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Ryan and kyle

I have been courting Ryan on line for months, from what I could see of his torso shot he sent me he was built beyond reproach. Golden locks cropped short, brazen blue eyes that spoke to me saying "don't fuck with me unless you have the cock to back up the fucking". His upper body showed ample boy strength that he was obviously given at birth and is not likely a guy who needs to work out. What really interested me, were his tiny nipples that just begged to be sucked.

A few weeks ago while chatting on line he told me that he and his boyfriend of the hour were coming to Toronto to do a modeling shoot for one of the major department stores new underwear introduction. He said they had reservations at a Courtyard Hotel on Yonge Street but the rate was really high. Right off the bat I offered him the use of my spare room instead of a hotel, he said he would think about it and at the very least took my cell number so that when he came to town he would call me so we could all get together for a drink.

Having been in a provocative industry for a long time had provided me a very ample salary. Earlier this year I bought a penthouse condo in the Toronto downtown core. I had made a few alterations to it as I was the shared guardianship of an extremely mentally deficient cousin. When the condo was built I had a security company install all kinds of surveillance cameras in the room and in the bathroom. Of course since I had the money I went with the top of the line wide angle hidden cameras (I think they are called "micro dot cameras") that provided a color image instead of the choppy black and white cameras. Also as an extra preventative measure I had a concealed pass thru put in just incase he had a seizure in the night so I could get to him quickly. All of the cameras were hooked to a recording device with a motion record function in my bedroom, concealed in a very nice 15 century armoire I have. He has since been placed in a group home and is doing fine there so because he was no longer with me I had the perfect room to offer to Ryan and the flavor of the month.

Ryan and I chatted on line for several weeks and in true form to Ryan he started to give me the run around about not being able to see me while he was in town and not having time to go for drinks which was his way. You see Ryan by all explanations of the word is a god. I on the other hand am a fat older daddy that his youthful nature has no use for. He made it ultimately clear that it would be a cold day in hell before I ever saw his naked pics and that I should be satisfied that he even talked to me as he did not offer conversation to too many people that were not in his mind "beautiful". I reserved myself to the thought that I would never meet him and began to put him out of my conscious thoughts.

It was a cold rainy night in October when I heard the sirens blare. I looked out of my window and could see a huge blaze burning in an apartment building. It was about 8pm in the evening and by the size of the fire I knew that this one would go on for hours. As I was turning in for the night about 11pm my cell rang.

"Hello." I said. "Mike, it's Ryan," the voice said. "Ryan who?" I inquired. "Ryan from Ottawa," he said.

The first thing that went through my head was the little fucker has been out drinking and has called me in a drunken stupor.

"I have a problem," he said and continued, "our reservations at the hotel have become a problem."

"Ryan I travel for living, if there is a problem they hotel will fix it." I replied.

"The problem is, it had a huge fire earlier tonight and well they won't let anyone in" he replied.

The smile across my face grew to encompass both cheek bones, and I said to him "not a problem, tell me where you are I will come and pick you up and you are welcome to stay here". I drove over to the area of the hotel parked and started walking as you could not park within two blocks of the fire. When I arrive I searched the crowds for Ryan based on the picture in my head of what he would look like. I didn't see Ryan but what I did see had me awe struck, a tiny little light skinned black boy with tiny hips and an awesome smile. His pearly white teeth lit up the night as he smiled. His tiny frame made my dick go hard as I moved closer to have a look at this stud in a tiny body. What a pleasure it was to stand behind him and pretended to watch the fire. Tight blue jeans and a tight white t-shirt covered only just so subtly by a form fitting leather jacket. I was so close to him I could smell the hair product he had in his tight nappy curls.

While I stood there sort of looking for Ryan but paying more attention to this young stud I heard him say to this guy beside him. "Do you think it will take Michael long to get here? I really have to take a leak." I looked at the guy beside him and there he was the guy I had fantasized about for months.

"Actually I am right behind you" I said.

Ryan and the boy turned together and smiled from ear to ear. We said our hellos and I lead them to my car making as much conversation with the hot boy as I could. At this point the challenge was Kyle, not Ryan. As I drove to my condo I conjured a plan to make Ryan pay for his obstinate attitude he had given me for over a year. Come hell or high water I was fucking Kyle tonight and Ryan was going to watch.

We get their gear up to my condo and settled down together in the gallery to have a drink. Ryan kept commenting on how nice my condo was and how clean it was. I pride myself on showing off my "things" so my apartment is always spotless.

Wanting to get all the info on Kyle as I could I started asking inquisitive personal questions of him, things like what his back ground was ethnically speaking. He answered by saying, "My dad is African American and my mom is from Costa Rica."

I continued with, "So do you get the big $10,000 jobs that Ryan gets. He tells me he does a couple per week". His face turned red and he looked right at Ryan and said, "You fucking liar, you are not good enough to turn a $10,000 dollar gig and we all the know the makeup on your mole never stays on, just like now, so there's no way you are pulling 10K gigs!"

I immediately turned to Ryan and sure enough the little fucker had a mole the size of a Q-tip end on his upper lip. It was not pretty and made me feel so good to know that this hot man had a flaw. Yeah I know we all had flaws but this proud little brat had a big one, noticeable to all, right on his lip. I felt sorry for him all the while laughing my guts out on the inside.

Ryan immediately moved his hand to his lip and asked through the fingers on his face "where is the bathroom" I directed him to it as he grabbed his "makeup bag" and ran to the head. As soon as he left the room I put my arm on the back of the couch and moved in close to Kyle sitting right beside me.

I was hoping to seduce him quickly as I only had minutes before Ryan would come bounding back into the room perfect and prim. I looked deep into this hot little boy's eye, and as I began to speak, he spoke first saying "so tell me do you have a boyfriend because I have to think a hot bear daddy like you would have to have a boyfriend". Not only was I stunned my cock shot up hard against my track pants. His eyes went directly to my crotch.

"You know," he said putting his hand on my engorged member, "Ryan and I are not a couple since he fucked around on me and since you have showed us three bedrooms there is no need for me to sleep with him in fact I think I would rather find out what other talents this tool has besides growing on command," he said as he lightly stroke my aching drooling tool.

As Ryan returned to the room prim and proper ready to go out and take on the world he announce since he had not been to the gay district of Toronto he was going out for a drink, he asked who wanted to join him and we both declined. I gave him a pass card and an extra key and told him that this was my house not a brothel and he was not to bring a trick back for an evening of pleasure

"Why would I?" he replied, "all I want is sitting on the couch right there and I know for a fact he is safe here cause he does not like big old guys" he said with a sneer. I laughed it off and took it as another rude comment the little bastard offered up, but took it because he was so fucking hot. Though I never mentioned it, through the whole conversation on the couch all I could do was stare right at Ryan's huge cock. His jeans did nothing to hide the ample offering pulsating in his skin tight jeans.

I walked Ryan to the door and as he left he leaned in close and said, "I really appreciate your help this weekend, I know I am a total jerk sometimes but when you're this beautiful that is my right." He kissed my cheek and said "if Kyle is asleep when I get home I will come to your room so you can suck me off before you go to sleep, okay. I know you want to, but that's all you get, be happy I don't usually offer these things to fat guys". He giggled his evil little giggle kissed my cheek and left. I could hear his belly laugh in the hall. I was so upset with him it almost made me cry. How could this little bastard affect me so and in the same breath make me feel so miserable about my body.

When I returned to the gallery I was obviously distressed so without looking at Kyle I went to the bar and took a bottle of Kettle One out of the freezer, no glass just the bottle turned towards the couch and almost dropped my bottle. There on the couch was a naked half black half Spanish boy slowly stroking a massively hard 9 or 10 inches of drooling uncut cock. His smooth boyish looks, lightly tinted skin looked ever so striking on my white couch. The weight of his body made a smooth indentation into the plush pillows that surrounded him. I was sure I heard angels singing as I walked to the couch and offered him the bottle.

He reached up for the bottle but moved passed it in slow but calculated precision reached the top of my track pants and in one movement had them lying around my ankles on the floor. He took the bottle from my hand the cap from the other replaced it on the bottle and put it on the floor. He removed his tiny frame from his placement of ecstasy on the couch and sat directly in front of me. His face was directed at my seven inches of drooling meat that ached to find the recesses of his throat. Kyle stood up and even standing fully erect he only reached dead center of my chest. He lifted up my t-shirt and with a little help from me it joined my track pants on the floor. There we stood naked as the day we were born exploring the finer details of each other's bodily recesses.

With a motion of his hand he directed me to the couch where I placed my 6'2" 260lb frame in a relaxed accessible position. He lowered his body to his knees and positioned his tiny frame between my legs. He lifted my legs one at a time and placed them on his shoulders. With a few shifting movement he rested his head on my taint (taint your ass, taint your balls) and began to slowly flick his tongue up the underside of my balls and down to my hole, lingering on each spot for a few moments lathering my balls or slowly inserting his very hard wet tongue deep into my wanting willing hole.

The feelings of utter and blissful passion strapped my body with pleasure and dire need to return all these needful wanted attentions. His competent tongue on my ass was replaced by two fingers gently probing the inner most reaches of my colon. His tongue worked its way up and down the length of my drooling cock as he lapped up all of the leaking juices and looked deep into my eyes as he showed me the syrup of love making on his tongue before swallowing the elixir of great and premeditated passion.

As his fingers penetrated my ass he moved his tiny lips to the head of my cock and took the head of my ultra sensitive prick deep into his mouth. How he knew I will never know but then he began to gently use his teeth as he dragged his pearly whites up and down my 7 drooling inches. All you could hear in the room was my overly excited moans of outright pleasure. He never made a sound and is the quietest cocksucker I have ever met.

I had to stop him because his talent for cock sucking was coaxing the 2 weeks of pent up cum from deep in my nuts to within millimeters of the end of my cock slit. I lifted him up to meet my face and we looked deep into each others eyes. His pre cum lathered tongue searched the reaches of my throat looking for a place to deposit his cum coating so that I would be able to savor it later. While he lay there on top of me my fingers found his sweating drooling hole and I fingered him as gently as I could. He was gorgeous but tiny and I did not want my fingers to hurt him. This finger action drove him nuts and before he could reverse himself into a 69 position over my face which I wanted to do as I was dreaming of sucking on his tiny black hole, I stopped him. Held him close and asked if he would like to get more comfortable. He snuggled in closer and said "yes please sir".

I stood up and as he stood up I picked him up and walked him down the hall to my cousin's room. The bed was laid out with white pillows on a goose feather duvet and several toys and sexual pleasures in the bed side table. I laid him gently down and bade him to wait a moment while I did a few things before we continued. I showed him the bed side table and a cabinet that had many sexual toys, straps, chains and a very interesting sling in it that very few of my sexual conquests had requested to use. I left him and went to my room.

I opened the armoire and directed all of the cameras in the room to focus on the bed and the 5 feet around, over and beside the bed. I could see Kyle inspecting the sling and a very devilish grin crossed his face. I was sure to be showing this boy the pleasures of sex with a horny old bear daddy that has all the toys. I slipped a fresh tape into two of the recorders and made sure that the machine was set up to switch tapes when one was full so that our sex play would all be recorded. I then returned to the room to inquisitive looks from Kyle while he stood holding the sling.

"I've seen a sling before and used one but this one is very strange; how does it work?" he asked.

"I will tell you and we can use it if you allow me to film us while we do it." I said. "Only if I get a copy," he responded and continued, "obviously Ryan forgot to mention that even though he is here on a shoot I on the other hand am here auditioning for a porn website".

What luck not only to have a hot boy in my bed I have an up and coming porn star. I showed him where the cameras where, and his only comment was "pervert". I laughed as he did and mention to him that I was not a pervert but a voyeur and well prepared at that. Again we both laughed.

With his help we positioned my "bungee sling" on a hook through the ceiling. My builder was not only good but was also a leather daddy and since I lived in the penthouse he had drilled the hole right up through the roof and had anchored the eyelet bolt from the other side with a 2 foot square iron panel for added support. With a pulley system I adjusted the sling over the lower center of the bed and asked Kyle to sit in it as I did this. Next I adjusted the height of the sling based on his weight. He watched intently but with some confusion. When everything was set I used the pulley system to raise the sling above the bed. I indicated for him to lie down on the bed face down. He did as he was told.

I lay down beside him and before I began to enjoy the back side of this boy's formal offering I used a remote to turn all the cameras on. One quick check in my own bedroom of camera angles and a few adjustments and were ready to how you say "fuck our brains out!"

I returned to the room looked at the clock radio, it was already 1am and the bars would be hoping for at least another 2 hours. I settled in next to him and he turned to greet me as I lay down and said to me. "Daddy (fuck I love it when a guy says that) I'm all yours, teach me how to be a good son". What wasn't hard before was certainly hard now. I leaned into him and we kissed for what seemed like an hour. I then rolled him over on his stomach and made my way down his soft supple boyish body. I lay down between his legs and opened the gates of pleasure with my fingers. My tongue found his tight little pucker and I began to lather his hot tight hole with the well traveled well educated tongue, I so greatly appreciate having. He wriggled beneath my relentless assault on his tight little hole. Once in a while I would force a finger or two or three deep into the passages that soon my cock would be probing.

I gently lifted his body effortlessly and positioned his engorged massive uncut drooling meat at the entrance to my throat. While lathering the rod of glory I inserted my lubed fingers deep into his ass. I was having so much fun sucking this boy that I almost forgot the sling hanging precariously above us. I looked over my shoulder and eyed it with evil glee. I replaced his cock under his body and again concentrated on his rose. I went to town on him and he responded by forcing his ass deep on to my face begging in a soft voice for Daddy to fuck him. In one of those long deep guttural utterances he begged me to stop for if I didn't he would be wasting his load on my duvet. That was the sign I was waiting for.

I lowered the sling on the pulley, anchored the other end of the rope to a rope tie on the bed post and picked him up and placed him in the rubber sling. The seat of the sling has a huge hole in it so by nature of the rubber as he sits down it opens his ass up wide as he sits waiting. Now remember this is a single strand bungee sling hanging from the ceiling, it takes a little getting used to but when you have it in place the possibilities are endless.

When he was positioned I stood in front him and bade him to suck my swollen cock. I needed him to offer Daddy his throat and his ass as a willingness to participate in the ecstasy he was about to endure. He gladly slurped away on my cock until I felt I was ready. I gave him an unwrapped condom and he put it in his mouth and slipped it over the end of my cock. I made sure it was fastened well and looked down to a very disgruntled face.

I forgot that I was using Lamb Skin as there was no way a regular condom could take the punishment his ass was about to endure. I apologized and he smiled with, "It's not the first time I have had a bad taste in my mouth". We both laughed and I lay down under the sling and positioned my cock under the hole in the sling. I lowered the sling so that my cock was inside him by only an inch or so. He moaned loudly as my cock slipped effortlessly into his anal canal. I let him get accustom to it and then told him when he was ready to bounce using his body weight.

His first bounce was too hard which is usually the case and his body weight forced his ass all the way down onto my cock and then I grabbed both sides of the sling and held him there, whether pain or ecstasy his voice filled the air as I let go of the sling and let the bungee cord take care of the retreat. When my cock was again one inch in side of him I stopped the motion of the sling and looked into his eyes, his facial expressions trumped his tears and he looked at me with soft lips pursed and whispered, "I'll take it from here". With that I let go of the sling and he began a slow bouncing motion which forced his ass deeper and deeper onto my cock with each motion. He screamed out begging for deeper and even deeper penetration as he forced down harder and harder with his body weight.

I too was in the throngs of building a huge orgasm I could feel his hot wet hole massaging the lukewarm cum deep in my nuts. With every downward motion of his body I was treated to a hot wet slap of his well lubricated ass on my balls. We fucked like this for almost 40 minutes when I felt him groan and peak with an effortless non forced sigh with which he arched his back in the sling grabbed his throbbing member and knowing there is no stopping a boy and his orgasm, I grasped the sides of the sling in both hands held him down onto the base of my cock and with all the strength I had left I spun the sling so that not only was he bouncing down on to my cock he was also spinning.

His first shot of cum landed on my face and chest, his second on the bureau close to the door, his third on the window next to the bed. Squirt after pent up squirt of cum flew from the end of his hugely engorged cock splayed the room with unparalleled precision as he unloaded his man juice. With the last drop milked from his now receding member I lost all control, I lifted him up off my cock and removed the condom and unloaded two weeks worth of cum all over my chest, face and stomach. I was spent and so was he.

He steadied himself with his legs stood up, shook the last remainders of cum off the end of his purple head and proceeded to lie beside me where with expert tongue used to the delicacy of cum, cleaned any remainder of our orgasms off my body, cock and even off the headboard. He settled in close to me relaxed his body, kissed me gently on the lips and snuggled into me with but a simple parting before exhaustion stole his words "awesome Daddy, fucking awesome". With that said he snuggled into my body grasped my wilting member and blissfully passed into a well deserved nap.

The pool party surprise

Brown eyes, a shock of black hair, white teeth in a tanned face ... "Excuse me. Could I ask you a question?" I was so engrossed in admiring the young man - lean, muscular, tanned, hairy in all the right places (thank God he didn't shave himself all over like so many do these days) that I didn't at first grasp that he was speaking to me.

I should explain that I was attending one of my friend Dick's frequent summer weekend pool parties and had come in the house to get a cold beer from the fridge. Dick lived in a secluded house, half a mile from the road, so nudity was the order of the day for the eclectic mix of young and old friends that Dick collected and invited for his pool parties - hence I was able to admire all of this Adonis (who I surmised was one of Dick's new acquisitions) right the way to his delightfully furry bubble-butt.

Anyway, to get back to what I was saying, I was momentarily taken aback that this gorgeous creature was speaking to me, who was certainly old enough to be his father (maybe even his grandfather!) - I think I can say that I am still in good shape for my age, but even so -I was momentarily speechless.

He flashed me a white-toothed grin and said, "I didn't mean to startle you, but I hope you don't mind if I ask you a question ?"

I managed to stammer, "No, no - not at all - I mean ask away!" I thought he probably wanted to know the way to the john, or something, but I soon discovered that was not what was on his mind.

He continued "My name is Jerry - and this is my first time here." I knew that - I would have remembered him if I had seen him there, or anywhere, before - but anyway, I bid him welcome and told him that my name was Jeff, and that I was an old friend of Dick's. I took a swig of my beer and told him I would try to answer his question.

He looked a little embarrassed for a moment, but then obviously steeled himself and blurted out, all in one breath, "I couldn't help noticing that you are uncircumcised - and I have always wondered what that would be like - so that's what I wanted to ask you - and I thought you wouldn't mind, because you seemed really nice - and I think you're really sexy!"

I said, "Jerry - don't be embarrassed. There are no secrets here. Why don't we just go in here and talk about it." I took his arm and drew him into the den. "Now - what do you want to know?"

"Well," he said, "I have never really seen what an uncircumcised uh-uh ..."

"Cock," I prompted.

"Yes, what an uncircumcised cock really looks like - I always felt it was rude to stare at kids in gym class who were like that, and they would have thought I was gay, or something - of course, now I know that I am," he added.

"Go ahead," I told him, "Examine it as much as you like - but you may find that it gets bigger while you do!"

I pushed him down to sit on the couch, and stood in front of him, my by now half hard cock dangling before his face. Jerry looked at it from all sides, and then gently took my shaft in his hand and played with the foreskin, pushing it back behind the head and then pulling it forward to form a fleshy nozzle in his fist.

He looked up at me and grinned, "Boy, if I had one of these I would be playing with it all the time!" Still keeping hold of me with one hand, he sat back a little on the couch and adjusted his own crotch with the other. Looking down, I saw a strong straight fleshy spear sticking straight up from between his thighs - a beautiful cock on a beautiful man.

"Wow!" Jerry exclaimed, "something just got this fella interested, look how big your cock's getting." He leaned forward and put his lips around my shaft, and then gently pushed his tongue under my foreskin. I groaned, and my rod twitched in his grasp. Keeping his lips around me he slowly pulled the skin back and forth a few times, then abruptly stood up and pushed his throbbing prick down. Pushing my skin back he lined up our cocks head to head - clear drops of pre-cum were bubbling from his piss-slit, and from mine.

"Hold it there, Jerry," I croaked, and pushed my skin forward over my cockhead and then over his. I took his hand and wrapped it around our conjoined members, and then reached down and cradled his big hairy balls in my palm. Very gently I thrust my hips forward and backward, fucking our shrouded cockheads through his fist.

"Oh God," Jerry moaned," This is incredible. Jeff ... I'm cumming, I'm uh ... uh ... cumming." I grabbed the back of his neck and pulled our open mouths together, tongues intertwining while I felt the sperm shooting from my cock. At the same time Jerry's balls pulled up tight against his body and I felt the cum pumping out of him. The force of our combined ejaculations blew our connection apart, and thick creamy ropes of spunk shot up between us, landing on our hairy chests, bellies and thighs.

As we sank back on the couch there was a round of applause and, looking round, we saw most of our fellow guests leaning in through the window or standing peering in through the door, which we had neglected to close. Most of them had their own, or a neighbor's, cock in hand, or in mouth. Not unexpectedly, our host pushed his way through the crowd, shouting, "Gangway, gangway for the clean-up crew," and proceeded to lick both of us clean, which soon led to him being ravaged from the rear by myself, followed by a number of other guests, while he received fresh libations by mouth from Jerry's well-stocked balls - but that's another story!

When and why i started sucking dad

When I was 12 my mother became ill and took to her bed. She stayed there until she died eleven years later. My father became her chief caretaker and I was his assistant. He was attentive and devoted until she died. After high school I chose a college in town so that I could stay at home and help Dad. The only thing I missed about going away to college was the freedom and privacy that comes with distance. I had known forever that I was gay and I was certainly sexually active but living at home did limit my options. It would have been nice to have a dorm room or apartment to take a guy for some horizontal sex.

My freshman year went by quickly. I met lots of new friends and various bathrooms around campus offered an inexhaustible supply of horny young men with hard bodies. I even made an A+ in freshman English by making my mouth and asshole available on a regular basis to the terminally dorky, but not unattractive, graduate teaching assistant.

Near the end of my freshman year, I invited a friend of mine over to the house to study for an upcoming final. Stan and I hit if off together and had studied together before but I had no expectations beyond that. Something was different that night. We were in my bedroom studying with the door closed when his eye caught mine with a look I hadnít seen from him before. Before I really knew what was happening, our mouths met and our tongues were intertwined. His hands were groping my crotch and mine went down the back of his pants (Iíve always been a butt man). In seconds we were both naked and on the floor. We were on our sides sucking each other with total abandon. Hard 18 year old dicks pumping in and out of tight 18 year old mouths. Lust filled 18 year old hips pounding away and 18 year old lungs heaving to catch a breath between mouthfuls of hard dick and the all-consuming lust of the rut.

Then, the unthinkable happened. Dad walked in. He knocked on the door as he opened it. His face was a mixture of shock and embarrassment when he saw us. He backed out and closed the door as quickly as he had come in without saying a word. Stan bounded to his feet, his cock instantly deflated. He threw on just enough clothes to be decent, grabbed the rest along with his books and fled. I donít know if he ran into Dad in his flight from my room to the front door. I heard the front door open and close and then I heard his car.

It was only then I looked down and realized my dick hadnít gone soft but was the hardest and most swollen I had ever seen it. The protruding veins that ran down the sides of the shaft were visibly throbbing. My dickhead was bloated and huge and had turned an angry color of red. My piss slit was a gaping hole. I wrapped my fingers around my larger than normal cock and felt its girth. I was so turned on by the thought of Dad seeing me with a hardon having sex. It only took a couple of strokes and I shot my wad. It came boiling up from my gut and exploded outward with a force that would have been painful if it hadnít felt so good. It was the biggest orgasm I had ever had. I couldnít breathe, I couldnít touch my dick. I had shot off into the bathroom sink. I scooped up a couple of fingers of the sticky jism and ate it. I sucked my fingers clean. After a few minutes I splashed some water on my face and my breathing began to approach normal.

I took a quick shower and went to bed. Every time I thought of Dad seeing Stan and me going at it Iíd start getting a hardon all over again. The scene of him opening the door and the expression on his face kept playing over and over again in my mind. I laid there in bed fantasizing about what would have happened if Dad had come on in and joined Stan and me rather than leaving. My fantasy was just getting good when I heard another knock on my bedroom door and Dadís voice asking if he could come in. If he only knew what he was interrupting! I pulled a sheet over my naked body and told him to come in. Dad was wearing a bathrobe. "David, I wanted to apologize for barging in on you earlier. It was wrong of me." I accepted his apology and mentioned that I probably didnít need to tell him that I was gay. He sort of smiled and said that my sexual orientation had been made pretty clear. Here we had our father-son discussion about being gay. Everything went as well as any 18 year old queer could hope for. At the end of it, Dad leaned over and gave me a hug. He turned to leave and the, as if debating whether or not to say something else, turned back to me and said, "You know, Iím a bit jealous of you. The freedom you have at this stage of your life to do what you want, go wherever you want, and have sex with whomever whenever you want."

"I hardly have sex with whomever I want, Dad."

"You know what I mean. I would be willing to bet that you have sex on a regular basis. I, on the other hand, can barely remember what sex is like or how to do it."

I couldnít believe what I was hearing. My father was discussing his sex life with me. "But, . . . what about Mom?" I asked.

"We havenít made love since she got sick. Nothing--six years and two months and counting--nothing."

"Nobody? Not once in that period?"

"No, I cantí just ignore my wedding vows and make love to another woman because I get horny. That would be adultery."

"Iím not suggesting that you get a mistress or have an affair. What you need is a sex partner, a fuck buddy."

"Even if I wanted to, I wouldnít know where to find such a woman and Iím not about to hire a hooker."

"Who said it had to be a woman?"

"What do you mean?" Dad asked.

"Women arenít the only ones who can satisfy your needs."

"Are you suggesting that I make love to a man? Iím not gay."

"No, Iím not suggesting you make love to anyone. What you need is someone who can provide a sexual service, someone who can relieve years of accumulated sexual tension. Iím not talking love, Iím talking sex. For starters, it should be someone who is a good cocksucker."

Dad took a step back, befuddled. "What are you saying?"

"Have a seat and relax, Dad." I pointed to an old easy chair in front of my TV. He looked at me like he didnít know what to do. "Trust me, Dad. Sit down and relax." He sat down in the chair rather stiffly. I wrapped the sheet around me like a toga and got out of bed. I rummaged through my closet until I found an old knit ski cap. I put the cap on Dadís head and pulled it down to cover his eyes so he couldnít see.

"Trust me," I said. "This wonít hurt in the least. Iíll bet youíll thank me for it afterwards. If you want me to stop at any point, just say so." Not being able to see anything, he seemed to relax a bit.

I knelt down in front of the chair, pulled his knees apart and moved in close. I opened the front of his bathrobe, he had on white briefs. I couldnít believe I was doing this but right there in front of me was my dadís crotch. Waiting for me. I could see the outline of his dick and the mound of his balls. I was going to have them. My cock was rigid under my toga. I touched the waistband of his briefs and he flinched. He was wound tighter than a three-day clock. "Relax, Dad, I wonít bite. I really wonít." Iíd better getting going before he changed his mind. I quickly but gently pulled his waistband down exposing his crotch. His cock was starting to thicken just a bit Ė probably more from nerves than from sexual excitement. His balls were nestled in a halo of thick dark brown hair.

I didnít waste any time. Holding his balls gently in one hand, I leaned forward and took all of his cock in my mouth. My nose was pressed against the warmth of his stomach. Dad reacted with a sharp intake of breath but didnít say anything. He rapidly grew in my mouth getting longer, thicker, and harder. In only a few seconds he was fully erect and stiff as a board.

I flicked my tongue across his sensitive dickhead and I drilled the tip of my tongue into his piss hole. I bobbed up and down sliding the entire length of his shaft through a tight "O" formed by my lips. I relaxed my throat and took him deep, to the root. I held his hard dick tight letting my mouth and throat muscles work on his entire cock from stem to stern. As would be expected of anyone who hadnít had sex in over six years, it didnít take him long to shoot. He started to moan faster and louder and more urgently. He froze stiff for a couple of seconds, every muscle rigid. Then my mouth was suddenly full to overflowing with his thick warm salty cream. I came in waves, his body jerking with each shot. He sounded like he was in pain but I knew he wasnít. I swallowed load after load until there was no more. I licked and sucked him clean then let him slip from my mouth. I tucked his cock and balls back into his underwear and pulled his bathrobe together. I stood up and went back to my bed.

He sat there in the dark for a few seconds in silence and then he stood up. He pulled the ski cap off his head and uncovered his eyes. He walked straight out the door. A second or two later, he reappeared in my doorway and very quietly said, "Thanks, son . . . I didnít know that was possible." He didnít wait for a response but turned and left for the night. He took the ski cap with him.

Needless to say, I was stiff as a board. The idea of sucking Dadís hard cock, holding his balls in my hands, and swallowing load after load of his cum was incredible. It didnít take me long to drain my balls of another load. I rolled over and went right to sleep.

The next morning Dad didnít say anything except that he hadnít slept so well in years. He also couldnít stop smiling. That night, while I was reading in bed, I heard a knock on my bedroom door. It was Dad ... in a bathrobe ... holding a ski cap. "I saw your light was still on. Thought Iíd say goodnight." I looked up and smiled. "Have a seat, Dad. Letís see what I can do for you." It was a replay of the previous night except this time Dad didnít have on any underwear and he was already starting to get hard.

For the next several weeks, the scene was repeated nearly every night. It tapered off a bit and eventually stabilized at 2 to 3 times per week. He would always show up at my door in his bathrobe carrying the ski cap. He eventually stopped covering his eyes and then stopped even putting on the cap. But he always carried it. I eventually quit bothering covering myself and he didnít seem to mind my nakedness or my frequent hard dick pointing out in front of me. But, he never touched my dick or saw me cum. He would occasionally put his hands on my head or shoulders while I sucked him, particularly when I sucked on his balls, which he really loved. I would sometimes put my arms around his waist and sometimes my hands ended up on his butt cheeks but otherwise we never ventured beyond what we did the first night.

After Mom died Dad surprised me by continued to come to me at night even though he was no longer bound by marital vows and was free to be with a woman. It continued even after he started dating and after I moved away from home, although less often. Two months ago, Dad got remarried. Her name is Eileen and she seems like a very nice person. I was in town for the first time since the wedding and stopped by for a few days. On the first night, right after going to bed in my old room, I heard a soft knock on the door. It was Dad in his old ratty bathrobe holding a ski cap. "I saw your light on and thought Iíd say goodnight." I smiled and threw back the sheet that covered me. He left about an hour ago with a smile on his face and a spring in his step.

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