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My fucking kid

My Fucking Kid!

I came back from my run sweating profusely and steaming inside. Damn that kid. He was so fucking headstrong! I heard a grunt from the basement and headed downstairs.

There was Danny, sitting back on the bench doing leg presses. His thick muscular thighs filled the leg openings of his thin workout shorts. Large corded calves pushed his feet against the leg plate and his ass muscles tensed as he extended his legs. He gripped handles at the side of bench, his bare, massive chest rising and falling as he pushed the plate slowly outward, then letting it return equally slowly. As he did so, he watched himself in the various mirrors he had bought and attached to the walls. He studiously ignored my presence, and, frankly, it pissed me off.

"I told you to mow the fucking grass," I barked.

"I値l do it when I finish my workout."

"Like hell you will," I answered. "You値l do it now! When you池e done with your workout, you値l hit the shower and sneak out. Just like you always do."

"Look, man," Danny explained as he slid off the bench and stood. "I知 18 and the law says I知 an adult. I don稚 have to take your shit anymore."

I walked over to him and looked up into those cold gray eyes. At 6 3" he was a good three inches taller than I. His mother had been such a slut that I once worried about whose kid he really was, but those eyes were mine and I guess that meant so was he. He got his height from his mother痴 side. Her brother and father were tall...and flabby fat. I was thankful that he hadn稚 gone that route, though it once looked as though he might. Danny had been fairly pudgy when his mother left us, but he took a weight lifting course in high school, got good results, then became a fanatic about it. First, I bought him a set of free weights, then a Bowflex.

I had been drinking heavily the night the infomercial came on. I didn稚 add up the total cost over the seven years of payments. Still, I had to admit it had been a good buy. I didn稚 work out the way Danny did, but I used it regularly and had added a nice chest to my lean runner痴 build. Danny, however, worked out for hours every day. He didn稚 do much in the way homework; his grades were poor; he didn稚 participate in sports; and he seemed fairly uninterested in girls. All he ever did was work out and it showed. At one point, I suspected steroids, but he didn稚 have any significant visible acne, and he ran around in nylon shorts, so most of him was visible. I took a few peeks at him coming out of the shower and saw that he sported the same hefty package I did, with the same egg sized balls, so I relaxed about it.

As I tried to stare him down, I could see that this was going to have to be one of those "lesson days". Don稚 get me wrong. I love my kid. I guess. In my own way. But I believe that any kid should jump when his father says something. God knows I had been scared shitless of mine. He taught me that there was one top dog in any household, and by God, it was going to be me in this one. I wasn稚 much for timeouts or "discussing" things. A little pain went a long way in getting the kind of behavior I wanted, not just from Danny but also from his mother before she left us.

According to him, that was why she did it, but I knew better. She left because she finally found a guy with money that she could pussy whip. I gave Danny credit for not falling for that shit. He was never mooning around about some bitch. Hell, he hardly ever dated. I guess that would have taken too much time away from him looking at himself in the mirror. Strangely, I was glad about that. I had his mother knocked up when I was 16 and we were forced to get married by our families. They helped us out until we finished high school, then we were on our own. That meant no college for me, and I was determined that, whatever else happened, Danny would make up for it.

Anyway, I didn稚 shy from giving Danny a good whipping when he fucked up or mouthed off. I知 talking about a serious spanking here: pants down, bare-assed, and continuing until he begged me to stop. For one reason or another, it seemed to happen at least once a month. Things changed a bit when he started to sprout up and fill out. He began to take it silently and stopped begging, and that took most of the fun out of it. I guess "fun" is the wrong word. But it began to seem, well, pointless. After Danny was fifteen or so, I stopped the spankings and mostly backhanded him when he smart-mouthed me. Big as he was, I could still knock him on his ass if I tried. Whatever I did to him though, it didn稚 seem to work. Little by little, things were getting worse between us.

"Eighteen or not," I announced, "law or no law, you値l play by my rules if you live in this house. You don稚 pay any rent, so you値l damn well make some other contributions. It値l be six months until you graduate from high school. If you want me to pay for community college, you壇 better straighten up!"

"Look, Dad," he responded, "I知 going to finish high school but I知 not going to college. I値l be heading out to Los Angeles the day after I graduate."

"And do what?" I laughed. "Lift weights for a living?"

"Well, one thing I won稚 be is a cable TV installer."

"It pays the fucking bills, asshole."

He was really pissing me off. I stepped forward into his personal space and, as always, he took a step back. I raised my arm across my face, showing him the back of my hand. Then something different happened. He didn稚 flinch. Instead, he pursed his lips and delivered a punch to my solar plexus with his right fist. I bent over, exploding shower of spittle into his sweaty chest and down onto his abdomen. Then his left fist met my jaw, and I was suddenly and painfully on my back, hitting my head on the concrete floor.

I don稚 know that I was ever completely out, but for a minute or so I couldn稚 hear and my vision was blurred. When it cleared, my ears were still ringing. I looked up to see Danny standing astride my chest at nipple level like some mythological Colossus staring down. Oddly, what I noticed most strikingly was that I could see through the leg openings of his shorts. One of his heavy balls had become dislodged from his jock and was hanging loose outside the elastic. Why this made such an impression on me was unclear.

"You wanna know what I知 gonna do in LA, old man?" he sneered. "Let痴 just say, I知 going into the entertainment business." With that he began tensing his muscles in a complex pattern like they do when they pose at one of those muscle shows. I watched in reluctant fascination. At one point he rolled the tension up his left leg from his calf to thigh and up into his left pec. Then it moved to his right pec and down to his right calf. Then it reversed itself, back up the right side and down the left. He pulled off his shorts and turned around. I stared up at\that\muscular ass framed by the elastic of his strap and to the muscular delts in the distance. He repeated the performance. It was even more dramatic with the clenching of those massive hams. I forgot the circumstances and began to marvel. How did he do that?

What was I thinking? I shook my head to clear it. "That and a buck seventy-five will get you a cup of coffee at Starbucks. Or maybe free drinks in West Hollywood." Good one! I thought to myself.

Suddenly, he turned and reached down. "You know, old man, I知 sick and tired of you putting me down and even more sick of you putting your hands on me. It痴 about time you found out what it feels like." He reached down grabbed my T shirt and hauled me roughly to my feet. The shirt ripped down the middle, but the collar held and I found myself on my toes pressed against him with my face four inches from his. He smiled oddly, took a big hock and spat. The combination of snot and spit ran down my cheek.

Danny pulled me over to the weight machine. He took a three quarter stance on the bench, right leg planted on the floor and left leg bent on the cushion. I saw that his cock stuck out two inches beyond the waistband of his jock. That wasn稚 much of a surprise. I had noticed that he seemed to be sporting a hardon about half the time. Like father like son. I got hard with just about any provocation: a good workout, just about any amount of exposed flesh of any kind, a stiff breeze up my shorts or even a sweating racehorse. Hell, I found myself getting stiff even in these circumstances.

Danny dragged me across his lap and pulled down on the collar of my T shirt, the only fabric still intact until my head was below the level of the bench. I glanced into one of the many mirrors he had set up to watch his form while he worked out. Reflected in a reflection was a shot of a large muscular man sitting with lean male form in gray nylon shorts stretched, ass-up across the muscled one痴 lap. Another of those random thoughts entered my head: What a great ass! Women had been telling me that for years. I bought it, but now I really saw why.

Danny lay his hand on the thin fabric, cupping first one buttock, then the other. Suddenly he raised his hand high and brought it down heavily. Thwip. Then again. And again. Thwip. Thwip. Oh, it stung! It stung a lot, but I knew I was getting off easy. Even the thin nylon of my shorts blunted the force of the blows, as revealed by the softness of the contact sound itself. There was not the sharp, satisfying crack of an open hand on a broad expanse of exposed flesh that always let me know I was applying the discipline with maximum effect. Danny continued. Thwip, Thwip, Thwip. He paused sensing something was wrong, then resumed with more force. THWIP! THWIP! THWIP!

In frustration, he clutched the thin fabric in his hand and tore. The nylon ripped part way along the ass seam, splitting the shorts down the center. Danny reached in and grabbed one of the split edges, his fingertips brushing both of my ass cheeks as he closed his hand, and pulled with all his might. The fabric split all the way down the left leg and across the waist. Gripping at the right leg hole, he tore the back free and fully exposed my ass. Another wrench and he dragged the loose fabric from between our groins, snapping the waistband and pinching my protruding cock in the process. As the slick fabric slid away, it dragged out cocks in to intimate contact, head next to head and trapped in place by the waistbands of our jocks. What a weird feeling.

Once again, Danny spent a few seconds caressing my butt cheeks; then he delivered a slap with a loud crack that reverberated around the room. The pain was, uh, serious. The sound itself was that perfect snap that I always strived for. My stiff cock throbbed in response and so did his. CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! Jeez, it hurt and my cock, if anything, got harder with each slap. This was heading in a bad direction, with an ending in sight that would be even more embarrassing that what had taken place already. Sure, I could wrench myself free of him temporarily, but I had little hope of escaping, and our earlier encounter had made quite clear that he could now take me down whenever he chose.

I remembered how Danny used to get me to stop. It was worth a try. "All right, Danny. I知 sorry. I知 sorry. I won稚 touch you anymore. I知 sorry."

The blows kept landing on my ass. CRACK! CRACK! God they hurt! I wanted him to stop but, then again, I didn稚. I clamped down on my cock trying to contain it. This didn稚 make sense. I couldn稚 possibly be in agony and ecstasy at the same time. And why the fuck wasn稚 he stopping? I was paying by the rules. Our rules. My rules.

"Please, Danny. Stop. I won稚 ever touch you again. Really! I promise. I won稚 hassle you. I won稚 criticize. I mean it! Pleeeze stop!"

The assault continued unabated and I fell into silent defeat, devoting all my energy toward containing my unwanted impulses. Suddenly, there was a rush of liquid between our groins. It wasn稚 me; it was him. His wicked slaps were timed to each ejaculation. As his spurts began to diminish, I felt I was home free and began to relax. Bad move. Suddenly, I myself began to erupt in huge spasms. Danny now timed his whacks with my activity. It was by far the most intense orgasm I had ever experienced. It wasn稚 that I no longer noticed the pain. It was an incorporation of the pain into the whole shebang. Without the pain, it would have been an ordinary rub job, a kinky lap dance. Encompassing the pain and the pleasure added an intensity I had never before experienced.

Danny went on with the assault long past the point at which I was fully drained, but eventually he stopped. Whether it was because he recognized the futility or because he simply tired, I値l probably never know. I lay there across his lap for a good five minutes, both of us panting heavily, saying nothing. I looked at us in the multiple reflections. My ass was cherry red, far worse than Danny痴 had ever looked after I disciplined him. The pain was now severe and the throbbing was not compensated by any other intense stimulation. Even so, it was tolerable in retrospect of the events that caused it.

Danny turned slightly and dumped me painfully onto the floor. I turned and looked up at him. There was a massive amount of mixed cum from both of our loads on his left hip, jock waistband and upper thigh, all the more impressive when one considered that half of our loads was on my own stomach.. It began to thin out and run down his thigh.

"Jesus, Danny," I offered., "You didn稚 have to ..."

"Shut up and clean me up. Fast."

Humiliating as the prospect was, it didn稚 seem like an opportune time to try to regain the high ground. Searching for something to use as a towel, I found the shreds of my running shorts lying at his feet. Danny grabbed me by my hair and pulled me to my knees.

"Not like that," he sneered. "Use you mouth, Bitch. Clean me up with your tongue."

He grabbed me by the hair and pulled my head toward his cum slathered hip. I resisted, but those powerful arms drew my face into his groin. The spunk smeared on my cheek. I still remembered how my cum had tasted when I tried it as a kid. It hadn稚 been that bad. I let my tongue out and brought in some of the jism. I don稚 know whether it had changed over the years, or whether it was because it was mixed with Danny痴 or whether my own tastes had changed, but it was quite a bit better than "not bad". By this time, it had drained down his left leg nearly to the knee. I grabbed that tree trunk with both hands and took a long upward slurp to stop the drainage.

"Now you池e doing it right," Danny said. "You love that cum, don稚 you,? Daddy"

I continued working my way up the hip, when he pulled my head roughly away from his body. "Answer me, when I ask you a question, bitch! Do you love eating that cum?"

"Yes, Danny. I love it."

"Doesn稚 sound like you do. You never appreciate anything I give you."

That sounded familiar. "I do, Danny! I love it! Please let me finish."

He released my head completely. I reached around and grabbed the young man痴 muscular hams. I attacked the open expanse of his hip until it was free of ejaculate. What remained was the gob clinging to the head and that which had settled along the crease made where shank was pressed against his ab muscles by the waistband of his jock. Somehow, I could tell that this was mostly from Danny. I ran my tongue along the groove until it met the fat sloppy head. I turned my tongue into a scoop as I sucked down the "Cream of Danny" soup. When the head was completely clean, I found that I didn稚 want to stop. I opened my mouth and tried to take it in. Danny shoved me back painfully on my sore buttocks.

"That痴 enough for you, Daddy. I知 saving that load until later."

"I, uh.... I don稚 know what I was doing there," I apologized.

"You were trying to blow me, old man, or didn稚 you notice?" he said. "Look, you stay down here and think about things. Don稚 come upstairs until after I finish my shower and leave the house. I don稚 want to see your face for a while. Later on, we値l talk about the change s that are gonna happen around here. Understand, old man?"

It was almost word for word what I would have said to him after a spanking. "Yes, Danny."

I lay on my side crying weakly while listening to the pipes sing and gurgle with his shower water. After about half and hour, I heard the front door slam and cautiously climbed the steps. He was gone. I went up to the master bathroom and looked at myself in the mirrors. A dark mottling was beginning to form on my ass under the still crimson inflammation. I knew that it would soon turn dark red, then eventually purple and black. It would be month before it went away completely. I would have to take a couple of days off. I was in no shape to climb any utility poles.

I drew a cold bath and lay there soaking my bruised body for a good two hours, refreshing the water periodically as it became tepid. It helped quite a bit. Afterward I went to the master bedroom and sprawled ass up on top of the California king, letting the air conditioning caress my burning butt cheeks, then fell asleep in a mix of worry and excitement about the "changes" Danny had in mind.

Us twins and dad

My twin brother Jason and I have been looking back over our years with our Dad; and how after Mom became a go go dancer the three of us became bonded closer and closer.

When Mom took off with her lover (years ago when we were about 14) my Dad, a knockout of a looker and very HOT too, came to our bedroom that very night and was very sad. But he said; "It's best she is out of here; I couldn't bear you boys hearing all the fights and arguments all the time."

He sat on the end of the bed (Jason and I had been having sex with each other since we could both could get a hardon)in his bulging thong. We had peeked at Dad for the last couple of years jerking off in the shower, and really wanted to suck his huge cock. He has seen us doing the 69 many times...we knew he was looking; and we were glad Mom was out of the picture now too.

Jason said.."Dad, we love you very much. Come on into bed with us and we'll make you feel good. By then his 9" uncut monster was out of the thong, so I just helped him take it off to gaze in wonderment at Dad's cock and and big low hanging balls...they were enormous.

My brother and I were just peeking at about 8" uncut ourselves...and I might say we both were taking after Dad very well.

Dad was moaning in heat. I just reached over and grabbed his huge tool while Jason started licking his asshole. Jason is into scat and loves rimming very deep until he gets fed.

I moved myself around into the 69 position with Dad as identical twin brother kept rimming him.

Dad and I knew what we were could say that alright. We deep throated each other as though we were doing it all our lives. Dad and I were at this point exchanging a lot of precum so we decided to let Jason have a crack at sucking Dad's 9+ incher.

Dad started into 69 sucking with Jason as though he and I never quit. I like to fuck, so I started to rim dad...BUT, I was really laying globs of spit into his asshole and all around the edge...enjoying every bit of it. Dad beckoned with his hand, spreading his hairy cheeks open...while I kept laying in lost of natures lube.

I was so fucking hard and pulsing with desire, that I just held Dad's leg up and started to put my thick 8" near his ass hole. It was opening up like a pussy...I couldn't believe it. I got more in position so that I could ease my cock into his ass.

Bit by bit his anus just "sucked in my dick" as though it was no virgin. I started pumping him with ease when his minimal groan stopped, By them I was about 6" inside his ass. So, I just started fucking and out. I could hear their sucking and slurping sound, which was quite a turn on for me. From my position I could see Jason ravedging Dad's cock.

OHHHH Boy...the three of us were way to into this. I was in the highest extasy I have ever been in years. FUCK it was hot, and we were too far gone to switch positions any more...because I could tell we were all three about to explode together.

Grunting noises seemed to guide all three of us into the timing for our climax. Much heavier breathing...Fuck I wanted this one to go right....ANNNNNNNNND HER IT BEGAN>>>>>>>>>>OHHHHHHHHHHH WE ALL were coming together and screaming louder and louder. I never new I had so much cum in me as I pumped and pumped my very last drop of my thick load into his ass.

"PHEW, said Dad...that was a long time cumming. I've been watching you boys for about two years now...did you guys have a good time...I mean are you both OK with this"?

I was eating my cum out of his ass hole so Jason kind of spoke for both of us, as he and Dad began licking all the extra cum off the shaft of their cocks..."I know it's fine Dad...we've been wanting to get it on with you for a long time; We've been paired up now for quite a while...did you know (wink)"?

"Of course I was always green with envy...I've even watched you both fuck each other in the bath tub".

I sat up and put my finger threw my hair an looked over at my brother...and he was sucking off Dad again...this time in a solo; so I planted a big kiss on Dad's mouth as he sucked my tongue into meet with this. Fucking hot kissing..while he started to yank my mule again. I'm as hard as a rock again...and Dad is pulling my hardon closer to his mouth. Here we go again!

Me and mark

It was a warm summer night and I was just going to sit in front of the air conditioner and veg when I realized I had 6 books that were about to become overdue at the library. I gathered them up and jumped in the car for the quick trip downtown to the library. On the main street, which was one-way, I got into the left lane to make the turn onto the library street.

I saw the most beautiful young blond walking down the sidewalk towards me. I just sat there, staring, totally forgetting about my left turn. As he went by, he smiled the most beautiful smile I have ever seen and said hi through my open window. I said hi back, although I was having trouble forming words I was so in awe.

I continued on to the library and took my books back. On my way back home, I had to drive through a very cruisey area.

Lo and behold, there was the blond talking to 2 guys in a car in the middle of the intersection. I pulled over to the side of the road and admired what had to be one of the world's best butts encased in tight denim. He was bending down to talk to the dudes in the car and really making that ass very prominent. A police car came along and told the guys in the car to move as they were blocking traffic. The blond started walking down the side street after looking over at me in my car and smiling.

I of course drove down the street past him, made a U-turn and parked on the side of the street with my window open. The blond walked up the street and came over to my side as he approached my car. He asked me if I had a light and of course I was only too happy to oblige. We started talking and I asked him if he wanted to sit in the car so we could talk. He came around to the passenger side and got in. He told me his name was Mark and that he was 18. I suggested we go for a drive and he said that he knew a nice quiet country road where we could talk.

As we were driving along, he told me that he had walked all the way downtown from his house at the lake and that his feet were tired. He asked if I minded if he took his sneakers off. Of course, I didn't mind at all. He told me that he had had lunch at the Lancer restaurant and that his stomach was hurting a little. He asked me if I would mind if he undid his jeans so he could be more comfortable. I said go ahead; he said he already did.

It was getting dark as we were driving into the country and he said that there was one particular area of his stomach that was uncomfortable and tried to point the area out to me. I told him that it was too dark for me to see where he was pointing so he took my right had and placed in on his abdomen. He said "Right here," as he slowly slid my hand down until it reached his tight white briefs. He then moved my hand down until it was resting on his very hard cock.

We were in a secluded area when he suggested that I pull off the road into an empty field. As soon as I parked in the field, he had his jeans and briefs pushed down to his ankles and his t-shirt off. He was totally smooth with a light blond patch surrounding his gorgeous hard cock. It was cut and at least 8 inches long and at least 5 inches around.

He reached over and undid my jeans and slid them and my briefs down and started to play with my cock as I stroked him. I got a blanket out of the trunk and spread it on the grass. He had already removed his jeans and briefs as had I. We lay down on the blanket and started kissing. His mouth and tongue were hot as our tongues dueled together.

We were stroking each other as we kissed. I started to move my lips down to his nipples, which were hard and needing attention. I of course took them in my mouth and alternated sucking and nibbling each one.

I then worked my way down his abdomen to his beautiful blond pubes. I buried my nose in and inhaled the fabulous scent of hot young boy. I then proceeded to the head of his cock, which was oozing the sweetest pre-cum I had ever tasted. I slid my lips down his hard shaft until they touched his pubes. I proceeded to give him what he told me was the best b/j he had ever had. His cum was creamy and sweet, the nectar of the gods.

After he shot his large hot load in my mouth, he pushed my down on the blanket and proceeded to treat my cock to the most talented mouth and tongue I had ever experienced. He would bring me to the brink and then back off, leaving me hotter than I ever remember being before. When he finally saw that I had reached my peak he brought me over the edge as he swallowed my hot cum down his throat.

We kissed and tasted each other's load in our mouths and snuggled on the blanket just stroking each other and holding each other close.

This was just the beginning of what became a fantastic relationship with the hottest boy I had ever met. Unfortunately, I moved from Canada to Texas and couldn't convince Mark that he should move with me. During the time that our relationship lasted, Mark never ceased to amaze me with his capacity to give and receive pleasure. He was particularly fond of sex outdoors and we had some very interesting, hot experiences that I will be telling you about in the future.

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