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Redneck Attitude

I noticed him playing basketball in the street a couple of years back when he was about 15. He and his little gang of thugs would play in the street refusing to move whenever anyone drove onto the street. It was a game of chicken only his was without a vehicle. I being the politically active fag that I am, have a big blue and yellow equal (equality) sign on my large, black Isuzu Rodeo. The yells were light to begin, just very subtle, "fag" when I drove by. Then again they had to be careful, the several households of lesbians were who taught them to play street ball and played with them all the time.

I know that I confused all of them. I worked in my yard doing dirt manual labor, worked on my own truck and then would discuss flower gardens with the neighborhood Moms. I was a major contradiction to the little rednecks with attitude.

As the last couple of years have gone by they have developed into hot, well-built young men. Some better looking than others; some hanging out on the street like gang thugs picking fights and some out in their driveways making out with the neighborhood girls. The one who had caught my attention was a "little shit" who was about 5'6" or 5'7", dark crew cut, five o'clock shadow (since he was 15), without his shirt; pecs and beautiful well-built chest. Those damn baggy pants they wear, who would know what the rest of him looked like. Well, I was soon to find out.

I was out back laying paving stones, designing my new patio areas in my backyard, when I hear a clearing of the throat and an excuse me sir. I looked up and there he was standing. Yes, I say. He says I know you usually do your own mowing, but I'm trying to save up money for a car and I'm offering to do odd jobs for everyone. Do you have anything for me? I thought to myself, yeah I have something for you--about 8 inches of 40-year-old meat. I must have paused too long, when I looked up, his handsome face was beet red and there was this arrogant little shit attitude that he must have guessed what I was thinking.

I tell him, yeah, I could use some help. "How about you move the paving stones from my truck to back here, I ask him. Place about 30 at these three roped off areas and showed where and I wanted them. When you are done with that; I'll give you things to do each time you complete something. How is $50.00 for 4 hours work?" He and I agreed to the deal.

While I was working on the first area, Tony has I had discovered his name to be, had finished the unloading and was watching me. He asked if I was going to do that to the other two areas; I said yes and he said that he would start them. He finished area 2 and we both worked on area 3. I then had him weed out my landscaping while I pressure washed. We kept on working for quite awhile before I noticed that he had removed his shirt. Damn, what a hot little stud.

By the third hour of work, Tony and I were both sweating like pigs. I went in to get a beer and asked him what he wanted. He asked could he have a beer. Nope, I don't serve minors. He tells me that he had just turned 18 that week; even showed me his license to prove it. So I thought I know it's not 21 but what the hell. I told him to take a break and would have a few beers.

While sitting on the patio the little shit says, "Nice house, who's the lady that helped decorate?" with a smug look. I told him that I didn't need any lady to help decorate or anything else. That everything I needed I could handle myself; that a real man could always take care of himself and his needs. Tony turned beet red again; looking really cute (hot).

After the fourth beer, Tony says, "Can I ask you something?"

"Sure," I tell him.

He says, "You know, we know about all the girls and no one cares. You though, everyone wonders and when we've said stuff as you drive by, you don't respond. Why?"

"Because," I tell him, "I don't care what people think they know or assume. I only care what I know."

Tony says, "Well, are you?"

"Am I what?"

Tony says, "Come onare you gay Padgett?"

"Of course I am," I tell him, "You knew that though, so why ask?"

He says, "Well in the time I've been here, I took off my shirt to see if you would try anything, and nothing."

"Well, are you gay Tony?" I retorted.

Tony stutters, "Nno."

Then I ask him, "Why? Would you care if I didn't hit on you or make a move?"

"Just thought that it would be the easiest way to find out if you were gay or not." He responded.

"If you want to know something always ask, it's the easiest way." I advised. "How about a swim? Go around the side and hose off the dirt and I'll lay out beach towels and some more beers."

He says, "I don't have trunks."

I tell him, "You can swim in those baggies, try on some of my extras or whatever."

While he's hosing off, I washed my face with cold water thinking 'Padgett, this could be trouble.' I set up towels, beers and music. He comes back in and pulls off the baggies and is standing there in boxers, when in he jumps. My shorts look like boxers also, so after setting our beers poolside, I jump in too. We float a while and drink a couple of more beers. Tony says to me, "This is great and you're a nice guy. Sorry for the attitude in the past, and when I showed up today."

"No sweat I tell him. You're a good worker and being by myself it's hard sometimes to do all the work. If you want weekend work, I could use you."

Tony says, "Sure." He says, "Can I ask you another question?"

"Yes," I tell him.

"You're a nice looking man and could have lots of women. What makes you notice a guy?"

"First I tell him 'thanks' and then I tell him, "Looks are important, so is personality and brains. I want to have something in common with a person. I like men who are sure of themselves, but not arrogant with 'attitude'," and we both laugh. "You for instance; if you were gay or bi, I would go for you."

Tony blushes. "Padgett, I'm not a virgin, but if I asked you what a man is like would you be willing to show me and if I say stop, stop?"

I'm thinking again, 'oh my God, this is trouble!' "Sure," I tell him.

He floats over to me and gently kisses me with those full, sexy hot lips. I kiss him back slowly and gently. We touch each other's faces; we kiss and just enjoy floating together. I ask him to follow me into the spa. We grab our beers and get into the spa. There we continue kissing, touching and exploring. I let him do what ever he wants to do. While he's exploring, I've pulled off his boxers and I'm jacking the most beautiful dick under water. The entire time that I jack him, Tony just keeps on kissing me and moaning. At one point he moans under the kiss that he's coming and tell him to go ahead and next thing I know is "groan" "grunt" and "Oh my God," and then little white globs for the skimmer going over my waterfall.

Tony says, "Oh my God, that was so erotic. I thought gay men either had swishy nasty sex or rough leather sex. I never thought that there could be such hot, romantic intimate sex."

I ask him, "Did you like it?"

"Hell yes," he laughs blushing and says, "sorry."

"No worry," I tell him.

He says, "Can I ask to spend the night with you?"

I start to say that, that's not a good idea.

He says, "Don't worry, I'm alone this weekend and I'm 18, please let me stay and finish the night with you."

I relent and tell him, "Okay, I would love to be with you some more." We get in my outside shower together under the stars and neck some more while washing each other. I tell him, "Let's go inside and go to bed. We have a lot of yard work to finish tomorrow."

Once inside Tony says, "Padgett, may I make love to you?"

"Tony I would be flattered." He then starts kissing me at my neck and works his way down to my dick. There he explores, kissing my 8" more than sucking. Oh, he sucked and licked too, but that boy loves kissing. Dick, ass, balls, you name it. I tell Tony that I want him to jack me off so that he can watch it. He starts and has this great hand rhythm that drives me crazy.

All of a sudden I tell him to watch out and as my toes curl, my voice moans 'oh fuck yeah' and I squirt everywhere. Tony goes, "Wow, that's so cool!"

He gets up finds a washcloth, comes back cleans me up and says, "I can't wait until tomorrow. If this is the kind of bonus that I get for one day's work, I can't wait until the second day's work."

I tell him that he only receives a bonus as long as I don't get redneck attitude. We both chuckle as we hold each other and drift off to sleep.

My returning student

There had never been a time when I would have considered hurting one of my students with a sexual advance. It wasnít in my nature. There were some beautiful children on campus; however, my boundaries were as clear as crystal. I would admire some of them for their appearance, but the thought was always that they would be very handsome when they grew up.

As a man in my forties, I knew that to my students I must look like a dinosaur. Their lives were full of people their own age with youth and the type of vigor that only young people possess. Never in my wildest imagination could I imagine that a student would have a crush on me. Iím short, stocky, and although people my age have told me that Iím an attractive man, I donít know that I fully believed them. People who love you will take special care of your heart. I know that.

Since my departure from teaching in the classroom setting, my students have routinely kept in touch by e-mail and MySpace or Facebook. These new networking systems are phenomenal to maintain contact with those about whom one cares.

It was nonetheless a surprise to receive a message from one of my students who had left our school in ninth grade. I had seen him a few times when he came to visit my classroom, but I didnít really think too much of it since many students returned occasionally to see me after they left the school.

Tony was a slender boy, with fine Latino features and large, welcoming eyes. He always looked like he was celebrating every breath he took. He would always come bounding into my classroom with a huge, "Hi, Mr. C.!"

He worked very hard in class and made sure I saw how much effort he was putting into his music. He was an enthusiastic singer, even if he had a way to go to be a great singer. In ninth grade, though, one wouldnít expect too much from most of the student singers.

I was working on-line on a hot July day when I received a pop-up message on Facebook. That same phrase appeared from out of nowhere, "Hi, Mr. C.!"

He still called me Mr. C., although I had gotten married and my name was now, Mr. H. I reminded him of this after greeting him warmly.

"How are you doing, Tony? Long time no see."

"Iím doing great, thanks, Mr. H. Whatís going on with you?"

"Just working hard, as always," I responded.

There was some more small talk before Tony asked if he could come by to visit. He had graduated that previous June. I had remembered that he had turned eighteen in February because his birthday was the nearly the same as my ex-wifeís, although many years later.

I congratulated him on his graduation and asked what he was doing now. Was he going to school or working?

He said that he was working and thinking about going to a local junior college. He said he had some time before work and wanted to see me. I was in between assignments, so I thought today would be a good day for a visit. He said he would be here in a few minutes.

My husband was ill and stayed home from work that day. I figured if we spoke softly, Robert would not be bothered by our visit.

Robert was a solid man, a little younger than me and very distant in many ways. He was a confirmed top man who wanted little to do with anything that had my pleasure involved. We had been together for ten years, and my frustration had gotten to a breaking point with him. I had been completely faithful for the entire decade. Although he couldnít say the same by any stretch of the imagination, he had settled down and our life together was comfortable, if not exciting or fulfilling. Little did I know how much Robertís and my life together would play into the events that followed.

When Tony arrived, he threw his arms around me and held me tightly as we greeted one another. He had grown up quite a bit. He was taller and although still very slim, was looking more like a man. The open collar of his work shirt showed that a tiny bit of hair was beginning to sprout on his chest. He was shaving now, but his smile was still as brilliant as it had always been.

Tony caught me up on all the events in his life, how his family was doing and, in particular, his brother, Salvatore, who was one of the young men I felt would grow into a fine specimen as a man.

When we got to the point where he wanted to talk about his current relationship status, or lack thereof, things grew a bit more troublesome for me.

"Mr. H., Iíve having to deal with some pretty difficult things lately. Iíve been kind of confused about some feelings Iíve been having."

"What kind of feelings, Tony? Are you having feelings about someone that isnít feeling the same way about you?"

"Iím not sure how this person feels about me. I havenít said anything about it to them yet."

Someone.. this person.. them.. These are words and phrases that most straight young men donít use for girls. My antennae were up now. I began suspecting where this was going. He wanted to come out to me and talk about a boy he had a crush on and since he knew I was gay, as all my students did, he probably felt as though he could discuss it with me safely and confidentially.

I immediately put on my teacher/counselor hat and listened intently.

"Iíve been having feelings for someone for many years and I just canít keep it inside any more. This person is older and married, but my feelings just wonít go away."

"Well, Tony, you know that marriage vows are very important to most people and although you are having these feelings, you may wish to simply discuss them openly with the person toward whom you are experiencing these emotions and let that person know you just wanted to get it off your chest. Most often, talking about issues one is having casts sunlight on those dark recesses of your heart and makes all the shadows go away."

Thinking I had been of some comfort to him, I continued on my query.

"So, Tony, is this a young lady you know from school?"

"No. In fact, itís not a young lady at all."

I was pleased that Tony felt free enough with me to tell me the truth finally.

"So, are you telling me that the object of your affection is a young man, Tony? Are you saying you are gay?"

"The truth is I donít think Iím gay, exactly. Iím more like bi because I like girls, too. But, the person about whom Iím having these feelings is an older man. Because of an experience I had when I was much younger, Iíve been attracted to older men for quite some time. The man Iím interested in is in his forties."

The light went on. I was growing incredibly uncomfortable with the direction this conversation was going.

"So, youíre saying you are interested in a married man in his forties. How long have you known this man, Tony?"

"Since I was in eighth grade. You remember, thatís when I started in your class."

"Tony, what exactly are you saying?"

"Mr. H., since I was in junior high school, Iíve had these strong feelings for you. I have wanted to be closer to you than anyone Iíve ever known."

"You know Iím married, Tony. My vows are sacred to me. Even if I was interested, and, honestly, I canít say Iím not, I couldnít cross that border with you."

"I know, Mr. H. I just had to tell you how I feel."

"I appreciate that, Tony."

We talked some more about his past and the events that led to him being attracted to older men. We discussed safer sex and making sure that when he was ready that he should make sure he was with someone would take care of him while he discovered more about his sexuality.

"Thank you so much, Mr. H. I knew I could talk to you about this."

After a brief pause, he quietly said, "Iíve always wanted to know what it would feel like to kiss you. May I kiss you just once?"

"I donít know, Tony." I thought about it and remembered a time when I was fifteen and wanted to feel the arms of an older man around me. I, too, took that plunge and was provided a loving person to treat me with respect and honor. I figured, what could it hurt?

"Okay, Tony, Iíll kiss you." Tony smiled so broadly and he leaned in to kiss me. The kiss was tender and loving. It immediately ignited a passion inside me that I thought had long ago died.

I lightly kissed him again.

"I want to be with you so much, Mr. H."

"Tony, I have some things to think about. Besides, my husband is home and we canít really discuss this now. I will call you."

With that, we stood, embraced and he left.

Several days later, I called Tony and asked him if he wanted to talk about the kiss. He said he did. We arranged to meet during the day while my husband was at work so that we could talk openly about the experience.

He arrived early. He came in and we embraced like old friends.

"How are you, Mr. H.?"

"Tony, it seems as though you should call me Paul, since we have kissed."

We both laughed. "Okay, Paul. Itís going to take some getting used to after all these years of calling you, ĎMister.í"

We began talking about the kiss and what it meant to both of us. Tony said that, for him, it was a dream come true that had been in the making for six years. I couldnít believe what I was hearing. No one had spoken to me like that in many, many years. My husband certainly didnít.

I told him that I was happy that we had exchanged kisses. I said that it had ignited a fire in me that I thought had long since passed away. Tonyís smile grew brighter with each of my words.

"Do you think we can be together sexually?" Tony asked shyly.

He was so sweet. He looked at me through his long, black eyelashes with such hope and desire; yet, there was a fear of rejection that I could sense from him, as well.

"Tony, I am married and I have no plans to leave my husband. If we were together, it would be a physical thing, although I think we both know that after all these years of knowing each other and loving each other as friends, it would have a special significance."

"I agree," said Tony. "It doesnít matter if weíre together just one time. I just want to feel you next to me and experience what being with you is like. There are so many things I havenít done yet. Iíve had oral and been with a girl, but Iíve never been inside another man and no man has ever been inside of me."

The more he spoke, the harder I grew. I knew at that point there was no going back. I tried to maintain my composure, but I knew that if I didnít start something right away, I would burst right there in my slacks.

"Come here, Tony. Kiss me. If you get uncomfortable or I decide we have to stop at any point, thatís what needs to happen."

There was no stopping, though. When we began kissing, a whole series of feelings and experiences were initiated that had to be experienced in their fullness. We were each on a journey and our paths traversed all over each otherís bodies. Our hands touched each other everywhere from the tops of our heads to the soles of our feet. We clung to one another in fiery abandon.

"I canít wait another moment, Paul." With those words, Tony reached into my pants and touched my cock. His fingers encircled my rigid stalk from its base and slowly massaged the entire length. The feeling was euphoric. No one had touched my cock besides me in over five years, not even my husband.

I released any inhibitions I had and began unbuckling Tonyís belt. Once undone, I unsnapped his pants button and unzipped his zipper. Slipping his pants over his hips, I saw at once the outline of his engorged shaft pushing though the fly of his dark boxers. A darker spot showed where his precum was saturating the fabric from his excitement. I had to taste his dick.

Tony moaned a guttural growl as I led with my tongue down the full length of his tower. I swallowed his cock down to his balls in one smooth fall. As my tongue flicked his orbs on each down stroke, I knew it wouldnít be too long before this young buck was going to shower my insides with his man-honey. I wasnít wrong.

"Iím going to cum, Mr. H.!" Old habits die hard, I suppose. It was surprising how much more turned on I got hearing him call me Mr. H. while his cock was in my mouth. Any fantasies I had about being with a man as young as he was were being fulfilled in the best way.

His spasms started in earnest and he began pumping his jism into my hungry mouth. He nearly screamed as I kept sucking on his sensitive meat as he continued shooting volley after volley of hot juice into me.

After he had settled down a bit, I thought for sure he would be like my husband and be done with any more activities, no matter what state of blue-balls I was in. I was pleased to see how wrong I was.

He grinned a naughty grin, saying, "Your turn, Paul."

Tony immediately began kissing my engorged lips, sucking on the lower one and working his way to the sensitive spot behind my ear. His lips and tongue slowly zigzagged their way down my body, from my neck to my shoulder caps, from my underarm to my nipples, then, down my tight abdomen to my pubic mound. As his tongue danced in my hair, Tony began making circles spiraling toward my balls.

When he arrived at my large orbs, he gently sucked one into his mouth, laving it with his hot spit, flicking the hairs that covered my sac. When he was done with one, he moved to the other.

His mouth began a journey up my thick, long shaft, flicking the large vein along the way. When he reached my cockhead, his wet lips slipped tightly over my crown and in one fell swoop, he dropped down the full length of my rigid rod. With firm pressure and whirling tongue, he began a pumping action on my cock. I could tell he was tasting my precum as he pleasured me. The feeling that he was enjoying this as much as I was nearly brought tears to my eyes, after years of neglect and sexual isolation. My hand reached to the back of his head, my fingers entwined in his hair. I stroked his head and ear as he continued to milk my raging shaft.

I felt the rumbling initiate in my chest as I prepared to spew forth my seed. This young man, thirty years my junior, was sucking me to completion.

"Iím going to cum, Tony!" I warned, in case he wanted to move his mouth for the onslaught that was sure to arrive.

He didnít flinch. He continued like a piston on my dick. In fact, the pressure on my meat increased and his pace grew to an allegro.

"Unnnhhhhhhh!" I bellowed as my orgasm overtook me. My hot juices filled Tonyís sweet mouth in volley after volley of ejaculate. I could sense he was swallowing my jism and could see a small, satisfied smile on his lips as he did so.

When I was spent, he licked me clean and moved up my body to kiss me again. I tasted my own cum and his joy on his lips. It was certainly one of the sweetest tastes I had ever experienced before. We reclined together, touching one another, expressing our satisfaction and happiness at the dayís events.

"This was more than I ever imagined, Paul," Tony said. I could hear in his voice how genuinely he meant each of his words.

"Tony, you have given me a gift unlike anyone has ever given me before. Youíve reminded that there is still life in my heart and body and that mutual pleasure is still possible. Thank you, my dear friend.

"Since you were a boy, Iíve loved you as a student and a friend. My love has now grown to a new level that I have to think about and make some choices." I said.

"Me too, Paul. Iíve loved you like this since I was a young boy. I just never thought Iíd get a chance to experience this. I feel like things are just going to get better for me now," Tony, said.

There was a brief pause before Tony continued.

"Is this ever going to happen again, Paul?" Tony asked shyly.

"Oh, yes, míboy. It is going to happen again and this is just the beginning of the experiences we have yet to share."

Tony smiled his beautiful, broad smile and flung his arms around me, holding me tightly.

"Iím really glad, Mr. C."

Kyle and his father - a drive in the country

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon as Jeff Hyatt and his 19-year-old son Kyle drove through the country. Jeff loved to take these long drives in the country and get away from the city for a while. Since he had made partner at his law firm these trips were becoming scarcer. So he treasured them all that much more. Plus it was a good time for him to get together with his Son and just talk and catch up on things.

Jeff had raised Kyle alone these past ten years since his wife's death and he knew he'd be gone to college soon and would miss these times so he wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to be with his Boy. Kyle enjoyed these trips too. He truly enjoyed spending time with his Dad, something not many 19 year olds could say.

They drove along the back roads, driving a little faster than the speed limit, but after all they were back roads and not many people traveled them. It felt good to have the wind rushing all around them with the top down and the radio playing. So good in fact that at first neither Jeff nor Kyle heard the siren or saw the flashing lights behind them. Once Jeff saw this he pulled off to the side of the road. He could handle this.

The driver's side door of the police car opened and out stepped the officer. He was 6'3" and solid with short blond hair and a deep tan. As he swaggered over to Jeff and Kyle his tight tan uniform strained against his chest and butt giving the appearance that his beautifully muscular body may rip free from his uniform at any moment.

"License and registration," stated the officer.

"Officer what seems to be the problem?" asked Jeff.

"Do you know the speed limit here?" asked the officer.


"That's correct. And how fast were you going?"

"40 or so," Jeff lied.

"I don't think so. Try 55," responded the officer sarcastically. "Now license and registration."

"Look Officer..." Jeff looked at the Officers badge. "Officer Marks I am truly sorry. I must have been so caught up in my conversation with my Son that I didn't realize. I assure you I don't break the law."

"That's good, now license and registration," stated Officer Marks as he held out his hand. Jeff just sighed and reached in the glove box for his registration and pulled his license from his wallet. He handed them over to Officer Marks who took them. As he looked at the license and back at Jeff he asked, "Jeff Hyatt? Jeff Hyatt the attorney?"

Jeff was impressed that this young officer who couldn't have been any more than 24 had recognized him. He must be making a difference; his name was out there. He felt confident now that he'd beat the ticket. Now Jeff was smiling. "Yes, That's right," he answered.

Officer Marks just shock his head, "That makes it even worse."

With that the smile disappeared from Jeff's face. "What do you mean worse?" asked Jeff. "You're an attorney. You should know the law--and with your son in the car. Don't you think you should set a better example?" again Officer Marks just shock his head.

For the first time Kyle spoke up, "Officer Marks, Sir. Really it was an accident my Father is normally a very careful driver and no one was hurt. I mean nothing happened. So couldn't you just give him a warning? Please tell us what to do to get out of this ticket." Jeff gave Kyle a look as if to say "shut up". What was he doing he was going to make things worse?

All of a sudden the Officer got an evil grin on his face." Listen Kid if I want your opinion I'll ask for it. I don't need any lip from you! All right! Outta the car! Now!"

Kyle looked at Jeff and whispered, "Sorry, Dad."

"Alright stand in front of the car with your hands on the hood," ordered Officer Marks. "Officer pleases. This is totally unnecessary," said Jeff.

"I'll say what's necessary now hands on the hood legs spread wide. I have to make sure you men don't have any concealed weapons."

Each man did as he was told. Officer Marks began with Jeff. He started patting him down starting with his chest. He wrapped his big arms around Jeff and began to feel his barrel chest. And was that Jeff's imagination or did he pinch his nipple. The Officer then worked his way down Jeff's tight stomached and to his crotch where he spent more time than needed feeling up Jeff's huge 8" cock. He the worked his hands down the front of the thighs to the calves and up the back of the thighs. He stopped at Jeff's big beefy manly ass and caressed that for a while then worked his way to up Jeff's muscular back.

When he was through mauling Jeff he moved on to Kyle. He was especially attentive to his hard round ass and big 9" cock as he grouped at the 19 year olds lean muscular body. As he felt up Father and Son Officer marks got an idea. "Alright both of you stand up straight. I'm not happy with this search. I think you men may be hiding something. I'll have to do a more thorough search. So I want to each to strip to your underwear."

"What!?" asked Kyle.

"Now wait one minute Officer all we did was speed and anyway were out in the open. Anyone driving by could see us," added Jeff.

"This road is not well traveled and even if someone does see you that's your own fault. Now do you strip to your briefs or do I take you in for resisting an Officer?" said Officer Marks as he grinned sadistically at Father and Son.

"We better do as he says Son," said Jeff to Kyle.

As Each man began to undress wild fantasies filled their heads. Each man was secretly attracted to the other. And not since a perverted cabbie "forced" them to fuck around together had they seen each other naked. So each, Father and Son alike were excited at the thought of seeing the other scantily clad. And who knows what else the Officer has in mind. Plus both men kind of enjoyed being controlled by this hot young Officer, though neither would admit to that.

Now Jeff and his Son stood before Officer Marks clad only in their underwear. Kyle was wearing a very skimpy pair of blue and white-stripped bikini briefs that barely covered his semi erect manhood. The tight stretchy fabric hugged his beautiful round cheeks and crept slightly up his ass crack exposing the bottom half of his milky white buttocks for all to see. Jeff simply wore a white thong--his large beefy ass hanging out in plain view. His own cock was beginning to stir within the confines of his thong.

"What the fuck are you wearing!?" Officer Marks asked Jeff.

Jeff whispered his response, "A thong."

"Excuse me. What I didn't hear you. Speak up when talking to me and address me as Sir!" smirked the officer.

Embarrassed and strangely aroused Jeff responded, "It's a thong, Sir."

"You like showing off your body?"

"I don't know, Sir"

"Yeah well I think you do so turn for us and let me and your Boy see that big hot ass of yours!" barked Officer Marks.

Jeff could feel his dick growing as he turned his ass toward the Officer and his Son. The thought of these two hot young men staring at him really turned Jeff on. And the fact that one was his Son made him even hotter.

To Kyle the Officer asked, "So what do you think? Does your Daddy have a nice ass?"

"I don't know, sir, he's my Father," Kyle answer defensively.

"Yeah well your cock says you do. Look at it grow."

Kyle looked down to see his horse dick about the rip the material of his little bikini briefs. "Now I want you to search you Dad for any weapons," ordered the Officer.

"What?" asked Kyle.

"You heard me your gonna do a strip search on your Dad. Now move it!! Alright now turn back around and face your Son," this last part was directed at Jeff who did as he was told. When Jeff turned back around Officer Marks gasped at the amount his cock had grown. He knew that the Hyatt men were getting turned on by this and now he had the proof in their hard dicks. "Okay kid, feel your daddy's big pecs."

Kyle Reached out and began to caress his Fathers big barrel chest. He started pinching the nipples. Jeff jumped when he first did it but got into it quickly. Kyle continued rubbing his Dad up to his shoulders. They were now standing face to face as Kyle wrapped his arms around Jeff and began to massage his upper back.

"That's it," said the Officer as he unzipped his pants and pulled out his own 7 1/2" cock. "You better inspect your Father's mouth, kid. And use your tongue."

Kyle stared into his father's eyes. They both wanted this and each could see it in the others eyes. The hot passion burned between them as Kyle pulled his father into him and began his assault on Jeff's mouth. There was nothing slow and easy about this kiss it was rough and passionate, very animalistic. Kyle's tongue entered his Dad's mouth as he ran his fingers though his hair pulling his Dad in closer. Neither man wanted this to end. Jeff ran his hands down his Son's back and rested them on his bubble butt. Jeff began to group Kyle's ass as Father and Son made out on the side of the road in broad daylight for all to see, and both men could have cared less.

"That's good you follow instruction very well Boy," said Officer Marks. "But we still have the matter of your Daddy breaking the law. Don't you think he should be punished?"

Both men broke the embrace simultaneously and stared at the sadistic Officer. What was he getting at both men wondered.

"Well, answer me Boy don't you think your Father needs to be punished?"

"I supposed so Officer Marks, Sir," shrugged Kyle not knowing what to say.

"And how should he be punished?"

"I don't know," answer Kyle.

"When you were naughty growing up how did daddy punish you?"

"He'd spank me sometimes," answered Kyle still not sure if that's what Officer Marks wanted to hear.

"Good Boy. And that's what your gonna do the dear old Dad. Your gonna spank his ass," laughed the Officer.

Jeff spoke up, "Wait one minute. If you think I'm gonna let my own Son spank me you have another thing coming!" "I suggest you remember who's in charge here! If you don't do as I say I'll throw you both in jail! And I'm sure they'd love both your hot little asses in there. So, don't fucking argue with me! Now you.!" he pointed at Kyle get over there and sit on that big rock next to that tree. And Dad you get over his lap," ordered Officer Marks.

As Kyle and Jeff headed for the rock Officer Marks couldn't help but stare at those two hot asses. Jeff's totally exposed except for the little string riding up his ass crack and Kyle's pouring out from under his skimpy bikini briefs.

Kyle sat down and Jeff stood before him, a mixture of arousal and nausea filled him. He wanted this in the worst way but yet he still felt wrong. But, after all he had no choice he was being forced to do this. That's what he told himself at least. He looked at the Officer who just pointed to Kyle's lap. Jeff complied and laid across his son's muscular thighs his own ass in the air.

"Good," said the officer. "Now I want you to tell Daddy what a bad boy he's been and spank him good."

Kyle looked down into his Dad's eyes for approval and he got what he was looking for. Jeff gave a slight nod of his head, as if to say, "It's okay Son spank your Daddy". Kyle could see in his Fathers eyes that he wanted this as much as he did. Kyle raised his hand and brought it down hard on Jeff's big muscular ass. SMACK. Jeff winched at the first blow. SMACK SMACK SMACK.

"You've been very bad Dad," Kyle stated. SMACK SMACK SMAK SMACK.

"Yes Son I'm sorry," responded Jeff getting into the whole thing now.

SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK. "I'm very disappointed in you Dad. You've been naughty and must pay for it."

"Owww Son my ass is burning please stop!, whined Jeff.

"You should have thought about that before you broke the law," said Kyle.


Jeff was kicking his legs now and screaming in pain and still he was aroused and even fully erect within the confines of his thong. His ass was beat red. Kyle loved the sight of his big muscular Father over his knee, his ass in the air and all red, at his mercy. He continued the assault on his Dad's poor ass as Officer marks watched and stroked his own rock hard pole.

"Son, please stop! Please I promise I'll be a good Boy. But please stop," Jeff pleaded as the tears began to fill his eyes.

Officer Marks spoke up, "I don't think you want him to stop. I think you want more." Officer Marks approached the Hyatt men and bent down. He grabbed the thin material of Jeff's thong and ripped it from his body. "Now that big hard cock says you want more." To Kyle he said keep spanking with your right hand but I want you to finger your Dad's asshole with your left, while I stroke his big dick."

There was no point in pretending they didn't want it so neither man tried to argue. Kyle spit on his left middle finger and spread his dad's beefy ass cheeks. He inserted a finger and Jeff jumped a little. Kyle just held it there waiting for Jeff to adjust to this invasion on his ass. Then he began to finger his Father as he continued to spank him.

Officer Marks reached between Kyle's thighs and took hold of Jeff's rock hard 8" and began to stroke. With his other hand he stroked himself as he watched Kyle spank and finger his own Father.

SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK The blows came quick to Jeff's ass. But even though he was crying like a 10 year old he was loving it. Having his hot Son spank and finger his ass while this sexy yoing Officer stroked his dick. Jeff began to moan in pleasure.

"You like that?" asked Officer Marks. "Yeah you love it! Fuck yeah."

Jeff could feel himself getting close to orgasm. He wanted this to go on forever but knew he couldn't hold off much longer. "I'm getting close," he said.

"That's it Daddy cum for us," instructed Kyle. "Come for your Boy."

Hearing that brought Jeff over the edge. Kyle could feel his Dad's asshole tighten around his finger as Officer Marks milked the cum right out of him.

"Yeah Dad shoot!" yelled Kyle.

Officer Marks was so turned on by the sight of Jeff cumming that he stood up and busted his nut all over Jeff's handsome face. Jeff opened his mouth and caught a few drops on his tounge and greedily swallowed.

"Okay Kid now it's your turn!" barked the Officer. "Pull out that big dick and cum for me and your Daddy."

Kyle knew he was close too. His underwear was covered in precum as he pulled his massive dick out and began to stroke his solid 9 inches.

"Okay get down there and lick your Son's balls," Officer Marks instructed Jeff.

Jeff did as he was told. He got on all fours and began licking his son's big shaved balls. He tried to get both in his mouth but couldn't. He licked and sucked as Kyle stroked his meat. It wasn't long before Kyle was ready to blow.

"Dad I'm gonna cum!" screamed Kyle. And he started to shoot all over his Fathers face, which was still covered with Officer Marks cum. Jeff hurried and put his mouth on his Son's cock to try and get some down his throat.

"Oh yeah Dad!! Fuckin suck the cum outta me."

Officer Marks couldn't believe what he had just witnessed. This father and Son really had gotten into it. As Jeff sucked the last drops of cum out of his Son Officer Marks snapped, "Okay guys. You're free to go. But if I catch you speeding again you'll get more of the same." With that he got in his car and drove off.

Both men gathered their things and quickly dressed. Jeff used his ripped thong to wipe the cum from his face. As Father and Son headed for the car neither spoke a word about what had happened but both were wondering when they'd be able to take another driver through the country. And if officer Marks would be on duty when they did.

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