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Youre a man now son

One day when I was thirteen years old, Dad had been in a very good mood after having a few beers. My older brother had been given a car recently, but he had been grounded and Mom and Dad took his keys. Dad asked me to go with him to the grocery, and since he was in such a good mood, I decided I would, hoping that he would drop a few bucks my way. On our way to the grocery, he asked me if I had fucked the little girl next door. I told him that I had not. He then told me that it would be a lot of fun and that I should do it now that I was getting grown. He warned me to use a rubber because I didnít want her to get pregnant. He drove to a service station and took me the menís room and bought a rubber for me to keep and use when I got the chance. I was a bit unsure what to do with it, so he told me to unroll it on my dick when I got hard, and the "Pop that dick into her, and go to town." He also told me that it would feel real good and that I should do it as soon as I could. He said that he knew she wanted it and that I should give it to her.

Several months previously, I had been caught with cigarettes hidden in my room. I got grounded for several days. For some reason, cigarettes were a HUGE turn on for me. Whenever I saw a good looking guy smoking a cigarette, I would get a boner bigtime.

I was way attracted to hairy guys, also. I remember one time we were on vacation around that time, I saw a guy at the pool who had a hairy belly with the little trail going to his swim shorts, and I couldnít keep my eyes off of him. Something in my stomach got butterflies when I saw that. Whew! Was something going on with me, and I didnít know what it was.

Well, needless to say, Dad had a very hairy chest and smoked. The day he asked me to go with him, he offered to let me drive the new car. WOW! As I was driving, he said "You are driving like a man. Do you want to have a cigarette as you drive, since you are growing into one?" I said "SURE!" I had never felt so close to Dad before, and so grown. When we got home, he said "You can never tell Mom anything about this or anything else we do as men, ok?" Of course I wouldnít.

The night went on, and Mom and Dad had a fight, mainly for Dadís drinking. When it was time to go to sleep, Mom told me that she wanted to sleep in my room since she and Dad were fighting, and asked me to sleep with him. I said OK, without acting excited about being with him. When I crawled into bed, he was not wearing a tee shirt, so I took mine off for some reason. He told me how angry he was with Mom and how glad she wasnít in bed with him that night. We talked for a while, and then I fell fast asleep. In the middle of the night, I waked with him reaching over, pulling me close to him. My first thought as I was waking was that he thought I was my mom.

He started kissed me on the lips, pushing his lips inside my mouth. I tasted the cigarette smoke and then felt his very hair chest rubbing against mine. My cock was rock hard immediately Ė young, hung and full of cum, you know---and he reached down and gently touched it. He then took my hand and pushed it down to his big, hard uncut cock. We spent the next hour holding each other, exploring each otherís bodies, and him telling me the facts of life. He told me about his first time fucking a girl when he was 12 and the girl was 20. I asked him why his cock had skin all on it and mine didnít. He explained then about circumcision. I told him I wish I had not been circumcised, but he told me that it was best that I had been.

After an hour or so, he got up and went to the bathroom, where he came back with some hand cream. I was lying on my back, and he laid down right next to me. He took the cream, which I had never thought of using at my young age, and slowly stated rubbing my tits. I had never had anyone touch me there, and it felt so good. A while after that, he put more hand cream on my dick and on his hand. I held on to his big cock as he started gently shaking and then slowly jacking my cock. I had jacked off a lot, but it was always done very fast with nothing but my fist. I didnít think him doing it that way would do the trick.

He kept telling me how to put the rubber on me and again, how I should "pop that thing to her", while he kept lighting shaking my cock. After a while, I could feel myself building up and I started tensing up. I felt myself getting really close and I remember moaning and then tensing up. I whispered, "Stop, Dad". He said, "Let it roll, son." I tried to hold on as long as I could but I just couldnít stop it. I blew the biggest load in my life, either before or after. It was at least six BIG squirts. He kept saying, "let it come, son, let it come." After it stopped, he scooped up all of it and told me that I was a real man. He took my cum and used it to jack himself off. I watched it and he soon shot a big load himself. He went to the bathroom, got a warm cloth, and came back and cleaned all the cum off of both of us. He reminded me I must never tell anyone about it.

Sons surprise

I was setting at the table reading the paper, when the phone rang.

"Hello," I said.

"Hi, Dad. This is Mark."

"How are you, son?"

"I am fine, Dad. Hey, the reason I am calling is to see if it is ok to come over this weekend."

"Sure you can. But I figure you would be going out with your friends since you turned 18 now."

"Naw, I want to come over to your place, Dad."

"Ok, when will you be comming?"

"About 6 friday night."

"Ok see you then. Love you."

"Yeah me to, Dad."

Shit. I forgot to tell Mark that he doesn't have a bedroom any more. Oh well he will just have to sleep on the couch.

Here it is Friday. I have a birthday dinner ready for him and a cake, too. I was setting in the living room and in walked Mark.

"Hi, Dad. Where the hell are you?"

"In here, Mark. Well you look nice Mark in those cutoffs. And you are filling out in your chest, too.

"Yeah, been working out some. It shows."

"Oh yeah. You don't have a bedroom any more. I coverted it into my libary and computer room. I also did something with the bathroom that you were telling me to do. So I did a remolding job on it. Take a look. See if you like it."

"Wow, Dad, the shower is huge. I love it, Dad. Well I guess I will bunk on the floor then."

We ate and bull shitted for awhile. It was late and I was tired. well son I am going to hit the hay.

"OK, good night, Dad."

I was just starting to fall to sleep when I heard Mark come into my room. It was hot and I always sleep naked and on top of the covers. I looked up and saw him standing there with no clothes on. He had one nice slim cock. He was also uncut. His balls were hanging low.



"I want to sleep with you."

"OK, jump in." In he crawled. He pushed up so close to me I felt his cock agaist my ass. he felt good and I was hard as a rock. All at once he reached over and grabbed my cock.

"I want to make love to you, Dad. I waited 18 years for this."

I turned over and gave him a big kiss. I slowly worked my way to his waiting cock. I slowly took it in my mouth. And I started to suck it slowly. Then he pulled out. I thought, OK, he changed his mind.

No, he turned around, so he could suck my cock, too. We were 69ing. I took the head of his cock and worked on it. He moaned and started to fuck my face, I knew he was enjoying this. I then took is cock all the way to the base till I felt his pubes pushing on my nose.

He smelt so good. He took me as far as he could go. I knew I was just about ready to blow. I wanted to hold off till he shot, too. I worked on his cock I felt him getting a little bigger. I knew I would be treated with his sweet cream. I, too, was so close, Then all of sudden he shot. I took his load and I shot my load in his mouth.

He pulled off of me and I let his cock go. He also turned back around.

"That was great, Dad."

"You were great, too, son. Where did you learm to suck like that?"

"I have been sucking guys off in my class for about a year now. But they never did me though. I wouldn't let them. I was saving it just for you Dad."

"You jacked off then, right?"

"No, never did that either. I wanted you to be the very first."

"Well I am honered."

"Oh, yeah, Dad. Whast is that bag for in the shower?"

"Well, son I will show you tommrow, OK?" I patted his ass and we both feel asleep.

Waking up with a roaring hardon

I woke up with this roaring hardon. I grabbed my cock and looked at it and said, "Well, Mr. Cock you're not going to get a jacking this morning. We are going to go and find us a man to suck or fuck..."

Oh yes my ass was twitching for a hard cock. On the way to town I had to take a piss. I was holding my cock and wiggling back and forth in the seat trying to hold it in.

The sign said wayside ahead, toilet, I sure hope I can make it...

I pulled into the wayside and there was a car there. I hopped out of my car and ran inside. I quickly dropped my cut offs to the floor and started to pee.

I didn't notice at first the hole in the wall.

I was standing there peeing when this man said, "You sure do need to pee."

"Damn right I do. I have been holding it in for awhile."

"You sure do have a nice cock on you. I see you are uncut also."

"Yes I am."

"I like uncut cocks."

I looked through the hole to see what he had to offer me. "I see you have a real nice cock, also. Are you uncut too?"

"No I am cut."

"I have never seen you here before. You just passing through?"

"No I just live up the road a few miles. I stop here from time to time."

"By the looks of your hard cock you need some action."

"I sure do. I am so tired of jacking off."

"I am Ben and you are?"

"Jim is my name. Glad to meet you, Ben."

"You like older men?"

"Sure I do."

"How old are you, Jim?"

"I am eighteen and you are how old?"

"I am forty today."

"Well happy birthday."

"Thank you."

"So Jim, you looking for some sucking or fucking?"

"I need to get my ass fucked and need to suck some cock."

"I would like to fuck your ass for you if you want me to."

"Let me come out there so you can see what I have to offer you."

"You like what you see, Jim?"

"I sure do, were can we fuck and suck?"

"I have a blanket in the car I also have some really great lube also."

"I will be right back,"

"Hurry back."

"Oh, I will."

We went into the woods till we came to this clearing were we laid the blanket down and started to make out.

While he was kissing me he was taking my shirt off and undoing my cutoffs.

I was doing the same to him.

We were both naked and playing with each others cocks.

"You sure do have a nice cock on you, Jim."

"You have a great looking cock on you, Ben, and I want to suck on it."

We lay down so we could both suck on each others cocks.

"Dam you taste good, Ben."

"So do you, Jim."

"Turn over and put your ass up in the air so I can rim it."

"Rim it! What is that?"

"You never had a man lick your ass before?"

"No I have not."

"You are in for a great treat then and if you want you can do it to me, also. So turn over so I can eat that sweet ass of yours."

I turned over and raised my ass in the air like he wanted me to.

"Oh, yeah, that feels so good."

"Man, you taste so sweet you must have cleaned yourself before you came."

"I sure did. I always get cleaned out just in case I find some one."

"I also keep myself clean on the inside and outside."

He rimmed me some more.

"Are you ready to get fucked?"

"Please fuck me real good with your big cock."

I felt him putting some lotion in my hole.

It felt so good feeling his slippery finger going deep in my ass.

"You like this don't you, son?"

"Yes, daddy! I sure do."

"I think you're ready for daddy's cock."

"Yes, daddy, I am ready for your cock."

"Daddy will go slow so you can get use to daddy's cock."

I felt the head of his cock starting to enter my hole.

"Oh, you are really tight."

Just then the head of his cock slipped inside of me, and I let out a scream.

"You OK?"

"Oh yes!"

"I am not used to such a big cock."

"Oh why is that?"

"My cousins and neighbors are smaller than you are."

"Well, I will stop if you want me to."

"No! Go on. I want you to fuck me real good."

He pushed in a little further going real slow.

"You OK?" he would ask me as he was pushing inside of me.

"Oh yes I am. And you feel so good."

Just then I relaxed and I took all of his cock.

"You sure do have a tight and hot ass. I am going to fill you full of my hot cum if you want it."

"Oh, yeah I do want it. Fill my ass full of your hot cum."

He started to fuck me real slow at first, and then started to fuck me faster and faster.

"I am going to cum!" he shouted out.

"So am I going to cum."

Just then he reached around me and took my cock into his hand and started to jack me off.

"I am starting to cum."

"I am going to fill your ass full of my hot cum. He was still jacking me and I shot my load all over the blanket. "Damn, your ass is so good to fuck." He held his cock inside of me till he went soft. As his cock was going soft it was sliding out of me.

We lay beside each other and hugged and gave each other a kiss.

"That sure was good, Jim."

"You were great, Ben."

"Would you like to come out to my place some time?"

"I would like to suck you dry and then turn you over and rim your ass and fuck you like you did me."

"Damn, I sure would like that."

So we gave each other our phone numbers.

"I sure will be calling you.""

We got up and got dressed we walked to our cars and we said our goodbyes and left.

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