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Uncle lou in the public shower

I was 18 yrs old when I had my first gay experience. I was a skinny kid 5'3" tall 120 lbs. My uncle had invited me to go fishing and camping with him the summer after I graduated from high school in the Florida Keys.

My uncle was a handsome man standing 6'0" tall and weighing about 200 lbs. One night after fishing all day he suggested we take a shower at the campground's public baths. He got naked in front of me and headed for the stall. I showered in the stall next to him and was getting hard just thinking about him naked 4" away from me. My uncle Lou was suddenly standing in my stall with a bottle of shampoo and asked if I needed help washing my hair. Before I could say anything, he was lathering my head and taking full advantage of the situation and started to rub the lather all over my body....especially my raging hard on.

Uncle Lou started to rub his thick cock against my ass and motioned me to sit down on the small bench in the shower. H asked if I liked the shower. I said I did and thanked him for the shampoo. He said I was welcome and asked if I could return the favor. Before I could answer he said he would love it if I would polish his swollen mushroom cock head. I just smiled and opened my mouth wide.

Uncle Lou slowly inserted his uncut tool in my warm wet mouth and began to pump his ever thickening member deeper into my throat. I started playing with his balls which drove him wild. He must have had an 8" cock which was thicker than my small boyish hand could grasp.

Birthday gift from dad

Flashing an electronic torch under the blanket, Firman was busy in stroking his teenage hard cock. Lying on his bed with a gay porn magazine, he planned to Aiming the torch at a gay porn magazine; he drooled at the sight of foreign naked hunky guys featured there. "...hhhooohh... aaahh... uuugghh..." His cut cock was drooling out precum as his hand squeezed the cock head. The reddish cock head glared angrily as a shiny globule of precum emerged from the slit. The liquid was then rubbed off as lube, glistening the cock head. "...aaagghh... hhhoohhh... uuugghh..." he moaned again, trying hard to muffle his voice. Firman did not want his father to hear his lustful groan.

Flipping the page, his eyes were fixed on a full-page picture that showed a muscular stud being fucked by another muscle man. The man's face showed agony, his mouth gaping open. But at the same time, pleasure was on his face. Milking his cock harder, Firman imagined how good it must have felt if he got fucked by a guy. Since his childhood, Firman had realized that he was gay. But that young guy had never tried gay sex for real. Being handsome and having athletic body, Firman could have any guy he wanted, but he did not. "...aaahhh... hhhhooohhh..." Firman groaned as more precum oozed out.

In his dirty mind, he pictured himself being fucked by one of the gay porn models. Reaching out for his nipples with one free hand, Firman stimulated himself. The dark nipple was twisted and pulled until it stood up. The same treatment went to the other nipple as well. Muffled groans were heard as he slowly brought himself to the brink of orgasm. "...aaahhh... hhhoohhh... uuugghh..." That horny lad was too deep in his masturbation; he did not realize that someone had opened his bedroom door. The dark figure stood by the bed side, looking quizzically at the flashed blanket.

"...hhhoohh... aaahhh.... yyyeeaahh..." Lying on his bed, Firman thrust his hard cock into his fist. Occasionally, his hand would be twisted around the cock head to provide maximum stimulation. "...hhhooohhh.... aaagghh..." The cock head began to swell in his hand, oozing out more precum. And in milliseconds, Firman was pushed off the edge of ejaculation. Arching his back, he let his cum squirt out its cum loads. SSPPUURRMM!!! SSPPUURRMM!!! SSPPUURRMM!!! Muffled groans accompanied each cum shot. "...mmpph... aaagghh... hhhoohh..."

But as he was enjoying the orgasmic rapture, all of a sudden, somebody pulled off the blanket. Shocked, Firman recognize who that was. It was his own daddy. But Firman did nothing to cover his nakedness as the orgasm was too strong. Writhing on the bed like a worm, Firman kept thrusting his groin into his fist. The cum shot out like cannon balls, flying out. SSPPUURRMMM!!! SSPPUURRMMM!!! SSPPUURRMMM!!! Since there was no point in muffling his groans, that young lad let out guttural groans of joy. "AARRGGHH!!! UUUGGHH!!! OOOHHH!!! HHHOOOHHH!!!" The flown sperm landed on his contracting stomach, creating small pool of cum. The orgasm only lasted for about 30 seconds. But to Firman, it was like forever. The orgasm finally ended, leaving Firman with a sweaty, cummy, and heaving body.

Still standing by the bed, his father said nothing. Firman's room was not totally dark; moonlight shone in through the window. His eyes wandered around, scanning Firman's bed. Seeing the gay magazine did not seem to shock Firman's dad. In fact, he gave Firman a smile to assure him that he was not mad at all. "Nice mag," his dad said, sitting on the bed. Turning the pages over, his dad entertained his eyes by watching hot naked guys show their bodies. Regaining his conscience, Firman sat on his bed, confused. Instinctively, he covered his semi-erect cummy cock with both hands. Seeing what Firman did, his dad said, "You have such a nice cock, son. Don't be shy. Let your father have a look at it." Putting the magazine on the floor, Firman's dad crawled over next to his son and took hold of the hand. Slowly, he moved that hand to uncover the cock.

"You're 18 now, son. Tonight is your birthday," he said, pointing at the alarm clock. The clock showed that the time was 12.46 AM; Firman had officially been 18 years old since 46 minutes ago. "As a father, I want to give you a present, the best one you've ever had." Running his callused palm on Firman's thigh, his dad gave him a sensual look. "My, oh my, you've grown so much, son," he whispered as he moved his hand to touch Firman's cock. Several strokes had stirred it to life.

Being treated like that, Firman said no word. Confusion and fear both dwelled in his heart. Having incest, much less homosexual one, was wrong, he thought. Pushing his dad's hand away, he replied, "No, dad. It's wrong. Please, you're my ..."

But before he could finish talking, his lips were locked in a passionate kiss. A pair fo strong hands gripped his body, immobilized Firman. Shocked, Firman did nothing to stop that kiss. He let his dad sucked on the lips, as well as the tongue. Without realizing it, he slowly surrendered himself to the pleasure. Although a bit hesitated, Firman tried to stick out his tongue into his dad's mouth. The sensation was strange to him for he had never engaged in man-to-man kiss. While they were kissing, his dad roamed his hands all over Firman's naked body, feeling the contour of teenage muscles. "...mmmpphhh... mmmpphhh..." Firman moaned out as his body was being stimulated by his own dad. Firman's cock stood out in erection, throbbing hard. Pressing their body close to each other, Firman could feel a big bulge in his dad's pants. His dad was having an erection!

Breaking away, his dad looked at him intently in the eyes. "Son, I have a birthday present for you." With that, his dad stood up and took off his pants. The loose pants fell to the floor as he stepped out of them. Standing close to the bed, Firman's dad said proudly, "Happy birthday, son. Come on, you can touch my cock. It's your present."

A hard cut cock pulsated hard in front of Firman. Being a horny young gay, Firman could not deny that the sight of his dad's big cock was very inviting. Sitting on the bed, his eyes leveled with the cock head. Intrigued, Firman reached out his hand to touch that living man meat. It felt surprisingly hard; it was his first time of touching other cock besides his. Looking closer, Firman caught a glimpse of the gaping cock slit. The reddish cock head was dampened with precum, glimmering under the moonlight. Throbbing in Firman's palm, the cock tempted him to give it a stroke.

"Come on, son. Milk your daddy's cock. Ever since your mom left us for another guy, I hadn't had sex with anyone but my hand. I've been waiting for years until you turn 18. I need sex and you've grown up. I want to have sex with you, son," his dad said, thrusting his cock into Firman's hand. Slippery, the cock head slipped in and out of Firman's hand. "Don't be shy. Squeeze your daddy's cock." Bending over, his dad gave him a kiss on the lips. Blinded by his teenage carnal desire, Firman kissed his dad back. Tightening the grip on his dad's cock, Firman jacked his dad off. "... hhhoohh ... aaahhh..." his dad moaned, closing his eyes. "Yeah, play with my cock, son... hhhoohh... make me cum.... aarrgghhhh..."

As the heat increased, Firman pulled his dad to the bed. Their naked body rolled against each other. Being on top if his son, Firman's ad said, "Son, I love you. I know, at your age, you must be very horny and need sex. I don't want you to get trapped in free sex lifestyle coz it can be dangerous. I want to teach you all about sex. Do you want to learn about sex?" Firman's dad asked, his eyes showing hope that his son would say yes.

"Yes, dad. Please teach me about sex. I want to know it," Firman said, caressing his dad's face. "Dad, I've been waiting to do this with you, too. I want you to be my first. I love you, too, dad." His hand crawled down to his dad's chest. The chest was not muscular at all. Like most men in their early 50s, Firman's dad had a body which carried fat at the waist. Thus the chest had little fat, making it look full and rather droopy. Squeezing the mounds of his dad's chest, Firman groped his dad's back with the other hand. The hard cock of his dad's was shoved against Firman's crotch, smearing it with precum. "...hhhoohh... ooohhh..." Firman moaned, enjoying feeling his dad's naked body.

"...hhhoohh... son, I want you so bad... I'll teach you about sex. Can you suck a cock?" his dad asked while pinching Firman's dark brown nipples. The calloused fingers adeptly twisted the nipple head, bringing shivers of pleasure to Firman's body. Firman shook his head. "Daddy will teach you how to suck a man's cock," his dad replied, getting off the bed. Standing with his hands on the waist, Firman's dad presented his throbbing cock. "Just think of my cock as a lollypop. Suck it, lick it, but don't bite it. And hide your teeth under your lips. Come on, son. You can do it," encouraged his dad.

Sitting up on the bed, Firman brought his face closer to his dad's precumming cock. The acrid smell of man's crotch invaded Firman's nostrils. But the smell was somewhat arousing because it was the smell of manliness. A glistening globule of precum emerged from the depth of his dad's cock slit. It looked so tempting that Firman could not help sticking out his tongue to lick it. "...hhhoohh..." his dad sighed as Firman's tongue swept his cock head. "...that's it, son... hhhoohh... keep licking... make your daddy happy..."

Tasting man's precum was a whole new experience to Firman. That slippery liquid was a bit salty to his tongue. But, Firman craved for it more, because it was discharged out of his dad's cock. Sweeping the cock head again, Firman instinctively tried to milk that liquid out. Sealing his dad's cock with his mouth, that lad began sucking away. SLURP! SLURP! SLURP! The cock filled his mouth completely, leaving no more space. Firman had never sucked a cock before, but, learning from all the gay porn pix he had, he tried to do his best. To ease the sucking process, he imagined his dad's cock as a giant straw. The mouth muscles worked hard to help the sucking. SLURP! SLURP!

"...hhhoohh... yeah son... that's it... aaagghh... you're doing great... aaarrhhh... keep sucking... yeah..." Throwing his head back, Firman's dad shoved his cock deeper into Firman's mouth. Not anticipating it, Firman choked. But he remained calm and kept sucking. "..hhhoohh... yes... nice mouth... suck your dad... aaahhh... come on... keep sucking..." Reaching down, his dad took hold of Firman's semi-erect cock. With several hard strokes, he managed to bring that cock back to life. "...hhooohh... aaahhh..."

Firman could only moaned out his ecstasy through muffled cries. "...mmpphh.. mmmpphhh... mmmppphhh..." The sensitive cock head of his was scraped against his dad's calloused palm. Lacking of precum, it somewhat chafed the skin. "..mmpphh... mmpphh..." he winced as the pain increased. Knowing that, his dad spitted on his palm and rubbed it as lube on Firman's cock head to soothe it. Resuming the stroking, his dad was determined to make Firman cum in his hand. "..mmppphh... mmmpphh..."

More precum was squeezed out of his dad's cock as Firman diligently sucked on the head. Hungrily, Firman sucked harder as the salty slippery precum was discharged. Firman's own cock had been leaking precum profusely. Still stroking Firman's cock, his dad's hand could not take hold of the cock owing to the excess of the precum. But he kept whacking his son off. "...hhhoohh.. I'm close, son... aarrgghh... yeah... I want us to cum together... arrrgghh... cum for your dad, come on... aarrgghh... shoot your cum... aarrgghh..."

Out of the blue, Firman's dad erupted in his son's mouth. Gallons of man cum shot out of the piss slit and entered Firman's mouth. SSPPUURRMM!!! SSPPUURRMM!!! SSPPUURRMM!!! Shivering violently, his naked body tensed. Driving his cock deeper into his son's mouth, he spewed out thick ropey strings of hot daddy cum. Firman's dad threw his head back, roaring, as his cock emptied its loads. "AARRGGHH!!! UUUGGHH!!! HHHOOHHH!!! AARHHHHH!!!" Sweat was dripping, running down his chest and stomach. SSPPUURRMM!!! SSPPUURRMM!!!

Frantically, Firman tried to gulp all the cum when the first load hit the back of his throat. The taste of his daddy's cum was very bitter with a bit of salty taste. The cum was so thick that Firman felt as if he was eating jelly. But before he could finish drinking his dad's cum, he too arrived at his orgasmic climax. "AARRGGHH!!!" Pulling away from his dad's cock, Firman dropped his body onto the bed. Some of his dad's still spurting cum was splashed on Firman's crotch. Firman's cock, in the grip of his father's hand, was squirting out more cum than before. It was his second cumming, and the amount of his cum was unbelievable. His dad stared in awe as he saw jet after jet of cum flew out of his son's cock slit incessantly. SSPPUURRMMM!!! SSPPUURRMMM!!!! SSPPUURRMMM!!!

"...hhhoohh yeah son... keep cumming... aaahh... shoot it, fuck that is hot... aaahhh... let your dad see your cum, come on," his dad rattled on as he relentlessly milked his son's cock. His own hand was covered in gooey white cum, sprayed out by his son's cumming cock. "Yeah, shoot your sperm. Daddy loves to see his son cum. Oooohh..."

In the same time, Firman could only groaned and howled as his naked athletic body was racked by strong orgasm. It was the best one he had ever had. Since it was his dad who took hold of his cock, Firman had no control of the stroking speed. Thus, his body was bucking wildly. His legs were shaking hard, almost kicking. "AARRGGHHH!!! OOOHHH!!!! UUUGGGHHH!!!! AAARGGHHH!!!" Moaning in abandon, his voice could be heard from outside. But he did not care about that; all Firman cared about was enjoying his orgasm. The cum was shot everywhere, wetting the bed and also Firman's own body. His dad enjoyed seeing his son's abdomen muscles flex as the orgasm continued. "...hhoooohhh..." Firman gasped as the last wave of orgasm faded away. Lying on the bed, he heaved for breaths.

"Nice cum, son," commented his dad, licking his own cummy hand. "You're a great cock sucker, and a great cummer, too." Lying next to his son, that man embraced him with a lustful hug. Their cummy limpid cocks were rubbed against each other. "Son, there's still one more thing you must learn as gay. You must know how to handle a man's cock in your ass. Have you ever got fucked in the ass?" The answer was no; Firman shook his head. Glad that his son was still virgin, that man whispered in his son's ears, "Daddy will teach you about being fucked." Rolling his son's naked body, he prepared his own cock for the penetration. Stroking the cut cock several times, Firman's dad was ready to give him his first anal sex. Positioning himself right on top of his son, he placed the glaring cummy cock head on the twitching ass hole. Steadily, he applied some pressure.

"... aaarrgghhh..." Firman groaned as his ass lips were being violated. Clutching at the bed sheet, he prepared himself for the ultimate pain. "...uugghh... aarrhhh... hhhooohh..." Spreading his legs farther, he gave total access to his dad's cock. Slowly, that might cock of his dad's began opening up Firman's virgin ass hole. The cum lubricated the cock head provided easier entry as the cock forced its way in. The clenching ass lips were pushed inward while opening up for the cock. As that man meat squirmed its way in, Firman's ass lips were stretched wider, wider, and wider until a loud 'PLOP!' sound was heard. "AAARRGGHH!!!" A loud groan of pain escaped from Firman's mouth as he fought off the burning pain on his ass. Tears were streaming down his face; he felt as if his ass had been torn apart.

"...hhhoooohhh... tight ass, son... uuuggghhh... yeah., gonna fuck you well... aaarrgghh..." With his large body, Firman's dad pinned him to the bed. Firman practically could not move.

The first anal pain was too great for Firman, wincing. Begging for mercy, he cried, "Dad, your cock is too big... aarrgghhhh... get it out... ooohhh... I can't take it, please Dad... uuugghhh..." Struggling, he tried to break free but his dad's body would not bulge. "...aarrgghhhh!!!..." The pain got worse as his dad pushed in the cock up to the hilt. Firman could feel his ass come in contact with his dad's thighs.

"Relax, son. Don't fight it. It's painful the first time, but I promise you, you'll enjoy it," his dad tried to console him. Not caring about his son's cries of pain, that man began humping his son's ass. The big cock was slowly pulled out. But just as the head almost popped out, it was pushed in all the way again. The process continued that way in steady rhythm. Weeping in pain, Firman tried to enjoy the fucking. "...hhhoohh yeah, I'm fucking you, son... aarrgghhhh... love your ass... uuugghhh... tighter than any cunt I've ever had... aarrgghhhh..." Precum was discharged to lube up Firman's bowels.

As Firman's ass loosened a bit, he began to adapt to being fucked. Pinned under his dad's naked body, Firman could feel his dad's body contour pressed against his rather athletic back. A pair of his dadís pointy nipples was scraped against his sweaty back, arousing Firman's cock. The nerves in Firman's bowels reacted in good way as his dad's cock scraped itself against them. Those nerves sent pleasurable sensation to Firman's brain, causing his cock to drip more precum. "... yeah... aarrgghhhh... fuck your son's ass, dad... hhhhooohhh... I need your cock... uuugghhh..." Firman slurred as his naked body rocked back and forth under his dad's body weight.

"I know you'll love it, son... hhhoohh... yeah... fuck you... aarrgghhh..." replied the father, kissing his son's neck from behind. His calloused palms roamed the naked skin of his son's back. Faintly, the smell of cheap cologne that his son used filled his nostrils. Lustfully, Firman's dad continued plowing forward, driving his cock as deep as he could. Haphazardly, the cock head hit the walls of Firman's bowels. Once in a while, it would hit the prostate sending shivers all over Firman's nude body. "...hhhoohhh... fuck... love your hole... aarrgghh... fuck you son... aarrgghhh... I'm gonna breed your ass... aarrgghhh... fuck..." Sweat running profusely down his body, that man slipped his hands under Firman's body. Once he managed to hold onto his son's body, he rolled over. During the process, he took his son's body with him. But his hard cock was still planted deep into his son's deflowered ass.

"...aarrgghh... fuck me, dad... aaahhhh... harder... ooohhh.... fuck yeah..." Firman groaned, letting his dad rolled his body. Soon, that young stud was lying on top of his dad's body. His ass was still plunged with his dad's cock. Embracing his son from below, that man thrust his hips upward, driving cock into his sons ass harder. "...hhhoohh... dad... aaarggghh... fuck me harder... yeah... aarrgghh..." Firman groaned out, surrendering his body for his dad's sexual pleasure. The strength of Firman's dad's thrust forced Firman's body to arch up.

"...hhhoohh... son... your dad is gonna shoot.." his dad groaned, gripping Firman's body tighter. Those two naked bodies were bathed in sweat, glistening. But as Firman's dad approached his inevitable orgasm, his whole body muscles grew tauter. "Ooohhh... fuck! aagghh... son, I'm gonna cream your ass... aarrggghh... with my daddy cum.... fuck, son! Your ass is very hot... aarrgghhh... here I cum... AAARRGGHHH!!!" With one orgasmic roar, that man reached his climax. Arching his body, he drove his cock deep into Firman's insides. That cock erupted violently, gushing into Firman's body. SSPUURRMM!!! SSPPUURRMMM!!! SSPPUURRMM!!! Yelling and squirming, Firman's dad flooded Firman's ass. "AAARGGHH!!! HHOOHH!!! UUUGGHH!!! AAAHHHH!!!" Every single muscles in that man's body contracted and flexing, taken over by orgasm.

Wanting to cum in the same time, Firman quickly stroked his cock in frenzy. Bouncing up and down helplessly on his dad's convulsing body, Firman was soon near ejaculation. Having his prostate pounded over and over, Firman's cock cummed in great amount. "AAARRGGHHH!!! OOOHHH!!!! UUUGGHH!!! AAGGHHH!!!" Thick fountain of cum was shot upward. SSPPUURRMM!!! SSPPUURRMM!!! SSPPUURRMMM!!! All those cum shots flew out of Firman's gaping cock slit and then landed back on his crotch and stomach.

Their groans of orgasm mingled, echoing in that room. Two bodies kept convulsing until the orgasm faded away. With a long sigh of "...ooohhhh...", they inhaled deep, filling their lungs with fresh air. The room suddenly reeked of sex. Acrid smell of cum floated in the air. But for some minutes, the couple of dad and son stayed in that position, resting. Just when they regained their strength, Firman rolled off his dad's body. With a faint 'PLOP!' his dad's cock was pulled out. Trails of thick gooey cum seeped out of Firman's swollen ass lips, smearing his dad's thighs.

Whispering, Firman said, "Thanks, dad. That's the best birthday gift I've never had." Placing one arm on his dad's sweaty chest mound, he landed a big kiss on the lips. Smiling satisfactorily, his dad squeezed Firman's ass from behind. For the rest of the night, they just hugged each other until they were both asleep.

Alan and his dad

Each time I see Alan, I see his father. Alan is nearly seventeen and looks so much like Jose. Only his mother and I know who his father is. His "dad" is proud of Alan and has done a great job raising him; Alan is well mannered, ambitious and a good kid. Alan's folks have been our neighbors most of my life and he is their only child.

Dad had hired Jose for summer help on our ranch. Jose was Mexican, in his forties and spoke excellent English. Jose had a family in Mexico that he sent his wages to each month. He was a good worker, knowledgeable and pleasant. He was about 5'9", muscular and I had found him to be friendly, intelligent and sexy as hell. He and I shared the bunkhouse for a part of the summer before the rest of the hay crew had been hired so I had many opportunities to view Jose' dark moderately hairy body. We worked together rebuilding fence and got along very well. He didn't have a car, so when I went to town on Saturday night, he usually went along.

The night Alan was conceived, his mother, Lois, had gone to the dance in town without her husband, Larry, who was away from the ranch for several days. I noticed Jose dancing with Lois, but thought little of it. He was a good dancer and I knew Lois liked to dance. Lois was young enough to have been Jose' daughter.

After the dance broke up, we stood around shootin' the bull and drinking beer with friends. I was just old enough to legally drink alcohol, so these dances always involved my drinking beer. Finally, we headed for home. We had not gone far when we came up on Lois' car stopped along the road. She said it had quit and the battery was dead. We had no way to restart it, so we offered her a ride home, after pushing her car onto the shoulder. Larry and Lois lived several miles from our ranch, so giving her a ride home was not a problem.

Lois got in the front seat between Jose and I, and he got each of us a fresh beer from the backseat. As we made our way home on the county road, Lois and Jose seemed to get closer. He had his arm over her shoulder and she had her hand on his leg and lay her head on his shoulder. It seemed they were getting more than just friendly.

A short way up the road, Lois said we would have to stop for her to pee. I pulled out into a mowed meadow, stopping the car and turning the lights off. Jose stepped out to let Lois exit. She stepped around behind the car and did her business and returned to the side of my old Pontiac. She and Jose stood talking and then holding each other. The radio masked their conversation in the warm night air.

Jose then bent down and motioned with his eyes, asking me to disappear for a time. I knew he was going to fuck Lois, and didn't blame him, but wished I could watch. That would not have been acceptable, so I headed away from the car as they climbed into the backseat of the two-door hardtop. The windows were down, allowing their voices to carry; though I could not distinguish their words. I sat down on the recently harvested ground, smelling the sweet scent of fresh mown hay and thinking about what was going on in the backseat of my car. I could make out their silhouettes in the moonlight and watched as they disappeared down onto the cushion, and occasionally reappeared.

I lay back on the ground, hoping the ants left me alone, and watched the stars sparkle and shine as only they can on a country night. I could hear the mating couple moan and hear my old car shifting under their movements. I released my hard cock from its confines and lightly petted the covered head, knowing that I was close to exploding. In my mind I watched Jose probe Lois with his experienced cock. I could imagine the muscles in his small ass driving his cock toward Lois' womb, knowing he had fathered at least three children by his wife in Mexico.

I tried to imagine how Jose must look, using the memory of watching Jose as he stepped from the shower in the bunkhouse, water dripping off his hairy chest and the uncut cock he had laying atop his tight hairy nutsack. He had a hair lined ass crack that must surely be running sweat on this warm summer evening.

The sounds from the car increased and then suddenly became quiet. I waited for some time before the couple sat up and Lois finally got out fully clothed and sat back in the front seat. I returned to the car and as I opened the door and the dome light came on, found Jose slumped against the seat nearly asleep, nude. Lois was sitting quietly and then said she thought she better get for home. She looked guilty, but relaxed. She needn't worry, her secret would be safe with me.

We drove the five or so miles to her home in silence. There were no lights on in the house when we arrived and Lois got out thanking me for the ride home and headed for the door.

After we turned the car for home, Jose climbed over the seat, still nude. I could smell the strong scent of fucking and sweat. Jose scooted back in the seat and in the dim light of the car interior gave me a good view of his dark uncut cock, hairy crotch and firm belly with it's fine line of hair up to his hairy chest. When he finally spoke, he laughed and said this had been one of the best Saturday nights of his life. Then he said he sure could have gone for another shot of pussy. I could see his cock expand and wished I could touch and stroke this breeder.

As we drove on, Jose appeared to sleep. I had to feel his cock. At first I dared to put my hand lightly on his thigh, then moved up toward his crotch. His cock got harder as I approached it with my hand; he wanted me to touch him. I pulled off the road again to see if Jose would let me help him pump a second load of semen.

As soon as the car was quiet, I scooted the seat back and leaned over to get closer to Jose. He lay back as if nothing was going on. I could smell the strong odor of his earlier fucking, and his cock began to harden before I got my hand or mouth on it. Jose was one horny fucker that night!

As Jose' cock expanded, the foreskin began to retract, uncovering the piss slit and part of the head. There was drool coming out of the slit, probably from his fuck. Jose was sweaty and gave off a strong male scent that I found arousing. His body had had a lot of exercise on this warm summer evening, what with the dancing and fucking!

I ran my hands over his belly and then down to his pubic bush toward the root of his peter. His cock rose with my handling. I leaned down to feel his pubes with my cheek and lick the top of his cock while running my left hand between his legs up and under his ass to feel the sweat and fuzz behind his bag. Jose slouched down lower in the seat, giving me greater access to his groin.

Jose was hard with little stroking from me. I licked his cock before sucking his balls into my mouth. His bag was quite hairy and had the salty taste of sweat and what I thought may have been Lois' pussy juice. Just knowing I held the source of his three kids in my mouth made my cock hard. I had no way of knowing he had just impregnated Lois less than an hour ago.

Jose squirmed as I continued my assault on his nuts and then I began working on his cock. Having never sucked an uncut peter, my curiosity drove me to run my tongue up under the skin as it was drawn tight to the head. This made Jose moan and I was afraid he might pump his load without my mouth on his cock. I wanted very much to taste his seed.

Jose began to guide my head with his hands, telling me to suck him. I surrounded the head with my mouth, licking his piss slit. I could taste the precum. I would not have long to wait for his second ejaculation of the evening. I had the head of his cock in my mouth for only a few minutes when I could sense Jose was going to cum.

He shot several strong squirts onto my tongue before pulling his cock from my mouth and pumping more onto my face. He lay back in the seat panting as I played with his seed in my mouth. He finally sat up, saying we had better get home before my parents come looking for us.

This was not the last time Jose let me to suck him. I emptied his nuts several times throughout the summer. When Jose left at the end of the summer, he left me a picture of him with his wife and three nearly grown sons. Jose' second son could pass for Alan's twin; there was no doubt that both these handsome boys came from Jose's nuts.

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