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Daddy foot fuck

Dad had just gone to bed and it was early only around 9 and I was feeling horny as hell. I gave it a half hour before making a move. I had always fantasized about dad's feet and how much I would love to get it on with his feet as I had this huge foot fetish. This was an opportunity and up until now I hadn't had the courage or the opportunity. Mum was overseas and my brothers were out for the evening. Knowing them they wouldn't be home till the early hours of the morning. I went to his room and stood by the door and placed my ear to the door to hear if he was snoring.

He was a loud snorer and a deep sleeper. I switched off the lights in the corridor so not to wake him as I slowly opened the door to his room. I left it ajar enough for me to fit through. I got on my knees and crawled across to the foot of the bed. His man musk and foot odour had filled the room. My cock was getting hard as I inhaled his beautiful man odour and harder still at the prospect of what I was about to do.

I reached the end of the bed and by this time my eyes had adjusted to the darkness. Most often then not dad had his feet sticking out from under the covers. I could see the outline of his sexy manly feet. I had always been turned on by male feet but his were truly sexy. The soles of his feet had hardened some what from years of labour. It was a beautiful sight and I couldn't wait to get my mouth on them.

What drove me insane was his manly foot odour. I could easily cum just jacking off as I sniffed his feet. I put my hand down my jocks and grabbed hold of my raging hard cock. My jocks were wet from all the precum, I slowly started stroking up and down on my cock as I breathed in his man stink. When I get this horny the head of my cock just swells to a massive ball. Guys are always telling me I have such a huge head. I moved my head in closer to his feet and then sniffed his feet from his toes to the bottom of his heels.

Awwwww maaan... the odour was intoxicating. I wanted to devour his feet but was aware that if he woke up and caught me jacking off whilst kissing, sucking and nibbling his feet that he would kill me. The excitement of it all was so powerful that I leaned in and placed my lips against the sole of his left foot. I felt a rush of excitement and a wave of euphoria through my body. It was exactly the way I fantasized it would be.

For years I had wanted to kiss and nibble and even foot fuck my dad's manly smelly big feet. Finally it was happening. He kept snoring and was in a deep sleep. I got the courage to gently keep kissing his feet whilst I stroked my massive cock. I kept rubbing the precum over the top of my swelling cock head. I explored the soles of both his feet with my lips. His feet were hot. I was getting it on with my dad's feet. The warmth of his feet against my lips felt really good. I then worked my way up to his toes. I placed my nose in between his toes and breathed in his odour.

I lingered between his toes just sniffing, driving me wild with pleasure. Awww aaww his feet smelled so good. I then kissed his big toe before I placed it wholly in my mouth. I made sure my tongue didn't come in contact as I was sure the wetness of my tongue on his big toe would wake him up. I had my lips wrapped around his big toe. It felt so damn good. I then moved on to the rest of his toes and nibbled on each on of them. With each move I was working up more courage.

I had to have more. I placed my cheek against his feet slowly caressing his feet with my face. What a turn on, I kept thinking this was too good to be true. I was harder than ever and ready to explode my man juice. But I was just beginning. I wanted more than anything to foot fuck his man feet and cum all over them. I then moved to work on the tops of his feet when dad suddenly shuffled around in bed causing me to panic and duck. He hadn't woken but had shifted on to his stomach. Even better I thought as I now had him the way I wanted him.

I could now get to work on the heel of his hardened feet. I nibbled and kissed his heels and then engulfed his entire heel in my mouth. It tasted beautiful. It was like a blowjob, it was me giving dad a foot job. Only I was having all the pleasure. I kept stroking up and down the shaft of my penis. I always held out for as long as possible to make the orgasm intense and even though this was my first foot experience I wasn't about to blow so quickly.

I needed to relish the moment and I did. I wanted to touch his feet so badly. I loved the feel of my own foot and the feel of the heel and the soles and the balls of my feet. As I kept kissing the balls of his feet and sniffing my dad's man odour deep in to me, I slowly placed my hand on his other foot. Caressing and holding it. I was in heaven. His heel cupped in my hand and the balls of his other foot against my lips whilst my nose was perfectly situated in the crevices of his toes where his foot odour was at its intense.

Ohhhhhh that smells so good, so sexy. I wanted to cum. I was hungry for his man feet and his foot odour made me ooze more precum. I was jacking off real hard by this stage then all of a sudden he lifted his head up reached over and switched the light on by his bed side table. He turned around and saw me at the end of the bed kneeled down. Son what are you doing?

he asked. I was stunned and wasn't sure what to say. I mumbled and said I was just looking for something in his cupboard. He then flipped on to his back with his feet facing me and he wiggled his toes and with a grin said "I think this is what you were looking for son?" I was surprised by his reaction. "You like your dad's big feet don't you son? You always did even as a kid. You used to love playing with my feet. At the time I didn't think much of it but I've seen the way you look at them. I've caught you on occasion staring at them in awe." "I don't know what to say dad." I told him. "I.... I...."

And then he interrupted, "Do you want to play with my big man feet? Is that what you want son?" I felt like a kid again. I nodded very willingly.

"Well here's your chance." And with that he asked me to hop in bed with him. He told me to strip down to my jocks. He was down to his boxers as he always slept that way. I could see his bulge. He had a semi erection. I wasn't sure what that meant. I wasn't sure if it meant that we were going to do more than play footsies. I was up for anything. I got in bed with my dad. We were positioned head to toe. Without any hesitation he moved his left leg over to me and placed his foot close to my face and with that uttered the words, "Give your dad some good foot loviní son. I want you to eat my feet son." I got to work very fast. I had his feet in my hand and began sucking on his toes. Awwww he moaned. "That's it son suck your dad's toes clean. They taste good don't they son. You like the taste of your man's stinky feet." I nodded. I did love the taste of his feet. It was how I imagined it would taste all this time."

I then turned see him playing with his cock. The thought of dad jacking off to me giving him a foot job made me insanely horny I then placed my other hand on my cock to jack off whilst I engulfed his feet in my mouth. I sniffed his feet whilst caressing his ankle and worked my way up his calf. Dad was still moaning with enjoyment. "Suck your daddy's feet that's the way. Hmmmmm son that feels so good." I then felt his hand on my knee and he slowly caressed his way up my thigh and in between my legs.

He placed his hand on my hand and stroked my cock with me. Then I heard him say. "Son Let your daddy do that for you. You concentrate on my stinky man feet. Go on suck both feet son." So I kept sucking, kissing and nibbling on dad's toes, the soles and the balls of his feet. "I love your feet dad". I uttered. "I love your cock son," he replied. "Let me suck your cock son. Let your dad pleasure you." I never imagined it would get this far. I was more than happy to have dad suck my cock whilst I ate his smelly man feet. It was a dream come true. There I was lying on my back whilst dad sucked my man meat - slobbering on the head now and then amazed at the size of my cock head. "Fuck dad, you are so good... ohhhh that's it suck my cock yeah suck your son's man meat," I said.

"I'm glad you like it son. It's a beautiful cock you've got. Would you like to show your dad what you can do with it?"

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Not only did I get to play with my dad's man feet but I got to have him suck my cock. And now he wanted me to fuck him, or at least that's what I read into it. "That's right" he said. "I want you to fuck your dad's man cunt. I want my son's cock to plow my ass and fuck me hard and blow his cum into me. Come on son fuck me. Fuck me! I want you!"

I could see he was playing with his ass. He was lubing himself up for his son's big cock. He was on his side; he moved his left leg away from my chest and lay it on my crotch letting me see his finger up his ass. I was excited by the prospect of fucking my dad. My cock twitched and dad felt it as his leg rested on my crotch. "You like the idea of fucking your dad don't you son." He gazed into my eyes. "You want to fuck me too. You want to fuck me as much as I want you to fuck me, son."

This was it. I got up and was on my knees on top of the bed. I positioned myself as did he. He was on his back with his legs spread and knees at an angle. He then lifted his legs to place them over my shoulder and I assisted him. I spread his hard butt cheeks and put my cock at the rim of his ass. I was about to fuck my dad's man cunt. He was ready for it too. I slowly pushed my cock in his hole. He clenched at first I could feel his tight hole clenching the head of my cock. It had swelled so much it was making it difficult for me to shove it in at first.

He moaned, "Awwww son, ease it in slowly. Oh your cock head is huge. It's ripping my hole."

I wasn't about to back out. This was my first taste of my dad's man hole. I loved it. I pushed my cock in some more. It felt great, "This feels great dad."

"Awww son, yes it does. That's it slowly shove your man meat all the way in. come on son! Fuck your daddy!"

I had rammed my cock all the way up his hole. I could feel his insides. It felt great. I then slowly began pumping my cock in and out of his hole. I got a good rhythm. Dad was loving it and was now writhing in pleasure also moving his body in tempo with mine. I fucked him hard that night. He kept begging for it, "Fuck me good son!!! Awwwww yeah that's it. Stick your meat in me. Ram me son. Yeah that's the way. I want you so bad. Awwww I love you son...yeah give it to me. Give it to me good son. Fuck me!! Fuck me son!!! Ohhhhhh yeah. Ohhhhh yeah fuck your daddy!!! Go on son fuck your daddy!!!"

I had never fucked like this. I kept pounding that ass of his and said, "Yeah dad take your son's man meat. You like a good cock up your hole! Take it!" I thrust in and out.

"Yeah give it to me son!"

"I love you dad! I love fucking you. It feels good inside of you!!!"

"You feel good in me too son!!!" he said. "I want us to cum together." I agreed but told him I wasn't ready just yet. I had to fulfill a fantasy first. I grabbed him by both ankles removing them off my shoulders. I then placed his feet against my chest, all the while pounding my cock up his ass.

I rubbed the tops of his feet with both hands. It felt good having his feet against my chest. It made me even harder. I grabbed his feet and rubbed them over my chest and then brought both his feet to my face. Dad knew what I wanted, "So you want to suck my feet whilst you pound my ass with your cock."

I did indeed. "Ahhaa," I said beaming a smile from ear to ear.

"Go for it son, suck those big feet. Suck Ďem clean! Go on fuck and suck me son!!! Yeah just the way you like it. That's it son. Ohhhhh ohhhhhh ohhhh," he moaned.

I was in ecstasy. I sucked each of his big toes one by one savouring every moment. They tasted great. "Mmmmm ahhhh mmmmm yeah daddy yeah!!!" I looked down to watch my cock thrust in an out of his hot man hole. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. My dadís big man feet in my hands, my lips kissing and sucking the balls of his feet and my cock pounding in and out of his ass. I was fucking my dad. I was inside his hole, me...

MY COCK! I was sucking on his man toes, Kissing his feet and caressing my face with his feet. Sniffing his man feet odour, intoxicating me. It was the fuck of my life. I kept at it for what seemed like hours. We were both about nearing climax. Come on son, let's cum together.

"Ohhhh son c'mon I'm ready to blow!!! Are you ready son? ohhhhh come on you're gonna make me blow. That's it make your daddy blow his load. Címon son blow your load in me. I want you in me son!!!"

I picked up my thrust and kept fucking him. I was close. I looked down at him and motioned I was near as well. I again took the balls of his feet in my mouth as I thrust in and out of his man hole. I was ready to cum. With his foot in my mouth here it was dad and son about to blow their load. "C'mon oh yeah here I cum dad... ooohhhhh yeahhhh, aaawww awww awww awww awww awwww aaaaaaawwwwww yeaaaaaaahhhhh" I shot my load inside him. Dad blew his load at the same time.

"Awwww yeah, aww aww awww awww awww awwww awwwww ... awwwwwwwww awwwwwwwwwwwww yeaahhhhh. Yeah son ahhh son! Yeah that's it." He shot a massive load. One after another, about seven times. It landed on his stomach and a few shots on his chin. I remained inside him my cock still semi erect. I hadn't let go of his feet. I kept gently kissing him and smelling his now sweaty big feet. I didn't want to stop. It felt too good. I pulled out and laid his legs down. I lay on my back again in a head to toe position.

Dad hugged my legs and said, "That was the best fucking man sex I've ever had son. This old man really appreciates it!"

I told him it was I who should thank him for making my dreams a reality. So you love my feet that much huh. He joked, "I love your big man feet. I could never get enough." I told him. "Theyíre yours to play with anytime son," he said. He then dosed back off to sleep. I lay there with one arm wrapped around his ankles and the other caressing and stroking his big feet.

I would wake up every now and then and be surprised to find myself in dadís bed and his feet in my arms. I would lean in to kiss his feet have a good sniff and then tug on my hardening cock before nodding off. Throughout the night I kept waking and doing this. I heard dad wake one time and heard him say, "Still not had enough of your dad's stinky big feet?" I'd reply no and he'd laugh and nod off.

It was around 4 am when I realised my brothers would be arriving from a night out so I had to get back to my own bed. I didn't want to leave. I kissed his feet again as I crawled out of his bed. He woke up I went over to him. He leaned up and I leaned in. He kissed me on the forehead as he squeezed my ass.

"Next time I want to fuck you son!" he said.

"We'll see about that," I replied and went off to my room.

Uncle freeman and jerick

Uncle Freman woke me at 8am and told me to get ready, company was coming and I had to be take care of a friend of his. He wanted me to be thirsty and be able to drink lots of liquid. He told me to go piss and drain my blatter after waking. I pissed and cleaned up a bit and went back to Uncles room and he was nude sitting on his bed. I went in and he told me to get in the bed and suck his cock for him to get my mouth hot for what he wanted me to do. I knew then, I had a big job ahead of me. I took Uncles cock into my mouth and began to slide it in my mouth, sucking it to be able to open my throat to take it deep down. I had his entire 8"er down my throat sucking it like I knew how. I was swallowing it to make my throat relax and take it all. I loved doing that and it turned me on so much.

I was now 16 years old and was feeling like a young man. My cock hairs had grown and I had sucked alot of cock up to this point. I was enjoying Uncles cock down my throat, it made me feel complete. I knew I needed cock inside me and my throat was the place it needed to be. I swallowed Uncles cock and felt his cum begin to shoot down inside as I was swallowing and drank every bit. I wanted more and didnt want to let his cock go, so I continued to swallow his softening cock and just as I expected, Uncle began to slowly and methodically release his morning piss.

I loved when he did this and always wanted to drink every bit. But for some reason, he stopped. I sucked and sucked but he would not let any more piss come out. I looked up at him and he grinned and said. I want you to be ready. I want you to taste something. I was going insane now, I had no idea what he was going to do. What was I going to taste now. Was is something new. I sat there swallowing away on Uncles soft cock wishing I had something to drink but all I was getting was dry cock. I was going nuts, but then the door bell rang. I went hard. I knew now I was going to taste something.

I got up and went to the door. Uncle told me to answer the door as I was. I was nude and nervous but I wanted to see what was to happen to me. As I opened the door, there stood Jerick. I was shocked and he looked so fucking hot. I knew I had been busted. I had not told Uncle that I had sucked and drink Jericks cum and piss. He didnt know I had shot my first load doing Jerick. Jerick didnt even know that.

I knew now, I would be tasting something I had before, but this time, it would be different. I could tell. It wasnt in the alley. I could still remember the taste but not how it felt. I want to feel this man make me take his cum and piss and anything else he wanted me to take from his body. I would be his as Uncle needed me to be. Uncle always had me do the hottest things and I loved every minute of his needs for him.

Get the fuck on your knees bitch. Yes Sir ! I got on my knees and standing at the door, he opened his fly and pulled out his 9" cock. It hung out there and I looked up and wished he would take control of me and make me be his toy. I had to wait. He wanted to toy with me and make me droul, my tongue out waiting for him. I was his slave. I wanted him, and wanted him badly. I stuck my tongue out and opened my mouth wide. Open your pig mouth wider bitch and get ready to recieve your morning piss. You will drink every drop and if you spill any, you will be licking it up and have to lick my shit crusted asshole.

I began to think about that, and wondered, what his shit crusted asshole would be like and I descided to spill some of his hot man piss so he would make me eat his crust. Fuck this was getting hot. I drank a good swallow of man piss and lit it spill out. He got outraged and turned around and forced my head into his hot steaming shit crusted asshole. I could smell his funk and thought, this is heaven. I stuck my mouth up his shoot and found as promised, crusted shit. It was dry flakes and bits. I knew I had to clean it all off and so I began to chew and clean it out. I love the flavor and kept some in my cheek and gums to taste later. I was tossed away.

Bruder marine academy

This year I, Paul Dehner, will graduate from Bruder Marine Academy, the toughest muthafuckin kick ass mens' Academy in the South. Back in H. S. us jocks ruled. Even the teachers were scared shitless of us. My Pa, Jack Dehner, is a biker cop, n' since I was old enuff to wipe me own butthole, me n' him been's workin' out together. I've got a big burly bod, hairy chest, belly & butt. Pa says he's waitin' fer my boy brain to catch up to my man nuts. That's why he chose Bruder. They know how to make the rowdiest fucka's shape up.

I was all set to bunk in the open barracks, till Pa's best bud Tom Casey, my best bud's Pa, called on me n' Pa one nite. "The fuckin' barracks man, ain't yer boy done enuff cock fistin', n' face fuckin' in H. S.?" Tom yelled to Pa, "So much man juice squirts outta those lads every day, the cocksuckin' dorm smells like a used scumbag."

"Jesus fuckin' Christ Tom me pal, Paul ain't gonna learn self discipline if'n he gets his'n nuts drained any time he needs it." Pa winked at Tom, n' chuckled, "That's fer full grown men like us to do." Both Pa n' Tom hauled their throbbin' dicks outta their jockstraps n' started strokin'. "Where's yer boy Jim kippin'?"

"An ex-drill master pal o' mine, Joe Schmitt, runs a trainin' hostel, only 5 cadets, n' he gives each the strict attention needed to make 'em into men. He has a spot fer jes one more. If'n ya need proof of the man trainin me bud Joe deals out, how bout you, me n Paul lad pay Joe a weekend visit. The boys are off fer the weekend, so's ya can see Joe in full 24 hour action. Ya know how fuckin cocky my Jimmy boy was, well ya'll fuckin shit when ya see what Joe has achieved in 1 year of hands on discipline. Why don't I give the ole muthafucka a call?"

Pa fisted his pal Tom's pecker as Tom set up the weekend with Joe Schmitt. I was in charge of keeping Tom's crank lubed by spittin on it. As always when Pa n Tom got together for a dick wackin session, I was made to wear me biker boots, me jockstrap, n an ole no sleeves military shirt. I was also made to let my low hangin nutz hang outta me jock. Pa n Tom always got a fuckin chuckle seein my ballz swingin round. While Tom was on the phone, I had to kneel between his knees so's I could spit right on his meat if the sloppy wet sound of Pa's fist pumpin Tom told me Tom's boner needed more lube. When I would lean over his crank to spit more lube, Tom got a laff outta Pa smackin me in the face n mouth with his big fuckin meat. If'n Tom's cockknob smeared precum on my lips, I was required to lick it off. "Hey pal Joe, how's it hangin, ya ole pussy plowin fucker. This is yer ole buddy Tom, the Ram Fucker, Casey. I's callin cuz I got me a boy here in need of hard trainin." After the 2 budz made male to male cuss talk fer a few minutes, Tom handed Pa the phone. By this time Pa was so hot he couldn't touch his cock, he was strugglin to hold back his wad. Tom saw Pa's pained face n smacked Pa's throbbin pecker. Pa lost some of his top juice. It just drooled outta his piss slit n covered his purple knob. I scooped it up off Pa's rod, n lubed Mr. Casey's fuck tool with it.

"Mr. Schmitt Sir." Pa's dick was leakin lube. "I got me a young lad who thinks the fuckin sun shines outta his asshole. He's been makin the weaker boys service his fuck meat. I want him cut down to size. Don't matter none how ya do it, ya have my permission to use any means ya find effective. I want him to behave like an obedient child, to obey my every order blindly. I want him to need to obey his Daddy's orders. My boy has the body of a big burly bruiser, but he must act like a little boy. Iv'e seen the results you got from my bud Tom's son Jim. Last year he was goin round rapin grown men, last week Tom had him in a truckstop latrine beggin truckers to piss on him. I'll do anything for you Sir, if you reduce my son to that level."

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