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Uncle takes nephew

Bill was a taught, slim 16 year old. At night, he strips down to his briefs to go to bed. One weekend, Billy’s parents were out of town, and his uncle was staying over to take care of him and the house. A friend of Billy’s was staying the weekend, named Danny.

To celebrate the occasion, after getting ready for bed, removing all clothing but their briefs, Billy put on a porno. Billy never got to watch pornos when his parents were home, because he was afraid of them finding out. He knew where his father hid his pornos, and since Uncle Alex was sleeping on the couch downstairs, Billy thought it would be safe. He closed his bedroom door and turned on the video.

The boys were getting very turned on by the sight of the naked women. Although they were both very much into the on-screen sex, each was also intently watching the other’s crotch. The boy’s erections strained against the tight, thin cotton briefs. Talk soon turned to questioning each other about the contents of their underwear. Despite Billy’s comfort laying around in only his tight briefs, he was hesitant to release his boner in front of his friend. Donny kept pressing the issue, saying he only wanted to know how big it was, so as a compromise, Billy let Donny feel the size of his cock through his underwear. Donny reached over and quickly located the bulge in Billy’s crotch. He gently grasped it and held firmly. Billy’s dick could not help but react to the warm touch of Donny’s hand. The cotton rubbed againse the sesetive skin of his cock as his friend rubbed the front of his briefs. With his free hand, Donny took Billy’s arm and placed his hand on his crotch. The two boys now lay feeling each other’s hard dicks.

After a few minutes of this, the boys were very enveloped in their activity. So much so that they did not hear Uncle Alex coming upstairs. So it was quite a shock to them when he opened the door onto this scene. The boys quickly withdrew their hands, but the damage was done. Billy pleaded with his uncle not to get him in trouble with his parents. But Uncle Alex was kind. He wouldn’t mention this, if Billy did him a favor. Seeing these two teenage boys, wearing nothing but very brief briefs, fondling each other, had given Uncle Alex a problem, and he intended for these boys to fix it.

First, he had the boys go down into the living room, not allowing them to put their clothes on. Alex followed the nearly-naked boys down the stairs. He told the boys that he was going to ask them to do some things that might seem strange, but to remember what was at stake here. Billy, eager to get himself out of hot water, agreed to do whatever his uncle asked of him, but was nervous as to why they were standng there in only their skimpy briefs. Uncle Alex sat down on the couch and had his nephew stand in front of him. He placed one hand on the boy’s tight abdomen, and another on his back. He rotated his nephew so Billy was facing his friend. Billy was hyper-aware of his uncle’s hands on his naked flesh. Then, he told Donny to kneel in front of Billy. The boy’s heart skipped a beat as his friend came eye level to his crotch.

Billy had been fraught with worry that his uncle would tell on him, and he had lost his erection. It was Donny’s job to get Billy hard again. Donny had no problem with returning his hand to where it had been so comfortable earlier. He found Billy’s limp dick by feeling the front of his tighty whities. He fondled it, attempting to get it hard again, as per Uncle Alex’s instructions. Billy was, however, reluctant to obey. He wanted to please his uncle so he wouldn’t be in trouble, but he couldn’t feel comfortable standing here, nearly naked, exhibited in front of his uncle, while his best friend knelt before him fondling his crotch.

His briefs were pulled tight across his crotch as Donny tried to excite Billy’s cock, and the thin cotton materiel was stretched tight across his bubble butt also. His ass was so round, like two hemispheres. Uncle Alex watched his nephew’s friend at work, and looked his nephew’s body up and down. He had thin arms and legs, and a thin torso. His chest muscles were just noticeable beneath the smooth skin, and his abdomen was beginning to develop, but still had the undescribable quality of a boy in his early teens.

Concentrating on the uncomfortable feelings, Billy’s dick slowly grew. The more he thought about being on display for his Uncle, the harder his dick got. Donny finally had something substantial to grab hold of. This other boy was very excited at the opportunity to see his buddy’s hard dick. His own tight briefs became tighter as his dick grew to fill the capacity of his underwear. Given further instructions from his friend’s uncle, Donny was eager to obey. He moved his face close to Billy’s crotch, and put his mouth around his cotton-encased dick. Billy instinctively moved back, away from the hot, wet mouth, only to find his ass now in Uncle Alex’s hand. Uncle Alex had placed his hand there in just such an event, that his nephew would be unreceptive to Donny’s attention. Billy felt his uncle pressing on his buttocks, moving his groin back into Donny’s mouth.

Donny moved his lips and tongue all over Billy’s briefs, the wetness seeping through to Billy’s now-hard cock. Billy didn’t like that it was his friend that was bringing him these feelings, nor did he like that it was at his uncle’s command. But the sensation of Donny’s hot mouth on his dick, and his hands rubbing up and down his legs was turning him on. Uncle Alex observed how Billy was now pushing his crotch into Donny’s face.

Not wanting Billy to get too excited, Uncle Alex halted Donny’s advances. Alex hooked two fingers in the waistband of Billy’s underwear and pulled his nephew toward him. He moved his hands over the young boy’s features, feeling his smooth skin. Billy was anxious. His uncle was no longer just controlling this experience, but was taking part in it. He felt his head rush, his cheeks get hot as his uncle pressed his hand against his wet crotch. Uncle Alex again hooked two fingers, one from each hand, into the front waistband of Billy’s briefs, and tugged them down his legs. Billy had to fight his instinct to cover himself. His stiff cock bounced in the air, the bulging red knob at its tip emitting clear strands of semen.

Donny stared on as Uncle Alex took Billy’s tool in his hand and stroked it a few times. Billy gasped as he felt his uncle’s hand on his member. Alex looked at Donny and asked, knowingly, if he wanted Billy’s hard fuck tool. Donny crawled onto the couch, onto Alex’s lap and took control of Billy’s organ. Billy felt a rush as Donny took hold of his now-naked member, and he couldn’t ignore the warm hand’s carress. He stroked it as his tongue licked along it’s surface. Uncle Alex moved his hands over the two boys’ bodies, paying particular attention to the wet spot in Donny’s lap. Billy was astonished by Donny’s mouth on his now-bare dick. Such skin-to-skin contact was electric.

Uncle Alex moved Donny off his lap, unwilling parting the boy’s lips from his friends receptive tool. He stood up, and told Bobby to get on his knees. Bobby, from this vantage point, noticed the large bulge in his uncle’s crotch. At Alex’s command, he reached up and undid his pants, sliding them down his harry legs. Uncle Alex was in awe as he watched his little nephew preform his duties. He watched as he fondled the front of his underwear, and eventually removed those. He watched as his thin neck stretched out to bring his head closer to the large, fragrant man-tool. The thin lips parted and Billy’s mouth opened. With his small grasp, he maneuvered his uncle’s half-hard dick into his mouth. Uncle Alex instructed Billy to suck, while his large hands held onto Billy’s head, and Alex slowly moved his dick in and out of Billy’s tight lips. After fucking his nephew’s face for a few minutes, his dick was fully erect. He moved his length, slowly, farther into Billy’s sucking mouth. Miraculously, Billy didn’t gag as the large member slid into his throat. Soon, the young boy had swallowed his uncle’s entire cock. Alex left his dick lodged in Billy’s throat, and complemented him on his cock-sucking abilities. The boy gazed up at Alex, his wide eyes and innocent face offset by the straining lips trying to capture more meat.

Billy’s jaw strained open with Alex’s huge cock shoved down his throat. He sucked on it, as his uncle had instructed. The taste was not unpleasant, and as it lingered in his mouth, he grew used to it. Still, he couldn’t escape the guilt he felt at the activities he was performing. He was sucking his uncle’s cock. And his friend lay beside him watching. Billy couldn’t help feeling exposed, as his uncle positioned him, on his knees, completely unclothed, with his uncle’s dick in his mouth, his big hands holding his head in place. Then, the mass that penetrated his throat retreated.

Uncle Alex removed his dick from the pressure of Billy’s mouth. He removed his shirt and told Billy to stand up. As the boy obeyed, his stiff member brushed against his uncle’s. Alex ordered Donny to stand at one end of the sturdy coffee table at the other side of the room. Uncle Alex told Billy to get on the table, on all fours, facing Donny.

Billy climbed onto the table, and his was now taking in the sight of Donny’s crotch, wet with semen. Donny moved his narrow hips to meet Billy’s lips. Billy, keeping in mind why it was that he was forced to do this, enveloped the tip of Donny’s prick. Billy tasted the cotton of the briefs, but also felt Donny’s pulsating boyhood. As he worked his mouth over his buddy’s briefs, he felt his uncle’s hands spreading his ass. Then he felt a wetness, his uncle’s tongue, touch his squinting sphincter. With applied pressure, the tongue broke the barrier and entered Billy’s ass. The boy’s dick, engorged with blood, seemes stiff as rock, reacting to the new feeling of the wet tongue working its way up his ass channel.

He returned his concentration on the boy standing in front of him, trying to ignore the ass-licking he was receiving. He took the initiative and took the waistband that was hugging Donny’s waist. He tugged it down his thighs, exposing Donny’s raging hard-on. Donny’s ass squeezed as he moved his dick closer to Bobby. At the sight of this skinny boy’s long, skinny cock stuck in his face, Bobby suddenly became entranced. He looked up at Donny, who was looking expectedly back down at him. Donny’s skinny arms supported his back as he leaned his crotch forward. Bobby grabbed the thin penis, its head deep red and thick with blood, oozing pre-cum wildly. Bobby lapped up the strange-tasting liquid, and Donny shuddered at this new contact. Lips encompassed the erection and locked onto the slender shaft. This manageable-sized penis was much more pleasant to have in his mouth than Uncle’s. Donny began to fuck Bobby’s mouth, and Bobby bobbed his head in unison, meeting Donny’s thrusts. Bobby sucked the length of his friend’s hard-on into his mouth, swirling his tongue around it, teasing the head and piss-slit.

It was as Bobby really started to go at Donny’s dick that Uncle Alex pulled his tongue out of his now-moist hole. Shortly, he felt a slimy finger push into his anus. It moved in and out, and wiggled around inside the boy’s rectum. Again, Bobby squirmed, but Donny and Alex held him tightly in place. Soon the finger was removed. Bobby, releasing Donny’s cock, turned back to see what his uncle was up to. Uncle Alex stood stroking his condom-covered dick. He stepped closer to his nephew’s ass, pointing his member at Bobby’s small rosebud.

Bobby couldn’t bear the thought of what was about to happen. As his uncle pressed his dick into his ass, Bobby’s boyish face contorted. Alex told him to relax is anus, which he tried to do. As his muscles relaxed, Alex’s dick slowly entered Bobby’s rectum. Donny held tight to Bobby’s shoulders to keep him from escaping the intruding penis. He let out a yelp as a sharp pain sounded in his tight ass. Uncle stopped for a moment to let the boy’s fresh ass adjust to the new visitor, but shortly continued his march into Bobby’s anus.

To the young boy, it felt like an eternity, but soon, Alex’s cock was shoved all the way in, his hips tight against Bobby’s small ass. Uncle Alex slowly began to rock his hips, moving his massive dick in and out of Bobby’s tender rectum. Bobby was breathing heavily as his uncle started to fuck him. The boy remained completely still (except for when Alex’s hips slapped against his ass), concentrating on this new kind of violation. Eventually, all traces of pain vanished, and Bobby was left with only the feeling of a big, hard cock sliding in and out of his too-small ass. Indeed, his ass clenched onto Uncle Alex’s manhood, involuntarily.

Uncle Alex stared down at his dick disappearing into his nephew’s ass. The tight hole grabbed his member, and he couldn’t believe he was actually fucking this hot, young boy, his nephew.

Bobby passively knelt there, on all fours, and let himself be fucked. His eyes were squeezed close, and his mouth hung open. Donny saw the opportunity and placed his dick back into Bobby’s mouth. Overwhelmed with sensation, Bobby merely took Donny’s dick and sucked it as he had earlier. Now Bobby had his virginity taken from him at both ends. With every thrust of Alex’s cock, Bobby was pushed further into Donny’s cock, which worked its way into his throat.

Overwhelmed with the large mass filling his small ass, Bobby passively took his uncle’s abuse, and began to once again concentrate on Donny’s tool. Of course, Bobby couldn’t ignore his uncle’s thick member sliding in and out of his young hole, but he tried to divert his attention away from the unwelcome penetration and toward his friend’s dick, which was steadily pumping in his mouth. Bobby gripped tightly with his lips, sliding Donny’s length further into his mouth, then back, continuing this cycle. The tight ring of his lips found the tender flesh of the cock, where the head and shaft meet. Donny’s moans of pleasure mixed with Alex’s primal grunts.

Sweaty and achy, Bobby submitted his body to his uncle’s fierce pounding. He was startled when Alex took a grip on his dick and started to stroke it. Bobby’s boy tool reacted to his uncle’s touch, growing, even as Alex fucked the skinny kid’s brains out. The boy gripped the edge of the coffee table, reveling the sensation of his uncle’s hand moving over his stiff tool. As Alex pumped Bobby’s dick faster and faster, he also quickened his thrusts into the boy’s pubescent love channel. Bobby moaned around the cock filling his mouth, feeling the tension building in his crotch. He was truly being fucked with all the strength that Alex could muster.

And then, it happened. Bobby, his body jarred by his uncle’s rough fuking, and breathing heavily through his nose, the sensation of two dicks moving inside him, and the hand job from Alex finally triggered his release. His member began to spasm, shooting streams of hot boy semen onto the table. His ass spasmed around Alex’s dick. Uncle gave a great moan, and bucked several last times into his nephew, releasing his own fluids, not deep into the boy’s stretched rectum, but safely into the condom. Donny, however, without warning, filled his friend with his seed. Shot after shot, Bobby swallowed Donny’s semen as it filled his mouth. His lips were sticky with the excess, which spilled down his chin, and down his outstretched neck.

Alex slowly pulled his cock out of his young nephew, and Billy rotated, laying back on the table, exhausted, his chest heaving with the exhilaration of his first sexual encounter. The taste of Donny’s cum lingered on his lips and tongue, and his ass hole was sore. Donny and Alex stood over him, admiring his young, lithe body. Alex began to pull his clothes back on, and told the boys to get to bed.

But after Donny started upstairs, Alex gently grabbed Bobby’s arm, as he followed his naked friend, and told his nephew that he was a good fuck, and that he would like to continue to educate him in the ways of man-sex. But that would wait. Bobby joined Donny in bed, both remained naked. The boy, having just been pressured into sex with his uncle, fell fast asleep.

The weekend was short, but Alex made the most of his time with his attractive young nephew. He made Bobby wear only his briefs around the house, and subjected him to random sex sessions, bending him over the bathroom sink, or sitting him on the kitchen counter, spreading his long, thin legs wide and filing him with his man-tool. And Bobby would do nothing but take it.

Flashbacks - carpenters tool

After the 2nd World War there was a building boom. Many new homes were being built for the service men returning home. I lived in a small suburban area with my family were I went to a local elementary school.

In the block where we lived they started building homes in the open field next to our home. I was fascinated with all the activity and the construction men taking over the area like a swarm of busy ants. They built the homes like an assembly line, starting with the digging of the foundation, the pouring of the cement for the basements, then constructing the frames for each home. It was a mad house for several weeks as the construction continued. The noise only discontinued after working hours when most of the men went to their separate homes, except for a foreman or clean up crew.

Being an inquisitive teenager, I had to explore the homes as they were being built, but knew I wasn't welcome during working hours. I would wait until I thought everyone had gone home, then I'd explore the unfinished homes on my own. One late afternoon I was exploring in one of the homes when I discovered I wasn't alone. I quickly hid under the stairs going down to the unfinished basement and waited. I heard footsteps of someone upstairs. A workman came down the stairs, walked to the corner of the room, took out his cock and started pissing on the dirt floor.

I was already infatuated with men and their cocks, so I watch with interest. The man, probably in his early 30s, dressed in his tan work clothes and booths, wasn't aware I was watching him piss. He adjusted his large tool belt and pulled out his cock. He adjusted himself carefully then reached in further and pulled out a large set of balls to match his rather large soft cock. I'd seen men's cocks before, but was always excited to observe and taste another.

I was thrilled to be able to suck a guys cock and had already sucked several boys my age and older. The excitement of a nice hard dick cumming in my mouth and swallowing all of their cum was indescribable. I serviced them as often as I could. I also had a few older men that I had added to my conquest: which included one of the mechanics at the garage where my dad took his car, a couple of the farm boys that worked on a nearby Truck Farm, two security men from the local drive-in-theater, and about 3 or 4 of the guys I grew up with. I was well liked and guys liked my cock sucking methods and always came back for more. I liked sucking them off and was always in the mood to add another hot boy or man to my agenda. I had become a hungry and proficient cock sucker at a young age and gave excellent service to satisfy men sexually. I saw nothing improper or wrong with my cock sucking activity.

I watched the Carpenter finish his pissing, then start to manipulate his rather large uncut cock back and forth. He was going to jack-off right here. I couldn't let him waste that big load of cock juice on the ground. I would be happy to let him cum down my throat. I had to let him know I was here. I moved slightly to make a noise so he'd know someone was here. He quickly looked over at me setting under the stairs.

"What the hell are you doing? You shouldn't be here young man." he said as he looked my way.

"I was just exploring. Didn't mean any harm." I said as I slowly stood and came out from under the stairs.

"Do you live around here kid?"

"Yes sir. I live down the block. I didn't mean to startle you."

I kept looking at his big cock hanging out of his pants.

"Do you like to watch a man piss?"

"Yes sir and I like to watch a man jack himself like you were going to do."

"Oh you do, do you? Do you like to play with men's cocks too."

"I not only love to play with a man's cock, but I like to suck them, and swallow their manly juices. Can I suck on yours, sir?"

The carpenter stood quietly for a moment then turned his body towards me and pulled on his cock again. He motioned for me to come closer.

"Come over here kid and play with my cock. Have you ever seen a cock this big? I have a good 10 inches of man meat here. Have you ever sucked on one this big?" he said as he started to slowly ease his lacy foreskin over his penis. He pulled his balls completely out of his pants and gave them a good tug.

As I took a few steps towards the man, he spread his legs and put his hands on his hips.

"Come on kid. Let's see if you have any cock sucking talent. I don't believe a young pup like you has ever sucked a cock before. I think you are pulling my leg. Get over here, get on your knees, wrap your sweet tender lips around my dick and suck on it, if your not afraid. Come on. Let's see what you can do with this one."

Then he stood and waited to see if I was going to suck his cock or not. I must have surprised him because I dropped to my knees on the dirt basement floor, took his balls in my one hand and kissed his wet piss slot to taste his pre-cum juices.

"Hot Damn. You weren't kidding were you kid? I don't want to feel any teeth on my prick, ya hear me? Take your time and give me a good sucking. If you do it right, I just might give you a big load of man juice. I bet you'd like that. Huh?"

"Yes sir. I'd like it if you came in my mouth. I love the taste of cum." I looked up at his face then ran my tongue around his sensitive glans and licked his piss slot again.

He grunted and let me begin to service him. He had a good size cock, so I couldn't go all the way down on his 10 inch cock, but I started to lick and clean his hairy balls before going to work on his wonderful cock. I loved the scent of a working man. I had sucked some big cocks before, like my mechanic friend at the garage, and my handsome brother-in-law, but this cock was not only long but thick around. I was still pretty good at manipulating the skin back and forth and going down on him as far as I could. He was enjoying my service and would sigh and gasps in appreciation. Then he started getting hot and gripped the back of my head and started talking and instructing me how to make him feel good.

"Damn, my young pup, you sure do love to suck on that dick, don't you? Yeah. I like the way you do it. I've never has a young man suck my cock before. Feels damn good, cock sucker. Hum huh. Feels damn good. Suck it deeper if you can. You like my balls too, don't ya? Lick em good. Love to have my balls sucked. Oh yeah. I like that too. Lick and clean my sweaty nuts. Clean em good, cock sucker. Oh yeah. Got myself a cock worshiper here. Fuck. If you keep this up I'll pop my nuts soon. Oh Yeah. Oh Yeah. Um mm. I'm gonna give you my load. Suck me, cock sucking slut. I'm gonna shoot, gonna shoot. FUCK. Take my load punk, take my damn load. Uuuuhhhh Gawd! FUCK, FUCK, Fuck. Awwwww shit."

The carpenter caressed my head and fuck faced me. I placed both my young hands around his thick cock and guided it into my warm mouth. I could only take his cock down about 6 inches or more before I gagged. I took another deep breath and held his dick in my mouth while he dumped 6 to 8 loads of cum down my throat. I pulled back so I could breath and taste his delicious cum. He moaned softly until his last load was delivered to my mouth. I swallowed his cum and licked my fingers clean, and continued to lick him clean. I squeezed and milked down his cock to taste the last few drops of cum. I kissed his cock and balls and then set back on my legs, looked up at him, took another deep breath and smiled.

"Thank you sir. I loved that. You taste so good.."

"Damn, Damn, Damn, is all I can say. That was a fucken good suck. You must have had some practice to do that. Damn." he continued to say as he tried to put his semi soft cock back into his pants. He rubbed my blond head and buttoned up his pants.

"Hey young-en. Do you come around here very often, because I'm usually the last one to leave, being foreman and all, so if you'd like to swallow some more of my cum, I like to see you here the same time tomorrow. I see you're really in to sucking cock, a real cum sucking slut, so I might be able to line you up with a few other straight studs so you can suck their dicks. I have a fine looking crew and they are horny all the fucken time. I hear them talking about getting their cocks sucked, so maybe you could keep a few of them satisfied and keep their minds off sex and more on their work. How ya like to be our cum dump boy? What do ya say?"

"Yes sir! I'd like that. It'll have to be somewhere out of site. I just live down the block and don't want my brother or dad seeing me."

"Sure thing. We'd better leave now before the night watchmen come on duty. I'll see you here tomorrow about the same time."

I went by almost every evening to the empty basement to suck off my hunky carpenter. He lined me up with several of his crew and I blew them on a nightly basis before they went home to their wives and girlfriends. I dropped by during the week end and met one of the security guards and sucked him off about 5 nights a week.

I had a good thing going but in a few months the houses were completed and were being sold. I kept in touch with my Carpenter friend and a few of his crew. We would met at their new construction sites so I could keep them well drained. I drank a lot of hot cum that season and looked forward to finding a new construction area so I could meet more men.


If I didn't get a good fuck in before tomorrow evening, Tonya and I would be out of the medals for sure. We'd come to the Paris Grand Prix with good hopes of standing on the platform, but my timing was all off in the twists and throws we'd attempted in our practice session tonight, and I knew it was because I was so jittery from not getting my rocks off since we'd been at Skate Canada a couple of weeks ago. I'd hunted all over the skating rink yesterday and today, but none of my usual fuck buddies were here, and I had no idea where to cruise for a quickie in Paris.

I sent Tonya off the ice before our practice time was up, telling her I was just off this evening and there was no use taking a chance on her getting hurt during a botched throw. I told her I'd continue practicing jumps on my own, trying to get rid of the jitters so I'd be straightened out before our short program competition tomorrow night straightened out. That's what I needed to be, straightened out and then drained of cum before tomorrow night. But I couldn't tell Tonya that. She knew I swung that way, of course, but she didn't know how much I depended on sex to keep my strength and timing up.

So, Tonya skated off to the locker rooms, and I continued practicing all alone in the gloomy practice rink. I had no idea who had the practice time following mine, but I could have shouted for joy when I saw the French silver medal holder, Andre Larreau, skate out onto the ice and start his warm-ups. A sweet little piece of blond ass, Andre had turned eighteen a few weeks ago, which now made him free game. My fuck buddies and I had even speculated on who was going to get the first crack at him, and now here he was, gliding his tight little butt cheeks around on the ice in this deserted practice ice rink and batting his long eyelashes at me in invitation, and me in a bad way for sex, the very definition of the lighted match meeting the can of gasoline.

Wasting no time, I stripped off my practice T and skated back into the center of the ice. I was in great shape and my skin-tight practice leotard basket showed off not only my great length and thickness but also my immediate need, so I knew if Andre was at all serious underneath that teasing that had driven several of us crazy for the two years he'd been skating professionally, he'd take the bait.

And take the bait he did. We started out pretending at least to be into our individual practice regimes, but our eyes were glued to each other in an undeniable mating dance. Andre skated over to the boards and stripped off his practice T, feigning that the heat was getting to him, but we both knew that I and my magnificent body and obvious need were getting to him. When he glided back onto the ice, our routines came into synch and drew together into ever tighter circles, until, in a cloud of ice shavings, we both stopped dead, facing each other, very close. Both of our chests were heaving from the intensity of the syncopated ice dance. I leaned my head down to the much shorter, more compact solo skater, and he tilted his head up, meeting my lips with his. Our tongues twined, and I found he had a knob-headed stud in his tongue. I thrilled in anticipation of how I would make use of the stud and laughed to myself at the similar surprise the French youngster was in for.

With one hand on his butt and the other on the small of his back, I arched Andre's torso back and attacked his pert little erect nipples with my lips and teeth, leaving him in no doubt about my need and my intention to ravish his body. He was giving little yips of pleasure and pain and buried his fingers in my hair, giving at least token indication of trying to pull me off him. But his fingers slipped away, as I lifted him off the ice and slid his body up mine while moving my lips and teeth down to his belly and navel, which was pierced with a gold ring that got a workout from my tongue, teeth, and lips.

I let him slide down my body onto the ice and pulled his face into my crotch.

"Suck me," I said, "And then I'm going to fuck you." I had no idea whether or not he understood English, but he must have gotten my drift, because he pulled my leotard down to below my pelvis and gasped when he saw my surprise. I had a silver ring with a round knob on it pierced into the helmet of my dick. I felt him shudder as he began to work on my cock, mesmerized not only by the opportunities the cock piercing offered but also by the quickly engorging length and thickness of me.

I didn't give him much time to think about what was happening, though, because my main goal was to get my rocks off and win a medal at the Paris Grand Prix. As it was, I let him work my cock in his mouth longer than I had intended, because that stud on his tongue running along the underside of my cock was sending chills up and down my spine. However, in short order, I had pulled Andre back up to where I could lock my mouth onto his. He wrapped his legs around me above my hips, and I skated over to where the boards broke to accommodate a judges' table.

Flipping Andre around, I laid him on the table chest down, pulled his leotard down to his knees, and went for his ass hole with my tongue. With one hand on the small of Andre's back, I held him down on the table. The other hand explored his cock and balls and gave them some appreciated attention.

Quickly, though, I had Andre's ass wettened with my tongue and widened with my roaming fingers, and I crouched up and over him and got the helmet of my cock into his ass opening. Andre whimpered and complained under me as I worked to gain entry, and the whimpers increased to gasps of pain and objection as I pushed into him a few inches. I stopped, giving his ass canal a chance to adjust to the size of my cock, and then, punctuated by his exclamations in French, I pushed on in to the hilt. The objections turned to moans and sighs and more accommodating French phrases, as his tight little ass opened to me and I began to slowly pump him.

I dug my hands into his pecs and pulled him up to me. He turned his head, and we kissed. He looked at me in a dreamy expression and spoke for the first time in a thick English.

"The cock stud," he said. "The feeling."

"You like?" I asked.

"Yes, I like very much," he said. "Please. Can you fuck harder?"

"Sure," I said, although I didn't respond immediately. I twisted his torso so that I could get my teeth at one of his nipples, and he gasped and moaned at the attention I gave him there.

After a few minutes, I let his torso descend back onto the table top. I wanted to twist him around and fuck him from the front. In my urgency and realizing that I wouldn't be able to strip off Andre's practice leotard over his skates, I lifted my own skate-clad foot and sliced through the crotch of his pants, freeing his legs. I slowly spun him around on the table top then on my buried cock, turn him on his back and lifting his legs in the air with my hands. His hands fluttered up my torso, and I began to deep fuck him. He was letting out little yelps of pleasure and whispering sweet nothings to me in French. He began jerking himself off, which was just as well, because this was all about sexual release for me to bring my performance on the ice to its peak, not about any need he had.

When I was about to cum, I pulled out of him and shot off across his belly and up into his pecs. I buried a fist into his long blond hair, lifted his head to mine, and gave him what I had intended to be one last, deep, brutal kiss. But, while we kissed, Andre's hands went to my cock and pulled me back into him. His hands went to my butt cheeks, holding me inside him, and he writhed under me and his lips flew over my chest and into my pits. He was nipping me and rolling that tongue stud over my flesh. He wrapped his strong legs around me, below my buttocks, and I felt my cock coming to life again. I had the brief fear of his skate edges slicing into my tender butt cheeks, but Andre carefully held them away from my body.

I had thought I was finished, but Andre thought that I had more to give, and Andre proved to be right. This time, he wrapped the strong fingers of a hand around my balls and rolled and pulled them and held me to his pelvis until, many long minutes later, with Andre fucking himself on my cock with the rhythm of his strong leg muscles, I had cum deep inside him.

I took this as Andre's statement that I hadn't done anything to him that he didn't want done. But this time when I pulled out and away from him, I left him laying there, spread-eagled on the judges' table and skated back out to the center of the ice, where I performed a perfect triple salchow jump. After showing the French youngster what else I could do well, I skated over to the boards, snatched up my athlete T, and skated back to the exit to the locker rooms, not looking back to the blond French skater at all.

I knew now that I'd be in prime condition for the double's short program tomorrow evening. The Frenchee's ass canal was so tight and I was so big and long, however, that I wondered if he would be able to unbow his legs and fight through the ass pain for his own men's short program the following evening. But I didn't care one way or the other. He wasn't competing in the doubles. Regardless of the damage I might already have done to him, I reminded myself that I'd have to check the practice session schedules running up to the long programs to see if Andre would be available for another private workout session before the long programs. None of my regular fuck buddies had come to this competition.

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