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Teacher crush

Dooooooooooooooooooooo. John heard the class bell ring. He knew he couldnít be late for Mr. Erbís class again. He dashed down the hall to the last door on the right. The door was closing and he squeezed in just as the latch locked into the frame.

"Just in time Mr. Evans" Mr. Erb smirked.

John Evans star baseball player was the talk of the school. He knew everybody and anybody who walked through the doors of Franklin High School. This was his senior year and he had just turned 18. Being the token black guy, John was smart and good looking. He worked out almost everyday and it showed. Girls wanted to fuck him, Guys wanted to be him. And some guys wanted to fuck him too. John loved the ladies and sometimes loved the men. Not everybody knew about this though.

John had no trouble in getting some when he wanted too. He had dated and fucked all the popular girls in school. He wasnít stingy with his love; the guys would also get some too. He was on the DL with it, but there were a few well known guys in the school that John had hooked up with. These guys had equal status as John in the school, so he had no worry about them blabbing everything all over school. Most of their encounters were in the locker after practice and sometimes back at their places. When it came to sex, John had the student population covered. It was the teacher population that was untainted.

The teachers at Franklin High school were just like your average high school teacher. They ranged from young to old, skinny to fat, smart to dumb. Of course there were teachers that caught the eye of students, but nothing really happened sexually between teachers & students at Franklin High. Ever since his freshman year in Algebra I, John had a secret crush on his teacher, Mr. Erb.

Mr. Erb was one of the younger teachers at Franklin. He was a 26 year old Puerto Rican from New York. He was about 6í3 and weighed about 225 lbs. Mr. Erb always played on the annual student teacher basketball game. He worked out just about everyday and it showed. He always wore a shirt and tie and you could always see his muscles budging through his shirt. You could also see a bulge in his crotch too! He had brown eyes and black curly hair.

"If you kept the door open, we would have all the time in the world." John said to Mr. Erb as he took his seat.

"If you came to class on time, you wouldnít have to worry about the door...huh Mr. Evans?" Mr. Erb quipped. He always addressed his students by their last name.

John just smiled has he sat down. He and Mr. Erb always went at it. They were always making smart remarks to each other. Mr. Erb would always give John extra work for the trouble he would always cause each time in class. It was a light hearted class and they were always laughing and having fun. By his senior year, Johnís crush with Mr. Erb had developed into a major sex fantasy. There would be times in class where he would picture him and Mr. Erb naked fucking in front of the class. He would always stare at the bulge at Mr. Erbís crotch every time he was teaching at the chalkboard. John would fantasize about everything he wanted to do to and with him. There have been many times where Mr. Erb caught John staring at his crotch. Most of the time Mr. Erb would just call on John to answer the question he had just asked, knowing that John wouldnít know the answer. Mr. Erb knew that instead of listening to him, John was fantasying about him.

John had never approached Mr. Erb with this "dilemma" about him. But deep down John knew that Mr. Erb knew all about it. As far as John knew, Mr. Erb was mostly a single guy. There were times he would talk about a date he went on, or a girl he dated for a couple of weeks. But the majority of the time, Mr. Erb was a single man. John stayed late in Mr. Erb class a few times over the years, but nothing had ever happened. Even though John wanted too, he still couldnít make a move on Mr. Erb. That was until graduation time came.

It was closing toward the end of the year and you could feel the excitement in the air. Prom was over and the senior prank was in the midst. During the lunch block John went to Mr. Erbís classroom to make up a test he had missed a couple of days ago. He walked into the class to see Mr. Erb diligently working at his desk. His eyes were fixated onto the computer, his fingers rapidly taping at the keyboard.

"Mr. Erb, Iím here to take my test" John uttered.

Mr. Erb quickly stopped typing and looked up.

"Oh Mr. Evans I didnít hear you come in. Take a seat"

John walked over to his usual seat.

"DonĎt take to long administering the test, I need to get back to lunch." John complained

Mr. Erb just looked at him. John was smiling ear to ear.

"Hahaha...ok Mr. Evans, I will be sure to heed that request"

Mr. Erb handed the test to John.

"Take as long as you need. But donít rush." Mr. Erb said as he walked back to his desk.

John immediately went to taking the test, he wanted to hurry up and get back to lunch before the bell was over. 30 minutes past and John was halfway done. The room was quiet. You could hear faint voices of students & teachers as they past by the classroom. Mr. Erb lightly tapped on the keyboard as John scribbled on the paper. John looked up at Mr. Erb and froze. He couldnít believe how good Mr. Erb looked right now. He had never felt anything like this before. His body just tingled all over and his dick got hard instantly. He just sat there watching Mr. Erb in his tight collared shirt tapping away at the computer; the muscles in his arms flexing back and forth with each keystroke. Mr. Erb had his sleeves rolled up to his elbows. John could see the light arm hair that covered his forearms. John realized he was drooling and quickly straightened himself up.

John did the best he could in finishing his test. It was hard for him to concentrate with all the sexual thoughts bouncing through his head. He walked up to Mr. Erb and handed him the test.

"How do you think you did?" Mr. Erb asked.

"I donít know, thatís why itís your job to grade it and tell me" John snapped back while smiling.

"I see I am going to have to teach you a lesson in manners" Mr. Erb responded with a smirk.

A million things ran through Johnís head when Mr. Erb said that. John wanted anything in the world for Mr. Erb to teach him a lesson! For some reason the smile Mr. Erb gave John was like the green light. He began to grow hard and soon there was a big tent bulging out of his pants. John tried to cover it up, but Mr. Erb had already noticed it.

"You know....John I always wanted to tell you something. For the four years I have taught you, I have noticed that you always checked me out. I would always catch you staring at my crotch. I never really said anything because I just thought maybe I was looking into this a little bit too much. But now I see that you really are into me."

John couldnít believe what Mr. Erb had just said. His heart immediately raced faster than he could breathe. His erection started to fade away as fear kicked in. Only a few people knew John was into guys, but he was afraid that Mr. Erb would tell more than a few about this. Mr. Erb realized how nervous John was getting.

"Relax...I wonít tell anybody... Here come take a seat."

Mr. Erb pulled a chair up next to him and patted the seat. John slowly walked over and sat down. He didnít know what was about to happen. All he could think about is what Mr. Erb was going to do next.

"You know...student teacher relationships are looked down upon." Mr. Erb explained.

"Oh donít worry I know." John replied.

Mr. Erb placed his hand on Johnís knee. Johnís erection started to come back and he tried to cover it.

"Donít hide it." Mr. Erb exclaimed. "Iíll are a good looking kid. But I value my job as a teacher...your teacher; more."

Before John could speak he noticed the bulge in Mr. Erbís crotch was growing bigger and bigger. John completely forgot what he was about to say and immediately grabbed Mr. Erbís dick through his pants. He began to rub and nudge his hand back and forth on Mr. Erbís growing monster. Mr. Erbís eyes closed in ecstasy and he began to moan lightly. By this time John was rock solid and unzipped his fly; 8 inches of boy cock flung out.

"Oh shit...we shouldnít be doing this" Mr. Erb said realizing how far this was going.

"I canít stop it now" John said as he moved Mr. Erbís hand onto his swollen meat stick.

John quivered when he felt Mr. Erbís big hands grasp his member. Mr. Erb began to jack John slowly. John then grabbed Mr. Erbís crotch and opened his fly. 9 inches of Puerto Rican dick stood there leaking precum. John pulled the foreskin back and exposed Mr. Erbís swollen dick head. His piss slit was oozing gobs of precum.

John got on his knees and slow licked the crack of the piss slit with the tip of his tongue. Mr. Erb lounged back into the chair and put his hands behind his head.

"Oh fuck!...Shit!" Mr. Erb shouted as John licked and sucked his sensitive head. Mr. Erb then placed his hand on the back of Johnís head and guided his mouth down onto his thick Rican meat. Inch after inch sunk into Johnís tight warm mouth. It wasnít long before Johnís lips were rubbing against the base of Mr. Erbís dick. John had deep throated 9 inches of teacher meat. Mr. Erb pulled Johnís head up off of his fuck stick; you could hear a big slurp as he did this. A long string of spit mixed with cock juice connected from Mr. Erbís head to Johnís bottom lip. Mr. Erb then pushed Johnís head back onto his throbbing pole.

"Fuck! You can suck a dick." Mr. Erb exclaimed while smiling.

For about ten minutes John slurped and sucked on Mr. Erbís hooded monster. Then without notice a student from another classed walked in through the door. Mr. Erb immediately jumped up, but not out of his seat. John was behind the desk, so he wasnít visible from the door.

"Mr. Erb are you busy? I just need to ask you some questions about my test" a high-pitched voice said.

"Ahem....Yeah...Julie..I am...busy. Sorry just come back at the end of the day and I will help you out."

John sat there watching Mr. Erbís manhood erect and dripping with precum as he talked to Julie. John lightly licked the head which made Mr. Erb jump. He could hear a faint moan escaped Mr. Erbís lips.

"Are you ok Mr. Erb?" Julie said. She began to walk over to the desk.

"No! Iím fine...I will see you later this afternooon...okay?"

"Ummm...okay" Julie said as she gave Mr. Erb a concern look. She turned and walked out into the hallway.

When the door shut, Mr. Erb immediately got up and locked it.

"Shit!...that was close!" Mr. Erb said.

Mr. Erb walked back toward the desk just as John was getting out from under it.

"Suck my shit now" Mr. Erb demanded.

John got back to his knees and began slurping on his thick 9 inch meatsicle. As Johnís head bobbed back and forth on Mr. Erbís pole, he jacked himself lightly. Mr. Erb started to strip. John looked up to see Mr. Erbís sculpted body. Tight muscles surrounded a flat 6-pack stomach. There was light chest hair covering the area between and around his nipples.

"You like?" Mr. Erb grinned.

"Mmmmmm..slurp...mmmmm" was all the response John could give.

Mr. Erb began to buck his hips faster into Johnís mouth. He then grabbed the back of Johnís head and pumped harder into this mouth. John couldnít breathe, all he could do was wait until Mr. Erb released his man spud.

"Ugh!!" Mr. Erb whimpered. His eyes began to water as he unloaded his massive load into Johnís mouth. Thick globs of dick seed shot down Johnís throat. He gulped as fast as he could. It was more than he could handle, and cum gushed from the sides of his mouth. Mr. Erb pulled out and another load squirted right into Johnís face.

"Arrrggggggggghhhhhhh!!! Fuck!!" Mr. Erb yelled.

John grabbed Mr. Erbís now ultra sensitive dick and jacked it lightly. He tried to get every last drip out of Mr. Erbís dick tube.

"Fuck!!!" Mr. Erb yelled as he stopped Johnís hand in mid motion. His dick was too sensitive to be touched at the moment. He noticed that John was about to cum. He lifted John onto the desk and took his boy dick into this hand. He jacked John wildly as he embraced him with a kiss. John felt Mr. Erbís tongue explore this mouth. Mr. Erb then licked the cum from the sides of his mouth and face. This brought John to the edge and he grunted and bucked his hips. Thick white streams of boy juice shot onto Mr. Erbís stomach and hands as he jacked John violently.

"Oh gawd!!! Fuck!" John yelled as another stream shot out of him.

Mr. Erb was covered in Johnís boy juices. John sat their breathing heavily as he tried to recuperate from this draining.

Mr. Erb licked JohnĎs ear and whispered, "Impressive."

They both then embraced into another passionate kiss. The bell in the hall rang and you could hear the voices of students fill the halls.

"Oh itís time to go." Mr. Erb said while smiling to John.

"Shit...I missed lunch!" John said while starting to get himself together.

"Oh donít worry I think you will be full for the rest of the day" Mr. Erb laughed.

John just looked at him and grinned. They both began to clean up the mess they had made. John was still in shock as to what just happened. As the kids from the next bell started banging on the door and lining up outside, Mr. Erb handed John a folded up piece of paper.

"Donít look at it until you are out in the hallway and halfway to your next class" Mr. Erb explained.

John wondered what it was, but obeyed his orders. As John walked toward the door, Mr. Erb lightly slapped him on the ass and leaned over and whispered into his ear

"Thatís next".

John turned to look at him, but was quickly ushered outside. The kids from the next bell began to stream in. As he walked down the hall he opened the note. There it was...directions to Mr. Erbís house.


It was Saturday and John was excited about meeting up with Mr. Erb again. Earlier that day he had called Mr. Erb to make sure he was home. The phone call turned from a few minutes to an hour as they both had shot out a couple of knuckle babies. This was just a preview of what they were going to do later that afternoon.

Following the directions to the T, John turned onto Mr. Erbís street. Big brick wrapped houses lined the sides with picture perfect auto show like cars filled the driveways. For a teacher, Mr. Erb was loaded. John wondered what Mr. Erb did on the side because he knew a teacherís salary couldnít afford all of this.

Mr. Erbís house was at the end of the street. John pulled up into the long driveway that curved around to the front door. From the earlier phone call, Mr. Erb had told him that he lived with a roommate who was currently out of town. So when John saw another car there, he wondered if the roommate was back. As he stepped out of his car, he immediately was swarmed with the sound of the neighborhood; kids screaming and playing in the street. The faint melody of the ice cream truck as it approached from the distance; the buzzing sound of someone cutting their grass a few houses down; it was your typical suburban scene.

As John approached the door he could hear laughter coming from the house. It sounded like Mr. Erb had company. John immediately checked his cell phone for the time. He thought maybe he had come a little early and wasnít supposed to be there yet. He flicked on the cell phoneís backlight and it revealed that he indeed was actually a little late. He wondered who was in there and why were they here if Mr. Erb knew he was coming. He decided to just turn and go back to the car and call Mr. Erb to see what was up. But before he stepped off the porch he heard the front door open and a cold rush of air hit his back.

"Hey John!...There you are." he heard Mr. Erbís voice. John turned around to see Mr. Erb standing there shirtless, with no shoes or socks. All he had on was some loose basketball shorts that were about to fall off his waist.

"H..h..hey" John responded nervously. He slowly turned back around and walked toward the door.

"I was just about to call you. I thought maybe you went to the wrong house or just decided not to come." Mr. Erb explained has he ushered John inside.

As he entered the foyer, John was amazed. The inside looked much bigger than the outside.

"Iím sorry for being late, I didnít realized" John stated.

"Donít worry as long as you are here" Mr. Erb said as he put his arm around Johnís shoulder. John immediately could smell Mr. Erbís man order. He could smell the soap still lingering on his body as if he had just taken a shower.

As they both step down into the living room John noticed it looked like a typical bachelor pad. But instead of a pad it was a big ass house. The room was lined with modern day furniture and the electronics was the most up to date anybody could get. He saw a few paintings on the wall. He didnít know much about paintings but they looked expensive.

"You like?" Mr. Erb said with a big smile on his face.

"Yeah...this is nice." John responded. "How can you afford this being a teacher?"

"I got my ways" Mr. Erb said with an even bigger grin. Before John could respond he heard a big burly voice behind them.

"What do you got here!?" said the voice.

John turned around to see a older bearish man standing there. He was a little bit taller than Mr. Erb and more muscular. His skin was a little wrinklier which indicated that he was a seasoned man. His complexion was the same as Mr. Erbís and John wondered if they were related.

"John I would like you to meet my Uncle Bernard" Mr. Erb said as he pointed toward the strange figure.

"Nice to meet you" John said as he shook Bernardís hand. His hand was swallowed by Bernardís bear paws.

"Nice firm gripe you got their son" Bernard winked at John. John just returned the gesture with a half nervous smile.

"Sit down on the couch while I go get you something" Mr. Erb directed as he motioned John to a nearby couch. Mr. Erb disappeared down the hall toward the kitchen.

"So how long has Mr. Erb been your teacher?" Bernard said trying to start a conversation.

"Four years to be exact...this is my senior year and I am happy to go." John replied.

"Thatís any plans for the future?" Bernard sipped his beer. "I donít know yet" John said just as Mr. Erb appeared back into the living room.

"Here you go" Mr. Erb said while handing John a beer. "Drink up weíre celebrating!"

"Celebrating what?" John asked.

"Your graduation!" Mr. Erb replied as both him and Bernard broke out into laughter. John chuckled lightly and sipped his beer. There was John sitting their at his half naked teacherís house with his Uncle. This wasnít exactly what he pictured. He pictured the half naked teacher part, but not the uncle. Bernard wasnít a bad looking guy, but he really wasnít Johnís type. John liked older guys, but not old guys.

"So...I heard about your run in with Mr. Erb a couple of days ago" Bernard said finally breaking the silence. John almost choked on his beer when he heard this. His eyes got wide and his heart started pounding. He couldnít believe Mr. Erb told his uncle about it.

"I heard you can suck good dick." Bernard said rubbing his crotch. John looked at Mr. Erb who was smiling like it was just normal conversation. But this wasnít normal for John. He thought what him and Mr. Erb did was private. He didnít feel comfortable with Mr. Erbís uncle talking of such things.

"Uhhh...yeah I guess" John said softly. By this time John could see Bernard had worked up a stiffy. He could see the imprint of Bernardís dick laying against his thigh through his shorts. John knew where this was going and started to get up to leave. He didnít want to have anything to do with what was about to happen.

"Where are you going John?" Mr. Erb said as he got up to stop him. "You shouldnít go, you wouldnít want anybody else to hear what happen that day do you?"

John couldnít believe what he was hearing. Mr. Erb was actually blackmailing him.

"What!?" John shouted.

Mr. Erb face turned from easy going to serious. "If you leave this house, everybody will know about what happened. I have proof and you really donít want me to use it against you."

John was speechless. All he could do was sit back down. He didnít want anybody to know about what happened that day, and he knew if he left, Mr. Erb wasnít going to waste no time in acting on what he said. Mr. Erb turned on the TV and John almost fainted. There it was in perfect detail. John was feverishly sucking on Mr. Erbís dick. You could hear Mr. Erb moaning and John sucking.

"Damn! Thatís what Iím talking about!" Bernard said while stroking his dick. Thatís when John noticed that Bernard had pulled his dick out and was stroking to the video. He was uncut and much bigger than Mr. Erb. The shaft was lined with veins and precum oozed out the top. John looked over too see Mr. Erb massaging this dick through his basketball shorts. Even though John was disgusted at what was thrown at him, the blackmailing and possible slander to his name. He was getting turned on at the site or Mr. Erb massaging himself. His pecs flexing each time he stroked his dick.

"Even if you show this, you will get fired from your job; sexual relations with students is strictly prohibited at the school" John said with confidence. He knew he had Mr. Erb in a corner now.

"Donít you think I know that!? This year is my last year of teaching anyway. I turned in my two weeks notice yesterday." Mr. Erb said with a big grin on his face.

John knees got weak and he sat back down.

"Thatís right...soak it in bitch! We are going to have some fun today!" Bernard said while still sitting on the chair at the corner of the room. John wanted to throw the beer bottle at his face, but he knew they both could over power him easily.

"Unc, calm down." Mr. Erb said as he put the remote down on the table. He then walked over to the front door and locked it. "I see you made the decision to stay...what a good choice".

"So you knew that was going to happened and set up a camera in the class room". John asked.

"Well you arenít the only one who checks me out during class. I decided to set up a camera just incase one of the students decide to take it a little further. Then I would just use the tape to jack off to later on or something like that. This blackmail idea came from my uncle." Mr. Erb explained while still stroking his dick through his pants.

"Yeah when I heard about what you did I wanted some of the action too. He showed me the tape and I knew you could satisfy a big dick like mine. I told my nephew if you didnít go for it, just to blackmail you with the tape." Bernard added.

John was angry, nervous, sad, and aroused at the same time. Angry that Mr. Erb would do something like this. Nervous because he didnít know what Bernard was capable of whether it be physically or sexually. Sad because he knew if he left, his reputation was thrown into the garbage, and aroused because there were two big-dicked men stroking their cock in front of him.

"Now come over here and kiss it for me" Bernard said while pumping his dick.

John knew there wasnít any out and walked over to Bernard.

"Thatís right get down here" Bernard said with a big nasty grin on his face. John could smell the beer on his breath. Bernard had removed his shirt and he was covered in gray and black hair. It covered his whole chest with a trial that lead down to his belly button. He arms and legs were covered in grayish black fur and his face was wrapped in a nicely trimmed goatee. His dick was about 10 inches and was thicker than Mr. Erbís. It sat there poking through Bernardís shorts leaking precum like a leaky faucet. It was veiny and the head was halfway covered by his foreskin. Each time Bernardís hand would stroke up and down, the foreskin would draw back exposing the tender swollen head and cover it up again.

John replaced Bernardís hand with his and began to stroke this masterpiece of uncle dick. He ran the tip of his tongue over the piss slit which expanded and closed as precum oozed out.

"Hell yes! I canít wait to fuck your pretty mouth" Bernard yelled.

John continued to tongue wrestle the head and foreskin. Bernardís fuck stick was throbbing and aching for more attention. Bernard guided John head down onto his aching butt plug. John tight mouth swallowed every inch down to the base.

"Damn!!! You were right nephew. He can deep throat like a bitch" Bernard exclaimed. The name calling was a turn on for John and he eagerly showed Bernard what he could do. He began slurping and sucking on Bernardís cock. Jerking his hand up and down the shaft with his mouth following suit. John felt Mr. Erb pulling down his shorts. He felt a cold breeze hit his ass as it was exposed out in the open. He heard Mr. Erb mumble something and then felt his finger poke into his hole. John drew up a little and then relaxed.

"Damn he is tight!" Mr. Erb said to Bernard. Bernard just responded with moans and groans has John sucked and slurped on his swollen third leg.

Mr. Erb inserted another finger into Johnís tight butt loosening his ass ring. Johnís dick was rock hard and was leaking precum. He felt Mr. Erbís other hand grasp his teen dick. Mr. Erb gently started stroking John rubbing his thumb over his piss slit. John was in pure heaven, he had forgot about why he was here and enjoyed the moment.

John continued to suck on Bernardís huge man tool while Mr. Erb fingered and jacked him at the same time. John felt Mr. Erb squirt lube directly onto his ass hole some it landing inside. Itís cold temperature made John jumped a little. Mr. Erb worked the lube around and into Johnís tight butt. He then raised Johnís head off of Bernardís dick which immediately made Bernard open his eyes to see what was going on. Mr. Erb lifted John over Bernardís dick. Bernard grabbed the bottom of Johnís thighs to help Mr. Erb lower John onto his aching dick.

John started to stroke himself as he was being lowered. He felt Bernardís ass destructor at the entrance of his hole. The head squeezed past Johnís ass ring and plopped inside. John winced a little in pain, but knew he had to prepare himself for the main event. Mr. Erb & Bernard slowly lowered John onto Bernardís now rock solid hard dick. To John it was like sitting on a baseball bat. Bernardís thick shaft spread open his asshole further than any of his other friendís dick had in the past.

"Ohhh you are too big" John whimpered.

"Shhh just relaxed...oh fuck...just relaxed" Bernard responded in ecstasy as John tight ass was lowered onto his fuck stick.

John finally felt Bernardís pubic hair brush up against his ass. He had taken all 10 inches which was buried deep inside him. He felt his guts moving around as he rested on Bernardís hands. Bernardís arms were flexing like he was lifting weights as he positioned himself while still holding John. He lifted John slight off his dick and lowered him back down. He began to slowly do this while thrusting his hips into Johnís now cock filled ass. John was so hard that it hurt. He began to rub Bernardís chest hair and play with his nipples as he was being ass fucked by Bernard.

John turned to see Mr. Erbís dick sticking straight at his face. This was a familiar sight to him and he began to go to work. He took Mr. Erbís tender dick head into his mouth. He lightly sucked on it as Mr. Erb moan lightly. Mr. Erb grabbed the back of Johnís head and eased his dick more into Johnís warm mouth. Mr. Erb began to face fuck John harder and harder. John felt Mr. Erbís head jump back and forth down his throat. He gagged a few times, but then opened up his mouth a little more and continued to get mouth fucked.

Bernard continued to thrust his hips fasters into Johnís now loosened butt hole. Precum and ass juice flowed down the sides of Bernardís shaft soaking his pubic hair. John then put both of his feet down on the cushion and placed both of his hands flat onto Bernardís chest. He began to bounce up and down on Bernardís thick ass punisher as it split open his ass more and more.

"Fuck that feels so good...donít stop" Bernard shouted.

Johnís butt cheeks bounced off Bernardís thighs making a loud slapping noise that could be heard throughout the house. Bernard put one hand around the back of his head, and used the other one to stroke John softly. Mr. Erb was busy mouth fucking the hell out of John. Thick gobs of saliva slipped out of Johnís mouth and landed on the armrest as Mr. Erbís head left and reentered his mouth. John was slurping hard trying not to make a mess, but with Mr. Erbís thick monster raping his mouth it was hard not to do.

John felt Bernardís dick swell and expand. He knew that Bernard was about to cum.

"Oh shit!!" was all Bernard said before thick wads for man seed spewed out his swollen member.

John felt thick wads of cum fill his insides. Stream after stream filled up Johnís gaping ass hole. It wasnít long before the cum ooze down out the sides and down Bernardís shaft. John continued bouncing on Bernard until his dick began to grow soft and it slipped out his gaping cum dripping ass hole.

"Fuck you know how to take care of a big dick!" Bernard said breathing heavily. He inserted one finger into Johnís tender hole and scooped out a finger full of cum. He then stuck his finger in his mouth.

"Mmmmmm....tasty" he said.

By this time Mr. Erbís dick had slipped out of Johnís mouth with all the bouncing he was doing. Bernard took Johnís head and motioned it toward his face. His lips devoured Johnís mouth. John felt the cum from Bernardís mouth ooze into his, and he swallowed every bit.

John then got off the chair and stood in front of Bernard. He then felt Mr. Erb bend him slightly. Bernard reached up and planted another passionate sloppy kiss on him. John felt Bernardís big tongue wrestle with his and he tasted some of the beer that Bernard had drunk earlier. He then felt Mr. Erbís dick head at the entrance of his cum dripping hole. Since Bernard was slightly bigger than Mr. Erb, he had no trouble in slamming his hard Rican pole into Johnís gaping ass. John still felt it even though his ass was spread as far as it could go and his head fell back in ecstasy.

"Fuck my ass." John moaned lightly.

Bernard sat their working in behemoth back to life. Mr. Erbís dick slammed into Johnís prostate. This made is dick solid as rock and throbbing. Mr. Erb continued to power drive the fuck out of John. You could hear his butt checks slapping against Mr. Erbís thighs. Without warning a sensation took over John. He had never felt anything like it. His dick swelled and cum came spewing out. It landed on Bernardís face, chest and belly. Thick streams kept coming and coming.

"Ohhhhhh!!!!!" John screamed.

"Oh shit nephew you made him cream without touching himself!" Bernard said in a proud tone.

Johnís dick was on fire. He couldnít believe he had just cum without touching himself. This brought Mr. Erb to the edge and before John knew it thick wads of teacher seed shot deep inside him. It mixed up with the previous seed Bernard had left there. Mr. Erb humped John faster as thick wads streamed out of his aching head. His body started to shake and convulse as Johnís butt milked him.

" fuck!" Mr. Erb whimpered.

After the convulsions stopped and his dick began to grow soft, Mr. Erb slowly backed off John. His dick slipped out followed by a gob of cum that feel onto the floor. Mr. Erbís dick was coated in cum that dripped off slowly. John turned around and gently took Mr. Erbís sensitive monster into his mouth. He slowly licked and sucked off the cum that had latched itself on this beautiful brown pole.

"Thatís right...lick it up" Mr. Erb whispered.

After cleaning Mr. Erbís meat stick John noticed Bernard was solid as steel once again. Bernard stood up and John wrapped his arms around his neck. Bernard put both hands on the inside of Johnís legs and cupped his thighs. He then lifted John up and positioned him over his rock hard member. Mr. Erb grabbed Bernardís dick to help him guide it into John hole. Once inside of John, Bernard began to move John up and down on his swollen member.

Mr. Erb became rock hard almost instantly. John felt Mr. Erbís dick head at his asshole. He thought maybe they were about to switch, but his idea was quickly shot down as he felt Mr. Erbís thick head squeeze into his already cock filled ass. John couldnít believe he was getting doubled fucked. He felt Mr. Erbís head slip past his already stretched out ass ring.

"Oh gawd! Ohhh...!" John whimpered. He was getting split in two with both of these monsters tucked inside his ass. Mr. Erb & Bernard began to slowly fuck John simultaneously. They were loosening his hole so he could accommodate them both better.

"You two are too big to be doing this, you will split me open!" John said. The pain was unbearable we felt like he was going to pass out. He didnít know if he could take such abuse any longer.

"Just relax and spread your ass out more" Bernard instructed. He seems as if Bernard was no stranger to double fucking.

Cum from the previous two fucks continued to ooze out of Johnís ass and onto the dicks or Mr. Erb and Bernard. Mr. Erb began to kiss on the back of Johnís neck, and Bernard began to suck on the front of Johnís neck. The pain subsided and John helped them out and started to bounce on their solid steel dicks.

"Thatís right keep bouncing" Mr. Erb whispered into Johnís ear.

This continued for about 10 minutes and the physical strain began to takes its toll on all three of them. John felt both of them expand and swell, like Uncle like nephew they both released another wad up dick juice right into Johnís wide open ass. This time the cum just fell out onto the floor. Johnís ass was so wide that it couldnít hold any kind of fluid. John heard both of them moaning and groaning. Both of their dicks slipped out of John with a big "plop". This was a big relief to John and he let out a faint sigh. They both set him down and John felt cold air rush into his ass. He rubbed his fingers over his ass lips which were puffy and swollen. He knew it was going to be a while before it closed up again.

"You know how to take care of man" Bernard said while he slapped Johnís sore butt.

"Esssssss....Easy" John said he began to rub where Bernard had just slapped him.

"Youíll be alright." Bernard responded with a light chuckle.

"Iím glad that you got what you wanted" John said to Bernard as he gathered his clothes.

Before Bernard responded Mr. Erb interrupted. "John...before you go I have something to tell you."

John paused and looked up at Mr. Erb.

"That isnít you on the tape." Mr. Erb said.

John thought he had misunderstood what was said and asked him to repeat himself.

"That wasnít you on the tape; it was another student that looked like you. I figured you wonít notice since you would be preoccupied with that we were telling you at the time." Mr. Erb explained.

John looked at the tape again and noticed it wasnít him. It was one of his friends that he had fucked with before. He couldnít believe what he saw. They lied and used him for their sexual pleasure. But he didnít get angry; he kind of enjoyed what happened. He didnít let them know this though.

"Well...I see that you guys got what you wanted" John stated. "I guess I will see myself out." By this time John had all his clothes on, and he walked toward the door.

"No hard feelings?" Mr. Erb asked as he walked up behind him.

John turned to look at Mr. Erb standing there naked. His dick hanging out in front of him, still covered in ass juice.

"Yeah...whatever" John replied as he walked out the door. He entered into the bright sun and was once again welcomed with the sound of the neighborhood. As he walked to his car, streams of cum rolled down his leg. It was a reminder of what had just happened. John just wanted graduation to hurry up and come to he could be off to college and out of this town. Maybe college professors are different he thought.

The picnic

It was a beautiful fall afternoon,my favorite time of the year. I had packed a picnic lunch and drove down to the park by the river. It had been renovated last year ... they really did a wonderful job. They had built many pavilion's and campsites overlooking the winding river. The serenity was overwhelming. I had found a nice place with a table and grill and sat for a long while taking in all the splendor. I started a fire in the grill with some wood that I gathered near by. I had packed some hotdogs and went to cut me a stick or two to roast them on. There was a large family having a reunion at one of the larger pavilion's...but they seemed to be packing up to leave. There was only one motor home in the park,it was a huge one at that,must have cost a bundle. I noticed an older man outside the motor home ,working on his genarator. I found some hickory to make me a stick and in a few moments them dogs were sizzling .A hotdog taste much better roasted over wood coals,outside (everyone should know that). a voice from behind me" Them smell mighty good! " I turned to see the old man walking toward me. "yes sir , they taste better than they smell too!......Would ya like one? " "I belive I will thankyou" I handed him a bun and slid the hotdog off the stick into his bun. A little mustard and he was good to go. I handed him a cup of lemonade to wash it down with. " Ah!!!! the simple things in life" " good huh?" "very good come out here often?" "Well...not as much as I want to.....I could live out here" " Me too......thats why I bought the motor home....I love getting away from it all" "That must be really nice,wish I had one.......You bring your family along?" "I'm divorced...10 years now...all the kids grown and gone....just me....and thats the way i like it..aint no woman gonna get her fuckin claw's in me again"

His face showed the resolution of his statement. As we sat there eating....I couldnt take my eyes off of him...He was a beautiful old blue eyes that twinkled.....ruff and rugged lines in his face coupled with a smile that made my heart flutter.....his big belly looked so inviting....his shirt was only held together by half it's buttons...his chest covered with the longest white hair.......oh my!....was I in heaven!...I was ready to throw the best tasting hotdog in the world nibble on his double chin....(i wish)... I love a man white a full head of silver white hair,and his was extraordinary. We sat and talked for the better part of two hours last the evening was upon us. In conversation I had found out that he played gutiar and he invited me to a glass of wine and a little pickin and grinning. His motor home was very nice...real cozy....We had a great time pickin and singing some of the old country tune's.....The wine had made me a little tipsy,and I showed out a bit...he ate it up.....were having a genuinely great time. " This has really been a very nice evening....I hate to see it end,but I guess I need to get on back home." "I havent had a better time since I can remember"......sure you have to go?....... i got plenty of room sleep's 8." Well , I really dont have any plans for tommorow...I hate driving at night too" " I'd love to have you stay if you like" "OK...I guess I will ".....We sat there at the kitchen table and finished the bottle of wine while solving the problems of the world.... " Do you ever get lonely staying by yourself" " Aww..well...sometimes.but i've gotton kinda use to it." " I'm the same way...been by myself ever since college... "No girlfriends?" " Naw....I havent really dated all that much.... Ugh...I guess I need to tell you....I 'm gay.....hope that's ok.'' Well son, I always each his own....I had a friend in the Navy that was gay....heck...i reckon he was my best friend...we know....well he jerked me off a few times...but that was it...Thats been many years ago....I guess I understand a little about being gay..... " Well this might confuse you a little....but I am only attracted to older men....I dont know why...That's just me......" Is that right......Do you have an older fella that you see?" "Naw.... I just dream about meeting someone....I dont know where they are all hidden." " You found me ,didnt you"...." Thats not fair..your teasing me" " I still get horny ya know.......just because there's frost on the chimney..dont mean there aint fire down below" "You jerk off still?" " Aww....two or three times a week is all....I get me a little "corn huskers" lotion and slide it up and down real good." " You wouldnt let me watch...would you" (I said joking)... "WATCH!......with my arthritis...I'll let you do the jerkin if want." ...My heart stopped beating......then started again only to beat a thousand times a second.......he had meant what he said..... " Bud...

I'm gonna take a hot shower..would ya like to join me?" "Sure..I'm right behind ya"....We both undressed and I followed him into the steamy hot shower...his body was awesome...big tits and nipples ....the water rippling down his snow white chest hair made me swallow hard...the hot water had turned his skin pink....the thick lather of soap looked like a snowdrift,as the water washed it down over his huge belly...His ass looked firm and full....he handed me the soap and asked me to wash his back... I could hardly hold the soap as I rubbed it over his back....I clawed at his back as I scrubbed it....I worked my way to his lower back..then down to the top of his ass...when I saw how much he was enjoying it....I grabbed his ass cheeks ..... like dough I kneaded them .....I dropped to my knees,spreading them wide.....I sucked his hole as the water ran down his crack...slurpin and suckin...darting my tounge inside his hot butthole...flickin and twirlin my tounge as he groaned in pleasure...Ohhh!!!! Ohhh! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh! Oh! Yesssssss! Do it son!!!!! I covered his hole with my mouth and sucked like hell making him groan louder...I reached down and grabbed his wet balls and rubbed them while I smacked on his sweet Grandpaw hole....I reached futher to find his big cock... it was hard as concrete...I turned him around to take it in my mouth....It was a nice one too....uncut and very thick....I licked my way to his pubic mound...chewing the water matted silver hair...rubbing the side of my face along his hard cock...It throbbed up and down ready to be devoured...I took the head in my mouth suckin it in circles....I clawed the front of his thighs as I took his cock deeper in my mouth.....I started to suck it with long strokes now....reaching up to claw at his chest and nipples...he was hunching his meat toward me...feeding that hunk of grandpaw cock to his boy...water splashed in my face as I took all of his cock in my mouth....he threw his head back and arched his back as I sucked faster.....I was bobbing my head like crazy on his sweet wet dick...His legs trimbled as he hunched forward.....he was fuckin my mouth good...

I reached aroung to grab his asscheeks....he reached down to guide my head....My throat was full of thick sweet Grandaddy cock....I breathed threw my nose to take it all.....his cock was steamy as a beet...I deep throated him as best I could....his cock swelled in my throat...and he started to buck at me...shoving it deep as I could take it.....I squezzed his asscheeks harder as he held on to my head...He was grunting like a bull..his balls slapping my chin as he hunched my mouth...his cock tasted so good....I gulped it down ....faster and faster he shoved forward...mmmmmmmmm.....Ohhh!!! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!....His leg's started to part a little bit,and he hunched faster...all of his meat was being lips at the base.....I pulled him into my mouth...he again threw his head backward and moaned wildly....jerkin his pelvis and I sucked his hot meat.....Ohhhh!!!! Yessssss!!!!...mmmmmm!!! Oh!! Buddy!!!!!....He rammed it all at once stabbing it deeper in my mouth....Ohhhh!!!!! I'm cumming son!!!!!....I felt his load busting out of his cock and filling my mouth...I swallowed and sucked hard as he jerked and hunched...squezzing his cheeks again pulling him tight against me...His hair was wet and hanging in his face as he fucked my mouth....water dripping off his big bushy white moustache....his face flush....he loved every moment of this...I squeezed his balls and tugged at them gently as his cum spewed out.....thick creamy grandpaw cum....I wanted it all,and sucked harder to get it ......I ran my hands down the back of his legs while he shuttered and held on to the back of my head.......he bent his knees slightly as I slobbered all over his was growing soft now,but I milked it like a little lamb...shaking my head from side to side...chewing on the abundance of foreskin that developed...what a sweet cock the old man was a prize...he would never forget this moment...I would make sure of it...

I reached up to jiggle his belly as I smacked on his balls...he didnt have a drop of cum left in his groin....every now and then he would still jerk....I took his cock in my hand and squezzed it ..suckin the head again.." No! No!....I cant stand it.....ummmm...aaahhh!!!!!! Boy your something else" He could hardly stand his legs were so weak....I dryed him off and myself and walked toward the bedroom....We both lay down in his bed...I pulled the quilt over the both of us..and snuggled up to him...he opened his arms to hold me close to his breast.....I was in heaven....he slowly rubbed my cock and worked the foreskin up and down...pulling it to meet his belly and rubbing it against his belly button...he rolled it around and around his navel...I hunched forward...fuckin it like a little pussy(Did I say pussy?) He squeezed my cock in his strong hand as I hunched his belly button..."Jerk it Papa".....he jerked it like he was rolling dice..faster and faster pausing to rub the head of it in his little hole.....he jacked my cock wildly...I lifted my head to his face and pressed my lips to his...he took my tounge in his mouth...I was overwhelmed and started to shoot my burst out with a great force.... shooting all over his big belly..he jerked faster and squezzed harder.....I sucked his mouth as I hunched his hand.....throwing my arms tightly around him.....our mouths were clinched together..suckin and darting our tounge's in a frenzy....I was so cum soaked his hand and belly....he ringed my cock like a chicken's neck....and I shot another wad of juice on his cum mingling with the beautiful white hair on his belly.....Ohhhh!!!! Papa!!!!...mmmm....I had shot more cum than I ever remembered...I lay there in his arm's..... exploring his body with kisses.....soon falling into a deep heavenly slumber.

Robert and i

Believe it or not, besides a few changed events and places, this story actually took place not too long ago.

A few months ago, a group of friends and I headed out for a trip to NE after school had let out. most of the guys weren't my type. The only one who I had any inclination towards (actually it was more like I wanted his dad) hadn't showed and showed no signs of coming at all. I was disappointed but it didn't matter. I was ready for a weekend of fun.

That evening at the hotel, unpacked and ready for whatever, we left our hotel rooms and headed down to a nearby beach with as much beer and chips as we could carry. The night carried on with much laughing and drinking and stangley I felt more relaxed since I was attracted to any of the guys there. Around 1am many of the guys start heading back to the hotel with big dumb drunken smiles on their faces to jerk off and go to bed. I hung around and decided to finish my last few beers and listen to the ocean.

As the last one of the guys said goodbye, a large figure pulled up in a pickup truck. I stood up figuring it was a plain clothes cop and prepared to take my beer inside. "Where you guys goin' so early?" came a booming voice from the truck. My eyes light up and I swear I almost got an instant errection. It was Russ, our missing friend's dad. He stood 6'1" with a massive barrel chest with logs for arms. He wore a pair of nylon shorts that he'd apparently borrowed from Jay, his son. As he neared the fire I could see his furry body even better and I struggled to keep my hardon unseed. He decided to hang around with me for a bit. He'd dropped off jay at the hotel and wasn't ready to drive home yet. They'd gotten caught in a massive traffic jam on the way up and he was waiting until morning. My heart was beating furiously in my throat. All I kept thinking was that I was going to hang out, alone, with Russ. I handed him a beer and he smiled and set down his own cooler and sat on the opposite end of the blanket I was on. "The two of us can handle this, eh?" he said smiling. "Sure thing, Mr. O'Riley", I said without hesitating. "Call me Russ out here", he said. "You're making me feel old with that "Mr." bullshit".

We drank the night away chatting about this and that and whatever. I even got up the courage to sit right next to him, hardon and all, and give him an occasional slap on the back or the thigh when the moment called for it. I got comfortable with the fact that nothing was going to happen and decided that stealing a look here and there of his package would have to be enough.

Soon, the conversation (as it usually does) turned to sex. He rattled on about this young girl and that young girl and I tried my best to keep up with him as far as numbers went. Then, quite unexpectedly, the conversation stopped. I looked right into his eyes and when he looked back, I couldn't look away-wouldn't look away. Maybe I'd had one too many. All fear left me and I decided to go for it. I leaned forward to kiss him only to have him pick me up and put him on his lap. Chest to chest, he kissed me. My mind swam. My heart pounded. I felt his hands start to explore and I wasted no time. I stood up and he stood and in and instant we were naked. In no time my cock was in his warm mouth, his wet tounge massaging my meat. I moaned and soon, ready to cum I bucked forward in and out of his mouth. "Not yet", he said firmly. He turned me over on my hands and kness and soon, I felt that same tounge in my ass. I closed my eyes as my head swam once more. "This may hurt a little. I need you to relax, ok?" He said quietly. I nooded as I felt his rod pushing gently to enter my ass. I took deep breathes and soon felt the pain he was talking about. I relaxed and, sensing my pain, his hand snaked around and began to gently stroke my meat. Feeling him inside my gave birth to a newer and fuller erection. Eventually, he pushed in almost to his pubes. He thrusted in and out of my little ass and I begged him not to stop. I could smell the sweat from his body and fell his massive cock inside of me. I couldn't take it any longer. I shuddered and pushed back. Soon we were in a beautiful rhythm. I heard his breath pick up and turned, keeping him inside of me, to face him. My cock brushed against his belly as he pounded into me. I threw my arms around him and kissed him deeply as I shoot my load onto him. This did it for him and I felt his warm load soon inside of me.

We kissed for a long while and stayed on the beach that night. The next morning when I woke up I was dressed and he was gone. I've since thought of calling him or emailing him but am not sure what to say. I have plans, however, to visit Jay in a week and I'm sure I'll have another story.

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