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Kyle and his father - the prowler

Kyle was awakened by a loud "THUD". He shot straight up in bed. "What?"he garbbled still half asleep. He looked around his room trying to focus still partly unaware was where he was. As he awoke he realized he was in his own room and that something had awoken him. He had heard a noise, that's right a noise. But was it real or just part of a dream? Maybe it was his Father. He glanced at his alarm clock and saw it was nearly three in the morning. His Dad had probably been in bed for three hours or so already. Oh, well since he was up he'd check and see if Dad was okay.

Kyle and his Father, Jeff lived alone for the past ten years since his mother's death. It had been an auto accident and it hit Kyle hard. He had been 9 at the time and now was suddenly without a mother. But his Father did an excellent job filling in. No it wasn't exactly the same but he knew that his Father loved him and had tried to be both Father and Mother to him.

And Kyle's Father had something to be proud of. He had raised a fine young man practically on his own. Kyle was now 19 years old and was getting ready to start college in the fall. He was the classic All American Boy. Good grades, good looks, he had it all.

While in High School Kyle had been the captain of his swim team so, he had a tight lean well defined swimmers build. One thing that no one could help notice about Kyle was his perfectly round bubble butt. No matter what he wore it seemed to protrude and get noticed by everyone, woman or man. Not to mention wavy sandy brown hair and piercing baby blue eyes. Plus he had one of those perfectly chiseled jaws with a smile that light up a room.

Then of course there was that monster between his legs that only genetics can give. He had to admit he had been blessed. Blessed with a 9" cock that was every bit as thick as a beer can. Of course in this case the apple didn't fall far from the tree. Kyle's Father had a nice piece on him as well. Not quite as big, just a little over 8", but still just as thick. And to be honest at 42 Jeff still was very handsome. His brown hair was graying at the temples and his moustache had sprinkles of gray as well. But he had the same eyes and facial structure as his son. And while Jeff may not of had a swimmer's build like his boy he did go to the gym faithfully to keep in shape. He always said, "Just because I sit behind a desk is no reason to be sloppy about my appearance." Though instead of being lean he was thick, but thick like a body builder with a massive chest and arms. And of course he also had that incredible ass that turned heads. After all that's where Kyle got it.

As Kyle made his way across his dark bedroom he walked very carefully as not to bump into anything. His ass was straining to break free from the confines of the skimpy little red bikini briefs that barely covered his perfect ass as he walked. He made his way down the hall to his Dad's room and stuck his head in. The room was dark but he could make out a figure in bed. Kyle entered.

"Dad," he whispered. "Dad wake up!"

Jeff began to stir. "What? What is it son?"

"Dad I think I heard something downstairs. Someone may be in the house."

At this Jeff woke up immediately. "Okay don't panic. Hand me my robe, son."

As Kyle turned to get the robe a bright light shown in his eyes causing him to back up hitting the bed and falling backwards onto it. "Nobody's going anywhere. Unless I say so!" snarled a strange voice. The intruder was dressed in black from head to toe and carrying a sack and a flashlight.

"All right both of you out of bed and against the wall where I can see you." ordered the intruder.

Kyle rose and stood along the far wall suddenly feeling very exposed in just his bikini briefs. But Jeff didn't rise right away. He looked at the intruder and asked, "Would you please hand me my robe. I'm not wearing anything under the covers."

The intruder laughed a mean laugh. "I don't give a fuck what you are or aren't wearing. I said get up against the wall! NOW!"

That's when Jeff noticed the gun in his right hand along with the sack. "Okay, I'm sorry"' said Jeff as he threw off the covers and rose. As he walked across the room his big cock swung and bounced with every movement. He tried to cover himself with his hands but his cock was too big to conceal. He was now standing next to Kyle.

"What do you think you're hiding? Hands at your sides both of you!"' snapped the intruder. As they did so the prowler's eyes just about popped out his head. He couldn't believe the size of both these men's cocks. He set the sack down and rubbed his crouch with his gun. The sight of these two hot men, one naked and the other almost naked was getting him turned on. And the fact that they were father and son got him even hotter.

"What are you going to do with us?" asked Kyle.

"Nothing bad. That is if you play along," sneared the prowler. "You in the underwea,r why don't you get on your knees and suck your daddy's dick?"

Kyle was shocked. He couldn't believe what he was hearing. He had never even thought about such things. "Please no. I-I-I can't. I'm not gay and well he's... Well he's father."

"Well I'm the one callin' the shots here," the intruder waved his gun. "So do it!" Jeff spoke up, "Go ahead, son it's okay. Do what he says so he'll leave. It's not like we're doing it for pleasure."

"Listen to Daddy, boy and DO IT NOW!!!" barked the prowler.

Kyle lowered himself to the floor and looked at his father's cock. It was big. He didn't know if he could suck it. He took it in his hand and began to stroke. He then began to lick the big mushroom shaped head. Then up and down the shaft he started to tongue bath his Fathers dick. The whole time the prowler shown the light on father and son watching them go at it.

Jeff began to get into it as his cock grew in his son's mouth. He began to moan. He had never thought about such things but had to admit it felt good to have a hot mouth all over his cock.

Kyle was opening his mouth wider now so that he could take the thickness of his Dad's big meat. Kyle began taking more and more down his hot teen throat. Then something strange happened. Kyle didn't know what to think but his own cock began to grow in his underwear. He felt as if his growing manhood would rip the little bikini from his hot body.

The prowler must have noticed too because he ordered Kyle to pull his dick out and stroke as he blew his Dad. Kyle pulled out his own growing erection and the prowler went crazy. It was even bigger than Jeff's and dripping precum. The prowler unzipped his pants and pulled out his own hard 7" cock and began to stroke. "Yeah suck it boy. Suck your Daddy."

Both father and son were totally confused by all of this. They knew it was 'wrong' but they were both loving it. Kyle was a total pig over his Dad's dick now; drooling all over it and deep throating him like a pro. And Jeff was moaning and fucking his son's face like an animal.

"Oh, son I'm close. I'm gonna cum soon!"screamed Jeff.

But Kyle just sucked deeper and harder. Finally Jeff's cock exploded in Kyle's hungry waiting mouth. He swallowed every bit of his father's cum and continued sucking even after Jeff had cum.

"Both of you, on your feet!"

Father and son stood, the flashlight still in their eyes. "Okay Kid remove those briefs. And you (to Jeff) I want you to grab hold of that dresser and don't let go."

Each man did as he was told and waited for further instructions by this heartless intruder. "Alright Kid you're gonna fuck your old man."

"What?!" asked Jeff.

"You heard me! The kid pleasured you and now you're gonna give up your ass to him.

"Dad remember what you said lets just do what he says," Kyle chimed in a little too eagerly.

"Now get in there kid and fuck your old man dry," was the next order.

Kyle got behind his Dad and aimed his 9" rock hard prick at his ass hole. His cock was covered in its own natural lube since he had lots of precum covering it. He took aim at his father's tight pink asshole and began to press the head of his throbbing member to it. Jeff began to grit his teeth. Kyle could hardly believe what was happening. His dick was inside his own father and he couldn't believe how hot it was making him. He had never thought of his Dad this way before and now he never wanted this to end.

As his son's dick entered more and more, Jeff was filled with incredible thoughts of lust her he was getting screwed by his boy and loving every second of it. It hurt but it was a good hurt.

Kyle's manhood was totally buried in his Dad's ass now. He then started to pick up a rhythm. He was now watching his cock slide in and out--his balls slapping off his Dad's beautiful ass.

"Yeah fuck him kid! Fuck your hot daddy's ass with that big horse dick of yours!" ordered the intruder as he stroked his own cock. "Tell him how good it feels in there boy."

"Oh, Dad, Daddy. It feels so fucking good in that tight ass of yours," Kyle was totally wrapped up in ecstasy now and didn't care.

"Yeah, now you tell your son you love his dick in your round little ass."

"Yes Kyle I do!" said Jeff as he pushed back on his son's dick. Fuck me son! Fuck your daddy good!

The intruder was all worked up as well watching this father/son team go at it like wild beasts. He then ordered them to lie on the bed--Jeff on his back and Kyle on top so they could look at each other as they fucked.

Kyle re-entered his father and began to fuck him full force. Both men were lost in the heat of the moment. Feeling closer than ever. Father and son sharing a special moment. The intruder stood by the bedside beating his dick furiously as he watched this incredible sight.

"Give me that big dick Son! I want all of you in me. Fuck your Daddy good."

"Yes Daddy! Take my dick, take your boy's fucking dick!!!" responded Kyle as he furiously fucked.

Then at the same moment both men found themselves drawn to one another as if by some unexplained force. They embraced not as father and son--but as lovers. And they began to kiss--a hot steamy, sexual kiss. Their tongues explored one another's mouths as their hands explored one another's bodies and Kyle continued to pound his Fathers hungry hole.

This sight was too much for the intruder, "Oh, fuck! I'm gonna cum!!" And with that he shot a pearly white load of hot cum all over the incestuous duo. But Kyle and Jeff were so into each other now that they didn't even notice.

Still locked in their embrace Kyle felt himself getting close to cumming. He pulled his tongue from his Dad's mouth. "Dad I'm getting close. I'm gonna blow!"

"Stay in me son, cum in my ass."

And with that Kyle exploded inside his father, "OOOOOOOHH, Daddy! YES! AAAuugghhh!!!"

Cum was pouring out Jeff's sexy ass as he beat his own dick causing his second orgaskm of the night.

"Here I cum son. Daddy's cumming again for you!! Aaaaahhh!"

Both men collapsed on top of one another and embraced. All of a sudden the reality of the situation became obvious to them both. They pulled apart and looked in the direction of the prowler. He was no longer there. In the heat of the moment he must have snuck out and they missed it. They had been so into one another they didn't even notice the flashlight was no longer shining on them. They search the house and saw where he got in, but now he was gone.

They agreed that what had happened, happened because they were forced to do it and that was all. It was decided that they would never discuss it again. However, secretly each man knew the truth. It may have started out as something they were made to do, but somewhere along they way they started to enjoy it. And although they weren't going to speak of it, that didn't mean that they each wouldn't think about it in the privacy of their own room--dick in hand and stroking.

Hard sweaty sex

Up to this point I had never been with what most people describe as a bear (hairy, muscular, and maybe some extra padding). I met James at a friend's party, and we had talked and then gotten together afterwards. He was 39, white and a true to form bear. He had told me about what he was into, just some really energetic hard sex and the idea of him pounding my tight ass thrilled me, so I decided to have some fun with him.

I arrived at his home and he greeted me wearing only a pair of tight black latex short shorts, with a snap-out crotch for easy access with out having to take them off and a pair of black leather boots--very sexy. He invited me in and showed me around his house. We arrived into his wreck room (T.V., sofa, lounge chairs, etc) and he immediately said, "Well let's see what you have on under those clothes."

With a smirk, I began stripping naked. He would every now and then remark about my nice looking ass, or my hardening cock. After I was completely naked he walked around me admiring my body, and slapped my ass cheeks once or twice as he walked. He stopped in front of me and said, "Okay now turn around and put your hands to the wall, and spread 'em."

I did and he then dropped to his knees and pulled my ass cheeks apart and shoved his tongue right into my tight hole. He was grunting and moaning and just having a whale of a time rimming my now quivering ass and I was going crazy. I have never had that kind of rim job before in my life. He was gripping my ass cheeks hard and eating my hole for all he was worth. Then without warning he stopped and slid under me and began going to town on my cock. He swallowed the whole shaft in one effort. He took it all into his throat and started massaging my balls with one hand while he stuck two fingers up my spit dripping ass.

I was going berserk now; I had a VERY experienced mouth working my cock, one hand playing with my balls and two fingers being shoved in and out of my asshole. I knew I wasn't going to last much longer, and he must have known as well, because he suddenly stopped all three, and shoved me down onto the ground on my hands and knees. Behind me I heard snaps coming undone, so I knew it was time for the main event. And boy was I right.

All of a sudden I felt him grab my hips and plunge every inch of his hard cock all the way up my ass, I even felt his balls slap my balls. He didn't even start out slow; he just went hardcore from the start. He would every now and then even pull out all the way and then plunge back in again with a very pleasurable popping sound. I was going to cum at any moment from the prior attention and the current attention to my ass and prostate.

I all of a sudden began cumming all over the carpet, in streams. With every plunge more cum would be forced out of my cock, and the tighter my asshole would tighten. He never even slowed down; he just kept on going hard and deep. I was beginning to get hard again and he was really beginning to get himself worked up into overdrive. He was really driving home hard into my ass and I was now on the verge of cumming again.

With every slam into my ass he began to slap my ass cheeks. I was getting into it even more now; I was actually pushing my ass back onto his cock as he was fucking. I was beginning to feel another orgasm coming. I could tell that he was on the verge too. So I started to clinch my asshole around his cock as he was pulling back, and from his grunting he liked that a lot. I felt cum begin to leak out of my cock, and I could actually feel his cock head begin to grow. With that I slammed my ass back into his cock as hard as I could and tightened my asshole even tighter. the tightening of my hole and my final thrust onto his cock threw him over the edge, and he erupted a load of his cum all over the inside of my ass, and with that I began to shoot even more cum out of my cock.

We stayed there in that position for a few more seconds and caught our breath until he finally pulled out and then smacked my ass again. I looked up at him (still on my hands and knees) and he looked down at me and he said, "I love that ass of yours; same time next week?"

I was going to look forward to next weekend.

Straight in dad

"Hey Dad, we're gonna be late," I yelled up the stairs.

"Ok, ok," Dad said bounding down the stairs two at a time. "Let's go."

We headed out the door and jogged toward the car. I jumped in the passenger's side and we were soon off to the ball field.

"Hey Stud," Dad said to me using his pet nickname for me, "You ready for this?"

"Yeah, we're gonna beat your butts," I laughed.

"Oh yeah?" he grinned.

"Yeah," I laughed again.

Today is our town's father/son softball game. Dad and I live about 2 miles outside of town. It's a small town with about 300 people. In fact our whole county is pretty rural with less than 10,000 people and most of these live in the county seat 25 miles from us. We have no middle schools; the county doesn't have the budget. Kids go straight from grammar schools to a single county high school. I'm in the 9th grade.

I never knew my Mom. Dad got her pregnant when he was 15 and she was 17. That was 15 years ago. Mom was going to have an abortion, and her family came to my Grandma looking for money. My Grandma, who died last year, told my Mom that she would pay all her medical bills and take me to raise after I was born if Mom would agree to carry me to full term, plus give her some money afterwards. My Mom delivered me, signed me over to my Dad and Grandma, took the money and left town with her family. No one has heard from her since.

From the moment I was born my Dad was there. He wanted to hold me, feed me, and would protect me with his life even as a teenage dad. My Grandma had to make him go to school every day, because he wanted to stay home and help take care of me. Dad's pals kind of adopted me and I have the best extended family any boy could ask for. His best friend, Blake, is like a second Dad to me. They used to good naturedly argue who's lap I would sit on when I was little. My Dad would always win, until Blake learned that if he put candy in his shirt pocket I would want to sit on his lap and look for it. Dad used to laugh at him because he had to bribe me.

My name is Wyatt and my Dad's name is Matt. We have many of the same features, except our hair color. Dad is 6'3" and I'm 5'8" and still growing. Dad said I inherited my Mom's thick dark hair and blue eyes.

My Dad is a redhead, but unlike other redheads I've seen in my fifteen years. His hair is dark auburn, his face angular with brows that almost meet and are a tad darker than his hair. Everything about him is striking, the noble nose, full coral lips, flashing white teeth, eyelashes that women would kill for, and piercing eyes that change with the light. In the day they are a deep greenish/blue and in the evening under soft light they become polished slate. His skin always looks lightly tanned and there isn't a freckle on him. He takes a lot of good natured ribbing from his buddies about being too handsome thought they don't call him a pretty boy because there is nothing remotely feminine about him. Even his voice is an imposing baritone.

We pulled into the park and the guys were waiting for us. The sons were playing against the fathers. We usually get our butts beat by the dads, but it was all in fun.

Sure enough our dads beat us. After the game we all headed to one of the guy's house for a cook out.


"Earth to Wyatt," my best friend Kevin said.

"What? Oh, sorry, guess I was kinda spacing," I said. I cleared my head and heard my other friends talking about sex. We do it all the time. I was sitting in my boxer briefs on a bench in the locker room after gym class. It was the last class of the day and I didn't have to get to another class but I did need to catch the school bus home. I finished dressing while listening.

This conversation kind of surprised me though. One of the guys had visited his cousins in the city last weekend and he got his first handjob from a neighbor girl. He said she was rough and that he could do a better job himself. We all laughed.

The older boys had told us that if you dated a local girl you were lucky if you got to feel her tits. None of my closest friends were old enough to drive so we didn't go on dates. A few of my friends had girlfriends, but they only saw each other during school most of the time. Having sex anytime soon looked pretty bleak to us.

Steve, another friend, mentioned that when his family visited his uncle last summer, the men got drunk and he overheard them reminiscing about being teenagers. Seems they had man in their town that would suck them off anytime they wanted, and they had used him a lot growing up.

Kevin surprised me even further when he said he wished we had a cocksucker near us that would suck, and maybe even let us fuck him, as long as he didn't have to do anything back to the guy. The locker room got instantly silent with all eyes on Kevin. Then everyone was talking at once. The consensus was they would have no problem letting a guy swing on their knobs and laying there letting them put their dicks up his ass to fuck him. It was just sex and they all wanted to know what a blowjob and real fucking felt like. If any of us ever found a guy willing to do it for all of us, then we'd tell the other guys so they could experience it too.

The last bell rang. Kevin and I grabbed our book bags and ran for the bus.


"You've sure been acting strange this week," Kevin said on the bus.

"What do ya mean?" I asked.

"I don't know, just weird," he said.

I laughed, rolled my eyes, and we both laughed.

Actually, I was trying to sort things out in my teenage mind. I would be 15 in four months, and right now I wished I was older because in my way of thinking I thought grown-ups could figure anything out and always knew what to do.

Last weekend, in the middle of the cookout after the softball game, Blake had driven Dad and me home. Dad had gotten sick suddenly and needed to leave early. Another guy had followed to take Blake back to his car. It turned out to be the flu, and Dad was feeling better by the end of the week.

When Blake got us home, we put Dad in my room because its closer to the hall bathroom both us share incase he needed to make a run for it. I stayed the next couple of nights in Dad's room with the door open listening incase he called for me.

Dad and I both have our own computers in our rooms. It was still early and I turned on Dad's computer and started looking through his favorites and files for games to play. I came across a movie file that asked for a password and took a shot at it. After a couple of tries it turned out to be Grandma's maiden name.

When I played the first video I almost fell out of my chair. There was my Dad and Blake tag teaming some older blond woman that I had never seen before. My 14 year old cock got so hard that it hurt while trying to free it up.

I watched mesmerized while playing with myself. I hadn't seen my Dad naked since I was about 6 years old and I had never seen Blake totally naked. I studied them as much as I did the woman. Both guys were the same height and looked hot naked. I wanted to grow up looking like that.

Dad's cock was long and thick and a little darker than his skin. I could tell he was circumcised, but what caught my attention was his crotch hair. Mine was still filling in and though thick and soft, Dad's was full and beautiful. It was the same dark auburn as his head and looked like shiny silk. The thick treasure trail ended about 2 inches above his navel. When he was fucking the woman his ass was firm with just a slight dusting of red hair on it and more in the crack.

Blake had a hairy chest and legs. I could see the foreskin peeled back and knew he was uncut. His ass was as firm as Dad's but had darker hair on it.

The woman moaned a lot. They musthave been making her feel good. I wanted to know what it was like to put my dick in something wet and warm. I really got turned on when Dad came inside the woman and Blake stuck his dick in her pussy with Dad's cum still in her and fucked her until he came inside her too.

I stayed up most of the night watching the different videos and had cum all over the front of me. Dad had lots of videos of them fucking the blond, and also had other movies with different women. All of them had both Dad and Blake. None were of them alone with a woman.

Just before I decided to go to bed and look at more of Dads' videos when I could get a chance I noticed another sub file with movies. The password was different and I couldn't get into this one before it locked me out for awhile. I decided to try later and went to bed with my mind whirling.


Dad stayed in the bed in my room the whole day Sunday. I checked on him frequently. Blake stopped by and spent a couple of hours with us to make sure we were doing ok. I couldn't help looking at his crotch when I got the chance. Once I looked up and he was watching me with a puzzled look on his face.

After Blake left, I tried all kinds of passwords to get into the sub file I found last night and finally used our first dog's name. It worked and I was in.

Last night's shock was nothing compared to this. These were videos of older guys sucking off teen boys. I couldn't help watching and ended up cumming three times before I heard Dad call me. I quickly shut off his computer and left. I have been thinking about it since.


Dad and I were sitting at the dinner table in silence. I wanted to ask Dad about the movies but didn't know how. We were close and he always told me I could talk to him about anything. I loved him more than anyone in the world but this was awkward for me.

"You've been awfully quiet these past few days. Are you ok?" Dad asked.

"Dad, you remember when you said I should never be afraid to talk with you about anything?" I asked.

Dad nodded. "Are you in some kind of trouble?" he asked with concern in his voice.

"No, nothing like that," I said. "When you were sick and staying in my room, I was going to play games on your computer and found the movies with you and Blake."

Dad looked at me studying me until I dropped my eyes.

"I didn't mean for you to find those. I'm sorry if you're upset or angry but they're private." Dad said in a guarded tone that I couldn't quite read.

"No, no, I'm not upset." I said. "Actually it turned me on. I also found the sub file with the other movies. That turned me on too. Am I gay? Are you gay?"

There was a long silence before Dad said, "Let's finish dinner, clean up, and go to the living room where we'll talk."


I sat beside Dad on the sofa. We always sat like this when watching TV, but this time it was different. The TV was off and neither of us had said anything yet.

"Have you had sex with anyone yet?" Dad finally asked.

I shook my head no, not looking at him.

"Well, I know teen boys think about sex all the time. In fact Blake and I have talked about inviting you to join us when we have sex; hell, I might at well say fuck; when we tag fuck a woman," Dad said. "We're gonna wait until you're 17 though."

My 14 years old teen cock instantly hardened pushing against my jeans. There was no hiding it.

"I don't think any of the women we know are going to let you fuck them until you look like you're at least 18 years old," Dad said. "Until then you'll have to find someone else."

"What about the other movies I saw?" I asked. "Us guys were talking in the locker room the other day and we all said if we could find a local cocksucker we'd let him give us blowjobs until we met a girl who would give us a little bit. We'd even fuck him if he'd let us. Do you know a local guy or woman who would do that for teenage boys? We just don't want to have to do anything back to him. It's ok with a woman though."

Dad gazed at me and chuckled, "Well, you sure picked up the language in front of your old man quick enough. No, I don't know anyone local."

"Why do you have those other movies?" I asked. "Have you or Blake done things with each other?"

"No," Dad said quickly, and then said to me softly. "I'm going to share something with you. "I've never done anything with another male, but I have erotic fantasies that are about helping boys and men cum. I don't know why it turns me on but it does. I've never done anything gay though, I just jack-off to these thoughts."

"It's alright Dad, the movies turned me on too, and I don't even know why, but they did," I said. "I know that if any guy offered to suck me off I'd probably let him. I want to know what it feels like to have my cock sucked."

We sat in silence for awhile. Dad finally ruffled my hair and told me we could talk about this tomorrow or later if I ever wanted to, and then he turned the TV on. I found it hard to concentrate but sat with him beside me. Scooting closer to him I could feel his heat and was constantly imagining what it would be like to see his dick for real. He smiled at me flashing those beautiful white teeth.


All I could think about was getting my dick sucked. I talked to Kevin about it and he and I agreed to make it our mission to see if we could find anyone that might want to do this for us. We just didn't know how to go about it.

"I wish there was someone older we could trust that we could ask," Kevin said one day.

I didn't know anyone that I could ask. My Dad had said he and Blake would take me with them when they fucked a woman after I turned 17. Every time I thought about this I'd get hard. Until then, he told me, I was on my own finding sex. I couldn't tell Kevin about this though.

"Your Dad's pretty cool. We could ask him," Kevin said.

I panicked. Had I let something slip about Dad's private fantasy? He would never trust me again.

"I don't know. I'm not real comfortable with asking him that kind of question," I said.

"Aw, come on, what do we have to lose?" Kevin said. "I'll ask him, if you'll just be there with me when I do."

I couldn't think fast enough of how to say no and a reason for why I said no. Kevin told me he had to get home but he'd bike over tomorrow morning and he'd ask Dad. Tomorrow was Saturday, and Dad would be home. I stood in silence as I watched him ride off.

That night at dinner I decided it would be best if I told Dad what Kevin was planning to ask him. After a couple of questions to make sure I hadn't said anything to Kevin about his fantasy, Dad told me not to worry about it. He thanked me for telling him and told me he'd be ready for us. I finished my dinner and didn't worry about it. I knew my Dad would be cool.


Kevin showed up about 10:30 Saturday morning. I answered the door and he and I both went into the kitchen where Dad was paying some bills at the table.

"Dad, Kevin and I have something to ask you," I said.

Kevin gave me a grateful look for saying 'Kevin and I'. Kevin started by telling Dad what Steve had heard the men in his family say about having a guy that would give them blowjobs while they were growing up. At times he stammered but I had to admire him. He didn't give up.

Dad listened patiently and when Kevin was finally finished, he looked from Kevin to me. "How can I trust you not to expose this person if I happen to know of someone?" Dad asked.

Both Kevin and my heads shot up looking at each other and then at Dad. Had we heard right? He might know someone.

Kevin swore that he would never tell and only wanted to find someone to suck him off a lot until he was older and found a girl or woman he could fuck on a regular basis. I got caught up in the excitement and swore the same.

"What about your other friends?" Dad asked.

"We wouldn't tell anyone, even them, unless the guy says we can," I answered for both Kevin and I. Kevin nodded his head in agreement.

"Ok, just so happens, I do know someone who might be interested in sucking you two off on a regular basis. Let me check and I'll let you know later. Not sure when that will be," Dad said. "Now you guys go on and let me get back to what I was doing."

Kevin and I practically ran out of the room. We spent the rest of the day messing around together and trying to guess who lived close enough to us that we might be able to get regular blowjobs. We even laughed about our constant hardons and how much cum we would shoot in the cocksucker's mouth. We both kind of hoped he would be a clean nice guy, but we weren't going to be too picky. We were too excited.


That evening after Kevin had gone home; Dad and I went to eat pizza at a special little place in the county seat 25 miles away. We didn't do this often and I felt something different in the air. On the ride back Dad started talking to me.

"Hey Stud, I think the guy will suck you and Kevin off, but he wants to suck you off alone without Kevin the first time. You have to agree that if he doesn't want to continue after he sucks you that you never mention this to Kevin and I will tell him that the guy said he couldn't do it."

"Ok Dad, I promise," I said as solemnly as I could but bursting on the inside with excitement. I was going to get a blowjob for the first time ever. "When does he want to suck me and will you be with me or nearby?"

"It's gonna be tonight after we get home and I'll be there," Dad said. "You go take a shower and come on out to the living room after you're finished. He'll be there waiting."


I went straight to the shower and made sure I was the cleanest I've ever been. I bet I washed and rinsed my crotch 20 times. Finally I got out but didn't know what to wear. Seemed silly to get fully dressed in my own house this close to bed time and especially if the guy might ask me take my pants off. I decided to put on a pair of boxer briefs and walked to the living room with a towel over my shoulders.

My Dad was the only one in the living room and he was sitting there in his underwear. I guess he was going to let the guy suck him off too. I was so disappointed when I didn't see the cocksucker that I almost cried. The guy hadn't shown up. Then Dad motioned for me. I walked by him, but when I got ready to sit on the sofa and ask him what happened he placed his hands on my hips and positioned me in front of him. Looking up into my eyes, slowly he began to lower my boxer briefs. I felt his breath on my stomach. I got hard.

I was in a trance. The briefs dropped to my ankles and I stepped out of them and subconsciously spread my legs in a parade rest stance. I watched Dad scoot up and pull his briefs off. I got my first glimpse of his cock. It was bigger and much more beautiful in real life that it looked on the computer screen. Standing straight up from his lush bush of auburn, I saw a pearl of precum balanced on the large slit before leaking down the underside of his shaft. He slid off the sofa on his knees in front of me.

He stared at my crotch. I could see him take in every detail. Then I felt the tip of his tongue softly explore my penis tip. He tasted my precum and put his tongue out for more. My teen cock obliged and kept leaking for him.

"You can suck it Dad, please," I whispered to him.

"I want to make you cum," Dad said looking up at me. "Damn I love you and want to make you feel good."

"I can cum more than once for you if you want," I said. "I promise you can have all you want".

I felt him go down on me and close his mouth. His tongue explored. "Oh fuuucck yeah!" was all I could groan. I had never felt anything so wonderful. Instinct took over and I put my hands behind his head. I felt the richness of his hair in my fingers as I fucked my teen cock in his mouth. I leaned slightly forward holding his mouth on me. I wasn't letting him go until I finished. I kept fucking his face making small grunting sounds. He had me almost there. I was tingling like never before.

"I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum, I'm cummmmming!" I grunted as I squirted my teen boy cum in his mouth. I couldn't stop. I didn't consider if he wanted me to cum in his mouth. The thought never crossed my mind. I don't think I could have stopped if I had wanted to. I felt a wet warmth strike my left leg and begin to run down it. Every sense was heightened. I held onto his head until I was finished then slowly released my grip. His breathing rustled my teen pubic hair. Looking down I saw Dad's cock still contracting. He had cum when I did.

He still had the head of my boy cock in his mouth probing the slit with his tongue. I felt it and knew it was going too happen but couldn't believe it. That wonderful tingle had started again. "Dad, I'm gonna cum again... Oh fuck, right now!" I yelled as I pushed all the way in and held him again. "I'm cumming!" All I could think of was my cock contracting sending another load from my teen balls into Dad's mouth. I heard him moan and then felt his tongue swirling the cum around my shaft. It was exquisite. My knees buckled when I spurted and he caught me not letting go of my dick. When I finished this time I disengaged.

"Oh god, that was awesome," I said. "I love you Dad."

"I hope your balls can manufacture lots of that boy cream, because I think I'm hooked," Dad chuckled while softly playing with my teen sac. "Let's see if we can get Kevin over here tomorrow, and after that some of your friends. You guys can use me as a cum receptacle for you boy loads."

I grinned and placed my cock back in his mouth. His magic tongue started exploring again. Kevin and my friends were going to love this cocksucker. He wanted it bad and between all of us I'm sure we had enough to give him. I wanted more than his mouth. I wanted all of him. My mind saw us boys fucking Dad's perfect ass, lubing him with our cum, getting him ready for Blake and Dad's other buddies to take turns plowing him. I started cumming again. My cocksucker moaned.


Before I went to bed I fired off a cryptic email to Kevin. 'Wyatt to mission control. If your parents will let you come by tomorrow morning we can hang out during the day. Maybe later we can ask some of the other guys to join us. Let me know? P.S. Wear clean underwear incase you get in an accident. lol'

Kevin's parents, mostly his mom, were pretty strict and sometimes checked his email. I knew he would read between the lines from our conversation with Dad yesterday. I threw in the last line knowing he would really understand, but if his parents read this email before he got to it they would think I was just clowning like he and I always do.

The next morning at the breakfast table Dad kept wiggling his eyebrows at me and grinning. I was hard the whole time. His bare foot was resting on my chair between my legs with his toes gently playing with my teen package. I wanted to give him a load of cum, but was trying hard to wait and see if Kevin could make it. We could feed Dad together if Kevin didn't mind me being there while he was getting a blowjob.

After breakfast I checked my email and Kevin was on his way. Shit that was quick. Before I could get back downstairs and tell Dad, Kevin knocked on the door. Dad answered the door and met a smiling Kevin.

"Wyatt said I could come over. Did the guy agree?" Kevin asked.

Dad took Kevin's shoulder and gently pulled him into the house. "Good morning to you too," Dad grinned.

"Oh yeah, good morning," Kevin said kind of sheepishly.

"And to answer your question, yeah, you're gonna get your first blowjob today," Dad said. Here comes Wyatt. You two let me know when you decide when you want to do it."

"I'm ready now if Wyatt is," Kevin said looking at me. "Can you tell us where he lives and we can head over there or are you going to take us? I have to get back home early. My cousins are coming by this afternoon."

Dad looked at me. "Are you ready too?" Dad asked.

"Sure", I said. Then looking at Kevin I said, "Kev, you're not going to believe this, but this guy wants us to cum as much as we want in his mouth. He'll also blow any of our friends as much as they want if we feel we can trust them."

"Heck yeah," grinned Kevin. "Let's give this guy what he wants."

"Ok, let's do it," Dad said and started up the stairs.

"Come on," I motioned to a confused looking Kevin.

We followed Dad into his bedroom. He went to the computer and turned on one of the movies of Blake and himself fucking the blond. The confused look on Kevin's face turned to astonishment and then lust. Kevin looked at me as I grinned and started rubbing my package.

"I thought this might help set the mood for you boys," Dad said more to Kevin than me.

"Where's the guy? What's going on?" Kevin asked. He still didn't get it.

Dad knelt in front of Kevin. "Drop your pants stud and put you hot cock in my mouth," Dad said to Kevin.

Kevin looked at me. "Is this a joke?" he asked.

I took Kevin's hands and put them on the top of Dad's head. "Stand still," I said to Kevin.

Kevin rested his hands on the top of Dad's head while I reached in and opened the front of his jeans. Taking the jeans by the waist I pushed them down to his knees and then pulled his briefs down under his balls. His teen cock went into full erection. Kevin realized this was for real. Looking down Kevin watched his fourteen year old cock disappear in my Dad's warm mouth. The sensation was incredible.

"Oh my god," Kevin breathed, "oh my god!"

I started stripping while Dad was blowing Kevin. Kevin stood as stiff as a board afraid to move. He didn't want my Dad's mouth to stop. One of Dad's hands was gently tickling Kevin's balls.

"I'm gonna do it. Oh fuck, I'm gonna do it! Here it cums. Suck it. Fuck. Suck it!" I saw Kevin's shaft begin to pulse and his balls tighten knowing he was pumping his load in Dad's mouth. Looking up, Kevin was staring at me with a glazed look of extreme pleasure on his face. When he finished cumming he flashed me the most playful grin I've ever seen.

"Ya liked that, huh?" I teased him.

"Fuck yeah!" Kevin laughed.

"How 'bout taking your clothes off and I'll suck you again after I take Wyatt's load," Dad said to Kevin.

Kevin stepped back and began to undress. "Can I watch you suck off Wyatt?" Kevin asked. "That would be so hot seeing him cum in his Dad's mouth."

"Sure," Dad answered. "I'll always want you to watch. That's the fun of being a guy. We're visual creatures."

"Dad, can you take your clothes off too? We feel kind of silly being naked and you having all your clothes on," I said.

"Ok, no problem," Dad said.

Dad stood up and undressed. "It's ok to look when we're like this. Actually it kinda turns me on when I know guys are looking at me," Dad said to Kevin and me.

And look Kevin did. So did I. Dad was a beautiful man. He oozed masculinity. Looking at him in person, seeing him fucking a woman on the computer screen, and know he was going to service us was about as erotic as it could get.

Dad went back to his knees and I stepped in front of him. He reached out cupping my balls.

"You got something for me?" Dad teased.

"Yeah, I've got some fourteen year old dick for you," I teased back.

Dad gently took my hardon holding it as he went down on it. The slippery warm pressure around my shaft made me shiver in pleasure. Kevin stepped up closer and actually took a knee once so he could see from a different angle. He walked around both Dad and I looking. Leaning across Dad's shoulder to see better his cock rested in Dad's hair. I reached around at the same time to take hold of Dad's head to face fuck him. My hand trapped Kevin's cock against Dad. We looked at each other, but Kevin didn't pull away. All of this was amazingly erotic to him.

"Oh yeah, give it to him Wyatt," Kevin urged me on. "He wants it."

Kevin started tender fucking motions. I could feel his cock moving under my hand in Dad's soft auburn hair. He inched forward and rested his boy balls against Dad's head.

"You ready Dad? I'm close," I said.

Dad nodded picking up the pace.

"Oh man, that's it Dad. Oh yeah! Almost there. I'm gonna give it to you. You want it? You can have it. Unngghh!" I grunted over and over spurting my teen cum on his warm tongue. Damn, it felt good!

I had just finished and had my eyes closed when I felt Kevin bump me.

"Oh fuck, move Wyatt!" Kevin said brushing up against me holding his cock toward Dad. "I'm gonna shoot."

Dad tuned his head, opened his mouth. Kevin shoved in until Dad's nose was in his boy pubes. Kenin started cumming. "Oh fuck, take it cocksucker. Oh my god," Kevin rasped.

Dad slowly pulled back when Kevin was finished and grinned like crazy. He opened his mouth and Kevin and I looked at both of our loads in the back of his mouth. There was a lot. He hadn't swallowed mine before Kevin unloaded in him. We watched him swallow.

We both grinned back. 'That was fuckin' hot!' Dad wiggled his beautiful eyebrows and flashed those perfect teeth. Just then we heard Dad's groan coming from the computer speakers as he started shooting in the blonds' pussy. Looking down at Dad we saw him jacking, tilt his head back, and send a thick fountain of cum into the air making the same groaning sounds. Kevin and I both said "wow" at the same time.


Kevin and I fed Dad a couple of more cum loads before Kevin had to leave. His mom and dad wanted him home for a mid-afternoon lunch. His dad's brother and kids were coming by and spending Sunday afternoon with them.

"Can I stop by anytime for you to suck me off, even if Wyatt's not here?" Kevin asked us both.

"Yep," I'm Wyatt's personal cocksucker but since you're Wyatt's best friend you can use me anytime you want. I'll also blow any guys either of you bring or send to me. I trust you to know the right guys for this.

"You can count on us," Kevin said answering for both of us. I nodded in agreement.

After Kevin left Dad lay on his bed and beckoned me to join him. I crawled up beside him and snuggled. It felt good when his arms encircled me. I pushed back spooning with his big cock resting against my butt. He kissed the top of my head and we both fell into a mid-day nap.


The bed moved and I woke with a start staring straight into Blake's eyes. He was lying fully dressed facing me. He laid his finger against my lips as a sign not to talk. I was wide-eyed with fear. I could feel Dad's warm breath in my hair and knew he was still sleeping.

Blake looked down at my crotch and my eyes followed. Dad's arm was draped across me with his fingers in my boy pubes. I couldn't help it, my teen boy cock got erect. I looked back at Blake in a silent panic.

Blake motioned again for silence.

Blake always just walked into our home. He never knocked. Dad and he were best friends from grammar school. Stopping by this afternoon, he walked in and when he didn't see anyone downstairs decided to check upstairs. He figured someone was home because Dad's car and work van were in the driveway. When he saw Dad and me lying on the bed together, he didn't know what to think until he noticed Dad's fingers in my crotch hair.

Blake was a straight as they come, but he had often wondered what it would be like to tap Matt's great looking ass or have those sexy coral lips of his wrapped around his uncut cock. There was something strangely erotic about being able to use a man's man for his personal sexual pleasure especially one as good-looking as Matt. He decided to see where this went and lay on the bed with us waiting for Matt to wakeup. They had shared everything together except this. Blake was kind of hurt that he didn't know what was happening here. He'd wait. He knew Matt would tell him the truth no matter what it was if he asked.

"Dad," I called softly.

Blake gave me a cross look, but I didn't care. I was scared, this was serious, and I needed Dad.

"Dad," I said again and moved to wake him.

I felt Dad stir and pull me closer to him. "Dad, Blake's here."

Dad lifted and looked over my head. Blake was looking straight into his eyes.

"Shit," Dad said in angry surprise. He instinctively pulled me even closer to protect me. Then he jumped up off the bed.

"What the hell?" he said loudly to Blake.

"I was kinda wondering the same thing?" Blake said in an even tone.

Dad studied Blake's face. There was no sign of threat or disgust and Dad knew Blake well enough to know what these looked like from him.

"You know Matt, there is nothing we can't tell each other," Blake said to Dad. "Hell man, you and Wyatt mean more to me than anyone on the planet."

Dad looked hard at Blake. He was thinking and finally sighed. "Ok, ok. I've always had this fantasy of helping guys get a nut and having them use me as a cum whore. I don't know why, it just turns me on," Dad started telling Blake. He went on and told Blake the whole story about me finding the movies on his computer; how Kevin and I had presented him with the opportunity to try this for the first time because he trusted us, and how he sucked Kevin and me off."

Blake was now sitting on the bed listening quietly, only letting his eyes move from Dad, to me and the computer occasionally when Dad mentioned it. I had gotten up, put my briefs on and sat in the computer chair. My hardon was gone.

"All we've been through together and you couldn't tell me this. Damn Matt, you're my best friend. All the nights I've jacked off and could've stopped by for a blowjob. I would've let you suck me off in a heart beat if I had known you wanted it. I couldn't have done anything back for you but I'd certainly let you take my load," Blake said.

"I'm not sure I could have even if I told you. Then it was just a jack-off fantasy, but last night I decided to try for real," Dad said. "I'm sorry, man."

"Was it as good as the fantasy?" asked Blake softly.

"Yeah, it was," said Dad almost in a whisper looking at Blake.

"Now, I'm gonna tell you one of my fantasies," Blake said to Dad. "I love watching you fuck women and have always wanted to know what it would be like for me to be on top of you riding your tight ass, or having you kneel before me licking my hairy balls and cock. I dream about owning you and sharing you with my buddies because you're so damned good-looking, and the sexiest man I've ever met. It would be hot as fuck to see you taking other straight studs cum because I told you too. Kind of a dominate side of me I guess. By the way, of all the women we've fucked over the years and you know how many that's been, not a one of them has an ass as beautiful as yours."

Dad's cock got rock hard listening to Blake's fantasy about him. It jumped a couple of times involuntarily. I watched in amazement.

"Dad, did you mean it when you said from now on you were my personal cocksucker and you'd blow any of the guys I trust and bring to you?" I asked.

Dad looked at Blake and then at me. He nodded.

I pointed to Blake and nodded back. Dad's cock jumped again.

Blake looked directly at Dad's crotch and then back at Dad. He stood up beside the bed and began to undress. When he pulled his t-shirt over his head and I saw his hairy chest, I got hard too. After he stepped out of his jeans Blake stood there in his Calvins and white socks. I loved his long legs covered is soft dark hair. The bulge in his briefs was big. Damn he was hot!

"Come here you fuckin' cocksucker and get on your knees. I've got something I've wanted to give you for a long time," Blake said to Dad.

Dad walked over and stood looking into Blake's eyes. I could see years of unspoken trust in each. Dad knelt before his best friend ready to give himself to him completely and anyway Blake wanted to use him. Dad trusted him. I got up and quietly sat on the edge of the bed at eye level with Blake's crotch. I was going to get to see my cocksuckin' Dad blow his best friend.

Blake stepped forward and rubbed his crotch in Dad's face. I saw the bulge grow. Blake started to push his underwear down. Dad leaned back and helped him until Blake stepped out of them. Holy cow! He was as big as Dad, just uncut.

With his hand, Dad cupped Blake's low hangers and held them while he licked and sucked them. I looked up to see Blake watching Dad intently. Blake glanced at me and winked. I smiled, took my briefs off and started playing with myself.

When Dad took Blake's shaft and began moving the foreskin back and forth with gentle strokes I was fascinated. I especially loved when he pulled it all the way back and exposed the head totally. Blake seemed to love this also. I heard him moan.

Blake reached down, took hold of his cock with one hand and the back of Dad's head with the other. Pointing his dick and arching forward he put his cock in Dad's mouth. Dad closed on it and I knew from Blake's whimpers of pleasure that Dad was using his magic tongue exploring him.

"Fuck yeah, take it cocksucker," Blake groaned and began to slowly face fuck Dad. "Let's get your throat broke in. Wyatt has some buddies who are going to want to use you often. Better to get you trained now. There isn't exactly a lot of available local pussy."

I saw Dad gag a few times, something he hadn't done with Kevin or me. He didn't seem to mind and went right back to work on Blake. Little by little I saw him able to take more down his throat and hold it for a little while before backing off and then going back down on Blake.

Every time Blake would deep throat Dad, Blake would say, 'fuck yeah!'

"Damn Matt, I'm getting close," Blake growled. "You gonna take it buddy?"

Dad nodded with Blake's dick in his mouth.

"How bad ya want it?" Blake teased in a rasp.

Dad took him deep in his throat and stroked his shaft with his lips.

"Oh christ, here it cums! Arrrghhhh," Blake said in shallow grunts. "Oh fuuuccckkk!"

I watched in amazement seeing Blake's thick shaft pulsate just inches from my face knowing he was shooting in Dad's mouth. Dad was gently moving his mouth up and down milking the creamy spurts from him. The cock contractions slowed and then stopped. Dad pulled his mouth off.

"Let me see, let me see," I said to Dad.

Dad opened his mouth and I looked in awe at the amount of cum. It was more than Kevin and I together.

"Don't swallow yet cocksucker," Blake ordered Dad.

Blake actually picked me up and stood me in front of Dad. I didn't hesitate and stuck my dick in Dad's mouth. Immediately I felt the warm rich thickness of Blake's cum surround my cock. That's all it took. I tingled, grunted, and started adding my cum to Blake's.

"Fuck yeah, Wyatt! That's the way boy. Give it to the cocksucker," Blake said as I was shooting. "He wants it."

I stood there with my cock resting in Dad's mouth enjoying the afterglow.

Finally Dad pulled back and swallowed. "You two fuckers trying to drown me?" he grinned.

Blake and I looked at each other and laughed. Blake pulled Dad up and for the first time ever hugged him naked full fontal cock to cock. Then he pulled me in and my still hard cock was pressed against his hairy thigh while my head rested against his shoulder. Damn he was as hot as Dad. They both kissed the top of my head.

Blake put one of his hands on Dad's ass and looked at me saying, "You and I are gonna have to get a little piece of your Dad tail before long. Wouldn't you love to fuck that beautiful ass? You could make him your personal fuck toy and share him with me."

Before I could answer Dad said, "In your dreams."

Blake looked at me and winked.


The next morning Kevin biked to my house early to catch the bus with me hoping Dad would still be there. Dad hadn't left for work yet. As soon as Kevin saw Dad he grinned and dropped his pants. We both gave my cum whore a load of teen sperm before he left. Dad said we could start asking any of our friends that we trusted but that they had to live nearby. He did say we could only bring one or two at a time. No large groups. Not yet anyway.

Kevin and I didn't agree on everyone. We decided that it would be a good idea if we both wrote the names of guys we thought would be ok and then compare the list. All of the guys who were on both lists would get asked. We'd wait and see how this went before we considered those who were only on one list.

At school during lunch Kevin and I had time and compared our list. We both had similar lists and after comparing the two there were 16 guys that were on both lists ranging in ages 13 to 17.

That afternoon I told my friends Steve and Larry that a grown-up guy I knew and trusted had told me about a local cocksucker who had just started sucking guys off and who was willing take care of teen boys but with the warning that if they told anyone else the cocksucker said the deal was off for them. Only I, and sometimes Kevin, could tell other guys about it. They agreed and a bond of secret brotherhood was beginning to form.

Kevin and I had chosen well. Steve and Larry were coming by my house this evening after six. I told them the cocksucker would do it to them there. They were inwardly excited as hell but they kept it to themselves. There was no way they were going to take a chance of messing up getting blowjobs whenever they wanted.

Kevin couldn't make it to my house that evening but made me promise to tell him every detail tomorrow morning.

As soon as Dad arrived home I told him a couple of friends of mine were stopping by later to get their cocks sucked and that I'd be inviting more guys over the next few days. I saw Dad's cock get hard in his jeans. That's when he told me that whenever I had guys over that I wanted him to service, I was to take charge. I wasn't sure only being fourteen exactly what that meant. I asked him but all he said was that I owned him and he was my cock whore. That made me hard and I wanted to stick my cock in his mouth right there, but I decided to wait for Steve and Larry.

Blake walked in while we were eating dinner and wiggled those dark eyebrows at Dad. He had stopped by to get his cock sucked. When I told him a couple of my friends were coming by in about an hour for their first blowjobs and he should stay if he wanted, he agreed. He got a plate from the cupboard and sat down to eat with us. Nothing new, he does it all the time. Except this time he kept wiggling his eyebrows at Dad. Finally both guys broke out laughing so hard they had tears in their eyes. I joined in because laughter is contagious. I'm not even sure what it was all about. Maybe just excessive energy or tension being released, but we laughed anyway.

After dinner Blake and I were sitting on the front steps when Steve and Larry rode up on their bikes. Dad was upstairs waiting for me to bring the boys up. Both boys knew Blake and they kept looking at me and then him. Blake noticed it and laughed, "I'm here to get my cock sucked too, not to blow you guys." The boys looked embarrassed but grinned.

I didn't beat around the bush this time. I came out and said, "my Dad said he would be suck us off. Come on in."

The look on their faces was priceless but they didn't hesitate to follow us in and straight upstairs. Dad looked so handsome sitting there in his boxers.

Blake and I started to undress. Steve and Larry hesitated and then followed. I had seen both guys a bunch of times in the locker room but this felt different. All of the sudden the looked really sexy, hot, and horny.

Dad's eyes soaked in Steve and Larry. Steve was 15 and Larry was 13. Larry had skipped a grade in grammar school because he was so smart. Steve was a sophomore and Larry was in my grade.

One thing about Larry he was never shy or let anyone push him around. Being one of the smallest boys in our class he learned to speak up for himself and was pretty darn scrappy. His pubic hair had just started and formed a small arch above his cock. He wasn't big yet between the legs but his cock was stiff. He walked right up to Dad.

"Do you want to suck this?" he asked.

"That thing got any bullets in it?" Dad teased.

"Why don't you suck it and find out," Larry answered.

Dad and Blake looked at each other grinning. They thought Larry was the cutest and sexiest thing.

All of the sudden Dad lifted Larry up and walked toward the Bed.

"Hey! What the fuck you doing?" Larry asked.

Dad sat Larry on the edge of the bed, knelt before him, leaned over and engulfed him. I saw Larry's ass come up off the bed in surprise.

"Holy fuck!" Larry yelled. "Oh my god!"

Larry's cock had disappeared totally in Dad's mouth. I could see Dad's lips touching Larry's sparse pubes.

"Oh fuck that feels good!" Larry gasped. He leaned across Dad's head encircling him in his arms and started humping his mouth.

"Come on cocksucker, you like it don't you," Larry said to Dad. "You like me fucking your face."

"Fuck, give it to the cocksucker kid," Blake said to Larry. "He likes it. He wants some of your boy cream."

"Ungh, ungh, ungh," Larry grunted humping Dad. "I'm gonna cum in your mouth you fuckin' faggot. You'll find out if I can shoot. Yeah, yeah! Fuck yeah! I'm cumming! Arrgghh!"

Dad moaned as Larry emptied his thirteen year old teenage ball sac in his mouth. Larry was holding Dad's head in a tight grip letting his cock spasm inside Dad.

Larry eventually let go and fell back on the bed. Dad released his boy cock and said, "Holy fuck kid, do you always cum like that?"

Larry was panting but laughed, "That was the best feeling I've ever had. Are you going to be our regular cocksucker?" I knew I'd be seeing a lot of him at my house from now on.

"You go next," I said to Steve. He was standing next to me lightly stroking himself.

Steve walked toward Dad and stood beside him not quite sure what to do. Dad patted the bed and Steve sat down beside Larry automatically opening his legs as an offering to Dad.

Dad scooted over between Steve's legs, reached for his fifteen year old teenage dick and balls, and started gently fondling him. Steve's cock jumped in Dad's hand. No one had ever touched him like this before.

I knew Steve was nicely endowed for a fifteen year old but his erection was impressive by any standards. My guess would have been six inches. The head was nice with a large slit. The shaft was thick getting thicker the closer it got to the base making Steve's dick look tapered in a rocket shape. Seeing him hard, he was definitely someone who had a true crotch rocket. The tight curly dark brown pubic hair was a perfect frame. He was getting just a hint of a treasure trail.

I could tell Dad was impressed. He kept looking at Steve's dick and then up at Steve's face. Steve wasn't as confident as Larry was in this situation. He blushed as Dad played with him. Dad took his hand off Steve's dick and brought it to his mouth licking the sticky pre-cum from his fingers. Steve watched in fascination. And then Dad leaned forward and slowly went down on Steve's thick cock.

"Uhhhhhh," Steve sucked in his breath; held as long as he could; and let it out. He didn't even realize he did this. Leaning back on his hands he arched up giving Dad more access to him. Dad nuzzled his balls and sucked his dick. Steve closed his eyes and began his journey to that wonderful place that only men know.

"It's great ain't it?" Larry said to Steve. "I'm coming back for as much as I can get."

Steve nodded his head in agreement. He opened his eyes and saw Blake and me playing with ourselves. Blake pointed his big cock at my Dad, fucked the air, and winked at Steve. I wiggled my eyebrows at him. Steve blushed but grinned.

"Ungh, ungh," Steve moaned almost inaudibly. His hips began to move in rhythm to Dad's sucking. "Ooohhh, ooohhh god! Now!" Steve's cock contractions were so forceful that it looked as if his cock were trying to escape from Dad's mouth. Dad grunted in union with the spasms. He felt the ejaculate force hitting the back of his mouth and then the rich fullness pool on his tongue.

"Oh my god," Steve laughed as he took Dad's head and gently lifted him from his sensitive cock. "You're killing me, but what a way to die."

Dad looked up and wiggled his eyebrows at Steve. We all laughed.

Steve and Larry stayed and watched Dad service Blake and me. When Dad was working Blake's huge cock we got horny again. Blake was really verbal and sexy. I told Dad to suck Steve and Larry again when he finished with Blake. Both guys and Dad were grateful and fed Dad another round of boy cum. There was just a little bit of daylight and they had to get going after that.

When they were gone, Blake started getting dressed, then he looked at me and asked?" is it ok if I stay the night. I've always wanted to sleep with this cocksucker and use him during the night.

Dad and I were surprised. Blake had his own garage apartment at his older brother's house, but had stayed at our house many times sleeping in the spare room.

"Sure," I said as I headed for my room planning on which one of my friends I was going to offer my Dad to. I was beginning to feel more in control and liking it.

"You know, Wyatt and I are going to fuck you before long," Blake teased Dad.

"In your dreams," Dad said again.

"You'll see," Blake laughed. "Now get over her and get down on this thing." Blake had stripped again and was standing there with his hands on his hips. His big cock was thick and waiting.

Dad knelt before Blake as I left the room smiling.

this? I think your going to be a lil cock sucker. Your going to like to get fucked. And imma show you what it feels like having your daddies cock. " He whispered.

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