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The captain

My name is Ako and I live with my family in the small fishing village of Mino in Nippon. Nippon is the Land of the Gods, known to outsiders as Japan.

My father is headman of the village and a very important man. He is responsible for paying all the taxes to the samurai warlord, Yia Ko. I am allowed to help in this because it is the duty of every member of the village to ensure the safety of us all. Without the taxes being paid Yia Ko would visit horrible things on my father, the village, and all of my people. I fear no one as I do Yia Ko.

Today my father had a visit from one of Yia Kois Captains. I do not know what he wanted but I will find out as my brother always listens to such meetings from behind a thin wall. So you do not think us shameful, my father knows of this, it is to prevent his death without our knowing the cause of it should it come quickly.

I have never seen this Captain before, looking at him made me feel funny. I have noticed that the village boys are more fun to watch than the girls. My father says that girls are of no importance and that a man need only concern himself with boys. So I try to do just that, and I do not find it difficult. I like to watch the boys in the village swim in the ocean. Almost all of them do it naked and I like to see what they have between their legs. When I sit on the shore and watch them playing in the water, feeling each other, and having fun I get the same feeling I got today seeing the Captain, even though he was not naked.

The Captain was a man of middle age and if it were not for the difference in rank he could have been my father. He wore a kimono of the finest silk and he had the two swords in his sash in such a way that it reminded me of how my dick looks in the morning when I have to pee. I began to feel myself harden when I thought of this yet I did not have to pee. I reached down to adjust myself in my loincloth least I shame myself, and found my dick hot to the touch and wet, though I knew I did not pee. What was doing this to me?

As I sat there wondering about these things my brother came up to me from nowhere, it seemed, looking at my crotch he smiled but said nothing about the bulge or my blush, neither of which I could have explained if I had to.

"Lord Yia Ko is raising the village taxes again," my brother told me. "Father tried to tell the Captain we have not enough to feed the villagers as it is, but he was not to be moved. He just laughed at Father and said 'Lord Yia Ko has ordered it, and so it will be.'"

"What will we do?" I asked. "Can we help Father?"

My brother got a strange look in his eyes and answered slowly, "Yes, there is something I think, you could do."

I did not care what it was, I would do anything to help my father. "Tell me what to do, Brother."

"The Captain is staying in the guest house tonight. You must go to him."

"What shall I say?" I asked, bewildered. "Surely Father has said everything to him that he could, how am I to change his mind?"

"Just say to him 'My father bids me please you, Lord' and do as he tells you," my brother instructed me. I could see a strange look in his eyes as if he knew what would transpire and wished he could be there, but I was in the dark as to why.


After the noon meal I took a bath, it would not be right to present myself to the Captain unwashed, and I dressed in the finest silk kimono my brother lent me. I made my way to the guesthouse and past the guard who only smiled when I told him I was on my fathers business.

Knocking softly on the door I heard the order to enter. Sliding the door open I was met by the sight of the Captain in just his sleeping kimono, sitting cross-legged finishing his noon meal. I noticed his right hand on his sword relax when he saw it was me.

Smiling he said, not unkindly, "What may I do for the son of the headman?"

I was nervous though I did not understand the reason for the nervousness. I stood there for a moment and said nothing. Just staring at the man before me, muscular and fit, dressed in a light brown sleeping kimono that barely covered him to mid-thigh. in fact the way he sat split the kimono in such a way as to conspire to show the tip of his manhood. This is where my eyes landed and it did not go unnoticed by the Captain.

Finally I spoke. "My father bids me please you, Lord," just as my brother had told me.

"Ah, so he sends tribute, huh?" the Captain said to himself. "Well, boy, how do you plan on pleasing me?" he asked as he stood, in the process his kimono coming undone, allowing me the full view of his hairless chest, with just a slight line leading to his manhood. He had very low hanging balls, lower than I had seen on any village boy, and his dick was ever so much bigger than mine. I began to understand what I was meant to do.

Kneeling before the captain I loosened my kimono and said only, "My father bids me please you, Lord."

"Do you know how to, boy?" he asked, again in gentle tones.

"No Lord, but I am yours to do with as you will."

The Captain stepped closer to me and as he did he let drop his kimono so that he stood before me nude. He commanded that I should do the same, and I obeyed.

Taking me in his arms the Captain brought his lips to mine and for a brief moment he reminded again of my father. The thought did not discourage the lust that I felt surging in my body, but instead I felt myself get harder as I imagined this man to be my father holding me and kissing me in this way.

I felt his hands exploring my body and kneading my ass. Slowly he slipped a finger into my ass and found the hole moist with sweat and instinctively I pushed back and felt his finger enter me. He left it there only a moment before removing it and placing both hands on my shoulders and gently pushing down till I was on my knees once again. I was faced with his hard dick looking strangely inviting to me, I wanted to do things that I had never before considered.

Again some force I did not understand took over and I leaned forward to taste his cock in my mouth. He was hot to the touch, as I was sure my mouth felt to him. Slowly I took him all in and felt his dick pulse in me, as he held my head firmly in place and began moving back and forth fucking my face and moaning, "Take it boy, take it all"

I was happy to be his boy, and I wanted to take it all. My hand found my cock and I was wet as I had been earlier that day, only know I knew why. I began to play with my cock like I saw my brother do once when he thought I was asleep.

"Suck on my nuts, Boy!" he commanded, pulling my head off his dick by my hair.

I dove for his nuts. They were not hanging as low as they had been but they had a musky odder and a taste that I cannot describe but that drove me wild.

With one hand still on my cock I used my other hand and roamed the Captain's body and landed on his nipples. As I squeezed I felt his cock pulse again and felt a warm salty-sweet liquid gush into my mouth, I swallowed all I could but I let some drip out the corner of my mouth as I was distracted trying to hold the Captain up when his legs gave out with no warning.

Unable to hold him up we both fell to the sleeping mats and the Captain took my face in his hands and licked the remains of his own cum off my face.

When he had finished I looked down to find that his cock was still hard as if he has not just cum. He looked in my eyes and said, "I am going to fuck you boy, and you will love it!" it was not a statement, it was a command. I knew that no matter what, I would love it.

My brothers secret

My brother Scott was the perfect son. Straight As, didn't come home drunk, didn't smoke, and was captain of the track team. Me, I was none of that. Scott is 5 years older than me and had left for school in L.A. three years ago when I found out his secret. I had gone to the city to get some new porn when I saw the DVD "BiBoys Balling" featuring "Scott Free" aka my brother. Of course I had to get it. Not only was he fucking pussy, but he was sucking cock, rimming assholes, and taking it up the ass. It was awesome. He had also done one straight porn, a solo tape, and two gay videos. I can't tell you how much cum I spilt watching Perfect Scott being Mr. Nasty.

Soon I wanted to do more than just watch. I was graduating from high school this June and figured if I behaved myself, I could get Mom & Dad to pay for a trip to California to visit my big brother. Let me tell you, it was hard to behave, but that June I was flying out to see Scott. I had a chubby the whole trip. Scott was looking good when he picked me up at the airport. It was all I could do not to start sucking him off right there. Back at his place, Scott asked me "What do you want to do, little brother?" You should have seen his face when I said "I want to suck your cock and then fuck your ass!" "Wha..what makes you think I'd do that?" "I've seen your films, Scott." "My films?" Scott was starting to sweat. "Yeah, this is my favorite one." I pulled out "My Brother's Fucker" from my carryon and tossed it at him. Scott looked so sexy blushing. "I..I can explain..." I grabbed his crotch and planted a sloppy kiss on him. When he stopped resisting, I broke the kiss. "I can't wait to hear your explanation" I laughed. Then I pushed Scott back onto the couch.

"I've already seen you naked - hard - and doing all sorts of nasty things. Would you like to see your little brother now?" I tightened my jeans so he could see the outline of my turgid cock. Scott gulped and then nodded "yes". He already had a wet spot on his jeans. I stood in front of him and slowly unbuttoned my shirt. Leaving the shirt on, I rubbed my abs and chest. I pulled the shirt partly aside and pinched my right nipple. "You like?" I pulled my shirt off and tossed it at Scott. I raised my arms over my head and licked at my underarm. I unbuttoned my jeans and started to unzip. Scott leaned forward, his eyes focused on my jewels. But I played the tease. He had seen enough to know that I had gone commando. I turned around and grabbed my own ass through my jeans and squeezed. I wiggled my hips and made my jeans slowly fall off. I grabbed my bare ass this time and pulled the cheeks apart. I felt Scott's hand grabbing my ass. I slapped his hands away. "No-no! I'll tell you when!" I bent over and exposed my hole. Wetting a finger, I pushed it in. Scott started moaning as I finger fucked myself.

I pulled my finger out and straightened up, my back still to Scott. I gave my cock a couple of quick tugs to get it rock hard. I turned around and waved it at Scott. He licked his lips and moved to the edge of the couch. Scott reached for me, but I waved him off. "This is my show big brother." I approached my brother. There was a bit of precum on the tip of my cock. I rubbed it against his cheek. He closed his eyes and moaned. I rubbed it under his nose. Scott's mouth was already trying to suck me in. I let him have it. Oh God, my brother was good. His mouth was warm and wet. His tongue lapped all around my cock. I instinctively grabbed his head and he grabbed my ass. We both were going to get as much of my cock in his mouth and throat as we could. When Scott's finger found my hole, I blasted my load right down his throat. And professional cocksucker that he was, Scott swallowed every drop.

I sat down next to my brother. The wet spot on his jeans had grown considerably. "I think you better take those off." Scott smiled at me and stood up. But instead of taking his pants off, he grabbed my head and pushed my face right into his crotch. MMMMMM My tongue licked his jeans as my hands clawed to pull them down. Scott stepped back and undressed for me. He sat back down next to me. Two naked grinning brothers. He put his hand behind my neck and pulled me towards him for a kiss. I've tasted my own cum. I've even shot directly into my own mouth. But tasting my cum in Scott's mouth was even better. "Now let's see how good a cocksucker you are, baby brother!" Scott pushed my head into his lap. Licking his precum off his cock was much better than licking it through his jeans. And Scott was quite the leaker. I licked and sucked. My head bobbing up and down. I reach under and started playing with his balls. When my finger started up his crack, Scott pulled me up. "I know you want to fuck me, baby brother, but I want your ass first. Have you been fucked yet?" Now it was my turn to blush. "Only with my finger."

Scott pulled me over his lap. Whack! Whack! Whack! Then he spread my cheeks and tickled my hole. It was just like in his movie. Scott hawked a spit wad right on my hole and started to work his finger in. It felt so good that I started whimpering. "Baby brother like that?" I whimpered louder and nodded my head. "You ready to get fuck?" "Yeah! Fuck me! Fuck me real good!" Scott slapped my ass a couple of more times. "My naughty little brother is going to get what he deserves!" Then he stood me up and brought me over to the dining room table. I bent down over the table and Scott kicked my legs apart. He slapped his cock against my asscrack. I reached back and spread my cheeks. "Oh baby brother really wants to lose his cherry, eh?" "Fuck me you slut!"

I could feel Scott's cock at my hole, pushing to get in. It didn't seem like it would fit in when suddenly "UUUUHHHH GOD!!!!!!" Scott held in me for a few seconds "Oh brother, your ass is so hot and tight." Slowly he started moving around. "Fuck me Scott! Fuck me good and hard." Scott pulled almost out and then slammed into me. "You" Slam "want" Slam "it" Slam "Brother?" Slam "Yes! Yes! Yes! More!" "Squeeze me! I clenched my ass around Scott's cock. Scott grabbed my hips and started jackrabbit me. I could feel my balls pull up. I was going to cum again. "Fuuuuuuccckkkkk!" I blasted across the table. My ass clenched tight. Scott still managed to push in a little bit more. He pulled me up and kissed me while he unleased into my ass.

We cleaned up together in the shower. Scott phoned out for a pizza. While resting up for round two, I asked Scott if he was making any more movies.

Weekend visit to joe schmitts house

Friday nite Pa 'n me set out for Joe Schmitt's on Pa's Harley. Tom Casey rode his own hog. I grabbed hold of Pa round his belly with one arm, round his chest with the other. I squeezed his nipple thru his shirt. Pa liked his nips played with. My crotch was spread wide, 'n pressed hard against his butt. The chopper motor got my dick throbbin hard. Pa felt it pressin his butt crack 'n chuckled, "To bad we got our Levi's up Son, if'n we was skin to skin you would be givin yer ever lovin Daddy a right good fuckin. Ya ever think bout rammin yer manhood into me Paul, me boy?"

"Shit no Sir, I love 'n respect you Sir, a boy ain't supposed to fuck his Daddy. My hard fuckin cock is a sign of respect for you, my manhood belongs to you, Sir." My mouth was touchin Pa's ear as I said this, my hardon throbbed.

"Don't fuckin lie to me, scumbag, I know you want that fuck tool up my chute, don'tcha fuckface."

"Please Daddy Sir, no. I fuckin love you so goddam much Sir, I can cum without my crank bein touched. I'm fuckin leakin in my jock right now, Sir."

"Don't you fuckin unload yer scumwad Boy, you fuckin unload when yer told to. Now reach down 'n cup my nutz, 'n squeeze my rod. That's it, grope 'n play with my manhood. But don't make me squirt my fuck juice, or yer butt'll be whupped."

Tom Casey rode right along side us. I looked down tween his legs. Just the crotch area of his jeans showed out of his chaps. His dickmeat was bulging hard against the denim, a wet spot surrounded his cockknob. "Daddy Sir," I whispered into Pa's ear, this time I let my tongue lick Daddy's ear, "look how fuckin horny Mr. Casey is, I bet he wants to use that fuck pole on us." I was working my hand on my Daddy's dick knob. It was makin him moan.

"Mr. Casey, Sir," I called out, "see what I'm doin to my Pa? Does Jim play like this with you?"

"Boy, what I've got Jim doin, will make you fuckin blush with shame. You have no fuckin idea what you can be made to do by men who are born pigs. When this weekend is over, yer Pa 'n me will show what bein a man is really about. I'll show you how I use Jim as a cocksuckin scumbag, yer Pa will use the other lads there as the filthy scum buckets they have been trained to be, an' by then you'll be beggin to join in. I got my camera so's I can get some fuckin dirty pix of you 'n Jim together."

"Oh shit, you goddam fuckin bastard," Pa was wailin, "you fuckin piece of degenerate shit, I squirted off a couple blasts of fuck juice. I fuckin ordered you not to let me dump any scum." I could feel the wet scummy juice drippin from Pa's britches.

"Oh fuck Sir, I'm fuckin sorry Sir, please forgive me Sir, I'm a fuckin asshole Sir. Please Sir let me tongue clean you Sir."

Pa pulled onto a dirt road, "You fuckin cocksuckin pig, you fuckin earned yerself a fuckin whuppin. Hey Tom me good bud, hows about helpin me hurt this scumbag. We can do it together. Two studs degradin' a bad little boy."

"Jack, me pal, its an honor to punish yer lad with ya. First off buddy, I gots to relieve meself. How bout joinin' me? "

Pa threw me over his hog, undid my belt, unbuttoned my levi's, yanked them down to the tops of my boots. He left my jockstrap on, but he pulled the pouch aside so my cock 'n ballz dropped out. Mr. Casey 'n Pa stood side by side, arms round each others shoulders. They dug out their puds. Dad held Mr. Casey's pecker, Mr. Casey held Pa's. Both men groaned as they started to piss. They held each others meat at the base, so they could feel the piss movin' thru their puds before it came squirtin' out. Both men had to grunt with pleasure feelin' the piss movin' thru their peckers. Their piss came splashin out in heavy gushers. They were pissin on my butt, down on my britches, into my boots, up over my back. They squeezed off. Stepped round in front of me, never lettin' go of each others manhood, never takin' their arms from each others shoulders. They then pissed on my head. Without bein' told to, I raised my face so they could piss right in it. I opened my mouth. I swallowed when they pissed into my mouth. I licked my lips so they could see that I was an obedient piss boy. I looked into their cold eyes, they pissed into my eyes 'n laffed. "Open wide lad," Pa ordered, "take both cockknobs into yer gob together." As both men pissed down my throat, I looked up to see that the 2 budz had their tongues in each others mouth, swabbin' them around, forcin' them tongues in as deep as they could. Drool was drippin' from their chins. They grabbed each others head, real fuckin rough, 'n began makin' each other take as much as they could. This was not in any way kissin', this aggressive shit was tongue rape. Mouth clamped tight on mouth, the men began punchin' each other. They worked their tongues in each others mouth, while they groaned in pain from the blows they were deliverin' with their fists. Their dicks were both still in my mouth, 'n I was now suckin' them, givin' them head, as my jaw stretched open wide, givin my Pa 'n Jim's Pa a blow job.

Mr. Casey broke from Dad, "You fuck the cocksuckers face man, I'm gonna plow his butt."

"Go to it buddy," Pa smiled, "the fuckin scumbag needs a good rammin."

Well when the 3 of us fuckers finally got to Joe Schmitt's, we stank from scum, sweat, piss, spit, we had the fuckin funky smell full grown men get. Best fuckin smell there is.

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