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Fucking my son for the first time

The first time I fucked my son was in a bathroom stall at a gay movie theater. We were both drunk - or at least I was, I think Sam was high. It was around midnight on a Friday night. I had been there about half an hour. I donít know how long he had been there. It was a big theater. Anyway, when we ran into each other in the flickering light of the balcony it was apparent to both us why the other was there and without a word he grabbed my arm and led me to the john.

It was the only place with any privacy and I fucked his twenty year old ass filling him with my forty year old cum. I fucked him hard and he took it like a man. He had an amazing butt and his hole was tight but it was clear to he was no virgin back there. He loved every second of it, squirming his hips and moaning like a hustler. I know I wasnít even the first that night; he was too lubricated and open. I wondered how many men had already worked his ass that night. The more I thought about it the harder I got. After I finished plowing him I know he spread his cheeks for other guys that night because I saw him. Anyway, he led to the john. There was only one stall and it didnít have a door but it was still the most private place around. He dropped his gym shorts and stepped out of them - he didnít have anything else on except flip flops on his feet - and bent forward offering me his butt. He spread his legs and braced himself by leaning forward over the toilet and putting his arms on the wall in front of him.

I was so turned on I donít think I had ever been so hard in my life. He looked over his shoulder at me, "Come on Dad, fuck me!" I didnít think I would ever hear a sentence like that but it sent a jolt of electricity through me. My cock ached it was so hard... I ran my hand down his ass, felt the indentations on both sides, the smooth nearly hairless skin, and then slid my fingers down his crack to his puckered hole. I lined up my dickhead and pressed against the button of his asshole. I pressed gently, feeling his most private flesh against my most private flesh.

He arched his back and pushed back against me. He wanted it as badly as I did. I pressed harder and he slowly opened up swallowing me whole in one long gulp. I slid into him in slow motion until my pubes pressed against his smooth butt. Thatís when his hips started dancing. Up to then he had been perfectly still. Now he was dancing, swaying this way and that, forward and back. He loved being fucked. It only made me harder.

A couple of guys, who came in the john, heard us and watched us fuck. I didnít mind. They had no idea we were father and son. As far as they knew, we were just two guys going at it. I reached around his body and jacked his hard dick as I fucked his butt. He came just after me. I aimed his dick into the toilet and he let the cum fly. I couldnít see how much he shot, but I could feel his dick pulse and spasm in my hand. I wiped his dickhead clean with my hand and then licked my fingers clean. I just had to taste him.

After fucking him, we found seats in the back corner of the balcony and started making out, kissing like teenagers, tonguing like whores. I slid a hand down the back of his shorts and fingered his slick well-used hole. His tongue danced in my mouth as I fingered him. His hand was massaging my hard cock when I started to cum again. He immediately bent down and drank me dry sucking the cum out of balls. Iíve never felt so drained. In about fifteen minutes I had shot two huge loads. I hadnít done that in forever. I leaned back in my seat with my arm around my sonís nearly naked body. He let my deflating cock slip from his mouth and nestled against me. He kissed me and surprised me by feeding me my own cum. It was warm and mixed with his spit. We exchanged it back and forth between our mouths until it all disappeared.

There was a young guy two rows in front of us who was making eye contact with Sam. I let Sam know it was okay for him to leave me. He may be my son, but he wasnít my date. I was pretty well spent but I knew he could go on strong for hours. He had dropped his shorts in the floor and he left them laying there. He walked down two rows completely naked, hard dick pointing in front of him. He sat down beside the guy, but soon he got up and sat on the guyís lap; Sam was getting fucked again.

I watched my son (who was completely naked now) get fucked by a total stranger in a seedy movie theater and it made my cock hard as a rock even though I had just cum twice. It was an incredible turn on watching the scene in front of me. It didnít take long and Sam had another load of cum up his butt. From there he moved to another row farther down and to the right and I think he got fucked again but I couldnít see very clearly. I eventually left the theater knowing that Sam was having a good time and doing exactly what I had done when I was his age. I donít know when or how or if he found his shorts again. When I got up the next morning Sam was asleep alone in his bedroom.

I canít say it came as any surprise to me that he was gay. I donít think he was surprised by me either. It did break the ice though. After that night, we both felt free to bring guys home and let them spend the night without making excuses or trying to hide it. Sam made no bones about it when he brought a guy home after that. They would fuck and suck and whatever else they wanted to and not make any effort to be quiet. I rather enjoyed listening to my son make love to another man. More than once I laid spread eagle in bed jacking off while listening to the sounds of frantic young male sex coming from Samís bedroom. He didnít close his bedroom door, I didnít close mine. Presumably he could here me just as clearly when I brought home a lover.

Just from listening, I learned what he liked and didnít like. I know he likes to rim and be rimmed, to fuck and be fucked, to cuddle and kiss, but he had no great fondness for sucking. How many fathers know that much about their sonís love life? I do and Iím glad I do. I also try to get a look at the guys he brought home - they are usually about his age, sometimes a bit older. They tend to be handsome, tall, lean rather than muscular, dark hair, full lips, and clean shaven. The exact sort of guys I would pick up if I were him. Somehow it is a great turn-on for me to know that my son and I have the same taste in men. We both look for the same qualities.

Every once in a while, not often enough to become a pattern or expected, Sam will slip in bed with me and spend the night. Sometimes we make love, but not always. Sometimes he just wants to be close to me. I always want to be close to him. Nothing is better than to feel his naked body pressed close to mine. Our bodies spooning, my body curving around his, protecting him, pretending to keep him just for me, my crotch pressed against his soft/firm ass, my arms around his shoulders or cradling his head, his soft snoring, and steady breathing. I stay awake just listening to him breathe and feeling him close. On nights like that I hate for morning to come.

When it does I have to jack off in the shower or Iím hard all morning. Sam knows the effect he has on me and more often than not he obliges by sucking or jacking me off. It never takes long when he does.

Inventory night

Let me start by saying ever since I can remember men have turned me on--hairy men more than anything. Also let me describe myself. I'm 5'6" about 150 lbs blonde hair blue eyes, glasses. I'm a bit nerdy too. That's why I never went openly gay until I turned 18. Throughout my pre eighteen days I had always been attracted to this guy Joe.

Joe was hot. He was about 5'10" 170 lbs, black hair and brown eyes. He always wore shirt that formed a 'v' at the neck and show wisps of hair on his chest. Whenever I masturbated I most often thought of him. Joe ran a convenience store with three of his brothers, and I won't lie, all of them were hot, but Joe was always the best looking to me.

My story starts after I turned eighteen. My dad had insisted that I get a job after school to help pay the rent and bills since I was an adult. So I decided to ask Joe if I could work at the store stocking shelves mopping floors, anything he needed. He hired me immediately.

Also I forget to mention, Joe was, in my opinion, straight as a board, he just had a kid and had a girlfriend. The weeks went buy and I kept working at the store. Throughout those weeks I couldn't help but notice that Joe hung around me a lot and found excuses to be near me. But I didn't mind, even if he was straight, he was still a stud. Then he asked me one Friday if I could do inventory the next night. "Sure," I said. This is where the real story begins.

I showed up Saturday for work, everything went normal then Joe said, "Well we better get started, we got a lotta shit to haul," and he winked. I couldn't help but blush. I followed him to the back, keeping a distance behind staring at his gorgeous ass in his tight Levi's, god he was gorgeous.

"You start doing those boxes over there," he said, "I'll start over here." So I started, but I didn't get much done, I kept looking over at him when he wasn't looking. Also I could have sworn he kept looking at me too. Needless to say it took awhile to finish. We had started at about six, and it was now nearly eleven at night. I moved the last box when I felt a hand on my shoulder, Joe's hand. I turned to face him and he said in the deepest voice, "Thanks for the help."

"No problem," I said softly and he hugged me. Our crotches touched and I felt his hardon pressing against mine through the fabric. He looked into my eyes and smiled and before I could do anything, he kissed me. I found myself throwing my arms around him cramming my tongue down his throat; he moaned, as did I. I broke the kiss and pulled my shirt off and he went to work on my nipples licking and biting them slowly.

"Oh Joe," I moaned and pulled his shirt off. He pulled me down to the floor and got on top of me kissing me all over, my neck, nips stomach. I fumbled with my pants and pulled them off, my six inches throbbing with pleasure. He quickly took it in his mouth while slipping his pants off, and then he stopped.

"I wanna 69," he growled. I quickly nodded and we assumed the position, his cock was at least 9 inches and it took a while to get my rhythm as he sucked me off. I swirled my tongue around the head of his cock as he did the same to me.

We came at almost the same time and I sucked him dry. But he wasn't done. He then rolled me over and began fingering my ass, I was moaning. He then rammed his again hard cock up my ass. I wasn't ready for it and screamed out, but he just went faster, thrusting harder and harder.

It was glorious, the pain was turning to pleasure and before I knew it he came up my ass. It was the most pleasurable feeling ever. He collapsed on my back and I happened to glance up at the door, which had just shut and saw Mike Joe's brother who had just seen the whole thing...

How it started with dad

While its been a couple years since I first wrote, how it started about my brother and I, I thought I would contigtnue about how it started with our dad.

To give a little background, when I first started having sex, I was 13 years old and started by my brother who was 15 at the time. We shared a bedroom growing up and were raised by just our dad, so we had a lot of time alone, especially in the summers. As soon as we would wake, the penis play would begin, as our dad worked construction and would be gone by the time we would wake. Sucking quickly lead to fucking and I was more than a willing participant. While we were no experts, we surely knew how and making my brother cum was one of my favorite things to do. His dick seemed so big and hairy to me and I LOVED the way it smelled, especially when he was excited.

Anyway, this is a story about how it started with our dad, so let me begin. It was only a couple of weeks after my brother and I started, but far enough along that we were very comfortable with having sex. My brother and I slept in the same bed, as we were basically poor and my brother had a queen size bed, so there was plenty of room for both of us. I had a twin bed also in the bedroom, but once we became sexually active, our routine of sex before bed, made it easy to fall asleep next to my brother. So one morning, we woke and my brother's dick was hard and rubbing against my ass. I remember we both very horny, so I quickly hurried up and cleaned up. When I returned to the bedroom, my brother was hard and ready to fuck. I went down on him for second, but my brother wanted to fuck, so he quickly put me on the bed, bent me over and slowly slid his big beautiful dick inside me.

It didn't take us long to hit our groove, my brother was trying to take his time, so not to cum right away. But soon the feelings of passion and lust took over and the real fucking began, complete with moaning & grunting, a singing mattress and the sounds of two bodies slapping against each other. Then all of a sudden the fucking stopped. I remember I was looking down at the bed, as my brother was mounted behind me. My brother said "oh shit" and I looked up. There was dad. Naked, running late and stunned. Now our dad was the best, he was very down to earth and had an idea that my brother and I were fooling around from times before. Later he told me that he could hear us having sex in the middle of the night (I'm quite the moaner lol).

My brother and I were just frozen. His dick still inside me, the three of us just kind of stared at each other. Dad broke the ice as all he could say was something like, "Umm, sorry to interupt, umm, I just wanted to let you know that I forgot to set the alarm and over slept, you guys can continue, sorry" and then he just stood there; naked and still dazed. Next thing I knew, I could feel my brother's dick get rock hard again inside me and then his hips began to move. Still dad didn't move, but the sensations of my brother's movement caused me to gasp and wimper with good feelings that I could not hold back. As we realized that dad wasn't moving, my brother started to fuck intently again and the moans and groans just fell from my mouth. I remember looking over at dad who was naked. Dad was a construction worker and had a very solid build. Plus he was the only Italian I knew that was named Patrick. Dad had a thick hairy chest, a fat dick and big hairy balls. As my brother's pace started to quicken, I looked over to dad and could see his dick harden. My eyes were just locked on his cock and quickly glanced up at dad. Dad saw my stare and didn't say a word. He just walked over to me putting his dick in my face. That was all I could take, there it was dad's fat hairy piece in my face, so close I could smell its goodness. I wanted it so bad, I just reached for it and shoved it in my mouth like someone who hadn't eaten in a week. All dad could do was moan Oh son, that feels so good. Now seeing this was my brother, who was still fucking me, but it was more than he could take. My brother belted out, I'm going to cum, I'm fucking going to cum and damn did he ever. Coating my insides with his cum, my brother shot deep inside me, my head was swirling from everything.

After my brother regained his composure, he pulled out of me and I still on all 4's with my dad's dick still in my mouth. My dad then took his cock out of my mouth and basically said that if I was giving it up to my brother, I could give it up to him and asked in his own way if that was ok. I nodded yes, as fuck, I'll admit it, I wanted dad's dick. Dad then laid me on my back and told me that he was going to fuck me like an adult, that he was not going to hold back and that once he started, he was not going to be able to stop until he was done and once again asked if I could handle it. Myself, all I could do was focus on dad's dick, it was rock hard and his dick was alot fatter than my brother's, damn I wanted it so bad. I once again nodded yes, as dad started to manuever his beautiful hairy body on top of me. Dad kissed me as he positioned his cock against my asshole. I knew there was no going back, this was going to happen. He put some spit and some of my brother's cum that was leaking out of my ass on his dick for lube and pushed his glorious cock inside me. First the head popped in and as gentle as a father could be, he slowly pushed his whole cock inside. Once he was all the way in, he paused and asked how I was feeling and something I will never forget, he had the biggest smile on his face. I could tell looking at him that this was something dad really needed and I was more than happy to provide. As dad started, his big hands grasped my small waist to make sure he was properly mounted to me. Still to this day, when someone goes to fuck me and adjusts themselves with my waist, it makes me crazy.

Dad leaned down, kissed me and started to move his body in the rythmn that love making begins with. Dad's dick was so hard in me and for the first time, I was feeling him in a way I had never before. Not only feeling his dick, but my hands got to touch his glorious hairy chest and feel his back and butt muscles work his love inside me. Dad would exhale with a grunt or groan, exclaiming how good it felt. Dad made me feel and know how much he appreciated this. To me, it was the least I could do for the man that raised me.

As dad realized that I was able to handle him, his passion began to increase and so did my moaning lol. Dad's hands moved over my body as his cock worked his magic inside. As his rythmn would increase, my body would shake, as the intense feelings were just rippling over my body. I would then look up at dad, seeing that smile and need and he said, feels good doesn't it? By this time I couldn't even talk, all I could do was moan and knod my head in agreement. Dad kissed me again and told me how it was going to feel even better as he had even started yet. Hadn't started yet I thought, this was the best sex I had ever felt in my young life and this was just the beginning?

Dad then really began to fuck, the mattress was rocking and slamming against the wall, as dad's powerful legs and hips drove his dick deeper and harder inside me. His sweat went from just beading to covering me. His furry chest was damp with the sweat of our passion. Dad was fucking me with no regard to who I was, we went from father and son to a man who need to fuck and was taking it out on a willing participant. I just remember my head was spinning, dad was consuming me with his passion, my body was shaking it felt so good and then it happened. A rush of intense feelings fell over my body, all I could do was look at dad and moan, daddy, I am cumming, daddy, I'm cumming. Dad paused for maybe a half second, looked down at me and told me "Remember what I said, I can't stop until I cum" and kept fucking.

After probably another 5 minutes of dad grinding away on me, he movements became even more intense, his grunting louder and his balls were slapping against my ass and then BAM his dick slammed deep in me as dad roared I'm fucking cumming, I am fucking cumming I don't know if it was instinct or what, but I wanted that cum in me, my rode his squirting cock for all it was worth, milking every drop I could with my butt muscles. After he was spent, Dad collapsed on top of me, breathing heaving, sweating profusely, but we were still one. ILike my brother earlier, it took a second for dad to regain his composure. He was kissing me and telling me how good I make him feel. I remember I felt like an adult as I knew I could handle dad and for the first time in my life I felt an intense bond with him like I had never before. My brother watched the whole thing, he had an amazed look on his face. Dad pulled himself off me, told me what a good son I was and then went and called off work. The 3 of us spent the day together, fooling around off and on, getting to know our new relationship to each other.

After that, sex was very open in our household. From the time I was a young teen until I left for college, I probably blew my dad on an almost daily basis. My favorite time to suck his dick was after he got off work, as I LOVED the way my dad's dick smelled. And if dad wanted to fuck, my legs would fly up in the air. I never turned him down.

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