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Uncle helps with chores

I was working at the old house place clearing a path for a new fence. The sun was beating down that day. I hear a noise off in the distance. Looking around I can see a visitor arriving. It is my Uncle who lives across the highway. The noise of my work clearing weeds and the shrubs has stirred his curiosity. So he has come to investigate.

"You sure look hot and sweaty."

"You too."

"Why donít you take off that shirt?"

"I wish I could strip down, it is so hot."

"Go ahead."

"Are you kidding, I am not about to do that out here." (I am not very open with my body, I am very shy)

"Who is going to see?"

"Well you showed up out of nowhere."

You are sweatier than me, why havenít you stripped down? Good question. He begins to unbutton his shirt. He does it so slowly. As if he wants this time to linger on and on. He throws the wet shirt on top of the brush. The sun makes the beads of sweat glisten on the salt and pepper hairs of his chest. There it is that devil may care grin and my heart sinks, could I possibly make all my dreams come true and just throw caution to the wind. Could it be that he would be open to the idea of making love to me?

My stare is broken when he speaks. So how about you? Feel more comfortable now? Here was a chance to test the waters. My arms are so sore, do you think you could help me lift the shirt over my head. Oh poor thang, have you actually been working. Just hush and give me a hand. I hold on to the other side as he pulled so that he would have to step up closer and pull harder to lift the shirt. When my view cleared I looked up and there he was face to face with me. I slowly licked my lips and said Thanks. He licked his and said, "Youíre welcome."

Now or never. I lean in and give him a small peck on the lips. Lean back and expect the worst. Instead, "Is that the best you got?" GREEN LIGHT. No, but I am willing to practice and plant my lips on his. This time with more fire and as his and my tongue entwine, I think to myself why did I wait so long.

We kissed and sucked tongues for a while. I reach down and cop a feel of that ass through his jeans.. He does the same to me, expect he slides his hands inside my shorts and makes full on contact. I moan softly and squeeze his ass harder. I slowly kiss down his neck and chest. Finally making my way to the front of his jeans. I massage his crotch, he gasps and then moans, Oh Yeah. Oooh. I unbuckle the belt and start opening the jeans. When I pull down his jeans, I can see the tent of his boxers.

"Hello baby, ready to get very deeply acquainted." The sudden jerk in the cloth of the tent tells me he is ready to get to know each other more intimately. I start kissing and sucking on the front of the boxers getting them wetter and wetter. I slide my hands up the legs and play with his ass at the same time. Then I take the boxers down and get a full view of that mysterious cock that has been the object of many a jack off session. It is a good 7-inch veiny member strutting out from a thick bush. I breathe in the aroma of precum and sweat. Heavenly. I licked the shaft from base to tip and back down again. Then the time has come. I open wide and stick that hot dick in my mouth. He shudders and tells me "Yeah!, Oooh... .oh god that is great, better than I ever expected."

I continue sucking and break contact to ask him a question. "Want to fuck my tight ass with this fat cock?"

"If you will eat the cum when I am ready to shoot my load, sure!"

"No arguments from me," I say.

Then he asks me a question, "Will you do me one little favor before I fuck you senseless?"

I stand up and kiss him deeply. Then break away and say, "Anything you want."

"Eat my ASS!" he commands.

The smile on my face is huge and he laughs at the sight. He leans against tree to show me that beautiful hairy ass. I kneel down behind him and knead his ass cheeks and kiss the small of his back. He shoves his ass back towards me and grinds it at my face. I spread open the cheeks to see a twitching hole winking at me. I cover it with my kisses. I spit a big loogie in there and finger him up good.

He tastes wonderful from all the hot sweat that has run down his back and into his crack. I rim him out a few more minutes and then step in front of him. With my hard on inches from his face, I tell him "Lunchtime, eat up!" He is hesitant but begins to lick the head and taste the pre-cum from the tip. Then he devours me, his hot breath tickling my pubic hair. I moan ecstatically. I tell him that I canít hold back that I am about to shoot. He says nothing and keeps sucking. All this pent up sexual frustration lets go and my seed gushes into his mouth.

Before I even come down from the aftershocks of the release, he turns me around and bends me over. He puts his lips at the top of crack of my ass and lets my cum drip from his mouth and down between my butt cheeks. We need to lube you up boy, he says. He starts fingering my hole using my load to slick me up good. Then he spits on his dick and takes a glop of my cum and spears it on his dick. I look back and see the shiny rod twitching in the hot sun. Then I look into his eyes and tell him to fuck me as hard as he can. And that I want him so bad to please hurry and FUCK ME!!

He teases me with the head of his cock, putting it right on my hole and then pulling it away. With the words, "You are about to be RODE HARD AND PUT AWAY WET, BOY", he plunges into me.

I feel my ass stretch to the hilt to take his throbbing member deep inside of me. The sensation is heaven sent. I scream out "Oh God, Oh God, Oh baby yes!" The combination of my cum and his spit slicks up his dick just right as he pounds my asshole over and over. And then he does what I had always dreamed. He asks me, "Is this how you like it?"

I shock him by saying, "No baby."

He shouts, "WHAT?" and pounds my ass harder.

I say, "This is how I LOVE it, big Daddy. Donít stop, I need your cock in my ass all the time."

This he loves to hear and steps up the tempo on his thrusts. Then it is time to own up to my part of the deal. He pulls out and tells me to turn around and open my mouth. He is feverously stroking his big veiny cock and I eagerly await my prize. With a grunt the first shot hits my face and chest. I move in closer and the next streams hit the target. My mouth is filling up with my Uncleís load. I massage his thighs and balls and enjoy the taste of this sweet drink he has given me. I suck like a vacuum and get every drop of cum he can offer. I stand up and look directly at him and show him all the creamy seed inside my mouth, and then I swallow real big so that he sees it go down. I say, "Man that really hit the spot."

We kiss and grope each other for a little while. Then he says, "Well I believe I have had a good day, time to head back to the house. If you need any more special help up here, you just let me know."

I say, "Sure thing. And thanks for convincing me that is a lot cooler without all of my clothes on to work up here. Although for some reason I seem to be even sweatier without them."

We get dressed and before he leaves we kiss again and he asks me, "You know sometimes a big job like this requires some extra manpower, maybe the next time you need some help from me I should also bring along my son (my hot hunky cousin) since he is out of college and helps the other neighbors with their farm work. What do you think?"

Hummmm, double the MAN power HELPING to solve MY PROBLEM. Sounds great to me.

Daddys shower

Well let me first say, im 18 and didnt know if i was gay or not. I guess you could call me bi-curious. I just graduated from high school. i have a 6 pack and muscular arms. i have a 7.5 inch dick. i was in my room one day and i heard the shower turn on, i found out my dad was taking a shower. i figured this would be a good chance to see if i was gay or not.

My mom was out with her friends so it was the perfect moment. when he got out i peeked through the door and there it was, his 9.5 inch dick and it was errect. i walked in while he was drying off and got on my knees. My dad said "what are you doing". i said "i want to suck your dick". "and why would i let u do that?" "because i see your horny". "well i guess, go ahead".

My dad had a muscular build and had a 6 pack also. His dick was starring me in the eye. As i got closer to it, I opened my mouth and i accepted it in. I put my lips around the head and worked my way down the shaft and choked and gag a little but got used to it. As i sucked harder and faster my dad moaned really loud. As he moaned really loud i could feel his hot creamy load in my mouth.

Right then and there i knew i was gay. But my dad was still horny and took me to his room and laid me on my stomach on his bed. He took the lubricate from his dresser and put it on my tight hole. After he did he rubbed his dick up and down teasing my hole. I said "stick it in now!!!". He followed my commaned. When he did i screamed in pain, but after a while the screams of pleasure.

After 10 minutes, we both shot our loads on my six pack and we licked it all up. i knew me and my daddy arent gonna have a normal relationship any more.

One hell of a camping trip

Every year in summer, me and my brother Gordon go to my uncle"s cabin by the lake . Gordon is two years older than me, but we get along fine. Brian, my uncle is 32 and a goodlooking guy. This year would be the last time Gordon and I went together. "Cause next year, my brother would be eightteen and he would be in college. Brian and us, we were more like friends than family. He always had beer and liquor and didn"t mind the fact that we weren"t allowed to drink yet. Sometimes he had weed as well, and just like he didn"t care about the alcohol regulations, he ignored the narcotic regulations.

The first day we had gone fishing and swimming in the lake and I was very tired. So, at 12 o"clock I went to bed. Gordon and Brian stayed up. Before I fell asleep I still heard them laughing and talking.

I woke up and the clock told me it was 2a.m. Gordon wasn"t in bed yet. I was thirsty, so I got out of bed, dressed only in a boxer and headed for the door. I opened it a little and was suddenly very awake. There, in front of the fire place, on the rug, lay two naked bodies. Two naked men. Gordon and my uncle. I was shocked but out of curiosity I kept watching.

I saw my brother licking Brians balls. Brian moaned softly, took my brothers head in his hands and brought it to his dick. Gordon willingly sucked in the hard tool. It must have been 8,5". I felt my own cock growing and swelling. My brother sucked enthusiastically .

Uncle Brian facefucked him and with a loud grunt he came. Gordon kissed him and I could see how my uncle licked his own cum out of my brothers mouth. Then he returned the favor and started to suck Gordon. After a few minutes he came too.

The two of them stood up and I crept back to my bed. Gordon came in and lay on his bed. Within two minutes he was fast asleep and I had a raging hardon. I went to my brothers bed, slowly pulled of the covers till I could see his soft dick, still shiny with saliva. I jacked looking at him and came on his stomach. I didn"t dare to clean it up so I just went back to bed.

The next morning, I looked at them with totaly different eyes. The images of last night kept spooking trough my had and I constantly had an erection. Lucky enough I wore loose pants and an oversized T-shirt. During breakfast uncle Brian suddenly announced that we would go on a three day hike. I loved hiking with my brother and my uncle. We packed our bags and marched into the woods.

Round 4 o"clock we found an open spot near a small lake. We set up camp and went swimming. After fifteen minutes, Brian got out of the water, took of his swimming shorts and went sunbathing on the little pebble beach that was near our camp. I watched him, and admired his tan and musceled body, and I glanced at his cock, surrounded by his darkbrown pubes. Gordon laid himself next to Brian and took of his shorts too. Gordon was blonde, slightly to the ginger side, and so were his pubes.

"Jack! Join us, the city doesn"t do your tan any good!" Brian called.

So I stept out of the water, took of my shorts and laid myself on the other side of my uncle Brian. I felt them looking at me and managed to keep my dick under control.

"Your brother is almost a man, Gordon."

"I noticed it too."

Proud of those remarks I closed my eyes and sunbathed.

Later that evening we sat around the fire after dinner and Brian rolled a joint.

"So, tell me Jack, how"s love treating you?"

"Well, not good, I broke up with my girlfriend three weeks ago."

"Auch, sorry."

"Never mind."

He passed the joint to Gordon.

"Why did you break up?"

"Well, she couldn"t excite me anymore."

Gordon passed me the joint and I took a big draw.

"Well, after a while it becomes boring, it happens to every couple. " Gordon said.

"Did you ever have sex with her?" uncle Brian asked me.

I blushed. "No, I"m still a virgin." I softly said.

"Well everything at it"s time." Brian said, "After all, you"re only sixteen. I had sex the first time when I was 18, so , there"s time enough."

We talked about sex and fantasies and masturbating and all those things you talk about with friends. An hour later I had a erection from here to Mexico, and at the sight of their pants so did my brother and my uncle.

"Man, I"ve got hardon." Gordon said.

"Well, I don"t mind if you...well, just go ahead." Brian laughed.

"Do you mind, Jack?" my uncle asked me.

"No, I guess I don"t."

"Well, I think I"ll join your brother."

Gordon and uncle Brian unbuttoned their jeans, pulled out their peckers trough the fly of their boxers and started to jerk off.

I gazed at their hard cocks. Uncle Brian a 8,5" and my broter a 7,5".

With my 6" inches I was too ashamed to join them.

Brian stopped and looked at me, still holding his hard cock.

"Don"t wonna join us? Why not?"

"I don"t know, your dicks a just so big, and mine isn"t."

"Are you afraid we would make fun of you?"

"No, it"s just..."

"Come on brother, ofcourse our cocks are bigger than yours, you still have to grow."

Brian stood up, pulled me on my feet and took of my pants in one fast move. Gordon took off my t-shirt.

"We"ve already seen you naked on the beach, why would this be any different?" Gordon said.

Brians hands touched my dick through the fabric. I was surprised, but not shocked.

"You seem to have a nice cock there Jack."

Gordon cupped my balls.

"And good fat balls as well." he said.

I took of my briefs and showed myself to them.

"See? Nothing to be ashamed of. You"ve got a nice fat 6 incher there."

Gordon pushed me on the ground and licked my nutsack.

Uncle Brian took off al his clothes and put his knees on either side of me so he was sitting on my chest but wasn"t hurting me. I saw his fat hairy balls lying on my chest and his beautiful cock pointing upwards. He pointed it towards me. I lifted my head and tasted my first cock. His hot cockhead touched my tongue and I felt Brian quivre in excitement. I savored the salty taste of his precum.

Gordon was now licking from my asshole to the top of my penis. It felt so good. My brother was one hell of a licker.

Brian slowly moved his dick deeper in my mouth. My tongue licked the hard shaft, swirled around the tasty head. I looked up and saw that his face was filled with pleasure. My hands reached up from his belly to his hairy chest. I found his nipples and played with them. My brother was now sucking me deepthroat an I felt my balls contract. With a burst I came in his mouth. I sucked and licked harder and jacked off my uncle.

My dick was softening but Gordon kept sucking like he was an addict. With one hand I cupped Brians balls and tickled them as I sucked him to an orgasm. And then, his balls contracted in my hands and his sperm filled my mouth. Uncle Brian kissed me and swallowed his juices.

We both rested but then saw that Gordon didn"t cum yet. So Brian sat on him the same way as he had sat on me but the other way around, so his ass was near Gordons face.

He jerked him off in slow movements while Gordon licked his asshole. I didn"t know what was expected from me so I just watched.

"Jack, I think your brother would really like his ass licked."

Happy to be at service but unsure what do do I took his cheeks in my hands and pulled them appart.

"Yeah, that"s it. Now lick your brother."

I did as I was told and started to lick my brothers asshole. Gordon suddenly pushed out with his ass so my tongue could lick more and when he relaxed his muscle again my tongue was pulled in his butthole. I heard him moan. Whether it was my tongue or Brians hands that caused it, was unsure. So i decided to find out. I rimmed his ass with my hot wet tongue and there came the moan again. I found pleasure in licking slow and fast and rimming his ass and licking his balls, it was a revelation. Gordons nutsack pulled together in my mouth while I had a finger up his ass. I looked up and saw him cum allover uncle Brian. He scooped up some with his finger and tasted it.

"Hmmm, man cum. Want a taste, Jack? Your brothers sperm is delicious."

He scooped up another fingers and i sucked his finger in, savoring the salty juices of my brother. This was a night of firsts for me.

The three of us lay there on the ground, relaxing after our tiresome activities.

"What do you think about a train?" Gordon asked.

"What? A train as in a means of transport?"" I asked puzzled.

"Sounds good to me, nephew. But I think we beter explain Jack here, what atrain is."

"Lets just show him."

I remained lying down, eager to learn what a train was.

Uncle Brian gaver me a condom and took one himself too.

"You don"t mind being in front, Gordon?" he asked.

"As long as we trade places from time to time..."

My brother went on hands and knees as Brian lubricated his asshole with some lubricant.

He put on a condom and with a slow movement he shoved his rod up my brothers ass. Gordon yelped but quickly sighed with pleasure. Now I knew what a "train" was. I took the bottle of lubricant a lubricated my uncles ass, put on a condom and took a deep breath.

I placed my cockhead at Brians ass and with a small swift move I entered his butt.

"Aaahhhhhhhhh!" I moaned.

Brian impaled his butt on me and then he recommenced fucking my brother. They were both panting loudly. I grabbed my uncles hips and joined the rythm. This felt so good. Brian was incredibly tight, and he milked me with his rectum. I grinded my pubes against hsi slightly hairy butt. I was about to come when suddenly Brians stopped fucking and pulled out of Gordons ass. My brother moved in behind me and lubricated my asshole. Brian pulled my cock out of him and began to comfort me.

"It"s ok, it will hurt a bit at first but then it will be the best thing you"ve ever had. Just trust me. You"re brother wouln"t want to hurt you would he?

"I"m ready, Jack, are you?"

"Sure, fill me up." I laughed nervously.

I felt Gordons head at my rear and slowly he shoved himself in. It hurted at first and I yelped in pain, Gordon didn"t pull out neither did he shoved his dick further down.

Suddenly I relaxed and the pain turned in to a wonderful feeling. Uncle Brian sucked my hard dick and I grunted: "Come on, Gordon, shove your hard hot horny manmeat up my ass. Fuck me!"

My brother gladly did what I asked him and soon we had a rythm going. His hot flesh filled me and I loved the sensation, he pounded in and out. I milked him, just as uncle Brian had done to me and Gordon really seemed to like it.

I noticed Brian was no longer sucking me and when I looked over my shoulder I saw he was fucking Gordon.

And then I felt it comming, my hot jizz was being pumped out and with a hunormeous orgasm i came. Just few seconds later Gordon and Brian came too.

We went to bed. I slept in the tent with Gordon, who seemed to fall asleep very very fast.

I wasn"t tired at all. Too many things had happened today.

I silently got out of my sleeping bag, sneaked out of the tent and stepped to Brians tent. I cautiously zipped it open and looked in. He was sleeping as well.

I went in and closed the tent again. I sneaked towards my uncle unzipped his sleeping bag and saw that he slpet naked. I took off my briefs, put myself in a 69 and started to suck my uncles limp dick. It didn"t take me long to get him rockhard. Suddenly brian stirred. He woke up.

"Hi there, Jack. Don"t stop."

So I continued sucking him.

"And who do we have here? Mister Jacks Dick. Mmm, do you look tasty tonight."

Brian sucked me vigurously.

Suddenly he stopped and asked: "If you wanted sex, then why didn"t you suck you brother?"

"I already had his dick up my ass."

Uncle Brian laughed. "So you want me to fuck you? Ok."

He pushed me on my back, lubricated my ass and put on a condom.

He put my ankles on his shoulders and with one hard push he entered my butt.

"Oooooh, uncle Brian , you"re so big and thick, I wish I had a dick like yours."

"Don"t worry, it won"t take long till yours is as big and thick as mine."

He fucked me and I enjoyed. What I liked most about this position was that I could see him, I loved how his face showed his pleasure.

It didn"t take long for him to cum and I had the best orgasm ever.

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