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Loving my students too much

During my freshmen year in college, I got a job at the local school being a teacher's aid during odd hours when I didn't have class myself.

Anyway, the class was sixth grade and I was nervous on my first day but that soon went away. Besides myself being new we had a new student to the school the same day I started his name was Ricky.

It seemed like instantly Ricky and I connected and became good friends. At lunch, I always sat with him and helped him the most during the class activities and lessons. Ricky was from Mexico. He had started school a year later than everyone else because his family was moving to the US then and he hadn't got his citizenship yet.

Time went by and Ricky and I became good friends.

Months later Ricky asked if he could stay over with me at my dorm room to see the college and everything. I told him to get permission from his parents and I'd see. I talked to Ricky's mom and she said that was fine. I was 18 then.

So Friday, after school ended, Ricky and I went back to my dorm room. My roommate had went home for the weekend and it was just me and Ricky.

So to show Ricky the college life, which was limited in this small town, we hung out with some of my friends and ate pizza, watched movies, and played Putt-Putt.

We made it back to the room around midnight and I was dead tired from the week and I knew I had a lot of homework that weekend.

So we decided to get ready for bed and I noticed Ricky changing into his sleepers. He had the smoothest olive skin and jet black hair and his body frame was well defined for a young boy. My mind went everywhere and a bulge formed in my pants.

I tried to overt my attention, Ricky was my student.

Anyway, I changed and just kept on my boxers. I got in my bed and Ricky was in my roommates. All night I thought of Ricky. Then I fell asleep.

I was awaked later when I looked up and Ricky was sitting on my bed. He said he couldn't sleep.

I asked him what was wrong and he said that he had a secret.

I was wondering then...

"What is it?" I asked.

"I like you" he replied.

Without thinking I put my hand on his leg and let up the covers of my bed. He crawled in next to me and we lay facing one another. I put my hands on his back and pulled him closer. Our lips meet and I asked if he had ever done this before. He said "No" and as I kissed him pulled down his PJ bottoms and gently rubbed his cock which was a good 4". He moaned in ecstacy. I slowly pulled by boxers off and let him see and touch my 8" cock. He was amazed.

Slowly I rolled on top of him and pulled his legs in the air and gently played with his hole with my poking dick. Then I pulled him higher in the air and he looked at me and rammed my head into his pink tight ass. He let out this whimper and I pushed the rest in. Giving him time to get used to it in him.

Then I began to rock with my cock in his ass. and slowly he caught on and out bodies moved together. His ass was so tight and kept my dick in place. He still whimpered and I rammed it in harder and harder, faster and faster. Soon we had stopped making love and I was fucking his ass. It was total pleasure and soon I could feel myself ready to come and I came in his tight olive ass.

This was the first of many encounters.

The day the earth moved

The two construction workers worked quickly and efficiently, cleaning up for the evening around the construction site on the new house on the steep hillside overlooking the pounding surf on the rugged coast below. The two moved together, in fluid motion. They were having a boisterous and obscene conversation of what the two horny hunks planned to do to their girl friends that evening after a hard-working pay day. The day had been hot, and they were both stripped down to shorts and tool belts and heavy construction boots.

They were working together in a back room that was almost finished when the earthquake rumbled along the ridge and collapsed the framing of the new house in upon itself. As the walls of the house came in upon each other and the ceiling drooped down, the two construction workers were thrown against each in other in a small air pocket.

The lithe and wiry young blond's cheek was flattened against the back wall, which still held, although he could hear the roaring of the surf dangerously close. his hands were flung out, his palms leveraging against the wall.

The olive-skinned older Italian, the cut and horse-hung bodybuilder with curly black hair in abundance, had been flung up against the blond's back; his pelvis nestled up under the blond's buttocks.

The two huddled closely together as they waited out the earthquake and its ever-weakening aftershocks, hoping that the walls of their prison would hold.

When all was quiet, the older man spoke: "Are you all right, Hal? Anything broken or hurting?"

"No, Mario, I seem to be in one piece, but you've got me pinned to the wall. Can you give me some slack?"

"I don't think I can. I have something biting into my back behind me here."

"Well, you have something pushing at me down here, you horny bastard."

"Sorry, it must have been our talk and me thinking of how I was going to stick it to Cindy."

The house shifted and the two felt it totter toward the churning water below.

"God, hold on Mario! Can the house possibly hold? Are we gonna die in here?"

The dark hunk's massive chest was heaving between the blond guy's shoulder blades from fear for their predicament and his arms had wrapped around the blond guy's chest, his hands were buried in the pecs of the younger man. He couldn't help it; he was still horny from their earlier conversation, and his cock was engorging and pushing between the younger man's butt cleavage.

"You know, Hal," his said, his voice shaking, "This could be it for us. These could be our last moments." one of his hands slowly slid down the blond's abs and belly and went under the waist of his short and settled on the blond's cock, which responded immediately.

"Yes, I know, Mario. But what are you doing. Stop . . ."

But Mario didn't stop. He buried his face in the hollow of Hal's neck and kissed and sucked at him there. He stroked Hal's cock and fingered the bulbous nob at the end until Hal stopped fighting him and started moving his pelvis rhythmically with Mario's stroking.

Mario brought his left hand down, ran it under the rim of Hal's shorts and briefs, and pulled them down to below his butt. Then he pulled his own shorts and briefs down. He brought his hand up, spit on it a couple of times, and rubbed the saliva into and around Hal's ass hole. More spit into his own hand and he rubbed that into the precum that was already bubbling out of his horse-hung cock. He placed the head of the cock at the ass hole and just let it find it's own way in, slowly at first, with a lot of objection and huffing and puffing from Hal.

But, as Hal shot off his own load down the unfinished wall board, he arched his back, lifting his pelvis against Mario, giving him wider entry. Mario's nine inches slid up into Hal, and, hands on the younger man's hips, he started pumping the blond deep. The tools in their belts clanked a tune as they swayed back and forth and clashed against each other.

The two moved together, in fluid motion. Hal's objections and pants and huffs had slowly changed into sighs and moans and dirty talk of being plowed deep and loving it.

At first Mario just saw this as a relief of the stress of the moment. But as the helmet of his cock was grabbed by Hal's sphincter and drawn in, Mario began to think this was almost as good as fucking Cindy. The head of his cock rubbed against Hal's prostate and the younger man shuddered and moaned. Mario's hands went to Hal's flat, hard belly and followed the hard line up his abs and to his chest, curved but flat, clefted but hard, nipples standing out taut, leaping to attention at Mari's touch. Mario, the bodybuilder, the worshiper of hard bodies, realized that this body of Hal's was even more of a turn on than the soft curves and flopping breasts of Cindy. His hands traveled down to Hal's small waist and hollowed hips and rounded, but solid butt cheeks. Down to those hard, heavily muscled thighs. His cock leapt with joy at the new-found excitement of the swaying of the hard, musk-smelling body under his command, responding to him as Cindy rarely did, and realized that this, in fact, was a whole lot sexier than fucking Cindy. Hal's ass was tighter than either Cindy's cunt or ass, and his strong canal muscles expanded and contracted, sending Mario into ecstasy and lengthening him as Cindy had never done.

Hal responded to the ever-deepening plowing and pumping by turning his face to Mario's and going into a deep, moan-filled kiss. Although he and Sue had engaged in dildo play many times before, nothing had gone to the center of him and filled him and stretched him and stirred his senses of desire as did this churning monster cock of Mario's. He got his hands down and behind Mario and dug them into his ravisher's butt cheeks, holding him in, willing him to plow even deeper, wanting to feel his hot cum fountaining up into his stomach.

Through their panting and moaning, they heard voices and the sound of wood being thrown aside.

"I think they're coming for us. I think they've found us," Hal moaned.

"And I think I'm cumming too," Mario muttered through clinched teeth. And he did just that, shooting off inside Hal in heavy and deep spasms of cum. Cindy's loss. He didn't think he'd be up to "porking" her tonight. But this had been a whole new, rock-busting experience. He now thought he could get it up for a hottie like Hal tonight before he could for Cindy.

The two pulled their shorts up and adjusted their positions as best they could. The sounds of rescue came closer.

"We'll not mention this to the other guys, I don't think," Mario whispered to Hal.

"No, for sure not," Hal answered.

"But I won't forget this," Mario said.

There was a moment of silence.

"Want to go get a beer after we clean up?" Hal tossed out.

"Sure. And then I'll call Cindy to cancel tonight and maybe you could call Sue."


Mr scmitt shows how men do it

Mr. Casey's jockstrap was cum soaked n leakin. Both Mr. Schmitt n my Pa had unloaded in their jocks from watchin a Father & Son breed each other. A steady stream of precum, fuck scum n piss leaked from my wide open piss slit. My Pa held me by my ass crack, with 2 of his fingers shoved all the way up my hole.

Mr. Casey was humiliated by filthy shit he did for his Son. The only way to get back some of his manhood was to punish Jim. He begged Mr. Schmitt for help. "Please Sir, show me how to make my boy suffer for the way he pleasured me. I feel so dirty about the way he made me feel, he made me love him. My fuck juice eatin boy must be shown that the more he makes me love him, the more I need to hurt him. All male men cannot love faggots, even tho I forced my boy to become a faggot to prove he loved me. Show me how to break his spirit, to make him feel worthless. I want my Son dehumanized."

"You've come to right man, Pal", Schmitt smiled, "but you gotta do something fer me."

"Anything, good buddy Sir, fuckin name it."

"Service me, n my new Pal Jack Dehner, n his Boy Paul, all weekend"

"You fuckin got it, Pally, I'm yer cocksuckin scumbag."

Mr. Schmitt put his arm around my waist n pulled me to him. He put his lips up to mine so's when he spoke his tongue licked me, n he spit talked with his spit goin right into my fuckin gob. "Ever piss in a full grown man's mouth, Son? Well as of now, Casey here is yer personal urinal. " I groped his dirty jock as he instructed me. I was makin his boner throb. I was fuckin proud of myself.

"I gotta piss right now Sir."

Mr. Schmitt snapped his fingers n Jim's Pa knelt before me, his mouth open as wide as he could open it. Mr. Schmitt stuck a finger in Casey's gob, makin him gag. "Piss in here lad, in this fuckin pig's mouthhole."

I grabbed Jim's Daddy by his fuckin ears, shoved my pecker in ballz deep, n let my hot piss fly. I held the man's head tight in place, so he wouldn't spill a drop. Jim was looking straight at me, "So Jimbo, me ole buddy, hows it feel to see ya Pa used as a toilet. Feel proud, do ya fuckface? Yer ole man is as degenerate as you."

Mr. Schmitt ordered the cadets to hoist Jim up spread eagle, arms up n apart, legs spread wide. Jim was completely helpless n exposed. One fuckin year ago, Jim was plow fuckin pussy every day. He brought his cunts home n screwed em in front of his Dad. Me n Jim buddy fucked every slut in town. Me poundin butt, Jim rammin snatch, we matched each other's fuck strokes so we fucked in together, pulled back together. Inside a pussyhole, just a thin membrane separates the inner cunt from deep butthole. Me n Jim buddy-fucked so regular that we timed our jammin in fuck so r fuckpole head knobs banged together at the membrane. Sometimes we paused, holdin r hardons at the meetin place, n just let r cocks pulse n throb against each other. Feelin the flexin of Jim's manhood against my own, let me know that Jimbo was as sex wild as me. We got so fuckin good at plowin pussy, we started arranging it so r Daddies would catch us in cunt bangin action. R Dad's caught us in so many buddy-fucks, that they began to jerkoff watchin us. Jim even dug have his Uncs n his gramppa watch us. Jim was a pussy bustin muthafucka. Now Jim was a degraded, humiliated faggot. It was what Mr. Casey wanted, n what Mr. Schmitt could do.

Mr. Schmitt addressed his cadets, all of them sportin hardons, "Boys, I can see you all r worked up n sex hot as hell, so you have my OK to ram fuck Jim's butt as much as you young laddies want. One rule, no lube of any kind is to be used. You must force fuck Jim, hard rammin him up his ass. I want this fuckin to be as painful to Jim as possible. I want Jim's hole bloodied. Treat him like you would treat any fuckin slut pussy, we're takin away his manhood." The cadets dick meat bobbed with excitement. A dumb fuckin athlete named Bruiser was first to force plow into Jim. Jim howled in pain as his cadet budz laffed. As Jim was bein used, Mr Schmitt had my Pa shave Jim's body hair. Even Jim's asscrack n ballz hair was to be taken from him. Pa knelt in front of Jim's crotch, n held Jim's pecker as he shaved off his pube hair. Pa dug this chore so much that he was pantin. Now n then, Pa kissed Jim's cockhead, even usin his tongue. Jim was goin outta his fuckin mind, bein butt raped from behind, & getting his cock lick kissed in front. With each jam thrust in from Bruiser, Jim squirted out a small jet of piss. It squirted right in Pa's face, n my Pa just let it. Fuck if Pa didn't also open his mouth to catch a few piss squirts. My Pa was letting himself become a pervert just like his bud Mr. Casey.

When I was done pissin in Casey's throat, I began face fuckin him an watchin the raunchy action around me. This was the fuckin way real men enjoyed themselves, hard, rough, n dirty.

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