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Straight teenager next door

First of all, guys, if you are reading the stories here, then guess what; bi, str8, gay or whatever, then enjoy life, its way too short. I don't mean short on intelligence or safety; please life is too short, don't help speed it along by being stupid. Second, never limit yourself or hide yourself by telling someone, "I'm x, y or z. We are limited by those self-inflicted locks that we place on our lives. Gay men are the most notorious for creating fake lives (especially on the internet or a resume). We can be anything on paper; it just doesn't make it real. I take facts from everyone that I know, talk with or have encountered and spin stories, ideas or fantasies for each of us. Some are true and some have hints of truth. As far I am concerned, unless you know straight on yourself; then consider my word (written or spoken) to be the gospel.

They moved in next door about 5 years ago. When they bought the house, all I saw were the parents, an older, black couple. The boys moved in a couple of weeks later. Now, I like nothing better than men, men, men, men. Can you tell? Queer as a $3.00 bill or a football bat. These boys were well on their way to being men. The older brother was tall with a handsome face; you could tell that he was out growing his body way too fast. The younger brother was and is nice looking, shorter, but the face was and is less attractive than the brother's.

Let's move on to 2004, the present. The younger brother has moved on to the local University and the older brother is living at home attending community college. The older sibling, David, is about 6'4", works out on his patio constantly attempting to bulk up (is not going to happen). His face has only become that more refined and attractive.

Every weekend, he and I begin to do yard work, mow, etc about the same time on each Saturday. One weekend, I noticed that after finishing his yard work that he was sitting on the patio and not going inside. I yelled over and said, "What's up?"

David says to me, "I locked myself out and no one will be home until around 7 pm," (six hours later).

I suggested that he come over and sit with me on my patio and that he could have something to drink. Well, in the past 5 years, we have spoken and been neighborly, but that's about it. David says, "Thanks, I need some water pretty bad and the hose water is kind of funky."

I go in and get him a bottle of water and myself a beer. We sit there cooling off for about an hour, talking and drinking. I say to him, "How about a dip in the pool, to cool off?" I go get beach towels and David says, "What about my washing off first?" I show him my pool bathroom and when he comes out, for the first time his shirt is off and all he's wearing is his mesh work out shorts.

He dives in and I sit sipping my beer watching him. David says, "Padgett aren't you coming in?"

I say, "Oh yeah, but you looked like you needed to unwind, so I was just letting you enjoy the pool. Perk of living in Florida in the Fall, huh?" We both laugh and say "definitely."

I jump in and we both kind of float and bob along relaxing. Now, ebony does not describe this handsome, young man. Tall, dark, handsome, intelligent and a chest that definitely shows his hard work at working out. David, says to me, "Do you mind if I have a beer?" The look of shock on my face caused him to laugh. He says, "Dude, I'm 18 and in college. I just don't drink at home." I get us both a beer and we sit on the "swim out bench" drinking.

After a couple of hours of beers and lots of beautiful sunshine; you definitely get a light buzz and start feeling very relaxed. I say to David, "You know, it shows, and he looks down. No, your chest from your work outs," I tell him laughing.

He laughs back and says, "Sorry, I was worried that my shorts weren't water worthy. Thanks though," he says. He says, "You too, the dieting and working outside all the time. It keeps you looking good and healthy."

"Thanks," I tell him back. Now that the mutual admiration society is over, I tell him; "Tell me about your family and school." We sit there having more beers (not needed) while he told me about everything and everybody. Then he says, "Do you mind, I really need to goyou know the bathroom."

"No," I tell him, "make your self at home."

When he comes out, he grabs a towel and starts drying off. He says, "I really should sit out and dry off now before everyone gets home." I offer to toss his clothes into the dryer. "What am I supposed to do then?" he says. I suggest wrapping up in the towel and I'll hand him his clothes back in a few minutes.

He goes inside and in a minute comes back towel wrapped and hands me his clothes. While they are drying, he goes inside to get us another beer. While he's bent over to get them, the towel falls off. He spins around eyes wide. I am sitting there laughing at his shock; only for about a second. There he stands, nude, hot, ebony dark, balls hanging, and the most beautiful dick, just laying there between those muscled thighs.

He bends over to pick up the towel that fell. I say, "Why bother. No one can see in and I don't see anything that I don't mind looking at."

David rises up and says, "Really?"

"Really," I tell him.

He comes outside to where I'm sitting and asks, "What do you think?

I look up at him and exclaim, almost without breath, "You are so fucking hot!" As I look him over, his dick starts to stretch out, harder, longer, pointing straight out. I slowly, reach out and caress it. He sighs, moans a little and even grunts.

Without a thought I slowly slide my mouth over it. David simply groans out, "Oh my God that's so good." I tongue his nuts, his thighs, legs, stomach, but that dick; now it's my turn, "Oh my God!"

I stand up and with out a thought, kiss this handsome young stud. He kisses me back. As we pull apart, he confesses, "I'm a virgin."

I ask him, "With men?"

He says, "Everything; I've never done anything."

I grab his hand and we walk inside. In my guest bedroom, I lead him to lie down. I look at him for a second to admire the long, lean, hard body; the long, lean, hard dick. I drop off all my clothes and climb on to bed with him. We kiss, he explores, I explore and then we 69.

While I am sucking that beautiful dick, David says, "Padgett, I'm going to cum way too soon. God, I'm so horny."

I tell him, "Don't worry go for it." Now thank God that there are some young men that abstain out there. As he starts to fuck my mouth, I realize that with this virgin, it'll be safe to suck out all that wonderful male cum.

Just as I realize this thought, David starts moaning, "Oh god, oh god, oh god," and starts shaking all over. The flood started and I thought that it was never going to stop. I take my time letting him cum and come down from his orgasm. I climb up his body, hug him, kiss him and ask, "Is everything okay?"

He says to me, "You know, growing up, I was never sure if I was gay, bi or straight. I always wanted a friend to try it with, but never had the chance. I did always think that if I tried what we just did, that I would like for it to be with an attractive, older man; someone that would also be a friend."

"Well, David, you have definitely made a close friend today. A friend with benefits that definitely doesn't mind letting you experiment with him." About that time David smiles a very big smile and begins to climb down my body towards my still burning hard-on. That story and the friendship are more for another day.

It's, Saturday morning and I just heard the lawn mower start up next door.

My friends dad

When I was 18 and a senior in high school I had a friend named Kyle. Kyle's parents had divorced a few years earlier and he lived with his father. Kyle's father was a cop on the local force and worked the overnight shift. He would let Kyle pretty much do as he wanted on the weekends, as he knew if anything bad ever happened he would hear about it first. Well I got into the habit of spending weekends at Kyle's house where we would go out until late and come home and have the run of the house. My parents assumed we were not getting into trouble, because Kyle's dad was a cop.

One Friday night there wasn't much going on, so Kyle and I had turned in kind of early. I, as usual, was sleeping in the guest bedroom, which was located above the garage. About 6:30 in the morning the garage door opening woke me up when Kyle's dad came home from work. When I woke up I was really thirsty, but couldn't go down stairs to get something since I had a morning hard-on, so I waited about 15 minutes, but it hadn't gone away. I figured by this time Kyle's dad had gone to bed so I went down to the kitchen in just my boxers.

As I was going to the kitchen, I could see into the family room and saw one of the best sights of my life. There sat Kyle's dad in the recliner with his police uniform shirt undone and his pants part way down, watching a porno and rubbing his half-hard cock through a pair of briefs. He saw me and acted embarrassed and I said I was getting something to drink and went to the kitchen.

Now this did not help my morning hard-on in the least. Kyle's dad, Ben, is Irish/Italian with wavy dark red hair and an olive complexion. He is about 6'4", 260 very solid muscular pounds, and has a huge chest dusted with red hair. I had masturbated about him several times in the past. I waited in the kitchen a few minutes and then headed back upstairs.

When I went by again, Ben had moved from the recliner and was now on the loveseat but was still watching the porno and rubbing his cock. He looked as I went by and said he had a long night and needed some relief before he went to bed. I told him, "I understand; no problem," thinking I would have to go upstairs and jack off thinking about what I just saw.

Then he said, "Well it looks like you need some relief too," pointing to my tented boxers. "Why don't you come on over and watch too: it is always better when you have something to stimulate your mind while you are jerking your cock." I thought hell yes! Anything to watch this stud jerk off!

We sat next to each other and played with our cocks through our underwear for a while when Ben asked if I had ever jerked off with anyone before. I told him I hadn't and he said it was a lot better if you jerked each other's cocks, and asked if I would be interested. I said, "Sure, why not?" and we pulled our pants down and he took my 7" hard meat in his big rough hands and started jerking it.

I had to look twice at his big 9" inch uncut member. I had never seen an uncut cock so close let alone hard and couldn't believe the skin still covered the head and hung over when he was hard. I grabbed it and started jerking it, rubbing the skin back and forth over the big purple head.

After about 10 minutes, Ben said they had busted a frat party earlier in the night and he had caught several couples fucking upstairs and couldn't get the thought of their hard young hard bodies out of his mind, and that I had a really nice body too. He then said, "Let's go to my bedroom where we can be more comfortable."

When we got to his bedroom, I sat on the bed while he locked the door and undressed. Then I got a great view of his awesome body and big cock, which was half-hard now with huge, low-hanging balls, which I noticed he kept shaved.

He came over and shoved his cock in my face and asked if I would please suck him. Well I had sucked a few cocks in my day but never one so beautiful, so he didn't have to ask me twice. I sucked him for a while; then he moved me around on the bed to the 69 position and started sucking my cock. Pretty soon he told me he couldn't take it anymore and blew his load in my mouth.

He rolled off me and started jacking on my cock. He then asked if I would do something for him, and I told him anything. He said he was sorry about pushing his cock in my face but he hadn't been with a guy for years and was so horny. I told him that it was okay; I enjoyed it.

He then asked me if I would fuck his ass. I right away said yes thinking my dreams had come true. He went to the bathroom and came back with a condom and lube. He put the condom on my raging cock and lubed his ass. He then lay on the side with his leg up and I entered him from behind. Slow at first, as he was so tight but he kept begging for me to fuck his ass harder and faster. It was great fucking this big muscular cop, and him begging for it. By now he was hard again and stroking his cock. He said when I was ready to cum he wanted me to cum on his cock so he cold finish jacking off with my hot cum.

A few minutes later I couldn't take it any longer. I pulled out and shot on his big uncut dick. He used my cum to jack his big cock while I played with his big balls and within a minute he shot a second load.

We lay there for a few minutes and then he said we better clean up and I'd better go back upstairs before Kyle wakes up. We went into the master bedroom suite, which has a huge steam shower and showered together. I got hard again just watching the water glisten off his big hairy masculine chest. When he saw my hard cock he said, "Well, I will have to take care of this before you go upstairs."

He bent down in front of me and sucked my cock, while playing with my soapy asshole. It didn't take me long before I came all over his hairy chest. We finished cleaning up and I went back upstairs to bed.

We had many adventures after that in the early morning hours when he would come in from a long night's work and I would help him relax.


Fantasy takes many convoluted twists and turns on its way to picturization - - take me, for instance - - I'm your fairly well-adjusted garden-variety homosexual - 6'4", a little over 200 pounds, 40" waist, 60-ish with an average six inch cut cock that sometimes has a mind of its own. Most days will find me going to work, coming home, fixing supper for my long-time lover, reading the paper and the latest arrival of the many magazines we take. But many times, I log on to the computer and go direct to the gay chat rooms for many vicarious pleasures. At times, my alter ego, Jake, takes over - but, then, let's have Jake tell his own story - -

Hi! I'm Jake and I just wouldn't call myself "garden-variety" anything, particularly when it comes to sex. I take sex any way I can get it and as often as possible. See, I'm 19 years old and have a constant hardon--or sure can have one whenever I choose and a lot o' times when, even, I don't choose. I'm 6'4", weigh 177 pounds, have blond hair and blue eyes. Combine this with a 46" chest and 30" waist and several people have told me I'm a real hunk. I'm clean shaven but have a somewhat hairy body but my real assets are swingin' between my thighs. My walnut-sized nuts back up nine and a half inches of swingin' uncut meat. My cock's not too big around--bout the size of a silver dollar--and soft hangin bout 6 inches. It shows in my pants when I'm walkin' down the street, cause I have to wear something fairly tight or my nuts get sore and achy. Even if I wear baggy pants, like the fashion nowadays, certain sitting positions make my cock and nuts stick out for display. Course, I kinda like to display them anyways--you never can tell when somebody'll want to sample the wares--so to speak. I'm goin to the local college full-time and livin in a small rental house that my sugar daddy pays for -- more about him later.

My typical day starts out bout the same every day of the week. I have this 23 year old fuck buddy that stops by and lets himself in every morning bout 5 am. He works startin at 6:30 as the day manager at the Dennys bout 2 miles from here. Most mornings he comes in and strips, noses in under the covers and sucks my whang up good and hard, slips a safe over it and climbs on it with his tight asshole. I usually wake up bout the time he's climbin' on. He's got 8" of uncut meat with a real long overhang and without fail, when he hits bottom with my meat buried up his butt, he dumps a big load of cum--most times I just bend up and slurp it down--he likes that a lot. Then it's time for the real fuckin to start--he likes to ride my cock like a cowboy on a horse--it doesn't take me too long to cum the first time either since it's been 6-8 hours from the last time--and neither one of us ever goes soft at all long as my cock is up his ass. Then we ride for 20 or 30 minutes before both of us fire the second load--usually at the same time. He says he just can't get going in the morning at all 'less he starts out the day with a real good fuck. He still lives at home with his parents and has a problem taking care of his sex drive cause he's bout as highly sexed as me. He swings both ways, too, same as me, but he's got a steady girl that he bangs most every evening even though she won't give him any head and can't fuck his butt. Once in a while, he brings her over for a three-way--she really likes my cock in her cunt and I kinda like him fuckin me while I fuck her. We've spent some 12-14 hour Sundays in one constant fuck after another--not unusual at all for us to go through 24-36 rubbers before we have to go do something else.

After he leaves in the morning, I shower and study for a couplea hours till my 9 o'clock class. I go to class till 1:30 with 45 minutes to eat lunch tossed in the middle there. After that, I go to the gym and work out for an hour or so. I like to get really sweaty and smelly--sometimes I turn myself on by the smell and start to get a hardon. With my wet sweaty trunks, anyway, my cock is visible to others that might be looking--and most times, someone or two are looking. Then I go to the showers. I've been told I make a pretty impressive sight with my cock pumped up to about 7.5" with the head just peekin outa the skin, standin there in the shower washin my bod. Lots of times, guys'll just stand there and stare at me--some'll be coy about it and try not to let me know they're lookin--but if I see one I want that's semi-droolin, I just ask him if he wants to try it out for size. Most times I wind up with a "afternooner". Since I only live three blocks from the gym and they usually don't have any "place to go", I invite them back to my pad. This afternoon, I had a little guy--5'4", 120 pounds--but I'll swear 40 of those pounds were cock. He had 8.5" of the fattest cut meat I've seen in a long time and he really knew how to use it. We started out with me on top with his legs in the air [ankles rubbin his ears]. He just blew one load after another all over himself till I finally stretched that rubber to the max with cum up his butt. And he never lost his hardon, so after I fired my load, he just hopped up and stuck that fat dick up my butt, and let me tell you my ankles were rubbin on my ears after that--don't know which is rubbed the rawest--my ankles or my ears. Finally, he fired two more loads up my butt and said he thought he'd rest for a while. He took that cock outa my butt and let it go soft. I hadn't seen it soft, even in the shower at the gym. Would you believe it, that thing was exactly the same size soft as it was hard? Seems, all that happens with him is that his cock gets firm--real firm--when he gets a hardon. Said he has a helluva time buying pants same as me. We made a date to get it on again one day next week and I shooed him outa here bout 5--since I do have to study sometime.

I fixed a sandwich and soup for my supper and studied till seven o'clock when my sugar daddy came by for his daily dose of my cum. He's about 45 and says he's gotta have a daily dose of my cum so his hair doesn't fall out. It seems he had a childhood disease that caused his teeth to fall out when he was in his early 20's. I don't know where he got the idea that cum would keep his hair in, but I'm sure not complainin cause if you've never had a blow job from a feller with no teeth, you've missed it. It ranks right up there even with a real tight asshole a grippin your cock. He was the first guy I ever messed around with bout 5 years ago when I was 14. He lived neighbors to us and took me on a campin trip up at the lake. I had a kinda big cock even then and when he saw it I thought his eyes'd bug clear out. We got there in the late afternoon anyway and by the time we set up the tent and fixed some supper, it was time for a quick swim before gettin in our sleepin bags. We skinny-dipped since there was nobody for miles cept us and that's when he spied my sausage. Soon as we got out of the water, he started askin me about sex, hardons, cummin and whatnot. Pretty soon he was gettin a rise outa my pecker and he could see it - course, even today when somebody starts talkin about sex, my cock starts up - no different then. Well one thing led to another and he took his teeth out and went down on me and I thought the top was gonna blow off my head. I'd jacked off a lot before that, but nothin had ever felt as good as his style of gum job. Well, let me tell you, I unloaded a full cup of jizz down by his tonsils and he was sold - so was I. Fore that night was over, I had fired five more loads down his throat and had become a confirmed cocksuckee. He kept suckin me ever chance we had all through high school. He's never wanted me to suck him or even see him naked. After I graduated, he set me up in this little house that he pays the rent and utilities on for me. He knows I fuck around with other guys and doesn't care as long as I've got his load for him when he wants it and I have safe sex with everybody. I stick strictly to those rules cause I don't wanta go home and live with my folks, as that would cramp my style quite a bit. They think I earned the money for the rent at my summer job and what they don't know won't hurt 'em. Sugar daddy stops by every evening about 7:30, sucks my cock clear down his throat and usually is gone in 45 minutes. Otherwise, he never comes by without calling first to make sure he's not interrupting anything else I might be doin--if you get the drift.

After he leaves, I usually study a little or watch TV for an hour or so. Then about 9:30 one of my "married men" friends usually drops by for a quick roll in the sack. Most of them want my dick up their ass hard and fast and I can handle them whenever. I've got a half-dozen of them that come by now and again. They all know that there are others and that if there's a strange car in the drive that they'd better come back another time. If one of them doesn't drop by, bout 9:30 I'm horny again, so I log on to the computer for some hot chat. Lotta guys don't believe the size of my dick when I tell 'em, but then, again, I don't believe there are as many BIsexuals around as there seems to be in those rooms. I bet very few of them have ever really done as much as they claim and course everbody knows that most times there's an extra inch or so added to bout all the pricks discussed on there. Sometimes I wind up havin a phone chat with some hot cocked dude and I just sit and jack off and get my rocks that way fore goin to bed. It's kinda nice. Well that's my usual day--I hafta cum 5 or 6 times ever day or my nuts get swollen and ache somethin fierce. So even if I have to pound all 5 loads out by hand (and that's a rare day) I do it, just so I don't get the "stones".

I do have one other interestin story to tell that happened last Saturday. I live neighbors to a family with four girls bout 17-21 years old and their younger brother that's 16. I've been very cordial to them since I moved in but nothin outa the ordinary. Well, last Saturday I was workin on my bike in the shed out back and the brother came over to "help" but I found out later to "talk" mostly. Did I tell ya that he's already 6'6" and only 16. Weighs about 155 pounds and that's one tall skinny dude. We were talkin while I was puttin that bike back together and he was kinda shiftin one of those size 13's with another back and forth like he was fixin to ask me somethin but couldn't get it quite out. I let him fidget for a while fore I outright asked him what was on his mind. Well he hemmed and hawed around sayin that he'd noticed a lot of guys come and go at my place at all hours of the day and night but not ever many gals. I allowed as how that was true and asked him what he made of that. He hemmed around some more and finally asked me point blank if I had sex with guys. I told him I sure did and asked what he though of that. The first thing that happened was that his jeans acquired a tent appearance and then he said that he'd thought about doin that a lot but never had been able to find another guy that wanted it too. I put him outa his misery by askin if he wanted to try it out with me. You coulda blown him over with a feather by the relief that showed in his eyes. I told him to carry in the drop cloth I keep over my bike so as to hide the front of his pants and we'd go in the house to see what all that excitement was about. He was really nervous but I had him undress me first-course by the time he did, my cock was standin straight up and out. He kinda sighed when he saw it and commented that he'd seen some uncut ones in the showers at school but never a hard one up close. By that time, I decided that I'd better keep the show movin so I started to undress him. I knew he had quite a pecker for a young kid but when I got down to him just in his scivvies, there that thing was stickin up a good 4 inches above the waistband. I peeled them off and out pops his 9" cut cock - long and skinny, just like the rest of him. Now I was the one you could've blown over with a feather, but I recovered in time to swallow his cock to the hilt and he just exploded in my throat. But he wasn't done by a long shot. We finally got in the bedroom and laid down on the bed and he asked if he could put my cock in his mouth. I told him since I hadn't asked that he didn't have to either, so he started in. I could tell it was the first time he'd ever touched another cock before much less sucked one before. He handled my cock like a fancy teacup, then began lapping on it and finally started taking some of it down his throat. He did pretty good for a first timer--didn't bite at all and got 6 or 7 inches of it in without gagging. When I tried to go for more, he began to gag, so I let up. He sucked me for 10 or 15 minutes without stopping and all the while acted like he was eating pecan pie or something -- he was havin a field day -- when I got ready to cum, I tried to pull it out but he was havin none of that so he drank my load and I did deliver a healthy load cause this turned me on big time too. After he had his first drink of cum, I pulled him long side me in bed and noticed that his cock was still standin proud--even had some shiny juice on it. We talked for a while and he told me that he'd dreamed about doin that ever since he could cum and that he'd first cum when he was 11. Said girls didn't excite him too much as he had all the sisters one brother could handle. Then he told me about another of his fantasies -- one that he'd had one time when he stuck a cucumber up his asshole. Said that it really felt good but that tryin to poke it in and out along with tryin to jack off was a little more coordination than he had and that he just couldn't get the timing right. Said he wondered if I'd stick my dick up his butt so he could see if it felt as good as the cucumber and so he could just jack off without the other bother. Well, now, your old friend Jake will do most anything to help a buddy out and that is certainly one of the things. I greased him up real good and his hole was really tight. I gave him a lesson about safe sex and taught him to roll a rubber over my cock so he didn't get any hairs caught in it. Then I fingered him some more till he was beggin for somethin bigger. I started him out on his back with his legs up high (and I do mean high--this dude's 6'6" remember) and slowly slid my pecker through his buns and steadily right in that delightful puckered hole. He winced once when the flange cleared the outer rim but kept beggin me for more. So I slowly slid steadily in, not stoppin at all, he was still a beggin, till I had all nine and a half inches up his tight grippin butt. He knew I had no more to give him yet he was still beggin for it. I started the slide out and he jumped back on me quick. Finally, I got to slide clear out and back in and I only did this twice till he fired a load of cum that hit the wall behind the bed about four feet above the headboard and all over himself, me and the sheets. It's been a long time since I've seen a load of cum like that one and he hadn't even touched his cock. Even though, he wanted more fuckin-so I gave it to him. He fired two more loads almost as big before I blew my nuts up his tight butt. He went home soon after that since his parents were taking the family out to dinner. But Sunday morning bout 9 I heard a knock on the back door and there he stood wantin to come in. I asked him in and right away he asked if I would fuck him again. Course I would and this time I showed him how I could suck his peter and fuck his ass at the same time. I'm afraid I'll have a life long buddy if I don't get his energies channeled elsewhere soon. We have agreed to let this be only a weekend thing as I'm pretty busy during the week. So we shall see . . . .

Hope you enjoyed Jake's stories of his escapades. I enjoy spinning them out over cyberspace whenever I get the chance. Jake gets lots of e-mail from all over. When they're too persistent, I just tell them that my nephew was visiting from out of town and sometimes logs on using my account. Of course, I apologize for any evasiveness on his part, but assure them that he's a real human being and that what he says is the absolute truth.

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