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How dad and me act in public

Cause of today's sissified morality, studs can't horse around or even show affection openly like real men. An innocent chore a boy does for his daddy, can be misunderstood by women & their pussy-whipped girly men. That's why an innocent service I do for dad at home, I can't do in public. If dad uses me as his pissboy at a truckstop, some asshole might object. A wholesome, innocent act like being dad's urinal & drinking his hot piss, might get his accused of sexual child abuse, & get him labeled a degenerate pederast. So I only do fuckin shit like that, or sucking dad off, at home. Only dad's buds get to see me give his a blow job, or take his fuckpole up my shitchute.

Dad is a trucker. He wears a kahki uniform. To support his manhood, he wears a jockstrap under his trousers. He sports the bulge of his jock pouch on his right hand side. I get a real fuckin kick outta the way he all the time gropes hisself to adjust his manmeat. Like all born cocksmen, he does it openly in public. He don't give a fuckin shit who's watching. When he sports a hardon that tents out his pants, he never tries to hide it. He struts around for all to see. It makes me Goddam proud to see other manly studs get boned lookin at my daddy's hardon.

Every wed. dad took me to "Men Only" nite at the Y. On the way over & in the locker room, dad talked to me about sex. Dad loved looking into my wide-eyed innocent face & saying the filthiest sex shit to me. Dad loved sleazy sex action & taught me to lust to perform devient sex acts too. By the time we stripped down nude at the Y, we both had rock hard rammers. Our mantools stuck out from our bods, & dripped a steady flow of precum lube. Thank God that from the time I was 12, my manmeat was almost as large as my father's. We liked to measure our cocks by pressing them together, to compare.

Me & dad left the locker room fully erect. Our hardons bobbed up & down as we walked. Dad put his arm around my shoulder, & whispered in my ear so that his tongue licked my ear, "Yer a fuckin good boy, son. Just like yer fuck hungry daddy, yer not shy bout exposin yer sex tool to anyone. So when ya meet my fuckin pals, they're gonna ask ya to perform some filthy degenerate acts with me." Dad slid his arm down from my shoulder, to my butt. He shoved his hand tween my asschecks, right into my sweaty crack. He felt for my shit canal entry hole, & jammed his middle finger all the way in. "A couple of my good budz are ex-cons. Ones a Goddam rapist, & anothers a fuckin child molester. I want you to show them the same respect you show me, & let em do whutever the fuck they want to you." My dad worked 2 more fingers into my shithole. "Yer gonna have to do some ruff shit that's more pervert than I've made ya do. I want you to obey any orders they give ya with a loud, 'Yes Sir.'. I don't care how fuckin embarrassed or ashamed ya are. And ya gotta act like ya enjoy the degrading sex action they dig."

My daddy was going to turn what was our fine & pure father son sexplay games, into child abuse. He was handing me over to sex criminals to be used like a fuckin boywhore slut. I began to sob. Dad laffed at my tears. With a cruel smile he said, "ya see son, I made a deal with these bastards. If they let me do any acts of sexual abuse to them, they could do the same to you. Ya see Paul, I'm usin yer total & blind love fer me, to turn you into filthy scumbag street trash."

My daddy made me feel like a real dirty piece o' shit. He degraded me so fuckin bad that I felt like I deserved to be treated like scum. I felt like I was the degenerate pervert. When we got to the pool, dad's pals were sittin round talkin bout sex. When they saw us they stood, & dad pushed me down to my knees. I was face level with their lube juicin cocks. My daddy introed them to me 1 by 1. I barked out to them like a marine, "Sir, hello Sir. It is my honer, Sir, to be at your sex service. I am a trained cocksucker, piece of scum, Sir. May I have the honor, Sir, of taking your abuse." I then would take their cock knobs in my filthy cocksuckin mouth, & tongue clean the lube scum from their piss slots.

My dad declared, "My son has given up his manhood to be a muthafuckin pussyboy. Feel free to sexually & physically abuse the lil' fuckin pig in any perverted way. He has no feelings, so treat him like an animal. Use him like a piece of fuck meat, without mercy. He deserves to be hurt & punished." That said, my dad pissed on me, & I drank his piss.

Dad shook the last drops of urine into my mouth. He spit down in my face. He smacked my face with his hardon, & bent over to whisper in my ear. "My fuckin son Paul, I love you more than anything in the world. My cock is hard from my love for you. It's you I think of when I dump my manseed. To see you grovel & accept the abuse of over-sexed Sadistic cocksmen, both breaks my heart & sexually excites me. Show me you love me with yer heart & soul by getting turned on by whut these dirty bastards are gonna do to you. Let go of yer manhood. Surrender to being a slut whore for the pleasure of masculine whoremasters. I get worked up by your debasement. You're my pathetic sex toy. Goddam you, you fuckin worthless cunt bitch. Make me ashamed that yer my son. Me & my pals are gonna damage you for life." Then my father whalloped me across the face with the back of his hand. Me & my father had both lost our humanity, & where now just sex lusting filth.

The haircut

After living in the same house for 25 years, Conradís children having been born and moving away from this house, he honestly felt as though everything that could be done here had been done. It was time to move. His neighbors had all expressed their disappointment in his leaving since they felt Conrad had been a caring and welcoming neighbor to them. There was an elderly woman across the street to which he had tried to be especially helpful. She was actually 102 years old and still living alone. Her children and grandchildren came to see her periodically, but Conrad was the one to whom she turned for her day-to-day assistance.

Her grandson, Eric, went occasionally to check on his grandmother, but not too often. Conrad had watched him grow from a spindly, gawky, little kid to a strapping young man. He was about twenty-two when Eric found out Conrad was leaving.

Years ago, when all his children were little, Conrad used to cut their hair. The parents of the children in the neighborhood were always impressed at how wonderful his children looked and so they would have Conrad cut their childrenís hair as well. When Eric came to town, his grandmother would have Conrad cut his hair, too.

When Eric knocked on Conradís door, he had a sheepish grin on his face, a pair of sheers in his hand. "Hi, Conrad, I hear youíre moving and I was wondering if I could get one more haircut before you go?"

They both laughed and Eric was invited in.

"How old are you now, Eric?" Conrad queried.

"Twenty-two," he said, "a legal adult." Conrad found that an odd thing to say, but he just smiled and offered Eric some coffee.

After the obligatory small-talk, Eric began hemming and hawing. He finally said, "Conrad, I really was wondering if you could cut my hair. Itís gotten pretty unruly and you always did give me the best haircut." Conrad was enchanted by the innocence in his voice.

"Of course, I have to tell you I havenít done this in quite a while, but Iíll do my best." Eric began taking off his shirt.

"Eric, you donít have to do that. I can just put a towel on your shoulders."

"No, Conrad, thatís okay, I donít want to get hair all over the shirt."

"Okay," Conrad said. "Suit yourself."

What Conrad hadnít realized is just how much it would suit him, as well. As Eric took off his shirt, he unveiled a beautifully sculpted body. His Germanic heritage was evident in his broad, thick shoulders, his narrow waist, with furrows in his abdomens showing off his six-pack, and a dense mat of fawn brown hair covering his chest and stomach. His arms were massive and clearly defined. He had been working out a great deal and it really showed.

"My, Eric how youíve grown up!" Conrad said, trying valiantly not to drool as he spoke. It got even worse as he began lifting his t-shirt over his head. His pants rode up his crotch a bit, and there before him was an ample, overstuffed package. Conradís first thought was that his equipment must weigh more than his arms.

"Yeah, Iíve been working out a little trying to stay healthy. Itís a lot of work, but I think itís worth it. How about you? Do you think itís worth all the effort Iíve put in?"

"Hell, yeah!" came out of his mouth before Conrad could stop it. He blushed a bit and simply smiled.

Conrad lithely wrapped a towel around Ericís neck and got to work on his hair. They had a wonderful chat and got all caught up on their respective families.

As the older man was cutting the young buckís hair, he kept finding himself leaning into Ericís elbow with his crotch. Conrad remembered all the times his own hair dressers had done that very thing and though maybe Eric wouldnít notice. He wondered if maybe Eric would actually like it since Conrad was so powerfully built between his legs. Conrad always made sure to wear slacks tailored to hide that very thing. It was difficult, though, considering his endowment.

It wasnít long before Eric was coiffed in a masculine, contemporary cut. Conrad had put just enough product in Ericís hair to be hip without becoming metro-sexual. Conrad noticed how good Eric smelled as he took the towel off his shoulder.

As Conrad began dusting the hair off of Ericís shoulders, he found himself lingering on this beautiful young manís shoulder caps and chest; lingering far longer than was appropriate given the situation. When he caught himself, he almost whipped the towel away from Eric, losing grip of the towel and watching it fly away to the other side of the room.

They both looked at each other stunned and began laughing uproariously. Eric couldnít help but comment on how much like a Three Stooges move that was. Conrad was embarrassed, but still relieved that some of the pressure was off... or so he thought.

Eric reached out with one of his powerful, bronze arms, pulled Conrad to him, looked at him and kissed him fully on the lips.

"You have always made me smile, Conrad. Iíve wanted to do that since I was fourteen years old."

With that Conrad gave into his basest impulses and returned Ericís amorous advances. Within moments both men were bare on the sofa mauling each other. Conrad was thoroughly engaged in Eric sumptuous body and Eric had his hands and eventually lips full with Conradís heavy endowment.

They were both twisting and turning over each otherís bodies trying to discover every secret the other held. Eric kissed Conrad in places the older man had never been kissed before.

Eric was receiving pleasures he could not have imagined from a man who had the experience to transport the younger man into the cosmos.

Before long, Eric found himself behind Conrad with the head of his thick cock at the tight opening behind Conrad. He stopped, leaned forward and whispered to his older friend, "Is this what you want, Con?"

"More than youíll ever know, Eric. Iím yours now."

With that, Eric spit on his shaft, rubbed the moisture onto the head of his member and then slid his finger into his mouth to wet it again. With that he slid his slathered finger into Conradís waiting canal. He began finger-fucking his passionate hairdresser in earnest. Conrad was moaning uncontrollably.

"Fuck me, you young buck! Fuck me long and fuck me hard."

Eric needed no more encouragement with that. In one smooth movement, his finger disappeared from Conradís anus and his cock slid in as those it had always belonged there.

Ericís girth was such that Conrad felt as though he was being split in two; but Conrad simply didnít care. The pain was delicious and he begged for more.

Soon, Eric and Conrad found their intimate rhythm together and it didnít take long for this over-stimulated young to scream, "Iím cumming!" And cum he did Ė in buckets! His jism was filling every crevice of Conradís aching ass. It even began dribbling between his legs on Ericís outstroke.

"Oh, my God, that felt so good, Eric. I want more."

Eric smiled that young manís smile that says, "Thereís plenty more where that came from."

"First," Eric said, "I want you to know how grateful I am for that level of pleasure. Thereís no way for you to know this, but I have never been with a guy before."

"Really?" Conrad exclaimed. "But, you were such a pro."

"That came from the many years Iíve been imagining being with you Con. There is nothing Iíve wanted more. In fact, let me show you how appreciative I am."

With that, Eric leaned over Conradís hips, took his long, thick appendage in his mouth and began stroking the meat with his tight, warm, wet lips. The moan that emanated from Conradís chest was resonant at such a level that it tickled Ericís lips.

"I thought youíd never been with a guy, Eric?"

"I havenít."

"Whereíd you learn to do this so well?" Conrad queried incredulously.

"Iíve had girls give me head, but they never seem to know what would feel good. So, Iím just doing what I think Iíd like done."

Eric was right on the money. Before long, Conrad made some guttural noise that indicated how close he was to his climax. Conrad believed that Eric would move his mouth away from the onslaught, but he didnít. He remained there, suckling on Conradís dick until the pummeling began inside his mouth. Shot after shot of lava hot liquid filled his mouth. Instead of spitting it out, Eric swallowed the whole load and smiled the most satisfied smile.

"That was amazing, Eric."

They laid there breathing together for a while.

"There is one thing more Iíd like you to know before you leave, Eric."

"Whatís that?"

"How it feels to have a man give you a blow-job the right way."

Conrad leaned over, lifted Ericís knees over his shoulders and proceeded to pleasure Eric in ways the younger man could never have dreamed.

Conrad rimmed him, sticking his tongue deep inside Eric tight portal. He licked his balls until they were dripping from Conradís saliva. He, then, flicked his tongue from the bottom of Ericís shaft until his lips reached the top of his cockhead. He pressed his lips downward, allowing the entire amazing length of Ericís schlong disappear into Conradís mouth.

Eric bellowed in pleasure. It was only moments before Eric began bucking against Conradís face, shooting a stream of semen into Conradís mouth so fast and hard that Conrad had no choice but to swallow it equally fast and hard.

They were both sweating profusely as they laid next to each other. It was not too long afterward that Eric leaned over Conrad, bringing their lips together. Conrad was surprised that Eric would kiss him, but indescribably pleased.

"Thank you for making my wishes come true, Conrad."

"Thank you for making my wish come true, even though I didnít know it was there until it began."

"I will miss you, Conrad."

"You donít have to, Eric. Here is my new address."

Ericís face beamed with delight as he realized Conrad was only moving about eight miles away.


I started out my summer thinking that it was going to be very boring. I was being sent to my Grandad"s house to help him out and to keep me out of trouble. You see, I"ve spent the last 3 months in correctional school and my parents think that because they will be working they can"t keep a close eye on me.

I got dropped off on Sunday evening. My Grandfather said that he was glad that I would be around for him to get to know me better. We had not gotten to spend much time with each other and I must admidt that he felt like a stranger to me.

He asked if I was hungry and I said no thanks. He showed me to the room that I would be sleeping in. It was very weird. It had a lot of thing of my Grandmother"s in it. He told me a story about a hat that she would wear every Sunday to church. He told me how much he missed her and wished that she was still alive so that he could just hold her close. Noticing his sadness I wrapped my arms around him to comfort him. While pressed up against him I could of swore I felt a buldge in his pants, but I didn"t think anything of it. We then decided that it was fairly late and that we should be going to bed.

I unpacked my things and went into the bathroom to brush my teath and wash my face. As I was coming out of the bathroom my Grandfather was going in. I said goodnight and went into my room. I heard the shower start and laid down in my bed.

I couldn"t sleep because he still had the hall light on. When he came out of the bathroom he passed by my dore naked. I couldn"t belive it, I didn"t get to see to much, but I swear I saw a 9 inch dick hanging between his legs. And oh my God, his body was still perfect even though he was 60. Just thinking about that glimpse that I had gotten my 6 inch dick got hard. There was only one thing to do. I grabbed a hold of my dick and after about five strokes I spit out a huge load of cum. After I cleaned myself up I fell to sleep.

The next morning my Grandfather woke me up at 10 a.m. He had breakfast made so I went down in my boxers that I slept in and started to eat. While we were eating he asked me why I was sent away. He said 13 year old boys should not be getting into so much trouble. I said I know and that I didn"t know that I was doing anything wrong. You see I was over at my friend Donald"s house and we were joking around. Well, next thing you know we have our clothes off and we were touching each other. It felt good so we didn"t stop. Then by the time that his parents walked in on us I had put myself in him and was going to town. His parents freaked out and he said that I was raping him so that he wouldn"t get in trouble. That was the biggest mistake of my life.

My Grandfather said it looks like you are still excited about it. I looked down and my dick was standing right out of my boxers. I could have died. Then my Grandfater told me to come over to him. I did and he pulled me down to sit on his lap with my dick still roch hard. He reached down and held my dick and said that he understood. I then turned my head around and as our lips met our tounges darted out and we had the most perfect kiss ever.

I then stood up and removed my boxers and my Grandfathers shirt. I could see the muscle of 60 years of blue collered work. It was magnificant. He then stood up and removed his pants and underware, and there was that cock again. Bigger than it was last night. We stared to kiss again and reached out to grab each other. We gently stroked each others cock until I started to whimper as if I was going to cum. He said for me to hold on.

My grandfather set down and pulled me down onto his lap. He rubbed my chest and abs and it made me feal so loved. I then heard him spit. I looked back and saw that it had hit his dick. He then picked me up slightly and lowered me back down to the tip of his cock. I knew what to do from here. I forced myself all the way down on his rock hard cock. When I had reached the bottom he started rubbing me again. I was in heaven. I started bouncing up and down. Slow at first, then getting faster and faster. My Grandfaters hands had left my body and were holding himself up to keep our balance. I looked down at my own rock hard dick and that is all it took. With no stimulation to my dick I started to cum so hard. It flew straight up and that was apparently all that my Grandfater needed, because he started to scream and I felt his man juice go up in me.

I set there with him inside of me for the longest time. I just laid my head back and enjoyed the peace of the moment.

Once I got up he suggested I go shower and we would talk about how our summer would work out.

He slapped me on the ass and I went upstairs.....

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