an obvious lie but to say yes would not be right given my age and status. I echoed the reply Andy had given earlier to one of my questions. "That's for me to know and you to find out."

Andy burst out laughing and I realised that it wasn't perhaps the most sensible answer to have given. When my young friend had finished sniggering he told me the last of his exploits before it was time to drop him at his home.

"Are you a religious man ?"

"Not particularly."

"Ever heard of the second coming ?"

"It's something to do with the end of the world when the messiah comes to earth a second time, Armageddon and all that." I explained.

"It's also my ambition,' Andy replied. "I'm training to wank away but when I cum not to stop and keep going to cum for a second time in the same session."

"Amazing !"

After I had dropped my young friend off, alone in the car for the last mile to my own house I thought of Andy: his double wank and all those contorting positions. Truly amazing. That night I tried them out but with little success. I made the surfboard work but I did have to stretch things quite a bit. The hoop didn't work very well. I couldn't cover everything with my scrotum. I was too scared to see how many times I could twist my balls round. As for the double wank, the second cuming, well that was an abysmal failure. But hey the first cuming as I thought of Andy was fun !

The following morning I gave a neighbour a lift into town so I wasn't alone in the car with Andy; he appeared a little disappointed. I guess he wanted to continue our chat from the previous evening and the thing is I did as well. Never mind, there was always the ride home at the end of the day.

As we left the car park Andy slipped a CD into my hand and said, "take a look at that when you have a moment."

I put it into my pocket and said I would check it out later in the day.

"Make sure you are alone when you do and don't save anything from it onto your PC," Andy added.

I guessed he had downloaded some things from the Internet to add to the subject of our conversation. But I was wrong.

The morning was incredibly busy, the more I cleared from my desk the more came in. Throughout Andy's CD remained in my jacket pocket. I made a couple of trips down the corridor to the coffee machine and each time saw Andy. "No," I said on both occasions, "I've not had time yet."

It wasn't until well after three o'clock that I finally sat back, drew breath and prepared to check out the contents of the CD. I closed my office door, turned the monitor so it could not be inadvertently seen from the viewpoint of anyone suddenly and unexpectedly walking in, then slid the silver disc into the drive of the computer. It took a moment to load then one by one I clicked to open the files.


The files were not anything Andy had downloaded from the Internet, thinking back I don't see how I could previously have considered they should be. Instead each one was a digital photograph of the Amazing Wanker himself !

Each one totally nude showed my young friend demonstrating one of the positions he had told me about the evening before. When I opened the first my automatic reaction was to close the file again as quickly as I could. I paused and considered what I had seen before I gave way to my urge to open the next file, then the next, and the next. In the end I spent far more time viewing the CD than ever I had planned or time I had available to devote to it within a very busy schedule.

This guy was truly amazing and I have to say that his naked body was that of a young god, so perfectly formed was it. And what a dick he had !

By the time I had viewed all pictures a number of times and decided I really had to get back to work I was very hard indeed. It took more than half an hour of my concentrating on the most mundane and boring paperwork to divert my mind and ease things. But as I walked out to the car and the prospect of the journey home with Andy I was well up again. I sat in the driver's seat and did all I could to conceal my predicament.

"What did you think ?" Andy eagerly asked.

"Amazing," I replied, my breath had to catch as the pathos surrounding all that had previously taken place together with the anticipation of anything yet to come tightened my chest. "Truly Amazing Big Boy !"


I put the car into gear, pulled out and joined the traffic. "When did you take those ?"

"Last night, I used my digital camera. They came out quite good didn't they ?"

"Yes. Did you take them yourself or did somebody take them of you ?"

"Funny you should say that," Andy's voice changed tone to that of someone about to ask a favour - a big favour. "I took them myself, the camera has a time delay on it. B-u-t -"

I waited for him to finish although he was slow to conclude what was on his mind.

"But -"

"But what ?"

"I also have a video camcorder."

"What is it you are trying to say Andy ?"

"You know I told you about the second cuming ?"

I nodded.

"I'm going to try for it tonight. I've been drinking Red Bull all day so my blood sugar level is well hyped up and I managed to scrounge a tablet of Viagra from somebody in the office - better not tell you who - and tonight is the night for the second cuming."

"And you are going to film it ?"

Andy smiled and slipped back into his speaking where each few words were let out of his mouth punctuated by a moment for him to judge my reaction before the next element was given. "Of course I could simply turn the camera on and stand in front of it."

I said nothing.

"But that would not give a good recording."

I still said nothing.

"I need somebody to work the camera and vary the viewpoint, different camera angles and so on"

Again I said nothing. I kind of knew where he was heading.

"So have you got an hour to spare when you drop me off ?"

There. He had said it all. Now it was my turn. Sure I wanted to be the one behind the camera but I needed to clear many, many objections first. One by one I presented them.

"But I'm your boss," I said softly, "what would those we work with think ?"

"Well I ain't telling them if you don't," Andy replied with a much heightened tone of voice.

"And what about your parents ? I can hardly come into their house and film you naked while they watch TV can I ?"

"They're away on holiday, I'm home alone all week."

"Don't you think you would be better asking somebody of your own age, after all I'm nearly old enough to be your father ?"

"Get away, you aint nearly old enough for that. An older brother or cousin perhaps but nothing more. Besides I trust and respect you, go on film me. Please."

I know I have said it several times, please forgive me repeating myself, but this guy is AMAZING ! Yes, of course I agreed to his request.

Andy's parents aren't short of a few pennies and live in a large house. Andy is their only child, he was sent to an expensive boarding school but flunked out after A Levels and rebelled at the thought of university. That night there was both a BMW and a Jaguar on the drive.

"Couldn't you have used one of those if your car is off the road ?" I smiled.

"You must be kidding, they would kill me. The BMW belongs to Mum and Dad has the Jag. They took the keys away with them."

"Where have they gone ?"

"Shopping in New York," Andy explained. "Bet they don't bring me back anything though !"

I had seen Andy's home from the outside several times that week as I had taken him to and from the office but this was my first time inside. He took me through a couple of rooms and out into a bright conservatory.

"The light will be good in here to film," he said.

"But it's all glass, the neighbours will see in."

"No they won't the trees make everything private so we won't be seen."

"You sure ?"

"I've checked."

Andy produced a video camera and gave me a simple lesson in how to work it. "It's fairly automatic but use the zoom to get in close and change your angle of filming as you go along."

As I practised Andy took something from his pocket and popped it into his mouth. "The Viagra," he explained. "Hope it works."

"For a horny little git like you it could bust your cock clean in half !" I sniggered.

I guess the tablet would need a while to take effect but as Andy stripped he was already sporting a solid dick which would make the manufacturers proud of their product.

"Ready to start filming ?"

I was.

Quite naked, exceedingly stiff and upright he posed in front of the camera adjusting his stance to and fro. He winked an eye at the camera but I knew it was to me he was signalling and I understood his preliminary stance was giving that magic tablet of viagra time to take some effect.

The camera wound on and I viewed him through my right eye pressed against the black rubber eye-piece. He looked good and forgive the word being used again - amazing.

With an exaggerated move of his right arm he swung wide then brought it towards his front where four fingers and a single thumb clasped firmly his solid dick and began to pump. Slowly at first, setting up a regular rhythm then gradually speeding up and I sensed a climax. I zoomed in and held the camera ready.

As Andy obliged with the first cuming the head of his dick filled the picture and the violent squirting sent a fountain well outside the frame. After three forceful ejaculations I zoomed back in to allow the final squirt to be seen in full view. I then pressed the zoom control again and featured Andy's entire body.

Yes, he was still hard on and yes he was still wanking away. A little slower than his first cuming but his dick had lost none of its prowess. I found myself willing him on to a glorious conclusion. Of course I was mega hard myself and could feel a damp sensation of precum, I wanted to strip and join my young friend but I had been put in charge of recording the event for posterity and took my charge seriously. The motor of the documentary camera turned on.

I could see that while Andy was still as solid as a rock and beating away things were not easy for him. I had an urge to speak and encourage my young friend in his endeavours but I certainly did not want the tell-tale sound of my own voice on the video. Instead I concentrated my entire mind and willed him on with a sixth sense which I hoped he could supernaturally read. It must have worked for Andy's breathing became heavier, he pushed his head back and closed his eyes then with a final effort he came. Came for the second time in no more than ten minutes.

Amazing !

All that took place but a few days ago and ever since I have been preparing myself to emulate the master and to achieve the second cuming myself. As for Andy, well he's trying for the triple and an entry in the Guinness Book of Records. It should be a good night for us both, I'll let you know how we get on tomorrow.

Awoken from a dream

When I was in my early twenties, I began to frequent a gay bar about 20 miles from my house. I was very shy and nervous and would usually plop myself down near the bar and not make eye contact with anyone. Over time, I became more comfortable with myself and my surroundings. I would always try and get the best vantage point sitting at the bar - one that allowed me to be seen as well as give a good view of the crowd and the folks coming in. One winter night, I was shocked (and a little nervous) to see a co-worker of mine pop into the place.

Roger was in his early 40's - his look average and very corporate-cookie cutter for the mid-80's, with graying receding hairline and glasses. Roger was always friendly at work, so I called him over and we began a nice long chat. Although there was 20 years between us, I found it very easy to talk to Roger. Over the next few months, we developed a close platonic friendship both at work and socially.

A few months down the road, I needed to move - I wasn't making a lot of money and that time and Roger graciously allowed me to rent a spare room in his home. He offered his home as if it were mine - allowing me to have friends over, blast my stereo, and take control of the tv. The guy had a big heart! Our platonic friendship blossomed and I felt very comfortable living in Roger's home.

About a year or so into this living arrangement, the stress of my job coupled with some family issues I wasn't dealing with resulted in a few episodes of night terrors. Three hours into sleep, I would start to have a bad dream and, often, start screaming or yelling. I would wake up panting and sweating and feeling badly at the thought of perhaps waking Roger (down the hall in his own room) because of this. Roger began to keep his bedroom door on a crack and would knock on my door and call my name if one of these episodes occurred.

These night terrors were not every night - maybe once a month, and Roger never complained. One hot summer night, I stripped down for bed and put the fan on low to keep the stagnant air moving. I drifted off to a deep sleep. At some point later, I began to have a bad dream - I could hear myself yelling out in my sleep but could not wake up. I felt a hand gently shaking my arm and a familiar voice calling my name. I opened my eyes to find Roger sitting on the side of my bed - it took me a few moments to comprehend where I was and what had happened.

Roger asked if I was okay and if he could get me anything - although it was about 1 o'clock on a work night, I asked if he'd mind grabbing my smokes downstairs. It was upon his return to my room that I noticed Roger was nude -the moonlight through the window catching the movement of his legs and his impressive cock. I had seen Roger nude more than a few times and secretly marveled at how big he was not even erect - easily 7 thick inches. Roger sat down on the bed and smoked with me as I began to explain the crazy non-sensical dream. Roger's turned more on the bed and began to stroke my hair to comfort me - his cock just inches away.

I found my own cock hardening as I imagined taking his fattie in my mouth. I had never wanted to blur the lines of friendship, but I reached over and grabbed his cock and slowly directed it towards my wet and waiting mouth. The already big cock grew more as I tongued and swallowed and I easily imagine Roger's length as 8 inches and girth somewhere near that of a soda can. I cupped his hairy balls - I gave them the same kind of tongue attention I had been giving his big cock - taking each of his nuts in my mouth and then sliding back behind the balls to lap up the sweat collecting on his taint. I moved from my reclined position to my hand and knees so I could do better work on that big tasty cock - teasing the head and piss slit with my tongue and then swallowing the sausage until it hit my tonsils.

Roger's hands found the back of my head, pushing my mouth down until his pubes were tickling my nose - he let out a soft moan as I continued to deep throat his tool. I began to tongue-wash his balls again as his hands worked down my back - he began to knead my butt cheeks and rub my hole. We were both sweating pretty good between the night temperatures and the sexual heat - his finger easily slid into my hole - damn it felt good. I could taste Roger pre-cumming - and I had other plans for that cock... so I turned my attention to his nipples - gently nibbling and sucking and making a wet message.

I pushed myself up more and began to nibble and tongue his armpit - now leaning almost chest to chest allowed Roger to plow that finger deeper into my hole. I was squirming like a jellyfish - feeling too good from that finger working my ass as Roger pushed me onto my back. He began to slowly suck my 7.5 inches - the sensation of the finger in my ass and the mouth around my cock making my head spin. After several minutes of this intense pleasure, I pushed Roger's finger from my ass. I grabbed some lube from my nightstand and greased up his monster cock - I was so worked up, I wanted Roger to fuck the daylights out of me. Lying on my back, I guided Roger into my hole, slowly so I could adjust to accommodate his size and girth. I literally saw stars with his first few deep thrusts, but that pain melted into an intense pleasure. We tried a few different positions and ended up doggie style - Roger fucking my ass hard - I clenched my ass muscles down as I could sense his getting near cumming. Roger pulled me upright and against his belly and jerked me off as he shot his hot load into my hole. I came soon after - leaving a nice droopy mess on my belly and Roger's hands.

It took a little while to gather our composure. We showered and smoked one more smoke and then off to bed - separately. We played around more over the years, but that was the most intense session. Who says all nightmares are bad?

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