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Keeping trevor company

He was at home alone last week. His brothers were out of town at various camps and vacations. His parents work hard all day long. They leave for work early in the morning and don't get back until pretty late in the day. Poor Trevor was at home all alone with no one to play with, talk to, take him places, none of that. So, I decided to take a day off from work and go keep him company. I waited until mid-morning to show up to give his parents enough time to get out of the house. I knocked on the door. No response. I ring the door bell and I hear the dog start barking. Still no one shows up. I was getting ready to knock again when a very groggy Trevor shows up at the door, obviously just woke up from a deep sleep. He opens the door and lets me in.

"What are you doing here?" he asked me. I follow him inside.

"I'm here to keep you company and stuff."


He really is still asleep. So he turns his back on me and walks into the living room. At this point, I reach in my pocket to pull out the cloth I'd soaked in chloroform.

I wrap one arm around his neck, as if to strangle him and use the other to cover his mouth and nose with the cloth. As he begins to wake up, struggle, and wonder what's going on, he is quickly overcome with the sweet smells of the cloth. He goes limp in my arms and I stuff the cloth back in my pocket.

Lucky for me, he was already half-way naked. He usually wonders around the house in his boxers. He only put on shorts to answer the door. So, being the big boy that he his, I can't just heft him, but I try anyway. I manage to pick him up and carry him as I would a baby. I take him back to his room and lay him down on his bed. I go to the front door to make sure it is closed and locked. Then I went back to his room to just look at him. What a beautiful boy. His soft beautiful curls around his sweet chubby face. I caress his face as I rub his soft young body. I undo his shorts and pull them off of his body. I love seeing him in his boxers; blue and white cotton boxers. Nothing fancy about them.

Unable to wait any longer, I pull his boxers down and off of him. There we were: beautiful, naked, mine. I knew I needed to restrain him or all the fun would be over once the chloroform wore off. I pulled the ropes out of my bag and went to work tying up his feet, which didn't take long since he was unconscious. I started to work on his hands and was almost done when he started to wake up. He was moaning gently as I tied the last knot in the rope. His hands twitched in a way that said he wanted to rub his eyes; when they didn't move, his eyes popped open in a moment of panic. He saw me there and I smiled at him.

"What happened? What's going on? What are you doing here?" he asked.

"I'm here to keep you company and... have some fun," I said. With a single finger, I rubbed his chest, his stomach, down to his crotch. His eyes went wide.

"Stop it! What do you think you're doing?!?" He started thrashing his body around to get away from my touch. He only managed to move up against the wall. I grabbed his dick and squeezed it gently. He began to scream for help. I stopped for a moment to get a gag out of my bag. It wouldn't do to have someone interrupt me in the middle of anything and no one would come if they didn't know there was a need. Trevor was there on the bed thinking of what he could do to get away. He jumped off the bed as best as he could and was headed for the door. I grabbed him around his torso and pulled him back into the room and closed the door. Where did he think he was going to go? Anyway, I put him on the ground and shoved the gag in his mouth and tied it off behind his head. There would be a time to yell and scream, but we weren't there yet.

I resumed touching him and grabbed a hold of his dick with one hand and cupped his balls with the other hand. He was screaming, but the gag was doing its job. His face was turning really red and he was trying to get away from me. I squeezed his balls and told him to relax and that it would all be over soon. He stopped for a little bit as I began to stroke his little cock. As if by some magic touch, it started to grow and Trevor was turning red, most likely from embarrassment as well as the anger.

"It's okay. This doesn't mean you're gay or anything." I said as I began to jerk him off. He moaned and his body twitched as the sensations took over his body. He looked at me with hate brewing in his eyes. I stopped jerking him off and looked at him lovingly. I swallowed his erect cock and he threw his head back as this whole new flurry of sensations overwhelmed him.

Underneath the gag, I could hear him moaning more, almost a smile on his face. I could tell he was getting close, so I stopped for moment. His eyes were closed as I began to suck on my middle finger. It was nice and wet with my saliva as he opened my eyes and saw me pulling my finger out of my mouth. I smiled at him as a new look of fear began to materialize in his eyes. With no more warning than that, I shoved my middle finger up his ass. I swallowed his cock again as he began to thrash around to get my finger out of his ass. He pulled back from my mouth only to find my finger going deeper. He pushed forward away from my finger finding himself deeper in my mouth. He began to scream and struggle as never before. How exciting!

I decided I'd let him cum now so he'd have a little less fight in him later. I pushed my finger in as deep as it would go and he thrust as deep as he could in my mouth as I sucked deeply. He screamed as the first gob of his delicious sperm hit the back of my throat. I milked him for all he was worth, enjoying each delicious drop of his sweet boy cum. By the time he was done, I was in a blissful place. He was completely done and exhausted from this ordeal. Thinking it was over; he relaxed and underneath the gag began to smile. Even in his eyes, I could see the smile spreading there. I let his dick out of my mouth as it began to go flaccid. Apparently, he had forgotten about my finger. I wiggled it a little deeper to remind him. I pulled it out and replaced it with two fingers. He screamed as both fingers began to inch their way up his ass. He writhed away from me and turned over to wiggle away from me.

At this point, I pulled my fingers out of his ass. I'd had enough of him trying to escape me so I dragged him over to the bed. With a little bit of a struggle I got him on top of the bed. I pulled out more rope from my bag and tied it to his bed. The other end I wrapped under his arms in kind of a sling. I used another piece of rope to tie one of his feet to the bottom foot of the bed. Then I untied the rope binding his feet to one another. He immediately tried to kick me with his one free foot. Who didn't see that one coming? So I grabbed his foot and lifted it up to rest it on my shoulder. I was going to make it easier for him, but after thinking about it, I had to ask myself why?

I pulled out my own cock, drooling from all this action, and made sure Trevor could see it. He did and he began to try to kick and turn struggling to prevent the imminent invasion. Holding his leg firmly with one hand, I slid my dick down into position and used my free hand to guide it to the hole. I began to push slowly and he tightened up as much as he could. Patience; I kept my dick there, pushing gently, waiting for my opening, so to speak.

For a moment, the tightening muscle relaxed and I pushed with all my might. Trevor screamed as though he had never in his life felt pain until this moment. I had only gotten the head of my cock up his tight little asshole and he was struggling anew, doing everything he could to get me out. Slowly, methodically, I kept feeding my cock up his ass, as far as it would go. Then, I couldn't get anymore in. He was shaking visibly, crying, and tightening up as much as he could.

"Push it out, if you think you can," I taunted him. Stupid. He began to push out, as if he was taking the biggest shit in his life. I let my dick slip out to let him think it was working. Then he looked at me and I smiled. I shoved my cock all the way into his ass. He screamed loudly. I let myself stay there for a moment, to enjoy his scream, the feel of his body against mine, his feeble struggle to evict me. I pulled back slowly and then rammed forcefully back inside of him. He screamed less each time, subsiding to nothing more than occasional winces of pain, sobs, grunts, and moans. He was tight when I started on him, but he wasn't anymore. With the feeling of having conquered him, having taken all traces of innocence from him, I came inside of him. I blasted his insides with my own hot cum over and over again. He could only lie there crying as I pulled my dick out of his bleeding asshole.

I went to the bathroom to get a towel and some toilet paper. His body was shiny with a sheen of sweat from our workout. His asshole was bloody, leaking out cum and shit. I swabbed at his asshole with the toilet paper, showing him the blood. He winced as I continued to wipe the mess away from his asshole and turned his head and continued to cry. I untied his hands and his arms. He was completely naked and loose (in more ways than one).

I thought he would attack me, try to run, or do something. He curled up into a ball, trying to shrink and become as nothing to the world. I grabbed his ankle and pulled him out of the bed. He began to cry and panic as I dragged him to the bathroom. I turned on the water in the tub and made him get in it. I crawled in the tub with him and held him as the warm water covered our bodies.

He continued to cry as I jerked him off again. I love that boys can replenish their supplies so quickly. I caressed his butt with my hands as he cried softly. "No more. Please," he sobbed. He's had enough? I had only been there for thirty minutes, and we still had another twelve hours before his parents got home. I've learned you have to soften up boys before you fist them for the first time. A nice warm bath almost always did the trick.

He just sat there crying, totally unawares of what was going to happen next.

Dads best friend

It was the summer between my Junior and Senior year. I was barely 18. My parent's let me stay alone most of the time, but they were going on a two week cruise. Since Mike was getting a divorce from his wife and staying with his sister, they asked him to stay at our house. That was ok with me.

Mike was around 6' 8" 290 pounds of hairy blond gorgeous man. He had the most beautiful blues eyes and spent a lot of his time at the gym. No one knew why he and Kristy were getting divorced, but I was about to find out. Mike was 38 years old and had been married to his high school sweetheart. I knew that I was attracted to men, but had never actually been with one. I spent most of my time jerking off to my mother's playgirl magazines.

Well, my parents left, and it was our first night. Mike said he was going to the gym. I mentioned that I had been working out a lot in the garage for a whole year, and wondered if he would give me some help later. He said sure. And said that he noticed that my body was starting to take great shape. Mike left for the gym and said that if anyone called for him to tell them where he went.

As soon as Mike left I went through his belongings he had brought over. I put a pair of his underwear on and masturbated. I didn't find anything except a matchbook from some bar by the beach. I had never heard of it. The inside of the match book had a phone number and a man's name. I didn't think much of it, except Mike didn't smoke. When Mike got home, he did as he promised and gave me some pointers on the weight bench I had set up in the garage.

While I lay on the weight bench and Mike spotted me, I was trying my hardest to look up his gym shorts. He wasn't close enough. I pretended to not be able to lift the weight off my chest. Mike got really close, and lifted the weight off for me. While he was above me, I noticed that he must of showered at the gym because he smelled great and didn't have any underwear on. I thanked Mike for his help and ran in the house to masturbate, while thinking of what I just saw, having burned his image into my mind.

After a couple of days had gone by, I noticed that Mike never talked about girls, and was always wanting to wrestle around and stuff. I loved rolling around with him, a couple of times I let my hand rub against his cock. From what I saw and could tell, it was probably 6" long and super fat. I just knew I had to have Mike be the first man to shove a cock in my mouth and fuck my virgin ass.

One night, Mike said he felt like renting some movies and drinking beer. I told him it sounded good to me. My parents let me have a few beers, as long as I didn't drive. When Mike went to the store to get the beer and movies, I went through his stuff again. I found the same match book. I called the number of the bar and asked for the guy who's name that was on the match book. The guy on the other end of the phone said that he was working the other bar, and to hold on.

When Bill came to the phone, I told him I was Mike and I was in there a few days ago. He said I remember you. I have been waiting for you to call, I thought we were going to get together. I told him yeah we would sometime and hung up. I couldn't believe it--that was a gay bar, and Mike had been in there. I then knew tonight was going to be the night.

I jumped in the shower and scrubbed all over; I made sure my virgin ass was clean. I grabbed some lube and hid it in the living room, where I knew we would be watching TV. When Mike arrived home, he handed me a beer and put a movie on. A hour or so into the movie and a few beers later, I pretended to be hot and took off my shirt and jeans and lay on the floor in my boxers. Let me describe my self at the time I was 18 years young and 6' tall 180 pounds of pure boy muscle. Extremely tan and hardly any hair.

As the movie went on and the beer started to disappear, I got up and pretended to be drunk. I asked Mike if he would help me to my room. He agreed, he picked me up in his arms and carried me into his room. I pretended not to know the difference. He began to walk out, and I said, "Wait, Mike I need to tell you something, come over here."

He sat down on the side of the bed. I sat up and said, "Mike you know I'm 18 now and I know exactly what I want. I want you, and I want you bad. Don't worry, I won't tell anyone that your gay, if you don't tell them that I'm gay."

He looked startled, scared, and denied it, until I mentioned the bar name--then he a look of shock came over his face. I reached around his big body, and we kissed so deep it gave me a instant hard on. I told him that I wanted him to fuck my face and ass. Boy did he. Mike quickly undressed both of us, and stuck his cock in my mouth. Yeah it was great, the only thing that was wrong was that it was 6" soft 10" when it was hard. I had not taken this into account.

I sucked on his cock for at least 10 minutes, struggling to get as much of it as possible in my mouth. Then Mike pulled it out of my mouth, and said it was time make me a man. He asked for some lube, I laughed and said it was in the living room. I quickly retrieved it. When I got back Mike was on his back pointing his dick straight up. I lubed up my ass and his cock ,and began to lower my self onto it.

At first, I thought he was going to rip me in half, due to the immediate painful sensation as by muscles were initially stretched, but as we worked it, it began to feel incredible, and I was soon begging for him to fuck me hard. Mike commanded that I bend over the bed, facing the mirrored closets. I did, and I watched him fuck my ass to explosion for both of us.

I had never felt so goo--my whole body shook. We didn't clean up; we lay in each other's arms all night. The next days were repeats of the night before. Mike and I continued to suck and fuck for the next few years. My parents never suspected a thing. Mike is living single, and can never commit to a relationship, because he can't deal with coming out.

Me? I'm very happy and now in a gay relationship. Wow, that first night was the night of my life. Mike, my hairy big dick stud gave me exactly what I needed-direction. Thanks Mike,

Alter boy

When I was 16 I was an altar boy at my Catholic Church. We lived right next to the church and the old priest wanted me there all the time to help him out. One day he called me to his rectory and told me he wanted me to draw his bath. He then told me to hold his hand while he got in the tub, to keep him from slipping. He opened his robe and dropped it to the floor. I was amazed to see that he wasn't wearing anything underneath; not even any underwear.

He was so old and wrinkled that he looked funny naked. I was fascinated by his big limp penis and droopy dangling balls. He must have noticed because he asked if I would bathe him. He explained that it would be a sin for him to stroke his own penis, but it was safe for me to. I thought it was neat to hold the heavy wrinkled thing in my hands. On my knees by the tub I pulled on his penis with both hands, surprised when it grew long and stiff.

Father O'Malley laid his head back saying "Bless you my child" over and over as I washed his wiener till it exploded, squirting his hot holy water all over my hands. He thanked me, saying that I had rescued him from temptation.

He said he would repay me by performing the ritual of holy fellatio on me. He got out of the tub and dried off, telling me to remove all of my clothes. With both of us naked he had me sit on a velvet stool while he knelt on a velvet cushion in front of me. My young dick was hard as stone as he dripped holy water on it. Then he removed his dentures and slid his lips all the way to the base. He pumped my pecker with his mouth, licking and gumming it delightfully. He was humming hymns as he sucked, adding a wonderful little buzz to the sensations. When my orgasm hit I was shocked that he continued to suck me, swallowing gobs of sticky sperm as he licked and gnawed my jerking pecker.

The next day I looked forward to another visit with the priest. This time he told me that he needed cleansing in another area. He rolled over in the tub and raised his wrinkled rear high in the air. I used a soapy sponge to bathe the cheeks, but he said to use my fingers to cleanse along the crack. I could tell that he enjoyed it when I touched his butthole, so I rubbed it good. He then told me to be a dear and insert a finger into his rectum to make sure it was clean inside. I thought it was weird, but went along, sliding my pointer in and out, looking forward to the ritual that would follow.

When he rolled back over I saw that his penis was already long and hard, so I hand washed it again, causing an eruption very quickly. While he dried off I quickly stripped and took my position on the stool without even being told. He sucked my dick for a few minutes and then stopped. He asked if I could do him another favor. With my dick raging I said "anything." He explained that it was very important that a man of God be very clean and pure, and that he was concerned that his rectum was still not clean enough. He asked me to insert my penis into his rectum and try to ejaculate semen into his bowels. He said that semen was very pure and would anoint and cleanse him in divine fashion.

He slobbered on my dick to make it slippery and then turned his ass to face me. He spread his knees wide and told me to put my knees on the cushion between his. He then spread his ass wide with his hands and invited me inside. I was surprised at how easily my dick slid into him. At his insistence I buried my penis balls-deep into his butt and started pumping in and out of him like a horn dog. Father O'Malley was loving it, bouncing back against me with every thrust as he recited the rosary. I liked his butthole even better than his mouth. It felt almost as good, and I was more in control. Soon I was filling his most unholy regions with my sacred syrup. Every afternoon from then on I made my mother proud with my private sessions with the Holy Father.

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